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Dai Vernon Basic Formation of a Step
1960 41
Dad Stevens To Bring Cards to the Top Stevens Control
Variations 1960 55
Max Malini Card Revelation ploy for finding an apparently forgotten card,step handling
1962 68
Edward Marlo Blocking Off Bottom Cards obtaining break above bottom cards during riffle shuffle
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 1 Patented False Shuffle)
Edward Marlo Distribution Shuffle setting four angle jogs
Related to 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 3 Shuffle and Cut Discoveries)
Edward Marlo Obtaining and Maintaining stacking four cards in one shuffle, stepped blocks, two methods
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 4 Transfers)
Edward Marlo Marlo Short Card like single stripper card, with handling and method to locate it like tapping, airing, ...
Related to 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 5 I Shuffled the Cards)
Edward Marlo Marlo Edge Reader - Putting in the Work edge-marking system for Bee back, handling and locating in riffle shuffle position
Related to 1967
Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Edge Reader)
Edward Marlo Marlo's Upward Riffle getting a preparation break for holding-back-work
1972 50
Edward Marlo Bottom Break for Riffle Shuffling
1972 64
9) Tell Card No. 427-9, jogging action, probably Stevens Control
1972 118
John Scarne Scarne's Shuffle - Crimp Work No. 673, setting a crimp to which spectator hopefully cuts
1972 183
Karl Fulves Automatic Rear Jog
1973 52
Karl Fulves No-Crimp Ace Cutting setting four side jogs
Related to 1973 84
Karl Fulves The Acrobatic Pack pack is divided at chosen card with a flick, using riffle shuffle jog setting
Related to 1975 32
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Two comments on the Stevens Control
1975 97
Frederick Braue Fred Braue's Notes Stevens Control with Triumph Shuffle principle
  • Four Card Control
  • One-Card Control
Also published here 1975 98
Frederick Braue A Letter to Southall Stevens Control with Triumph Shuffle principle, 1960-03-26
Also published here 1975 99
Dai Vernon, Dad Stevens The Stevens Control detailed description
1975 101
Karl Fulves Further Applications applications and routines using the Stevens Control (all remaining entries in this book)
1975 105
Dad Stevens, Martin A. Nash Stevens Control - as a Cull several applications in the routines to follow
1979 425
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle
1979 428
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Variation variation with doubles distributed in the deck
1979 432
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle
1980 2
Edward Marlo Angle-Jogging Second-from-Bottom Card tabled riffle shuffle position
1983 36
Dai Vernon Basic Formation of a Step
1983 56
Edward Marlo Bottom Break to Riffle Shuffle Break transferring break into riffle shuffle position
1983 24
Edward Marlo Techniques for Ace Cutting two methods
1984 202
Harry Green One Shuffle Stacking
  • Pre-Established Breaks
  • Riffle Breaks
Variations 1984 147
Karl Fulves Holding Back basics
1984 168
Karl Fulves Blocking Off
1984 169
Dad Stevens Stevens Riffle Control
1986 103
Paul Cummins, Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle Variation
1990 64
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Center Control getting angle jog from step
1993 160
Jon Racherbaumer On the Stevens Control credit information
Related to 1993
The Olram File (Issue 14)
Karl Fulves Double Time riffle shuffle control, shuffled and two piles formed and top cards named
1994 28
Karl Fulves Top Secret aces lost via tabled shuffles without crimps, then back on top
1994 90
Karl Fulves Parallel Offset automatic rear jog claim
1994 123
Gene Maze Table Replacement Control selection cut into tabled deck followed by riffle shuffle
1994 48
Karl Fulves Pre-Established Breaks chapter 7 intro
1995 69
Karl Fulves Pick Ups
  • Inside Pick-Up
  • Center Pick Up
  • Outside Pick Up
  • Technical Points
  • Double Pick Up
  • 3- and 4-Card Pick-Ups
  • Mastering Pick-Ups
1995 69
Karl Fulves Multiple Breaks
  • The Triple Break
  • Mastering Triple Breaks
  • Large Blocks
1995 73
Karl Fulves Rock 'n Riffle riffling with fingers and transferring break to thumb
1995 76
Karl Fulves Double Break actually page 76A
1995 76
Karl Fulves Center Breaks
1995 78
Karl Fulves Bottom Breaks
1995 80
Karl Fulves Break Offs hit double lift applied to riffle shuffle break technique
Inspired by 1995 81
Karl Fulves Practicing Break Offs without a table
1995 82
Karl Fulves Crimp Work short comment
1995 87
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle leaving four Aces jogged on the table for cutting effect
1996 8
Karl Fulves Sizing Up Breaks chapter intro
1996 25
Karl Fulves How Small A Break? exercises
1996 27
Karl Fulves, John Scarne Blocking Off "This principle, invented by John Scarne, is called blocking off."
