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Thought Card to Pocket several duplicates
Related to 1935 16
Charles T. Jordan Incomprehendo stacked, one-way backs
1937 165
Charles T. Jordan The Fifteenth Card values of two selections are added and counted down, card predicted, half deck stack
1937 205
Another Impossibility one of ten, "is your card one of these?"
1937 218
A Simple Location thirteen cards of one suit together
1937 227
Williams' Card Trick card through handkerchief with fair selection and duplicate from index
1937 230
Six Piles twelve card set-up
1937 236
Mephisto's Message stack that will force the number twelve
1937 236
William Larsen Count Down Detection partial stack and fishing
1937 242
Robert Parrish Telephone Telepathy Again cards used for word selection, word can be predicted
1937 11
Theodore Annemann Found Out two keys and bank of one suit
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1938)
Robert Parrish Name Your Favorite any card named, after riffle shuffle spectator goes through cards and performer stops him at named card
1939 30
Oscar Weigle Remote Reverso two decks, performer and spectator count down and stop and remember card, spectator's card reverses in performer's deck and vice versa
1939 31
Prearranged Pack strategies using a twenty-six-card stack
1940 194
Les Vincent Countdown Force any number up to ten, set-up with Eights and Nines
The Jinx (Issue 108)
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Mystic Cut card cut to by spectator is used to count down to selection
1941 27
Walter B. Gibson Mickey Finn
Apr. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 34)
Clyde Cairy Sympathy
Variations Sep. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 43)
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Build Up six hands, two rounds, as Rusduck
Related toVariations May 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 61)
Jean Hugard Solomon's Seal six cards stack, presentation with a drawn star, cards are laid on the corners of the star and spectator thinks stop
Apr. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 82)
Bert Allerton Name Your Number one of six cards chosen, its number used to count to selection
Related to Aug. 1945 139
Warren Wiersbe, Martin Gardner Think-A-Card - Wiersbe Version
1946 18
Russell "Rusduck" Duck 32 selection process with square layout
Variations July 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 109)
Ronald B. Edwards Remainder? card is selected and the value used to calculate a result which is predicted
Jan. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 118)
Herb Runge Duo
Inspired by Mar. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 122)
George G. Kaplan To bring a Prearranged Packet above a Chosen Card by Means of the Corner-Short
1948 18
George G. Kaplan Obtaining a Desired Packet Instantly by Means of the Corner-Short
1948 19
Gus C. Boerner New Memory Stunt
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950)
Martin Gardner, Bill Simon Similar Twins cards are shuffled face down into face up, spectator removes two face up cards and performer two face down card, same value
Variations Nov. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 241)
Toni Koynini A.B.C. Dealer four bridge hands dealt, top card of one pile is a Ten, first spectator counts down to tenth card, remembers it, tells his value to next one and so on for three selections, cards forced and dealt into performer's hand
1951 10
Toni Koynini Evens spectator removes two even cards, subtracts them, takes that many cards, remembers new top card and shuffles deck, performer divines even cards, pocketed number and selection, clocking with even cards for two removed cards
1951 24
Bill Simon Coincidence repeated mate coincidence, two halves, dealing cards simultaneously
Inspired byRelated to 1952 29
Bill Simon Card Affinity someone names a suit and another spectator names a value, mostly two knives, one finds correct value and the other the suit
Related to 1952 51
George Pearce The Lie Detector
1955 28
Ronald B. Edwards An Oddity mathematical oddity
May 1957
The Cardiste (Issue 2)
Charles Hudson Sorcerer's Seven performer talks about the number seven, spectator puts a card in the deck, cards next to it equals seven, variation where all four cards are stabbed into the deck (Rusduck), see credits in No. 8
Related toVariations June 1957
The Cardiste (Issue 3)
Dai Vernon Vernonesque two cards are found
July 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 10)
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method IV two cards counted to are predicted, alternating set-up
1959 8
Malcolm Davison You can tell Fortunes reading card trick, with kings kicker
1960 51
Martin Gardner Stock Holdout spectator shuffles deck in parts, but partial stack is retained, for credit information see reference
Related to Mar. 1968
