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False Shuffles - Second Method top stock
1889 26
To make a "False Shuffle" - Seventh Method riffle shuffle to keep top stock
1890 14
For One Card controlling top card or bottom and top card
1897 46
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase System of Blind Riffles and Cuts - I. To Retain the Top Stock
Related toVariations 1902 33
To Keep Certain Cards in View overhand and basic riffle shuffle methods for:
  • 1. The bottom card
  • 2. The top card
  • 3a. A number of cards (jog shuffle)
  • 3b. A number of cards (lift shuffle)
1938 165
Retaining Top Stock
Related to 1940 71
Another False Shuffle riffle shuffle to preserve top card, basic
1941/27 196
To Control "Top" and "Bottom" Cards by Riffle Shuffle
1941/27 257
Cut, Riffle Shuffle and retain the Top Stock
1946 101
Arthur H. Buckley Retaining the Stock with crimp during shuffle
1946 102
Retaining a Card at the Top of the Deck
1948 30
Bill Simon The Top Stock Control
1952 178
False Riffle Shuffle retaining top stock
1953 65
Edward Marlo Top Block Control using block transfer strip-out
1959 38
Edward Marlo Top Block Shuffle and Straight Cut riffle and cut, top stock control
1959 45
Edward Marlo The Partial Strip Out to Keep the Top Stock
1959 50
Edward Marlo N.B. for the Top Stock "No Breaks", using scratch edge marked key card
1959 53
Retaining the Top Stock up to twenty cards, shown by a gambler in Reno
Related to 1960 49
Dad Stevens To Bring Cards to the Top Stevens Control
Variations 1960 55
Karl Fulves Setting Up The Move with block transfer
Related to 1970
Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Second Supplement)
Dr. Jacob Daley Demonstration Four Ace False Shuffle No. 543, Aces on top, another card placed face up on top, top card lost with riffle shuffles yet Aces remain on top, block transfer
1972 152
John Scarne Scarne Retaining Top Stock False Shuffle No. 667
1972 182
John Scarne Scarne's Shuffle - Crimp Work No. 673, setting a crimp to which spectator hopefully cuts
1972 183
Frank Garcia, Joe Crist Top Stock False Shuffle
1973 87
Dr. Jacob Daley Top Stock Control
Also published here 1973 168
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley-Top Stock Control
Also published here 1973 15
Frederick Braue Fred Braue's Notes Stevens Control with Triumph Shuffle principle
  • Four Card Control
  • One-Card Control
Also published here 1975 98
Frederick Braue A Letter to Southall Stevens Control with Triumph Shuffle principle, 1960-03-26
Also published here 1975 99
Dai Vernon, Dad Stevens The Stevens Control detailed description
1975 101
Karl Fulves One Shuffle Ace Control using Stevens Control
1975 105
Martin A. Nash The Throw-Off Shuffle top stock
1977 176
The Riffle Shuffle mention of top and bottom stock control
1977 30
Jeff Busby Top Stock Control Zarrow and crimp combo
Related to 1981
Arcane (Issue 5)
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Un-False" Shuffle
  • I - The Hand Off
  • II - The "Ladder-Job" (based on Jeff Busby)
Also published here Nov. 1985
Epoptica (Issue 7)
Poker Trick Aces riffle shuffled in deck yet controlled (top stock control), then stacked with two shuffles (perfectly alternating near top)
1985 3
Gamblers' Move top stock control with crimped deck (1937)
Related to 1985 10
Charlie Miller Shuffle Misdirection apparent mistake or clumsiness, top stock control or addition from knee (1939)
1985 26
Gamblers' Stock Control with bridge
Related to 1985 4
Four-Card Riffle Shuffle Control Stevens Control type
Also published here 1985 4
Gus Southall top stock control, top stock shuffled into deck (letter to Southall, 1960-03-26)
Also published here 1985 5
Face-Up Stock Stock Control top stock shuffled into deck
1985 6
One-Card Riffle Shuffle Control Stevens Control type
Also published here 1985 6
Bob King Controlled Surprise three shuffles and Aces are back on top
1989 3
Harry Lorayne Imaginative Ace Controls two top stock controls with cutting sequences
1990 201
Bob King Supreme Control Aces shuffled into deck, back on top, top stock control with a crimp
