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Arthur H. Buckley Buckley´s "Out of this World" False Shuffle and Cut only bottom half is disturbed, in-the-hands Triumph Shuffle
1946 29
Retaining the Top Stock up to twenty cards, shown by a gambler in Reno
Related to 1960 49
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Shuffle retaining bottom twenty-six cards, hands cover halves
Variations 1968 3
Edward Marlo The Work Shank with "applied block transfer" (= Zarrow Shuffle)
1972 17
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Improved Pull Out False Shuffle For Half Deck No. 322, only bottom half retained, presumably true running cut with top half
1972 84
Dr. Jacob Daley Half Deck False Shuffle within No. 532, running with one half for half stack
1972 149
A Red-Black Shuffle Zarrow where cards are tilted onto edge, as full deck false shuffle in Afterthoughts
1973 34
Red Black Zarrow Shuffle see very bottom of page
Nov. 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 11)
John F. Mendoza Face Up Red-Black Shuffle red and black cards are riffle shuffled multiple times, yet they stay separated
1980 19
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle also as red-black shuffle
1988 53
Al Smith Slip Sliding Awaces Ace production with slip cuts, optional retaining of red/black separation with Zarrows
1991 4
David Malek Hustlers Shuffle full or half deck
2001 33
Juan Tamariz Other Kinds of False Shuffles
  • A. This is a false shuffle I devised for a half stack, in which spectators appear to shuffle the whole deck. It's quite deceptive.
  • B. Variation for Strippers
  • C. Another method in which the spectator appears to shuffle the whole deck while only shuffling half the cards.
2004 344
Doug Edwards The Z-E Shuffle bottom half stays intact only
2007 151
Roberto Giobbi Red-Black False Riffle Shuffle
Also published here Oct. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 10)
Roberto Giobbi A Red-Black False Riffle Shuffle application
Inspired byAlso published here 2010
Secret Agenda (Issue Apr 3)
Darwin Ortiz Red/Black Shuffles
  • with Zarrow Shuffle
  • Strip-Out with real running cut
  • Red/Black Double-Cover Zarrow Shuffle
  • Divided Deck Up-the-ladder Cut
2012 166
Edward Marlo, Steve Reynolds Covered Up Shuffle using Bottom Line
  • Half Mem Deck Handling
Inspired by 2019 33
Steve Reynolds BTZ Combo
2019 41
Steve Forte Carrying Big Slugs
  • building slugs
  • split, immediate riffle, and push - top slugs (SIRP)
  • split, immediate riffle, and push - bottom slugs
Related to 2020 65
Steve Forte F-strip strip cut with laid jog, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
  • technical observations
    • first stripped packet
    • second stripped packet
    • remaining stripped packets
    • orientation of stripped packets
    • squaring options
    • tight stripping actions
    • split and riffle
    • stripping thin, splitting halves
    • carrying bottom slugs
    • automatic brief
    • f-strip with double cut
Related to 2020 95
Steve Forte Carrying Half Decks intro comments
2020 113
Steve Forte Double-slug Riffles carrying two quarter-deck slugs to effectively carry half the deck
  • double-slug - top/bottom
  • double-slug - top/top
  • double-slug - bottom/bottom
2020 113
Steve Forte Half-deck Push-through push-through action used to retain half the deck
2020 134
Steve Forte Sliding Slug Pull-outs sliding slugs sell the square-up
  • top-slug slide-over
  • bottom-slug slide-over
2020 154