Epilogue (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Techniques commentary on Reflected Set-Ups, Interlocking Stacks, ... in combination with riffle shuffle
Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Gray Codes)
Edward Marlo Try this Trio - Second of the Trio using stack and naming the stopped-at card
Related to 1970 92
Edward Marlo Try this Trio - Third of the Trio fishing amongst a restricted range
Related to 1970 93
Edward Marlo Faro's Simple Dream counting procedure after thought of card, thirteen-card set-up, simplified "Faro's Dream" (Linking Ring)
1971 38
Edward Marlo The Predetermined Hour clock trick, selection divined, hour predicted as card value, including four impromptu versions
VariationsAlso published here Jan. 1971
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Sam Leo Horowitz 8's & 9's
Also published here Dec. 1971 471
Edward Marlo The Predetermined Hour clock trick, selection divined, hour predicted as card value, including four impromptu versions
Also published here 1971 12
Sid Lorraine Out of Sight... Out of Mind! revelation of multiple cards, phone number as memory aid
Magick (Issue 15)
Frederick M. Shields Mind Warp mini stack, probability divination
Magick (Issue 15)
Dr. Jacob Daley Winning Aces dealing winning pair of Aces for two to seven players, small stack
1972 104
Karl Fulves He Lied two cards
1973 2
Paul Curry Don't Lie To Me two spectators get half the pack and either lie or say the truth about each card, magician spots all the lies
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1974 47
Roy Walton Future Shock card predicted by cards with same suit and value, with impromptu version
Also published here Jan. 1975 835
Jack Avis Focal Point II one of ten, OOSOOM
Inspired by July 1975 977
Trevor Lewis A Mixed Bag various card and coin idaes
  • partial stack and zarrow shuffle
  • double Riffle Control
  • Middle Deal (false)
  • Palm Conscious (gag)
  • Transpo Plus (coin transposition)
  • Ladies In Waiting (four queens reverse in the deck)
Jan. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 5)
Nick Trost Card in Pocket Coincidence Card placed previously in pocket is the mate of spectator's free selection
Also published here 1976 6
Nick Trost Coincidence of Two Numbers and a Prediction
1976 14
Philip T. Goldstein Russian Roulette one of six cards is marked on the face and shuffled among other cards, performer turns over the other five cards and divines selection, russian roulette presentation
Magick (Issue 168)
Paul Curry Out Of Sight eight kings, cards of a suit end up in order after a sequence of shuffling and switching, mind reading presentation
1977 7
Charles T. Jordan, Paul Curry Interlocking Chain Principle with a ruse to make the shuffle more convincing
1977 9
Paul Curry Out Of Mind
Inspired by 1977 58
Enrique Partida Bush PSI-Vibes Plus X stacked suit
Magick (Issue 183)
Don Alan Blackjacked brief, suggested as combination
1978 46
Der Zuschauer hebt ab card is located by cutting to a card and the value of it is counted down into the deck
1978 81
Karl Fulves St. Regis Sleight II half stack used to key position of selection made from incomplete riffle shuffled deck
1979 2
Roy Walton Count Me In
  • "Two Tricks"
between sandwich cards appear as many cards as the value of the selection, numerical set-up
The Chronicles (Issue 15)
Roy Walton The Ten To One Trick
  • "Two Tricks"
one card between two Aces, ten cards between two Tens, cut into deck, number of cards corresponding to selection travels from Ten to Ace sandwich, numeric set-up, see also p. 1237 for credit information
The Chronicles (Issue 15)
Stephen Minch Either/Or two cards from ESP deck, spectators think of a number and count to card
Also published here 1980 20
Stephen Minch A Cut Above prediction of freely cut to ESP card, Svengali type arrangement
1980 39
Stephen Minch Rapid-Fire spectator cuts to an ESP card, after shuffling the deck performer removes all five duplicates
1980 42
Stephen Minch The Sure-Fire Shuffle Challenge number is named, performer predicts an ESP card, then spectator shuffles deck and prediction is correct
Related to 1980 53
Bob Hummer Stop - Thief!!! cards with license numbers on them, deck of playing cards used to divine the number
1980 37
Roger Crosthwaite Thanks to Kaps two decks, one card is signed on the back by the performer without showing the face, from the other deck a spectator thinks of a card, they match
Inspired by 1981 41
Eric Mason, Barrie Richardson Impossible Card Divination
1982 40
Karl Fulves, Roy Walton The Unmatch Game No. 67, piles made, suit pairs build and remaining cards predicted
1984 99
Thought Card Detection (1938)
1985 19
Ron Wilson Memphis Marvel cards are shuffled face up into face down, spectator selects three cards and puts them in pocket, he selects one and performer divines the card, next card is predicted
Also published here
  • "Genii" July, 1969.