Also published here 1990 8
Karl Fulves X Markes the Plot Aces lost with riffle shuffles and a straight cut, then dealt off the top again
Variations 1990
Cheat Sheet (Issue 2)
Gambler's False Riffle Shuffle with bridge
Related to 1992 10
Gamblers' Riffle Control with bridge
Related to 1992 10
Four Card Control Stevens Control with Triumph Shuffle principle
Also published here 1992 11
Frederick Braue One Card Control Stevens Control with Triumph Shuffle principle
Also published here 1992 12
Frederick Braue Four Ace Location aces placed on top and shuffled in deck, actually two shuffled to bottom and then produced via friction toss
1992 13
Vanni Bossi The Shuffle Control that Liked to Darwin Ortiz tabled riffle shuffle controls with Aces in-jogged at different positions during part of the shuffling
  • 1 - Control on Top of the Deck
    • The Second Shuffle
    • Cut and Control Over the Deck
  • 2 - Moving the Four Aces from Top to Bottom
  • 3 - Moving the Four Aces from Bottom to Top
  • 4 - Positioning Two Aces on Top and Two on Bottom of the Deck
  • Notes
1992 1
トップカード、ボトムカードを動かさない方法 (Method for retaining top/bottom card) With riffle shuffle
1993 36
Bob King Supreme Control Aces shuffled into deck, back on top, top stock control with a crimp
Also published here 1993 14
Bob King Supreme Control Aces shuffled into deck, back on top, top stock control with a breather crimp
Also published here 1993 180
Eddie Fechter Small Stock False Shuffle
1993 203
Vicente Canuto 2.- Para Conservar un Grupo Superior false riffle shuffle to retain top stock
1993 75
Frank Thompson Frank Thompson's Method top stock riffle control
  • Thompson Ace Cutting
1994 94
Bob Irons Irons Control top stock
1994 75
Bob Irons Bottom Running-Cut placing a key card above the top stock during running cut, bottom strip
1994 104
Ellison Poland Tabled Slough-Off Control with controlled riffle shuffle
1994 4
Riffle Shuffle Stock Controls
  • Control of the Top Stock
  • Control of the Bottom Stock
  • Tip For Both Shuffles
1995 109
Karl Fulves Retaining Top Stock two shuffles and straight cut, two procedures
1996 181
Harry Riser Erdnase Aces tabled one-at-a-time Ace production, using riffle shuffle work from Erdnase
Inspired byVariations 1996 52
Martin A. Nash Controlling the Top Stock with a Riffle Shuffle
1998 645
Roberto Giobbi The Block Transfer the top stock is maintained with a Triumph Shuffle as part of three-shuffle sequence, Stevens Control alternative
1998 648
Jeff Busby Recycling Shuffle stock control with edge-marked key card
Related to 1998 107
Dad Stevens Stevens Control
1999 11
Ellis Stanyon The "Riffle" Shuffle No. 8
1999 280
David Malek Strip Out Shuffle With a Block Transfer also as a top stock control
Inspired by 2001 21
Joseph K. Schmidt The Un-False Shuffle cutting sequence to lead into a top stock control, double duke application
Related toAlso published here 2001
Charlatan (Issue 5)
David Regal The World's First Card Trick top card after spectator's shuffle is predicted
2002 7
Ron Bauer Table Riffle Shuffles
  • Easy Table Riffle Shuffle
  • Fundamentals of False Table Riffle Shuffling
  • Casino-Style Table Riffle Shuffle
2004 21
Burling Hull The Pass Surpassed three-card control with crimp and honest riffle shuffle around block with selection
Also published here
  • Bulletin of Latest Sleights and Tricks, 1914
Charlatan (Issue 8)
Joseph K. Schmidt The Stevens Control handling of the Stevens Control
Related to 2005
Charlatan (Issue 10)
Joseph K. Schmidt J.K.S. on Stevens handling of the Stevens Control
Related to 2005
Charlatan (Issue 10)
Bob King Variation of the Stevens' Control
2007 192
Edward Marlo Marlo's Control Stevens Control alternative
Also published here 2007 192
Jerry K. Hartman ToBo False Shuffles – Riffle Shuffle false tabled riffle shuffle to retain both top and bottom stock
2007 16
Dai Vernon Top-Stock Control with Riffle Shuffle alternative for Stevens Control
Secret Agenda (Issue May 26)
Roberto Giobbi Top Stock Control
Related to
