19 entries in Ouija Board
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Al Koran, Tony Corinda (28) The Ouija Board
1959 299
Dick Johnson Ouija - Ouija idea for contact reading climax
1961 29
Marvyn Roy One-Man Seance glass moves, ABC cards, candle blows out and table moves
Magick (Issue 9)
Richard Lyn Mind Mirror name secretly written on paper sealed in envelope appears on paper
Magick (Issue 97)
George B. Anderson The Pendulum and the Ouija Board book test, word is divined with pendulum and ouija board
1980 11
Katlyn Breene Ouija written name is divined with a ouija board
Magick (Issue 252)
Leo Kostka Shadow Seance impromptu Ouija board, shadow appears on wall using a candle
Jan. 1983
Magick (Issue 314)
Terri Rogers The Spirit Moves divination with Ouija Board and dry erase writing on it
Also published here 1988 34
Terri Rogers Der Bewegliche Geist divination with Ouija Board and dry erase writing on it
Also published here July 1989
Intermagic (Vol. 14 No. 4 & 5)
Rudy T. Hunter Gimlet number is revealed using a Ouija board
Sep. 1990
Magick (Issue 445)
Jim Magus Arcana: Moving Pictures rising of photograph, ouija board
Nov. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 5)
Karl Fulves Ouija Jr. 3x4 letters, word chosen by moving according to instructions, it's "ring" and the phone rings
2001 47
David Berglas The Glass Contains Spirits thought of names revealed by the use of a Ouija Board
2002 349
Docc Hilford Ou1 Jan "Oui Jan", number up to ten is revealed using ouija board, clock trick procedure
2006 34
Bruce Bernstein One Man Séance private séance, ouijaboard and ghost apparently knocks candle and vase over
Also published here
  • Bruce Bernstein's "One Man Séance" in "New Invocation" N° 36, 1986.
2012 183
Michael Weber, Andy (The Jerx) Pale Horse and Rider Using Ouija Board to do progressive anagram routines - different handlings and touches
2016 255
Bob Farmer Ouija Board for Base 8 Sorting
2017 8
Eugene Burger Ouija seance routine with ouija board and assistant in ghoul/monster costume
2019 149
Doug Slater Lunchtime Séance card prediction appears on miniature ouija board
Also published here
  • MAGIC, June 2007
2022 624