1987 31
Stephen Minch Either/Or two cards from ESP deck, spectators think of a number and count to card
Also published here 1987 15
Stephen Minch The Smaven Synthesis spectator moves hand over tabled spread of face-down ESP cards and stops where he like, card predicted, 1-0-1 stack
1987 16
Gary Plants Decoy
Inspired by
  • Stewart Judah's "Decoy Dice"
1989 553
Chris Kenner Two Card Location two card location
Feb. 1989
The Minotaur (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Bob King Direct Thought spectator thinks of any number card in cut-off pile and removes as many cards, without faro
Related toVariations 1990 16
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley Weight While I Find It five methods, ungaffed, locator card, sticky card
Inspired by July 1991 9
Karl Fulves Dime a Dozen
1991 54
Ernest Earick Lustig for Life named value is cut to, selection at that number
Variations 1993 165
Philip T. Goldstein Drawl winning cards in selected hand, spectator can cut to position for dealing last round of cards
Sep. 1993
The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Scott Robinson The Portable Ladder cards spread on table, named number is counted to and card turned over, value of card helps find selection, force or prediction
1993 39
Steve Beam Lucky 13 spectator cuts to two indicator cards, which total the position of the selection
Related to 1993 121
Steve Beam The Lost Key
Inspired by
  • Charles Jordan's "The Infallible Detection" in "Collected Tricks" and Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks"
1993 125
Sam Schwartz Innermost Thought same trick, using thirteen specific cards to optimize multiple outs, also as phone effect
Inspired by 1993
Rigmarole (Issue 2)
Mel Bennett Blackjack four named years are added, total used to deal four piles, when turned over the bottom cards are two blackjacks
Related to 1993
Rigmarole (Issue 5)
Karl Fulves Me Thinks one of thirteen cards thought of, dealing procedure according to thought-of card (color, value, suit), selection narrowed down by having one key card
Inspired by 1993
Verbatim (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves You-Me Poker two poker hands, one card moved to spectator's hand, spectator thinks of one of his cards, dealing procedure according to thought-of card (color, value, suit), selection narrowed down by having one key card
Inspired by 1993
Verbatim (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves Group of Seven "Contemplation" plot streamlined with seven cards
Verbatim (Issue 2)
Philip T. Goldstein Half in Twice full-deck version
Inspired by 1994 18
Grace Ann Morgan The Perfect Stopper spectator deals card on table and can stop anywhere, performer knows / names card
Variations 1994 940
Grace Ann Morgan The Half Stack Principle
1994 940
Karl Fulves Shadow Play spectator remembers card at small number, two decks used to count down after some procedure, selection in both decks at same position
Rigmarole (Issue 6)
Larry Jennings Coincido No. 22, card remembered at total of cut-off packet, values used to find selection
Also published here 1995 40
Nick Trost Card in Pocket Coincidence Prediction card placed in pocket, spectator selects card by counting down to named number, card in pocket shown to be mates
Also published here 1997 40
Nick Trost Psychic Poker similar to previous "Calling the Hands"
1997 117
Marty Kane Part Three - Using 6 Target Cards
  • The Spell of Royalty
  • Variation #1
  • Variation #2
  • Pellmell Spell
  • Variation #1
  • Variation #2
  • Variation #3
  • Spelling and Think-King
  • Variation #1
  • Variation #2
  • Parallel Spell
  • Variation
  • Clientele Under Your Spell
  • Variation
  • Monthly Spells
  • Variation
  • Blanking Out Spells
  • Variation for Two Spectators
  • Variation for Three Spectators
Related to 1997 1325
Doug Edwards Know-It-All Cards Insert mystery card into face up spread, can always use the two cards adjacent to it to divine the mystery card's identity
1997 173
Karl Fulves Would I Lie To You? three piles, performer selects card from center pile and makes statements, spectator take cards from lie or truth pile, values added, selection arrived at
Related to 1998
Underworld (Issue 9)
Mel Bennett Y2K Blackjack four years added, four piles dealt according to sum, they make out two blackjack hands
Related to 1998 277
Steve Mayhew The Routine stack for two hands, both are good but performer wins, spectator can riffle shuffle
Variations 1999 9
Doug Conn Brute Peace two decks, spectator names color and from one deck a card of this color is produced, repeated with suit and value, the resulting card is reversed in second deck
1999 162
Sam Leo Horowitz, Roberto Giobbi, Martin Gardner The Stop Trick
Related to 2000 910
Paul Curry Don't Lie to Me two spectators get half the pack and either lie or say the truth about each card, magician spots all the lies
VariationsAlso published here 2001 83
Paul Curry Another Stop! spectator stops while riffling, performer knows card, short card and set-up
