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C. O. Williams The Card from the Pocket card at thought of position is remembered and found, lazy man
Variations Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 342
Stanley Collins Contingency Correction as an out for the classic force
Related to Greater Magic 193
Gerald Kosky An Easy Bottom Deal stud off the back
Variations More Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 15
Kent Arthur Eerie Cards using eight cards, card finally spelled to
Related to The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 101) 615
Edward Marlo One Hand Control Aces are lost with charlier cuts and found using one hand only, two crimps
VariationsAlso published here The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 78) 318
Unknown A Poker Player's Picnic no-touch, little bit of dealing involved
Related toVariationsAlso published here The Royal Road to Card Magic 16
Cy Keller You Do As Cy Do both cards at same position
Variations The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 234) 935
Edward Marlo Marlo's Strike Unit Control
Variations Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 129
Edward Marlo The No Touch Theory three methods
Related toVariations Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 124
Unknown Natural Air Pocket Principle squared deck is often cut at the same spot because of natural air pockets
Related to Estimation 31
Edward Marlo Color Eliminator color reflects on back of other card or nail polish on fingertip
Related to Estimation 35
Edward Marlo Quadruple Undercut
Variations Expert Card Conjuring 4
Edward Marlo Unexpected Prediction
Related toVariations Expert Card Conjuring 88
Edward Marlo Alternatives for the "Collectors" five methods
Variations Hierophant (Issue 2) 49
Edward Marlo Who's Hockley inspired by John Derris' "Hockley's Prediction", two methods (biddle type stop force)
Related toVariations Hierophant (Issue 4) 205
Joseph K. Schmidt Subconscious Poker II one card is controlled during the repeat-dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal Flush, see also p. 840 for idea by Cushing Strout
Inspired by
  • "Subconscious Poker" (Bob Fisher, The Sphinx, April 1939, or Daley's Notebooks #407)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 2) 687
Edward Marlo Interlaced Transposition three cards from between Aces to Kings
Variations Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 119
Edward Marlo Swivel-Cull
Related to Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant) 31
Joe Dignam CoUnTerfeit three packets false cut
Variations Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 2) 30
Paul Harris The Biological Shuffle two phases
Related toAlso published here The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 2) 9
Justin Higham E.Z.4.U. coin vanish
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 18) 337
Justin Higham E.Z.2. three sevens between kings vanish and appear face up in deck, fourth seven was previously selected
Variations Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 18) 339
Tim Gan Wow four Aces, Ace with same suit turns over, when repeated, Ace turns into selection
Variations Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 18) 350
Edward Marlo Nouveau 21-Card-Trick
  • The Work
  • Third Phase
  • Fourth Phase
  • Fifth Phase
  • Sixth Phase (Gag)
  • Blow-Off Phase I
  • Blow-Off Phase II
Related toVariations Marlo without Tears 146
Reinhard Müller Reinhard Müller Comments on Ghost Room and Psycho Cut
Inspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 32) 523
Justin Higham, Stephen Tucker, Pascal Monmoine Pandemonium
  • growing Deck gag (Higham)
  • trouser pocket as servante (Higham)
  • card revelation gag with two spectators selecting the same card (Tucker)
  • five coins travel from hand to hand and then change into one coin (Tucker)
  • Cutting the Aces, Bilis/ Marlo variation idea (Monmoine)
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 22) 420
Reinhard Müller Magical Mysteries! idea and variation for Interflight and E.Z.2.
Inspired byVariations Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 22) 428
Justin Higham Or......
Inspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. Special #3) 7
Ian Land Interlaced with a Strange Ease cards end up reversed in middle
Inspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. Special #3) 32
Justin Higham E.Z.2. Variation in a letter
Inspired by Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 25) 479
Justin Higham Ghost Room
Inspired byVariations Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 28) 550
David Britland Jackrobats with extra card, first packet then in the deck
Inspired by
  • "Acrobatic Cards" (Verne Chesbro, Larry West, Tricks You Can Count On, p. 20)
VariationsAlso published here
Deckade 14
Justin Higham Hello calculator reveals word hello, which is also found on Joker
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 29) 562
Justin Higham On Patrol
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 30) 587
Justin Higham Pendulum chinese coin on pen
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 31) 598
Justin Higham More than a Key comb penetrates bill
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 33) 641
Justin Higham Som-Ace-Sault two Aces are turned face up, all turn face up, as finale Aces turn all over in deck
Inspired byVariations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 12) 1006
Randy Wakeman The Spectator Cuts to and Turns Over the Aces basically the same as Ackerman's version
Related toVariations Formula One Close-Up 41
Justin Higham Litmus Aces
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8 No. 9) 1114
Edward Marlo Spread Pass Addition with variations
  • Delayed Addition
  • Off The Face Switch)
Related toVariations Thirty Five Years Later 20
Justin Higham One By One half dollars change to pennies, half dollars travel under playing card
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10 No. 9) 1402
Edward Marlo The Mental Topper spectator counts to value of thought-of card, card located, optionally matching values found, faro, variations
VariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Apr. 1966
M.I.N.T. — Volume I 216
Edward Marlo Single False Cuts four methods, single cuts
Variations Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 110
Justin Higham What's eating you?
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 2) 1463
Justin Higham Surprise Filling visual
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 12 No. 7) 1661
Edward Marlo Breaking the Rule spelling to the four Aces, last one turns over
Variations So Soon? 44
Jon Racherbaumer Fuddle Aces two Aces are turned face up, all turn face up, selection found at the end, red and black Aces trasnpose as well
Inspired by Cardfixes 36
Justin Higham Easy-Going Nomad
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 11) 1854
Edward Marlo Math Applied sixteen cards and reverse faros, four effects
Related to That's It 55
Alex Elmsley Mathematics and Mentalism clever presentation comparing mathematical methods with real mindreading, reverse faro
Related toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 1 378
John Bannon Directed Verdict actually "Directed Verdict IV"
Related toVariations Smoke and Mirrors 106
Edward Marlo, Gerald Kosky Burn-Surviving Switchout
Related to
  • Inside Out V (Justin Higham)
Card Finesse II 43
Justin Higham Blankjack
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15 No. 4) 2060
Harry Lorayne Second-Dealing Poker
Related to Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 10) 2272
Alex Elmsley Fate's Datebook part of "The Dazzle Act" (starting on page 425 until the end of the book), using a improvisational type of selection procedure
Related toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 433
Bob Irons Gambler's Aces breather crimp, tabled
Variations Roger's Thesaurus 104
Justin Higham The Longitudinal Pass
Roger's Thesaurus 114
Justin Higham The Dribble Shift
Related toAlso published here
  • Utility Card Sleights (1988, p. 12)
Roger's Thesaurus 116
Justin Higham Delayed Dribble Shift
Roger's Thesaurus 118
David Carré The Combination Cull - First Method four-of-a-kind to the bottom
Related to Roger's Thesaurus 133
Justin Higham The Combination Cull - Second Method four-of-a-kind to the top
Related to Roger's Thesaurus 134
Justin Higham The Push-Off Second Deal - Third Method
Roger's Thesaurus 148
Justin Higham Block Unit Control
Inspired by Roger's Thesaurus 151
Justin Higham Interlaced Transformation three cards between Aces in center, Kings on top, Aces now on top and Kings in center with the three cards
Inspired byVariations Roger's Thesaurus 160
Justin Higham, Edward Marlo Strike Unit Control brief
