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S. W. Erdnase Ordinary Methods of Stocking, Locating and Securing different methods while toying with the deck
Related toVariations 1902 60
S. W. Erdnase Skinning the Hand to rearrange a heavy poker hand
Related to 1902 106
Louis Nikola A Subtle Game Cards in four spectator's hands are slowly eliminated until only their selection remans in their hands
Related toAlso published here 1927 44
Louis Nikola A Subtle Game arranging memorized deck stack in front of spectators
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1937 402
The Double Deal for small stacks on top on the deck
1940 28
Arranging the Set-Up Pack how to quickly stack a deck "at home"
1940 195
Set-up in front of Audience
1940 39
Edward Marlo Setting Up in Front of Spectator strategy
1942 7
John Mulholland Arranging Deck Openly applications
  • Setting a one-way deck to all face the same way
  • General setup of the deck for a trick, see p. 22
1944 21
Eddie Joseph The Forerunner slop shuffle triumph to set a key card a certain position for later
1951 4
P. Howard Lyons Slipduc six-card spread held with both hands, hand separate with half the cards each, center two cards are switched secretly, 3&3 oil and water application
Variations Mar. 1957
Ibidem (Issue 9)
Edward Marlo Rearranging Aces to Five Order using block transfer shuffles
1959 119
Edward Marlo Small Packet Displacement
Also published here Oct. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 18)
James Steranko Setting up During Performance through routining
1960 48
Edward Marlo Marlo's Order Cull culling four cards in order
1962 38
Edward Marlo Five Card Order Cull culling five cards in order
1962 40
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction – Variation 6 to rearrange order of packet, Elevator trick as example, Ace-Two-Three rise from middle of deck to top individually
Related to 1970 10
Karl Fulves The Running Cull sorting deck in thirteen quartets, several run throughs
Related to 1971 35
Karl Fulves The Running Cull idea in which spectator rearranges order of cards for performer
Related to 1971 7
Edward Marlo Sixth Objective using in-jog and out-jog cull to set-up cards for poker demonstration
Related to 1973 14
Edward Marlo Seventh Objective using in-jog and out-jog cull to set-up cards for poker demonstration
1973 15
Lin Searles Quik Cull with sixteen-card packet
Related to Autumn 1973
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 8th Folio)
Gene Finnell Base 4 System "Card Sorting and Set Ups"
sorting shuffled deck into new deck order, four possible positions during run-through
  • New Deck Order ("New Deck Order in 3 Sorts")
  • Numerical Order Stack
  • Random Number - Ordered Suit
  • Numerical Order - Random Suit
  • Si Stebbins
1973 20
Edward Marlo Small Packet Displacement
Also published here 1974 215
Cushing Strout Speaking of Spells setting up for the referenced spelling tricks with location routine
Inspired by Dec. 1974 829
Jerry K. Hartman Cull-de-Stack four Aces (or other good hand) are stacked under guise of spreading through deck and up-jogging some cards
Related to 1974 45
Father Cyprian Right-Left Reverse Spread "light reft" spread pass with four-card-packet as displacement
1979 78
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Sequence to get twenty-card packet from red-red-black-black-red-red... to separated, added to later printing than 1989 (no year given)
1989 9
William Larsen, T. Page Wright An L. W. Mindreading Routine three-part routine, third part set up during first part
  • peeked card divined
  • Erdnase's "A Mind-Reading Trick"
  • repeat with different method
Related to 1991 289
Edward Marlo Routined From Scratch two cards appear between sandwich cards one by one on top of deck, then the packet general card plot (three cards change to other four-of-a-kinds multiple times when one card is exchanged), followed by poker deal, set-up during first effect
Inspired by Apr. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 10)
David Carré Total Cull shuffled deck, routine after which the deck is sorted into fours-of-a-kind or new deck order
  • Phase One: The Nine/Ten Trick
  • Phase Two: The First Ace Trick
  • Phase Three: Four Aces Lost and Found
  • Phase Four: Four Quick Ace Discoveries
  • Phase Five: The Cour Cards
  • Phase Six: The Separation
  • Phase Seven: The Complete Assembly
  • Phase Eight: The Lull before the Storm
  • Phase Nine: The Grand Finale
  • Variation: Another Sort
1994 135
P. Howard Lyons Slipduc
Labyrinth (Issue 2)
Juan Tamariz Restoring part of Stack at end of Topsy Turvy
Related to 1995 215
Louis Gombert Le chapelet numéroté (suite)
  • "Classement" (method to stack deck in the hands)
1995 20
Claude Rix, Maurice Gauthron Les rouges et les noires - 2ème version card to pocket with shuffled deck, then performer separates red and black cards
1995 107
P. Howard Lyons Slipduc with four cards
Labyrinth (Issue 5)
Guy Hollingworth Arranging a Suit in Order Secretly
1999 210