  • Blocking Off Defined
  • Blocking Off
  • Parallel Offset
  • Conditions
  • Right Side Glimpse
1996 50
Karl Fulves Angled Square-Up
1996 60
Karl Fulves Reverse Step
1996 61
Karl Fulves In-Line Breaks
1996 76
Karl Fulves End Tap
1996 82
Karl Fulves No Breaks chapter intro
1996 110
Karl Fulves, Sammy Green Con Man's Cut marking off where to cut
1996 163
Karl Fulves Blackjack Cut moving slug of high cards to bottom after shuffle and cut by shill
1996 165
Karl Fulves Securing Break after blocking off
1996 192
Karl Fulves, Alek Akalaitis All Angle Square Up fine work
1996 198
Harry Riser Erdnase Aces tabled one-at-a-time Ace production, using riffle shuffle work from Erdnase
Inspired byVariations 1996 52
Ariel Frailich Imp Cop Handling card lapped from riffle shuffle
Inspired by 1997 38
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle leaving four Aces jogged on the table for cutting effect
1998 18
Dad Stevens Stevens Control
1999 11
William Zavis Aces Up blocking off principle, credit information
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, Vol. 49 No. 8, Oct. 1950
Charlatan (Issue 2)
Getting a Break During a Shuffle
2004 10
Joseph K. Schmidt The Stevens Control handling of the Stevens Control
Related to 2005
Charlatan (Issue 10)
Joseph K. Schmidt J.K.S. on Stevens handling of the Stevens Control
Related to 2005
Charlatan (Issue 10)
Karl Fulves Stevenz Stevens Control combined with Zarrow Shuffle
Prolix (Issue 3)
Bob King Variation of the Stevens' Control
2007 192
Edward Marlo Marlo's Control Stevens Control alternative
Also published here 2007 192
Jon Racherbaumer On the Steven's Control comments
Related to 2007 47
Roberto Giobbi Sliding the Break cutting to break, tabled
Feb. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 2)
Dad Stevens Stevens Control brief
2012 238
Jack Carpenter Hustler's Stock Control Shuffle top and bottom stock simultaneously, jogged-slug stripping approach
Inspired by 2017 40
Stevens Control brief
2017 40
Dad Stevens, Juan Villarejo El Control de Stevens on the Stevens Control
  • Realización del Control de Stevens
  • Colocación de una Carta Guia por Medio del Control de Stevens
Inspired by 2017 36
David Ben Thoughts on the Stevens Control
Apr. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 4)
Steve Reynolds On the Tip-Up Cover
  • Angle Jog
  • Crimp
  • Break/Step
Output (Issue 2)
Steve Forte On Tabled Breaks on holding a thumb break with deck in riffle shuffle position
2020 78
Steve Forte Automatic Brief automatic jog during running cut
2020 98
Steve Forte Natural Break at slug when squaring up after riffle shuffle
2020 102
Steve Forte Riffling Down Twice
  • single-card brief
  • multiple-card bevel-brief ("don't-let-go" principle)
2020 105
Ron Conley Conley Three-riffle Variation three consecutive riffles, always burying top slug, riffle shuffling with break
Related toVariations 2020 107
Steve Forte Stevens Control discussion of its value (spoiler: none)
2020 109
Steve Forte box/riffle brief dead-cut method after a riffle shuffle
2020 760
Steve Forte bevel/riffle brief dead-cut method after a riffle shuffle
2020 760
Steve Forte TCCB Aces "top, center, center, bottom", cutting deck into four piles on table, Aces revealed on top and bottom of the piles
  • getting into TCCB order
    • simultaneous top and bottom slip-cuts
    • two traditional slip-cuts
    • eliminating one slip-cut
    • eliminating both slip-cuts
    • Zarrow
    • TCCB riffle
Variations 2020 765
Steve Forte Push-Through with Break holding break during riffle shuffle, reestablishing it after push-through
2020 797
Steve Forte ribbon-spread selection incomplete ribbon spread is spread on the table and a card slid out apparently at random during closing it
2020 991