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For One Card controlling top card or bottom and top card
1897 46
S. W. Erdnase II. To Retain the Bottom Stock
Related to 1902 36
S. W. Erdnase V. To Retain Bottom Stock. Riffle II and Cut IV Combination Riffle and Cuts
Related to 1902 44
To Keep Certain Cards in View overhand and basic riffle shuffle methods for:
  • 1. The bottom card
  • 2. The top card
  • 3a. A number of cards (jog shuffle)
  • 3b. A number of cards (lift shuffle)
1938 165
To Control "Top" and "Bottom" Cards by Riffle Shuffle
1941 257
Arthur H. Buckley Bottom Stock Blind Shuffle
1946 102
Retaining the Bottom Card or Cards
1948 30
Bill Simon The Bottom Stock Control
1952 180
Edward Marlo N.B. for the Bottom Stock "No Breaks", using scratch edge marked key card
1959 56
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) a) Bottom Stock False Riffle Shuffle sequence with break
Apr. 1963
Ibidem (Issue 28)
Dr. Jacob Daley, Dai Vernon Daley's Version Of Vernon's Stud Poker "Hole" Card Shuffle No. 317, bottom stock kept there and finally cut to top, with picking up break as interlaced cards are pushed together
  • Daley's Variation (without crimp)
1972 82
The Riffle Shuffle mention of top and bottom stock control
1977 30
Doug Edwards A Las Vegas Cut running false cut, top and bottom control
1978 35
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Un-False" Shuffle
  • I - The Hand Off
  • II - The "Ladder-Job" (based on Jeff Busby)
Also published here Nov. 1985
Epoptica (Issue 7)
トップカード、ボトムカードを動かさない方法 (Method for retaining top/bottom card) With riffle shuffle
1993 36
Vicente Canuto 1.- Para Conservar un Grupo Inferior false riffle shuffle to retain bottom stock
1993 75
Riffle Shuffle Stock Controls
  • Control of the Top Stock
  • Control of the Bottom Stock
  • Tip For Both Shuffles
1995 109
Karl Fulves Bottom Stock Stays blocking off technique used
1996 184
Karl Fulves Stock Transfer bottom stock control despite obviously losing it
1996 186
S. W. Erdnase A Combination False Shuffle and Cut
1998 646
Lee Asher The Low Down Control
1998 1411
Simple Bottom Stock Control tabled riffle shuffle and center cut
2001 65
Joseph K. Schmidt The Un-False Shuffle cutting sequence to lead into a top stock control, double duke application
Related toAlso published here 2001
Charlatan (Issue 5)
Edward Marlo Kid Royal Concept delayed strip out
  • Block Strip Out with Triple Cut
  • To Keep the Bottom Stock
Also published here 2007 36
Jerry K. Hartman ToBo False Shuffles – Riffle Shuffle false tabled riffle shuffle to retain both top and bottom stock
2007 16
False Shuffling basic partial false shuffle, overhand and riffle shuffle
2008 136
Roberto Giobbi False Shuffles and Cuts easy top and bottom stock controls with riffle shuffle or overhand shuffle
2010 115
Roberto Giobbi Combination Riffle and Cuts - To Retain Bottom Stock. Riffle II and Cut IV notes
Related to Sep. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 9)
Jack Carpenter Hustler's Stock Control Shuffle top and bottom stock simultaneously, jogged-slug stripping approach
Inspired by 2017 40
Juan Villarejo Control Inferior de los Ases
2017 13
Shane Cobalt Riffle Shuffles
Related to 2019 16
Edward Marlo Throw-Off Riffle Shuffle Control
Also published here 2019
Output (Issue 2)
Steve Forte Carrying Bottom Slugs only straight riffles and no additional cuts
  • shadowing
  • splitting end to end versus corner to corner
  • lift or leave (see also p. 636)
  • don't ignore the top slug
  • splits
2020 62
Steve Forte Boxing the Deck cutting a quarter to the top and then splitting in center for riffle shuffle
2020 91
Steve Forte Double- and Triple-cuts (top or bottom slugs) strip cut, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
2020 93
Steve Forte Three-part Positioning Strip (bottom slug) strip cut, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
2020 95
Steve Forte F-strip strip cut with laid jog, optionally followed by riffle shuffle
  • technical observations
    • first stripped packet
    • second stripped packet
    • remaining stripped packets
    • orientation of stripped packets
    • squaring options
    • tight stripping actions
    • split and riffle
    • stripping thin, splitting halves
    • carrying bottom slugs
    • automatic brief
    • f-strip with double cut
Related to 2020 95
Steve Forte Don't Let Go strip cut, followed by riffle shuffle, "don't-let-go" principle (typo in text, should be "bottom slug")
2020 99
Steve Forte Riffling Up
  • JN false cut
by gambler JN, bottom slug riffled into deck, followed by boxing cut
Variations 2020 108
Steve Forte Spring Riffle-Off riffling off slug at once
2020 108
Steve Forte Forte's Favorites - bottom slug procedure combination
2020 113
Steve Forte Bottom-slug Demo
2020 845
Andrew Frost A "Shuffled" Deck on hiding a thirteen-card stock
2023 20