Richard Osterlind Secretly Building a Set-up in front of the audience
1999 42
Karl Fulves Clandestine Cull cards removed from deck, tabled pile ends up red-black-alternating, rest in hand red-black separated
Variations 2000
Off The Books (Issue 1)
Juan Tamariz Set-Up in front of Spectators setting up a small group of cards in routine
Related to 2002 37
Lewis Jones Move over again, Moe with drop stack type arranging of color pattern
Inspired by
  • "Move over, Moe" (Lewis Jones, Imp Romp 2)
2002 141
Roberto Giobbi Versatile Jokers
  • Adding or Subtracting Special Cards
  • Starting with Jokers and Special Cards in the Card Case
  • Gimmicked Jokers
  • Jokers and Simple Setups
2003 1099
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz Step-by-step Revelation selection found, used to build a setup for next trick
2003 1124
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz Secret Setup strategy for setting up small setups in front of an audience, with trick examples
Related to 2003 1125
Roberto Giobbi Effect Using a Partial Deck strategy for building small setups in front of an audience
2003 1127
Juan Tamariz Memory Jumble stacking half of the deck to memorized deck during a trick, location of single card
2004 195
Juan Tamariz Setting Up the Stack in Front of the Audience
  • A. Setup form a New-Deck Order (and bringing the deck openly to new-deck order)
    • With Faro Shuffles
    • With Antifaros
    • Justifying the Open Setting Up of Ace-to-King Order
  • B. From a Random Order
    • I. In One Stage
      • a. The Galasso-Cardoso Method
      • b. The Nikola Card System
      • c. Between the Fingers
      • d. Stacking a Borrowed Deck
    • II. In Two Stages (Half and Half)
      • a. Memory Jumble
      • b. Biddle Style
      • c. Two-Pile Divination
      • d. Divining One Card Out of Thirteen
      • e. Using the Methods for Stacking the Whole Deck
    • III. In three Stages (A Half, a Quarter and a Quarter)
      • a. The Clock
      • b. The Imaginary Trick
      • c. Directly Behind Your Back
      • d. Using a Strip-Out
      • e. Using the Methods for Stacking Half the Deck
2004 285
Juan Tamariz Shifting the Position of a Card
  • First Objective: To Move a Card to a Different Position Without Altering the Rest of the Stack
    • A. With the Tamariz Perpenticular Control (TPC)
    • B. With a Slip Cut
    • C. With a Double Break and a Double Cut
    • D. With the Hofzinser Spread Cull
    • E. With Dai Vernon's Triumph Shuffle
    • F. With the Zarrow Shuffle
    • G. With the Side Steal
  • Second Objective: Pretending a Selected Card is Returned to the Position it Came From
    • Multiple Divination
  • Third Objective: To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards Without Altering the Rest of the Deck
    • A. With Multiple Cuts
    • B. With a Overhand Shuffle (Ariston)
  • Fourth Objective: To Gather Several Cards That are Scattered Throughout the Deck While Keeping Control Over the Order Which Enables You to Reassemble the Stack
    • A. Marlo's Lessinout Shuffle
    • B. Hofzinser's Spread Cull
    • C. Tamariz Perpendicular Control
    • D. Lennart Green's angle separation & Harry Loarayne's great divide
2004 333
John Guastaferro Either Or location routine that allows to build a small set-up for later use
Related to 2010 6
Roberto Giobbi Postcard Cue Card strategy to openly do a small set-up
Secret Agenda (Issue July 16)
P. Howard Lyons Slipduc switching center to cards when hands separate
Oct. 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 10)
Fogel's Stacked Deck Idea same as Nikola's Subtle Game, arranging memorized deck stack in front of spectators
Related to 2010 111
Roberto Giobbi Culling Short Stacks while locating a card in previous effect
2010 122
Patrick Page Calling the Cards all cards are named without repetition, to stack the deck
Related to 2011 93
Dani DaOrtiz Jugando con Palos (y con percepción) two principles, secretly removing only cards from one suit, and showing a packet which is in numerical order to look shuffled
  • 1. Separación a la vista y secretamente, de un palo de la baraja
  • 2. Enseñada de un palo mezclado (realmente ordenado)
El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 15)
Patrick G. Redford Tetrad Switch Open way of rearranging the order of four cards
2013 26
Harry Lorayne Impromptu Alternating Deck strategy of using only half the deck and upjogging necessary arrangement
Related to 2015 95
Dani DaOrtiz Orderly Chaos
  • DaOrtiz a la Carte!
deck shuffled, card chosen and lost, performer takes out a few cards and eliminates all except selection, a pile chosen by spectator earlier consists of all other cards of same suit in order
Inspired by
  • handling on first Fat Brothers DVD
Feb. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 2)
Bob Farmer A Simple Demonstration sorting through dealing, concept explained with six cards and three piles
2017 5
Bob Farmer The Trinary Number System "Don't be afraid of the math - it is your friend."