Roger's Thesaurus 160
Justin Higham Phantom Aces position of Aces announced after spectators shuffle the deck, one-by-one production, last one stabbed with another card by spectator
Inspired by Roger's Thesaurus 166
Justin Higham Stab Force
Inspired byRelated to Roger's Thesaurus 168
Justin Higham Preface
Roger's Thesaurus xvii
Justin Higham Running Charlier
Inspired by Roger's Thesaurus 169
Jack Avis, Cy Endfield Twist and Vanish biddle trick, five-card twisting routine, cards turn over one by one, selection vanishes at the end
Related to
  • Inside Out No. VI (1989, Justin Higham, p. 14)
Roger's Thesaurus 174
Justin Higham Variation Two: Steal-Back biddle steal/load handling
Roger's Thesaurus 185
Justin Higham Variation Three: Centerpoint Subtlety deck spread on table in two stages, former reversed bottom card is seen in the center at the end, cut/pass substitute
Also published here
  • "Illusive Aces" (Justin Higham, West End Card Session, 1989, p. 18)
Roger's Thesaurus 185
Jack Avis A Change of Identity four Jacks "whisper" three selections and transpose with them
Inspired byRelated toVariations Roger's Thesaurus 190
Roger Crosthwaite Pocket Switch card sticking out of breast pocket, removed with one hand, see also p. 234 for credit information
Related to
  • Ed Marlo in "Technomagic" No. 12 (Justin Higham, June 1991)
Roger's Thesaurus 30
Justin Higham Identity Cards alternate handling, whisperers
Inspired by Roger's Thesaurus 198
Justin Higham Super Clairvoyant spectator thinks of any card, deals twice the value and drops rest on top, after a reverse faro, the performer knows the value and can fish
Roger's Thesaurus 64
Justin Higham Spectator Cuts, Magician Delivers
Related to Roger's Thesaurus 72
Edward Marlo, Justin Higham Open Hockley Variant apparently dragging top card of packet into left hand, bottom card taken instead
Roger's Thesaurus 73
R. Paul Wilson Justify Me transposed collectors
Inspired by Chaos Theories 55
Arthur Setterington The Square Deal No. 24, 3x3 layout with twelve cards, center cards added give forced number, card at this position predicted
Related to Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 43
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts to Locate Aces spectator cuts and values are used to count down to selection
VariationsAlso published here M.I.N.T. — Volume II 299
Justin Higham Spectator Cuts - Magician Delivers
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 11) 2857
Harry Lorayne Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 6) 2807
Justin Higham Super Clairvoyant
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 1) 2741
Justin Higham True Magic via Objectivity about inventing, selecting, practicing and performing
"Also revealed is a brief but empowering glimpse of the secret behind the Marlo Method (...) this method is merely hinted at."
Also published here True Magic via Objectivity 3
Justin Higham Force-as-I-Force spectator and performer each think of a card in two decks, deck exchanged and cards removed, they match
Arcardia 68
Justin Higham Corrected Prediction card peeked at, it matches a prediction in wallet
  • Method One (prediction same color)
  • Method Two (prediction odd-backed)
  • Method Three (deck changes back color as climax)
Inspired by
  • "One Deck Perfect Prediction" (Justin Higham, Technomagic No. 2, Aug. 1990)
  • Domination of Thought (Hofzinser)
Related to
  • Tech-Notes No. 1 (March 1992), incorrect description
Arcardia 87
Roger Crosthwaite, Justin Higham Independent Prediction odd-backed prediction card in breast pocket, matches peeked-at card
  • Method One (Crosthwaite)
  • Method Two (Higham)
Inspired by
  • "One Deck Perfect Prediction" (Justin Higham, Technomagic No. 2, Aug. 1990)
Arcardia 90
Justin Higham Square-Rigged Ace through Queen mixed and dealt in 3x3 square formation by spectator, center cards added and used to count to selection, credit information
Inspired by
  • "Exit" (Stephen Tucker, Abra #2164, July 18th 1987)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Precursor #23, May 1989
Arcardia 95
Justin Higham Tri-Rigged altered layout
Inspired by Arcardia 100
Justin Higham More on the Dribble Shift corrected description
Related to Arcardia 131
Justin Higham Dribble Shift and Palm with one-handed palm after shift with part of deck
Arcardia 134
Justin Higham Revised Red and Blue performer and spectator each shuffle a deck, they shuffle the same deck to the top
Arcardia 160
Justin Higham Pre-Subtlety vs. Post-Subtlety
Arcardia 161
Justin Higham Orientation
Arcardia 9
Justin Higham True Magic Via Objectivity (revised)
