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Jack Merlin False Shuffle and Cuts with the Jack Merlin Riffle Shuffle as the basis
1927/28 10
The Interlocking Shuffle
1933 47
5b. The strip out
1938 173
Charlie Miller The Strip-Out False Shuffle
1940 67
Dai Vernon Explanation of False Shuffle Triumph Shuffle
  • 1. To Maintain the Order of the Reds and Blacks
  • 2. To Maintain the Order of the Entire Pack
Variations 1946
Stars of Magic (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Paul LePaul A False Riffle Shuffle using Automatic Rear Jog procedure
1949 109
Charlie Miller Strip Out Shuffle
Related to 1954 18
Edward Marlo The Strip Out Shuffle
Related to 1959 19
Edward Marlo The Strip Out and Double Cut
1959 20
Edward Marlo Block Strip Out with Upper Cut
1959 22
Edward Marlo Delayed Strip Out Shuffle
1959 24
Edward Marlo Block Strip Out with Triple Cut
Related toAlso published here 1959 27
Edward Marlo Fake Push Thru Shuffle really strip out type
1959 77
Dai Vernon The Pull Out Shuffle
1960 47
Edward Marlo Marlo's Patented False Shuffle
Related to 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 1 Patented False Shuffle)
Edward Marlo In One Shuffle single shuffle sequence for Patented Shuffle
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 1 Patented False Shuffle)
Edward Marlo The Throw Off multiple cutting sequence to cover strip-out
Related to 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 1 Patented False Shuffle)
Edward Marlo The Simplex Strip Out
Variations 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 1 Patented False Shuffle)
Edward Marlo Patented Shuffle Sidelights further details
Related to 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 1 Patented False Shuffle)
Edward Marlo Spreading a Deck in Strip Out Condition
Riffle Shuffle Finale (Issue Riffle Finale)
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Pull Thru Shuffle No. 309, three-packet cut sequence for strip-out
1972 79
Arthur Finley Finley's Weave Shuffle Cover No. 697, riffle delay before strip-out, type of false shuffle not clear
Related toAlso published here 1972 188
Francis Carlyle Carlyle's Pull Out Shuffle No. 724, sequence
1972 193
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
1973 34
Karl Fulves Strip-Out Shuffle definition of term, no handling details
1973 2
Edward Marlo General Information several handlings are distributed
1974 2
Russell T. Barnhart Cup Shuffle halves pushed together with palms, with airing
1975 5
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
1977 11
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle brief
1979 135
Dai Vernon, Daryl Martinez Interrupted Triumph Shuffle
1980 58
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
1980 9
Bill Simon Airing The Strip-out finesse
Related to 1982 47
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
1982 28
Joe Artanis The "Artanis" False Shuffle delayed strip out ala Mysterious Kid
1982 53
Edward Marlo Marlo's Fine Stripout Shuffle
1984 48
Edward Marlo Refined Simplex Stripout Shuffle
Related to 1984 54
Edward Marlo Two-Shuffle Stripout Sequence with Block Transfer
1984 56
Edward Marlo A Subtle Tip delaying the strip out
1984 70
Art Altman, Edward Marlo Art Altman's False Shuffle shuffle on table, strip out in hand, see page 63
1984 99
Karl Fulves Triumph Transfer variation of Vernon's Triumph Shuffle with block transfer
1984 176
Charlie Miller False Riffle Shuffles brief
1985 27
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
Apr. 1986
Apocalypse (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Randy Tanner, Dai Vernon Triumphant False Shuffle
June 1987
Apocalypse (Vol. 10 No. 6)
Dai Vernon Vernon Triumph Shuffle with block transfer
1987 150
Darwin Ortiz Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer
Variations 1988 68
Edward Marlo New Approach Strip-Out Shuffle
1988 107
Edward Marlo False Shuffle and Cut Combinations
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
Related to 1988 113
Justin Higham Slow-Motion Stripout Shuffle for hard surface, bottom section not part of the weave
Oct. 1990
Technomagic (Issue 4)
Roger Klause The Automatic Block Transfer
1991 121
Allan Ackerman On the Strip Out Shuffle brief tips
1994 17
Simon Aronson The Aronson Stripout with final three-packet cut on table
  • Push Through Variation
  • Front Lift Variation
Related toVariations 1995 65
Edward Marlo Bonus Riffle Shuffle Finesse end tapping of deck on table before strip-out
1995 241
Paul Cummins Personal Triumph
1996 1