  • Top Slug Control in Steve Forte's Casino Protection
Secret Agenda (Issue Dec 20)
Roberto Giobbi False Shuffles and Cuts easy top and bottom stock controls with riffle shuffle or overhand shuffle
2010 115
Jason England Riffle Shuffle Control with reverse breather crimp
2012 2
Jack Carpenter Hustler's Stock Control Shuffle top and bottom stock simultaneously, jogged-slug stripping approach
Inspired by 2017 40
Stevens Control brief
2017 40
Juan Villarejo Control Superior de los Ases two shuffles, with variation
2017 8
Dad Stevens, Juan Villarejo El Control de Stevens on the Stevens Control
  • Realización del Control de Stevens
  • Colocación de una Carta Guia por Medio del Control de Stevens
Inspired by 2017 36
Johnny Thompson The Faux Papa Stevens Control aka "The Polish Dad Stevens", easier alternative
2018 164
Shane Cobalt Riffle Shuffles
Related to 2019 16
Steve Forte Carrying Top Slugs only straight riffles and no additional cuts
  • splitting and switching sides
  • riffling off the thumbs
  • split-cover
  • one-hand protected-position
  • overprotecting slugs
  • tap fake (Frank Thompson)
2020 59
Steve Forte Carrying Big Slugs
  • building slugs
  • split, immediate riffle, and push - top slugs (SIRP)
  • split, immediate riffle, and push - bottom slugs
Related to 2020 65
Steve Forte delaying the strip top slug, riffle shuffle and cut combination, break held near bottom during shuffle
2020 88
Steve Forte Boxing the Deck cutting a quarter to the top and then splitting in center for riffle shuffle
2020 91
Steve Forte Double- and Triple-cuts (top or bottom slugs) strip cut, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
2020 93
Steve Forte Three-part Positioning Strip (top slug) strip cut, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
2020 94
Steve Forte F-strip strip cut with laid jog, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
  • technical observations
    • first stripped packet
    • second stripped packet
    • remaining stripped packets
    • orientation of stripped packets
    • squaring options
    • tight stripping actions
    • split and riffle
    • stripping thin, splitting halves
    • carrying bottom slugs
    • automatic brief
    • f-strip with double cut
Related to 2020 95
Steve Forte Riffling Down, Riffling Up top slug riffled down and brought back to top
2020 102
Steve Forte I-strip (illogical) slug riffled down, followed by triple strip
2020 104
Steve Forte Riffling Down Twice
  • single-card brief
  • multiple-card bevel-brief ("don't-let-go" principle)
2020 105
Ron Conley Conley Three-riffle Variation three consecutive riffles, always burying top slug, riffle shuffling with break
Related toVariations 2020 107
Steve Forte Stevens Control discussion of its value (spoiler: none)
2020 109
Steve Forte Forte's Favorites - strip-dump (top slug) procedure combination
2020 112
Steve Forte Magicians' Pull-outs
  • fine squeeze and square-up
  • two-hand square-up (related to "Rough Hustlers' Push-through")
  • one-card 'block' transfer (Triumph Shuffle, with further applications by Forte)
Related to 2020 151
Steve Forte, Bob White partial Zarrow only top or bottom half of riffle unwoven, details for top slug
2020 180
Steve Forte riffle-brief jog held during riffle shuffle
Related to 2020 337
Steve Forte Riffling Down Demo
2020 846
Steve Forte No Aces on Top top stock control demo
2020 846
Steve Forte Riffle-kill x-card riffled into Ace slug on top
2020 855
Steve Forte Top/Bottom Transfer Demo Aces shown on top, two riffle shuffles without further cuts and they are shown on bottom, then back to top
  • top to bottom - two riffles
  • bottom to top - two riffles (Frank Thompson inspired)
  • bottom to top - one riffle
  • face-up transfer
  • psychological transfer
Inspired by 2020 857
Steve Forte Slug Control Exposés clean top stock control demos
  • riffle exposé
  • exposé #2
2020 861
Steve Forte Watch The Top Of The Deck three procedure outlines for clean top stock control demos
2020 863
Andrew Frost A "Shuffled" Deck on hiding a thirteen-card stock
2023 20