Also published here Arcardia 15
Justin Higham Spectator's Stop Trick selection glimpsed
The Simulation of Miracles 19
Justin Higham Spectator Cuts to Indicate the Aces top cards are used to count down
Inspired by The Simulation of Miracles 31
Justin Higham Convincing Push-Through [Multiple] Sandwich two methods
The Simulation of Miracles 22
Justin Higham Multiple Push-Through Sandwich
The Simulation of Miracles 21
Justin Higham Push-Through Sandwich
The Simulation of Miracles 21
Justin Higham Push-Through Failure Sandwich one or multiple
The Simulation of Miracles 33
Justin Higham Mind-Reading in Reverse interesting, five methods
Related to The Simulation of Miracles 11
Justin Higham Simple Clairvoyant Plus red/black set-up
The Simulation of Miracles 16
Justin Higham Note on "Fishing" on making statements
The Simulation of Miracles 17
Justin Higham Overhand-Shuffle Rear Glimpse
The Simulation of Miracles 18
Justin Higham Clean Maxi-Twist ending clean, transformation kicker
The Simulation of Miracles 29
Justin Higham Triple Clairvoyance dressed up presentation
The Simulation of Miracles 14
Justin Higham Foreword
The Simulation of Miracles
Justin Higham Royal Maxi Twist transformation kicker
The Simulation of Miracles 30
Justin Higham The Simulation of Miracles
  • Introduction
  • The Ideal Effect
  • The Spectrum of Magic
  • Importance of Archetypes
  • The Actual Effect
  • The Basic Effect
  • The Specific Effect
  • The Effect-Procedure
  • Designing the Method
  • A Scientific System of "Creating"
  • An Inspirational "System" of Creating
  • Conclusion
The Simulation of Miracles 1
Justin Higham Postscript
The Simulation of Miracles 34
Justin Higham Direct Push-Through Failure several variations
The Simulation of Miracles 20
Justin Higham Push-Through Failure Variations problems and effects
The Simulation of Miracles 33
Justin Higham Vernonesque Stop Trick OOSOOM sure fire, not thought of
Related to
  • "Mindshaker" (Roger Crosthwaite, Arcadia, 1999)
The Simulation of Miracles 18
Justin Higham Unaccountable Oil and Water 4&4
Inspired by
  • "Unaccounted Oil and Water" (Justing Higham, Card Notes)
The Simulation of Miracles 23
Justin Higham Collected Oil and Water - Streamlined two methods
Inspired by
  • "Collected Oil and Water" (Justing Higham, Card Notes)
The Simulation of Miracles 26
Luke Jermay A Remote Castle card castle is destroyed by spectator and face up cards divined
Related to Building Blocks 101
Justin Higham Foreword
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 1
Justin Higham Foreword
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 1
Justin Higham Side-Faro Sandwich 1
Variations Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 1
Justin Higham Side-Faro Sandwich 2
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 1
Justin Higham Side-Faro Collectors
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 1
Justin Higham Side-Faro Separation Failure
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 2
Justin Higham Side-Faro Full-Deck Oil & Water deck shuffled three times, always ends up separated into red and black cards
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 2
Justin Higham Full-Deck Oil & Water Plus Si Stebbins
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 2
Justin Higham Side-Faro Multiple Shift idea, to the bottom
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 2
Justin Higham Side-Faro Triumph
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 3
Justin Higham Side-Faro Ace Location four ace production / location
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 3
Justin Higham Side-Faro Double Coincidence
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 3
Justin Higham Side-Faro Flexible Discovery
  • Side-Faro Flexible Collectors
  • (Side-Faro) Minimalist Collectors
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 3
Justin Higham Side-Faro Aces Up aces in the center with one ace face-up, that aces is put on top and other aces follow
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 4
Justin Higham End Notes
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 4
Justin Higham False Shuffle Side-Faro False Shuffle
Tricks with the Side-Faro False Shuffle 5
Benjamin Earl Playing the Odds spectator shuffles and deals themselves royal flush, thought-of card divined
Variations Seeing with Photo-Electric Eyes 10
Justin Higham Fate, Chance, Freewill featuring a multiple out force
Variations Best of Friends — Volume III 347
Justin Higham Card/Copper/Silver one coin under card on table
Variations Best of Friends — Volume III 351
