Written by James Steranko
Work of James Steranko
102 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by James Steranko
Language: English
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James Steranko Introduction
James Steranko Chapter One - Fundamentals chapter intro
James Steranko The Simplex Turnover riffling up with right first finger until two remain
James Steranko Diagonal Jog Push Thru card ends in-jogged
Variations 6
James Steranko The One Hand Mexican Turnover
Variations 8
James Steranko Chapter Two - The Action Center Reverse chapter intro
James Steranko The Action Reverse bottom card(s) reversed during tabled riffle shuffle
Related to 10
James Steranko The Action Center Reverse bottom card(s) reversed to center during tabled riffle shuffle
Related toVariations 12
James Steranko Chapter Three - Positive Card Control chapter intro
James Steranko Cut Control breakless double cut
James Steranko The Peek glimpsing selection during double cut
James Steranko The Crimp bottom right corner with left fourth finger
James Steranko The Riffle Bridge bottom third bridged, for placement of card in center at brigde
James Steranko Chapter Four - The Lateral Palm chapter intro, "Certainly, I do not contend to have invented this method of holding a card."
James Steranko Top Palm with Lateral Palm details
James Steranko Bottom Palm
VariationsAlso published here 20
James Steranko Replacements to top or bottom
James Steranko Steranko's Shadow Steal
  • card into right hand Lateral Palm as top half is replaced
  • as direct control to top
  • as color change from center to top
Related toVariations 22
James Steranko Reverses follow-up to Shadow Steal
James Steranko The Twist Bottom Reverse follow-up to Shadow Steal, card directly pivoted around right edge to bottom
James Steranko Center Jog Palm insertion steal into right hand lateral palm
James Steranko Diagonal Jog Shift Palm to right hand lateral palm from injog
Related to 26
James Steranko Side Steal Lateral Palm to right hand lateral palm from break
Variations 27
James Steranko Steranko's Center Steal Change card from injog position into right hand clip between right second and third finger and on top of deck
Inspired byRelated to 28
James Steranko The Push Off Spread holding out a lateral palmed card during in-the-hands spread
James Steranko Spread Replacement placing lateral palmed card at wanted position during in-the-hands spread
James Steranko Packet Replacement Variation addition to packet, or card-at-a-number
James Steranko, Jerry Andrus Riffling the Deck two-handed riffling while holding out lateral palmed card
James Steranko Lateral Turnover Change lateral palmed card added to tabled single card and double turned over
James Steranko Lateral Afterthoughts
  • crimping
  • transfer to Tenkai or Rear Palm
  • different anchor fingers
James Steranko Steranko's Multiple Shift Chapter Five
hindu shuffle from injog position
James Steranko Multiple Insertion flourishy way to insert four cards at different positions
James Steranko False Hindu Shuffle stripping cards from bottom
Related to 37
James Steranko Chapter Six - Card Miscellanea chapter intro
James Steranko Diagonal Jog Drop Out Vanish card pivoted out and lapped
Related to 40
James Steranko Concealed Card Addition
James Steranko The Pinky Count
James Steranko Bottom Reverse bottom card
Related toVariations 42
James Steranko Multiple Card Switch Mexican Turnover with block of cards, switching all of them
Inspired by 43
James Steranko Two Methods for In Jogging a Card
  • The Thumb Jog (as top half is replaced)
  • The Push Thru (card hit through loosely held deck)
Related to 43
James Steranko Flip Over Count
James Steranko The Duplex Cull openly removing two sets of cards, flourish
James Steranko Bottom Stock Safety block slip shuffle
James Steranko Chapter Seven - Cues on Cards "a few little touches that will aid in gaining a finer card technique"
  • Cue on Cards (what cards to use?)
  • On Routines
  • On Confidence
  • On Skill
  • Capsule Cues
James Steranko Setting up During Performance through routining
James Steranko No-Touch Key Placement spectator selects and replaces card while performer has his back turned
James Steranko Chapter Eight - Quick Trix
James Steranko A Flashy Opener deck appears spread on table between the hands
James Steranko A Question of Time same as "The Question Is..."
Related to 52
James Steranko The Jumping Card card jumps from table back to deck
James Steranko Chapter Nine - Trio chapter intro
James Steranko Suspension of Thought "Brainwave with an Ordinary Deck", named card is reversed in deck
James Steranko Voodoo Card "An Experiment into the Unknown"
card named and removed and turned over, mate turns over in deck, they transpose, Triumph phase
Variations 58
Fred Roner Roner Change as card is thumbed off deck
Also published here 61
James Steranko Turnover of bottom half as top half is cut off
James Steranko Sudden Thought faced deck method
James Steranko Action Half Pass as top half is replaced
James Steranko Aces in Abstraction Chapter Ten, A Lesson in Extraordinary Card Technique
  • Part One: Aces and Kings removed, Kings shuffled back, Aces placed in deck reversed, when deck is spread the Kings are face up and Aces have vanished
  • Part Two: Kings placed in row, deck placed on each and they change to Aces
Alignment Move
James Steranko Card Eclipse Chapter Eleven, The Ultimate in Color Change Routines
three routined changes on top of deck, then card vanishes from hand and reappears in deck
Jerry Andrus Lapping Vanish of single card
Also published here
  • from 1957 lecture of Jerry Andrus
James Steranko Dead Man's Hand Finale Chapter Twelve, "A Lesson in Card Artistry"
spectator choses card, they turn out to be Dead Man's Hand (pair of Eights and Aces), third Ace appears between them
James Steranko Pick-Up Turnover end-for-end as pack is picked up from table, approved by Dai Vernon
James Steranko Five as Four Spread
James Steranko Saliva Vanish reversed card vanishes
James Steranko Fantasy Card Routine Chapter Thirteen
  • Oneway Faces (not pointer cards, but uneven printing)
  • The Division (spectator cuts to a card behind the performer's back and replaces)
  • The Afterthought (selection from in-the-hands spread)
  • The Bisection (two selections by cutting of small packets and remembering bottom cards)
  • The Retention (fake memory demonstration, move-a-card)
  • The Abstraction (one of three cards thought of, OOSOOM)
  • Fantasy Notes
James Steranko The Turnabout Square turning orientation of bottom half
Related to 96
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