Dai Vernon Triumph with Triumph Shuffle
Related to 1996 26
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
1996 44
Doug Edwards Roll Over And Strip Deck is flipped over before strip out action as a subtlety
1997 93
Dieter Ebel Der falsche Hindu strip-out during hindu shuffle that follows the riffle shuffle
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 2)
Frank Thompson, Edward Marlo Thompson-Marlo False Shuffle delayed strip-out
1997 58
Andrew Wimhurst Cooler Shuffle actually a set up cut for Zarrow or Strip Out
1998 44
Dai Vernon The Triumph Shuffle
1998 642
Various A Combination False Shuffle Zarrow and Triumph combined
1998 645
Jeff Busby Vernon Triumph Shuffle Handling
1998 113
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle
1999 9
Justin Higham Note on the Strip-Out Shuffle
1999 56
Ken Simmons Delayed Strip-Out/Push-Thru Shuffle
Apr. 1999
Onyx (Issue 7)
David Malek Strip Out Shuffle With a Block Transfer also as a top stock control
Inspired by 2001 21
Darwin Ortiz Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer
2002 56
Bruce Cervon false shuffle and block transfer strip out with block transfer
2007 53
Edward Marlo Strip-Out Shuffle
Related to 2007 30
Edward Marlo Kid Royal Concept delayed strip out
  • Block Strip Out with Triple Cut
  • To Keep the Bottom Stock
Also published here 2007 36
Arthur Finley Finley's Weave Shuffle Cover No. 697, riffle delay before strip-out, type of false shuffle not clear
Also published here 2007 29
Joe Artanis Le mélange Artanis delayed strip out
2009 31
Arie Vilner The Cut-First Shuffle with honest cut to delay strip-out, shuffle can start in the hands
Variations 2009 67
Arie Vilner The CFS Version 2 - The "V" Shuffle riffling lengthwise
Inspired by 2009 68
The Street Magician's False Shuffle in the hands and on the table, halves are rotated
2011 82
Darwin Ortiz The Spectator's False Shuffle spectator shuffles, performer squares
2012 39
Edward Marlo Strip-Out False Shuffle
2012 41
Darwin Ortiz Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer
2012 209
Doug Edwards Shove Over Shuffle
2013 36
Joseph Barry A Ruse for Magicians... fine strip out
Also published here 2014 8
Joseph Barry A Ruse for Magicians... "the false, real shuffle ruse"
Also published here 2014 6
Simon Aronson Aronson Stripout 2.0 Stripout false shuffle, multiple running cuts during the stripout
  • 1. Bottom Cut Shuffle
  • 2. Top Cut Shuffle
  • 3. Two Shuffle Version
Inspired byRelated to 2014 30
Dai Vernon Triumph False Shuffle
2014 11
Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer brief
2018 166
Charlie Miller Stripout Shuffle with Block Transfer
2018 286
Jason Ladanye, Edward Marlo Strip-Out with Block Transfer Handling building four packets
Inspired by 2018 277
Setting Up Fine Incomplete Faro Condition with strip-out shuffle action
2018 10
Edward Marlo, Steve Reynolds Strip Out Shuffle Variant
Inspired byVariations 2019 19
Steve Reynolds Blind Bluff Shuffle two shuffle combination, strip-out with bluff/mock riffle
2019 47
Ricardo Martin Mezcla Falsa Total false strip out shuffle, with top cards moving from packet to packet
2019 81
Michael Powers Finessed Gallo Shuffle Triumph shuffle type
Inspired by
  • "The M.G. Strip-Out" (Mike Gallo, Allan Hayden's Card Sharp on Duty, 1983)
2019 186
Steve Forte The Pull-Out Shuffle
  • technical observations
    • simplicity of method
    • angling
    • finger stops
    • square-up (technical)
    • square-up (visual)
2020 145
Steve Forte Back-stop left thumb as stop
Related to 2020 146
Rod the Hop Rod-the-Hop's Pull-out (front-stop) strip-out during running strip cut
2020 147
Steve Forte Fake Square-ups
  • long-push
  • three-push
2020 149
Steve Forte Magicians' Pull-outs
  • fine squeeze and square-up
  • two-hand square-up (related to "Rough Hustlers' Push-through")
  • one-card 'block' transfer (Triumph Shuffle, with further applications by Forte)
Related to 2020 151
Edward Marlo Marlo's Off-the-table Pull-out previously unpublished
2020 159
Steve Forte Other Variants short comment
2020 160
Steve Forte Summary
2020 161
Steve Forte three piles (pull-out) as full-deck demonstration
2020 884
Roberto Mansilla, Dai Vernon The Triumph of the False Shuffle
  • Artifices
one-shuffle solution for Triumph Shuffle as false shuffle
Inspired by Aug. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 8)
Rafael Benatar Expertalk: Rafael Benatar on the Pullout Shuffle Triumph Shuffle handling
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2004
2022 334