Justin Higham "Oops" Open Prediction using a form of the Henry Christ Force
Best of Friends — Volume III 354
Justin Higham Acid-Jazz Aces
Best of Friends — Volume III 376
Harry Lorayne Justin Higham mini bio
Best of Friends - Volume III 346
Justin Higham A Brief Analysis of the 21 Card Trick and Related Effects
  • Introduction
7-7-7 168
Justin Higham The 16 Card Trick
7-7-7 168
Justin Higham The 25 Card Trick "Mental Poker"
7-7-7 169
Justin Higham Mutus Nomen Cocis Dedit
7-7-7 172
Justin Higham The 21 Card Trick
7-7-7 174
Justin Higham 50 Card Trick Plus Sandwich
7-7-7 178
Justin Higham Justified 21 Card Trick
7-7-7 179
Justin Higham Pseudo 15 Card Trick
Inspired by
  • "Direct 15-Card Trick" (Collected Card Notes, 1999, p. 77)
7-7-7 181
Justin Higham Conclusion
7-7-7 183
Justin Higham End Notes
7-7-7 184
Justin Higham Deal, Count, Spell Different handling for The Magician, The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune with six-sided die
Dexterity Manual 50
Justin Higham Off-Centre Coincidence Deck is split in half, dealt down, two selections appear at the same time
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 51
Justin Higham Pseudo Topper four random cards laid on table, spectator chooses one, revealed to be selection, the other three suddenly change to match as four-of-a-kind
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 53
Justin Higham Sense of Touch Location Card selected and lost amongst one of three piles, performer eliminates all, except selection

  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
Dexterity Manual 54
Justin Higham, Kevin Baker The NoBo Lie Detector "No" = Bottom
  • First Version
  • Second Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Third Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Fourth Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Fifth Version
  • Sixth Version
  • Seventh Version
  • Eighth Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Ninth Version
  • Tenth Version (Kevin Baker)
Inspired by
  • Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, pp. 130-133
Related to
Dexterity Manual 57
Justin Higham Intuitive Twenty-One Card Trick
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 65
Justin Higham Foreword
Dexterity Manual 2
Justin Higham The Anti-Gravity Shift One handed shift that is done from pinky break, and hand can be in any position, including upside down.
Dexterity Manual 3
Justin Higham One-handed Slip Pass Secret one handed Slip Cut
Dexterity Manual 8
Justin Higham One-handed Pull-out one handed method of transferring card from center to top
Related to Dexterity Manual 8
Justin Higham Around-the-Deck Reversal Secret reversal of bottom card to the top of deck
Related to Dexterity Manual 9
Justin Higham Fake Zarrow Shuffle modified handling of Fake Zarrow Shuffle from Collected Card Notes
  • Second Version
  • Third Version
Inspired by
  • "Fake Zarrow Shuffle" (Justin Higham, Collected Card Notes, 1999)
Dexterity Manual 10
Justin Higham Svengali-ish Convincer Zarrow/Shank shuffle convincer with unsquared deck (deck left in slight reverse faro condition)
Dexterity Manual 12
Justin Higham Up-The-Ladder Finesse
Dexterity Manual 12
Justin Higham Multiple Undershuffle Finessed handling of a multiple undercut in the hands
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 13
Justin Higham Deal Shuffle Slop style shuffle with both hands in Mechanics grip, just pushing over packets from left to right hand. Can be used as:

  • Key card placement
  • Control (top or bottom)
Dexterity Manual 14
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun, Dai Vernon Covers & Applications for the A.G. Shift
  • With the Hand at the Side
  • Move-to-Pocket Cover (Houstoun)
  • Behind-the-Jacket Cover
  • Back-pocket Cover
  • Envelope Cover
  • Banknote-Counting Cover - Gaming Scenario
  • Behind-the-Shoulder Cover (Vernon)
  • Behind-the-Chair Cover (Houstoun)
  • As an Addition Move (see Spread Pass Addition)
Related to Dexterity Manual 4
Justin Higham Illogical Strip-Cut Force Spectator says stop during stip-cut sequence, magician deals face card onto table as selection (modified Hindu Shuffle Force)
Related to Dexterity Manual 16
Justin Higham Illogical Strip Cut Aces locate all four Aces using Illogical Strip Cut Force
Inspired byRelated to Dexterity Manual 17
Justin Higham Sympathetic Triumph Card that is left face up after Triumph shuffle is the mate of previously made selection
Related to Dexterity Manual 17
Justin Higham Illogical Spread Force Tabled spread is separated and top card is dealt off as selection
Dexterity Manual 18