2017 40
Bob Farmer Coding
  • How to Determine the Coding
  • The Trinary Deal
Related to 2017 41
Bob Farmer Maximizing Coding
  • Maximizing the Trinary Deal
2017 46
Bob Farmer The Inverted Maximized Shuffle
  • The Trinary Shuffle (building three separate piles in an in-the-hands mix)
  • Maximizing the Trinary Shuffle
2017 50
Bob Farmer Ternary Coding for Mnemonica, the Aronson Stack & Si Stebbins
2017 58
Bob Farmer Notes on Stacks and Sorting
2017 63
Bob Farmer Pentadiction using quinary system instead of ternary
Inspired by 2017 1
Bob Farmer Stacked Deck Coding quinary system
2017 6
Bob Farmer Octadiction octal system, dealing in eight piles
Variations 2017 1
Bob Farmer Casinodiction spectator shuffles twenty cards from four different decks and deals them out according to their back designs, ends up with good poker hands
Inspired byVariations 2017 1
Bob Farmer Messcalero Redux deck shuffled, dealt into eight piles randomly, Triumph done, new deck order finale, octal sorting
2017 1
Bob Farmer Messcal deck shuffled, dealt into eight piles randomly, Triumph, new deck order finale, octal sorting
Variations 2017 4
Bob Farmer Ouija Board for Base 8 Sorting
2017 8
Bob Farmer Pentagram for Base 5 Sorting
2017 8
Hans-Christian Solka Reverse Stacking changing the deal to end up in the reverse stack for ternary deals
Related to 2017 5
Hans-Christian Solka Reverse Stacking Redux hanging the deal to end up in the reverse stack for any base deals
Related to 2017 4
Bob Farmer Advisory note on the tables on p. 45
Related to 2017 4
Bob Farmer Tarodiction Tantalizer shuffled deck ends up in new deck order after some face-down dealing during a card location
Related to 2017 1
Harry Lorayne Impromptu Setup excuse to go through deck and set up some cards
2017 219
Harry Lorayne Impromptu Divided Deck strategy of upjogging necessary arrangement
Related to 2017 245
Patrick G. Redford Cast deck is shuffled and divided, performer knows which cards are where and all are named, arranging stack in front of spectators
  • Verity
  • Openly Stacking the Deck
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • With Three Participants and Three Packets
  • Theatrically Useful (But NOT Impromptu) Method
  • Final Thoughts
Inspired by 2017 74
Jean Hugard, Patrick G. Redford A Subtler Game arranging memorized deck stack in front of spectators
  • Forcing Four Cards and Distributing Four Piles of Cards
  • Calling Cards by Way of Elimination
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
Inspired by 2017 78
Áriston El Ojo de Ariston layout to bring shuffled deck to Mnemonica, in context of routine
2017 13
Áriston Mazo Mezclado a Cualquier Orden Mnemonico divination of three thought of cards, shuffled deck put in Mnemonica, dealing cards in piles of seven cards
2017 17
Áriston Clasificaciones finding a thought of card, deck to NDO and poker demonstration, shuffled deck is put in order in process
  • La Carta Pensada Entre Los Reyes O Los Comodines
  • Toda La Baraja Ordenada Por Palo Y Numero
  • La Jugada De Poker Soñada
2017 179
Juan Tamariz, Jason Ladanye Openly Arranging Cards as demonstration what spectator should do with his packet, "it should only take about twenty seconds to rearrange these cards (...) No one will care what you're doing"
Related to 2018 295
Harry Lorayne Set-Up during Location building a small set-up while locating a card
2018 231
Displacement with packets bottom cards of right hand’s packet are loaded beneath left hand’s packet as they are placed on top, also see p. 71
2018 65
Card displacement red Aces apparently set onto black Aces, one red Ace is loaded between black
2018 207
Asi Wind Stay Stack Set-up Trick setting up a stay stack during a location
Inspired by
  • "Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid" (Juan Tamariz, Magic from my Heart, DVD 1)
2019 12
Maxwell Pritchard Farmonica shuffled deck dealt twice into seven piles, ends up in memorized deck order (or any other), also just for practicing a stack
  • Overview
  • How Does It Work?
  • Training Programme
  • Handling Considerations
  • Performance Options
Inspired by 2019 3
Helder Guimarães Undoing Spectator's Shuffle overhand and riffle combination, with motivation
Related to 2019 436
Harry Lorayne Setting Cards "Impromptuly" while looking for a chosen card
2020 20
Dai Vernon On Tricks in Which no Cards are Remembered from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 88
Juan Tamariz Set-Up Strategy while locating a chosen card
2022 30
Juan Tamariz Impromptu Set-Up sorting a deck in power stack openly by removing cards from the spread during a location effect, with "red-black separation" together with spectators as a challenge game
2022 36
Juan Tamariz Impromptu Version setting up during a location trick
Inspired by 2022 37
Juan Tamariz Setting the secret stack setting strategy for stay/power stack
Related to
  • "Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid" (Juan Tamariz, Magic from my Heart, DVD 1)
2023 6
John Hostler 2x4 Cull strategy to culling up to eight cards (two quartets) with "removing some target cards" preliminary premise, negative cull
2023 59