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7. Red and black location featuring Jordan's false shuffle, Telltale Color glimpse of odd-backed card
1938 174
Corner Bend Glimpse while fanning cards to the spectator
1940 4
Eddie Joseph Riffle Glimpse & Heel Break card in center remembered and kept under control with heel type break
1941 3
Tony Kardyro Mental Card Discovery card next to thick card can be glimpsed when riffling through deck
1941 8
Bill Kalman Fan Peek after spectator replaced card in fan
Oct. 1949 587
Milbourne Christopher Riffle Glimpse glimpsing odd-colored card in divided deck, credit information, divided deck
Nov. 1970
Epilogue (Issue 10)
Riffle Shuffle Glimpse of reversed card during tabled shuffle
Feb. 1970 321
Eddie Fechter You Brain Me glimpse of reversed selection in deck
1971 49
Harry Lorayne Red-Black Location divided deck, riffle glimpse
VariationsAlso published here 1972 2
1976 8
Frank Shields Reversed Card Glimpse glimpsing a secretly reversed card in fan
Arcane (Issue 4)
Jack McMillen Card Reversal - A Peek reversed card easily glimpsed when riffled through deck
1985 17
Jack McMillen Card Reversal - Another Peek glimpsing card that is reversed in center as cards are dealt off from top
1985 17
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown Telltale Color card of different color glimpsed during riffle shuffle, reprinted from The Sphinx (March 1934)
1987 14
Dai Vernon Riffle Glimpse reversed card in center
1988 203
Judson S. Brown The Fan Glimpse inner corner bent upwards for glimpse, as key placement, credit see page 8
1991 130
Eddie Fechter Glimpse of reversed card in center of the deck, while squaring up tabled deck
1993 168
Karl Fulves Double Time riffle shuffle control, shuffled and two piles formed and top cards named
1994 28
Glimpse and Placement from dribble
Also published here 1995 140
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown Telltale Color card of different color glimpsed during riffle shuffle, with references
Related to
  • The Sphinx (March 1934)
1996 12
Karl Fulves Riffle Glimpse chapter intro
1996 14
Karl Fulves Color Fast glimpsing odd-colored card in packet, riffle glimpse exercise
1996 15
Karl Fulves Color Double riffle glimpse exercise, Telltale Color with two cards
  • Conditions (additional exercises)
Inspired by 1996 16
Karl Fulves Two Handed Glimpse riffle glimpse exercise with either hand
1996 18
Karl Fulves Random Stop glimpsing selection next to key card during riffle shuffle
1996 22
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes on riffle glimpse
1996 24
Karl Fulves Nail Glimpse clear nail polish
1996 147
Karl Fulves Stationary Shiner for Shuffle Work
1996 149
Karl Fulves Reversed Card Glimpse riffling through deck with a reversed card, one-handed
2001 53
Harry Lorayne Red-Black (Divide) Location divided deck riffle glimpse
Inspired by 2001 595
Karl Fulves Dual Thoughts using Brown-McMillen glimpse idea for only reversed card in deck
Inspired by 2005 103
Doug Canning The Carousel Glimpse cut-deeper force handling to glimpse two selections
Variations 2006 236
Glimpse and Placement from dribble
Also published here 2006 70
Asi Wind Cased Glimpse with deck in case
2007 16
Justin Higham IDF Glimpse glimpsing a card in the center during the force
2009 4
Paul Gordon IDF as an Indicator Force glimpsing a random chosen card
Related to 2009 4
Judson S. Brown, Jack McMillen Tell-Tale Color Glimpse glimpsing odd-colored card while riffling
Secret Agenda (Issue July 8)
Julian W. Terry Scarne Riffle Glimpse comment
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, March 1966
Prolix (Issue 7)
Harry Lorayne Red-Black Location divided deck, riffle glimpse
Also published here 2011 52
Roberto Giobbi Glimpse Handling in-the-hands riffle shuffle glimpse with delay
Mar. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 3)
Lance Caffrey Delayed Drop Peek No. 5, bottom card of shuffled-off packet during Hindu Shuffle
2013 50
Justin Higham Face-Down Riffle Glimpse selection is glimpsed
2013 11
Justin Higham Swivel-Turnaround Glimpse selected card is glimpsed after riffle-stop
2013 49
Justin Higham Packet Reversal Glimpse as top part of deck is lifted and turned face towards audience
  • Handling One
  • Packet-Reversal Glimpse Variations
    • Handling Two
    • Handling Three
2013 51
Eric Stevens Lucid Glimpse Glimpse selection, uses Omni deck
2015 47
Asi Wind Cased Glimpse
2018 21
Greg Chapman Splitting 26/26 - Stacked Deck and Key Card Peeks
2020 26
Dai Vernon Riffle Divination card put back in secretly reversed deck, card glimpsed during riffling as only face-up card, from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 82