Justin Higham One-Handed IDF One handed variation on the Cross Cut Force where top packet is flipped face up
Dexterity Manual 19
Justin Higham One Handed Flip-Over Force
Inspired by
  • "T.K's Flip Over Force No. 1" (Tony Kardyro, Kardyro's Kard Konjuring, 1956)
Dexterity Manual 20
Justin Higham False Throw-Cut Force Using False Swing Cut as force after riffle stop, uses Fourth Method of Single False Cuts (Marlo's Magazine vol. 6)
Inspired byVariations Dexterity Manual 20
Justin Higham Illogical False Throw-Cut Force
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Face-Up Stripping Control" (Benjamin Earl, Gambit No. 1, 2009)
Dexterity Manual 20
Justin Higham Illogical Riffle Force Riffle Force done upside down, where the two packets are openly transposed
Dexterity Manual 21
Justin Higham, Roger Crosthwaite Third-Eye Force Spectator says stop while magician deals cards on table, bottom card of tabled packet is slid out
Dexterity Manual 22
Justin Higham Tilted Fake Removal Pretend to take card from center of deck, actually take bottom card
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 23
Justin Higham CO2 Lazy Man's Card to Pocket, but even lazier - no palming required
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 24
Justin Higham Cognitive Transposition Two cards transpose, and then the suits transpose
Dexterity Manual 25
Justin Higham Biddle Appearance Face up card appears to be thrown onto the table from thin air
Related to Dexterity Manual 27
Justin Higham Biddle-Appearance Sandwich Sandwich sequence using the Biddle Appearance
Related to Dexterity Manual 27
Justin Higham Biddle-Appearance Collectors Collectors routine with Biddle Appearance (reference to Apex Ace by Frank Garcia)
Related to Dexterity Manual 28
Justin Higham Chinatown Bluff Card/Copper/Silver routine with Chinatown presentation
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 29
Justin Higham Jungian Poker five poker hands dealt, spectator peeks at one card from a poker hand, all cards are collected and re-dealt, performer gets winning hand of straight flush consisting of peeked at card
Inspired byRelated to Dexterity Manual 31
Justin Higham Longitudinal Monte three Card Monte tabled routine, cards held longitudinally
Inspired by
  • "Marlo's Monte & Moves" (Edward Marlo, The Sorcerer's Eyes, Vol. 3, Issue 33-36, 1981)
Dexterity Manual 33
Justin Higham, Edward Marlo Longitudinal Monte Switch
Dexterity Manual 34
Justin Higham Mini-Faro, Pseudo Centres Pseudo centre routine - spectator get Kings, performer gets Aces, uses Mini Faro concept
Related to Dexterity Manual 36
Justin Higham Mini Faro Faroing Aces into deck in preparation for stacking later
Dexterity Manual 37
Justin Higham Spectator Cuts a Run of Seven Spectator cuts seven piles, top cards are Ace to Seven of Hearts (strong rummy hand)
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 38
Justin Higham Digital Poker deck placed in pocket, full house pulled out with each card clipped between the fingers
Related to Dexterity Manual 41
Justin Higham Digital Aces Ace Production with Digital Poker technique
Related to Dexterity Manual 43
Justin Higham No-Palm Digital Poker Alternative method for Digital Poker
Dexterity Manual 43
Justin Higham Subconscious Culling Poker deal demo, magician gets four Aces, presentation involves technique called "subconscious culling"
Inspired by
  • "Subconscious Poker" (Bob Fisher, The Sphinx)
Dexterity Manual 43
Justin Higham Riffle-Shuffle Sandwich Skill demo of shuffle tracking to sandwich selection
Inspired byRelated to Dexterity Manual 45
Justin Higham Spectator-Shuffled Sandwich Spectator apparently shuffles selection between sandwich cards
Related to Dexterity Manual 46
Justin Higham The Magician, The Fool, and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot cards spelled to get to predicted playing card
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 47
Justin Higham Reflections on Reflectors on shiners, edited from "Secrets of Improvisational Magic"
  • French Window
  • Table Knife & Teaspoon
  • Café Table
  • Sunglasses
  • Table Sign
  • Menu-Card Holder
  • Mobile Phone
  • Wine Glass
  • Coins & Keys
  • Impromptu Peek Deck
  • Smiley-Face Cards
  • Reflector Awareness
Gambit (Issue 2) 6
Justin Higham Impromptu Peek Deck for Hoyle Trump Cards
Inspired by Gambit (Issue 2) 7
Joseph Barry A Narrowed Thought card thought of and after small dealing procedure it is named, hands-off
Inspired by
  • "Mind Reader's Lucid Dream" (Justin Higham, Clairvoyant, Mental Topper and The Mind-Reader's Dream, 2011)
Reverie 22