Related to 2001 200
Paul Curry Out of Mind
Inspired by 2001 250
Charles T. Jordan, Paul Curry Interlocking Chain Principle with a ruse to make the shuffle more convincing
2001 253
Karl Fulves The Phantom Die No. 32, card value and suit chosen by rolling invisible die and counting in six-card row, card predicted in case
2001 47
Mel Bennett, Stewart James The Blackjack Player No. 75, four years added and piles dealt according to sum, two blackjack hands on top
Related to 2001 114
Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer Scrambled Stud No. 27, spectator remembers card and its position in ten-card packet, two hands dealt but selection and its mate face-down
2001 56
David Malek Mission Possible one suit in order as set-up, chain
2001 13
Harry Lorayne Royal HaLo four Ace cutting, count-down with indicator with final Ace, Royal Flush kicker
Inspired by 2001 57
Harry Lorayne Location Divide one suit every fourth card, one card moved and located
2001 587
Harry Lorayne Beyond Belief several anti-faros with about half the deck, Royal Flush and Twos produced
Inspired byVariations 2001 621
Philip T. Goldstein Chipper card at number, four poker chips with numbers, two decks
Variations 2002 2
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz Secret Setup strategy for setting up small setups in front of an audience, with trick examples
Related to 2003 1125
Karl Fulves Noah Count pectator riffle shuffles deck, deals a pile and moves two cards from rest into pile which is shuffled and handed to performer who divines both cards
2004 32
Karl Fulves Kid Koin after riffle shuffle top card is pocketed, coin turned over according to color of next four cards, then performer looks again and names card
2004 48
Karl Fulves Able To Match "automated version of 'Business Card Prophecy'", after riffle shuffle fifteen cards are removed, a card stabbed and cards on either side divined and those are the only ones with mates in packet
Related to 2004 50
Karl Fulves Sum Card Prophet spectator choses card face-up and stabs it into face-down deck, cards on either side add up to chosen value
Related to 2004 54
Wesley James The Sigma Principle force in which spectator cuts off pile, counts it and counts down that many cards in rest
2004 101
Martin Gardner Stock Holdout spectator shuffles deck in parts, but partial stack is retained, see credit correction in Issue 11, p. 1
Oct. 2005
The Penumbra (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves From Concentrate clocking only one color or other property
2005 26
Peter Duffie, Robert E. Neale Cal-Q-Lator twelve card set-up
Related to 2007 297
Jason Alford A Cunning Odyssey Pseudo memory demonstration, match number of cards cut off by spectator, then able to find mates / four of a kind, Penelope
Inspired byVariations 2007 31
Jamie Badman Friday Night Curry Spectators select two cards, turn out to be mates
Variations 2007 40
Jamie Badman Bring Your Wallet to the Curry Night Variation of Friday Night Curry, but with wallet secret preparation
Inspired by 2007 43
Anthony Miller Skrood Again! Spectator names a card, performer fails to cut to it, but predicts the failure accurately with prediction on back of card
2007 87
Michael Weber Front End Fibonacci partial stack, easy to remember
2009 6
Steve Beam Hooked with fishing sequence for six to eight cards
Related to 2010 89
Steve Beam Ace-Split Decision set-up
2010 116
Steve Beam One Upsmanship performer cuts one card higher than spectator, stack
Inspired by
  • "A Cut Above" (Paul Hallas, Tricks from the Overground)
2010 118
Ben Train The Trinity Concept control concept for three cards with partial set-up, multiple presentations
Related to 2012 28
Jason England A Curious Location selection lost, number up to ten named, performer cuts to this value and selection is found that many cards down
Inspired by 2012 16
Jason Ladanye Bringing Down the House missing card named, four naturals after spectators-shuffle procedure
Variations 2013 201
Ryan Swigert Moraskill partial stack
Inspired by 2013 26
Benjamin Earl Shuffled Ose Control stock is controlled even though spectator shuffles deck, cuts and reassembles
Inspired by 2015 2
Benjamin Earl Any Card Game Control small stock handling
Variations 2015 4
Benjamin Earl Tabled Chaos Control stock control via improvised Lennart Green style chaotic tabled cuts
2015 6
So Sato So-Lution 1
  • Phase 1: Selecting a Number
  • Phase 2: Forcing One of twelve Court Cards
  • Phase 3: Production of the Card (Climax)
2016 62
So Sato The Professor Still Fools Us card "named" by spectator, Dai Vernon's named used to spell to it
2016 76
So Sato Mass Destruction Stacking deck cut into piles, spectator shuffles all, yet some set-up is retained
Inspired byRelated to 2016 118
Gary Plants "This is Why I am Here" replacing glimpse after spectator's shuffle with set-up and shuffle strategy
Inspired by Sep. 2017
Operandi (Issue 3)
A.M. two spectators peek at a card, performer divines them, fair conditions
Inspired byRelated to 2017 1