Justin Higham Foreword
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method v
Justin Higham The 75% Production Locating / producing a four-of-a-kind via improvisation

  • Performance
  • End Notes
  • Culling in Advance
  • Non-Linear Culling
  • Shuffling After Culling
  • Recycling Knowledge
  • The Key to Improvisation
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 1
Justin Higham Other Approaches
  • Leaving the selection till last
  • Without a selection
  • Pseudo-Memory Presentation
  • 100% Production
  • 50% Production
  • Other 50% Productions
  • 50% Ambitious Production
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 6
Justin Higham The Previous Effect How to lead into The 75% Production

  • Basic Procedure
  • End Notes
  • Spread-Cutting
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 9
Justin Higham The Trick With No Method Different handlings / situations for improvised card magic
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 13
Justin Higham Freestyle Card Tricks More examples of improvisation in card magic
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 19
Justin Higham Mindreader's Lucid Dream Plus (semi-improvised effect) Find thought-of-card, and produce other three mates on top of three piles as surprise kicker
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 21
Justin Higham Reflected Do As I Do (semi-improvised effect) Standard effect
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 23
Justin Higham Mono Do As I Do Plus (semi-improvised effect) Standard effect
Inspired by
  • "Mono Do As I Do" (Justin Higham, Collected Card Notes, 1999)
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 24
Justin Higham Estimation Kicker (semi-improvised effect) Uses natural air pocket location
Related to The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 24
Justin Higham Improvisation Through Ignorance - The KOSBE System in Action
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 27
Justin Higham Bibliography of Improvisational Magic
The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method 29
Joseph Barry Justin Higham
Operandi (Issue 1) 10
Justin Higham Illogical Revolve-Cut Production
Related to
  • "Revolving Pass" (Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, 1929)
  • "Flip-Oer Force No. 1" (Tony Kardyro, Kardyro's Kard Konjuring)
Operandi (Issue 1) 11
Joseph Barry Swivelosis cards apparently upjogged from various places, stripped out and given to spectator, actually order retained
Inspired by
  • "Pseudo Swivel-Strip Shuffle" (Justin Higham)
Operandi (Issue 1) 26
Justin Higham Self-Working Turnover Pass
  • Tabled Handling
  • Swing-Cut Handling
  • Stand-up Handling
Operandi (Issue 2) 6
Justin Higham The Wrist Reversal Secretly get a selection to be placed reversed end for end in a one-way deck, hands off approach
The Secret of the Butterflies 34
Justin Higham Double Shared Prophecy two spectators name a card each and stab a Joker in the deck, it ends up between the two named cards
Inspired by
  • "Shared Prophecy" (Justin Higham, Prophecy Moves and Effects, 2012, p. 12)
Operandi (Issue 4) 34
Justin Higham Discrepant Dribble Force bold
Operandi (Issue 4) 36
Alexander Hansford About the Contributors mini bios and contact information for all eight contributors, Paavan Buddhdev, Rory Aadams, Alexander Hansford, Justin Higham, Andrew Frost, Kez Dearmer, Stephen Long, Derren Brown
The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 13
Alexander Hansford Justin Higham intro
The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 38
Justin Higham, Richard Vollmer, Christian Gambin Impressionistic Ace Controls four Aces cut into deck one by one, end up together on top
  • Method One (Vollmer & Marlo, tabled, two crimps)
  • Method Two (Higham, tabled, two crimps)
  • Method Three (Gambin, tabled, two crimps)
  • Method Four to Eleven (Higham, some tabled, some with hands & tabled, one, two or no crimps, some with overhand shuffles)
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Vernon's Aces Ride Again" (David Britland, Cardopolis Blog, April 2005)
The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 40
Justin Higham Illogical Four Ace Control Variant four Aces lost by assembling four tabled packets and the Aces, they end up on top, bluff
Inspired by
  • "Illogical Ace-Control" (Justin Higham, Non-Automatic Card Tricks, 2012)
The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 52
Justin Higham Rolling-Stock Production Flashy production of card originally on top of the deck
The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 183