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Juan Tamariz Part One: The Theory of False Solutions and The Magic Way
  • I. Theory: The spectator's reactions
  • II. Outline and diagram of the Magic Way
  • III. Technique
Related toVariations 1988 13
Paul Curry Don't Lie to Me two spectators get half the pack and either lie or say the truth about each card, magician spots all the lies
VariationsAlso published here 2001 83
Pit Hartling Colour Sense feeling colors through table, packet of thirteen cards
Related toVariations 2003 36
Hector Chadwick Hola, Pepe! Or: An Introduction
2008 11
Hector Chadwick Keys Psychometry routine with 4 sets of keys, performer able to describe fourth person's keys although they are hidden
2008 17
Hector Chadwick An Astrological Aside Performer able to reveal spectator's astrological sign, includes finesses and tips for the Dunninger name dodge
2008 39
Hector Chadwick The Paper Plane Chair Game Performer predicts which chair spectator will sit in (out of four chairs), prediction written on paper plane that spectator caught
Related to 2008 49
Hector Chadwick The Paper Plane Chair Game: Mach II Continuation of Paper Plane Chair Game, predicts where the second and third person will sit
Related to 2008 67
Hector Chadwick Playing Cards in Mentalism A short dissertation on the justification of their use.
2008 81
Hector Chadwick Reds and Blacks Performer divines red/black from spectator shuffled deck
Inspired by 2008 85
Hector Chadwick A Card Behind Spectator divines identities of three cards in increasing accuracy
Variations 2008 103
Hector Chadwick The Trouble With Equivoque: Thoughts on the nature of magician's choice
2008 117
Hector Chadwick Equivoque Routine #2 Performer predicts each object that two spectators end up holding
2008 121
Hector Chadwick Sweeties Predict which M&M sweet is left uneaten
Related to 2008 135
Hector Chadwick An Equivocal Miscellany Further miscellaneous thoughts and techniques relating to the practice of equivoque
2008 143
Hector Chadwick The Prophecy of Gregynog Spectator divines chosen object
2008 155
Hector Chadwick "Commit Yourself" A brief thesis on the justification of thought documentation
2008 171
Hector Chadwick Head Magnet Large man unable to lift arm off of head of petite lady
2008 175
Hector Chadwick Hector Chadwick's Tossed-Out Q&A
2008 187
Hector Chadwick Finding Pepe, or: An Epilogue
2008 213
Hector Chadwick Thank yous Acknowledgements
2008 216
Hector Chadwick Equivoque Pronunciation, Magician's Choice, and its flaws
2014 2
Hector Chadwick Problem: Announcing Intentions Alternative:

  • Don't say it
  • Write your prediction, then give the instructions
  • Think
2014 6
Hector Chadwick Problem: Incomplete Sentences Alternative:

  • "Give one to me"
  • "Give two of them to me"
2014 8
Hector Chadwick Problem: Interpreting The Outcome
2014 10
Hector Chadwick Problem: Lack of Purpose
2014 11
Hector Chadwick The "No Questions" Rule Setting the rule so that audience does not ask too many questions during equivoque
2014 12
Hector Chadwick Six M&Ms Breakdown on Sweeties routine, magician predicts which M&M spectator chooses out of six colors, explains how this routine avoids the problems mentioned previously
Related to 2014 13
Hector Chadwick And Finally...
2014 20
Hector Chadwick Hello.
2016 4
Hector Chadwick Enveloper banknight, with named number prediction
2016 6
Hector Chadwick Achoo on thoughtful patter and cliché lines
2016 24
Hector Chadwick Words, Words, Words on visual appeal of mentalism performances
2016 29
Hector Chadwick Audience Two on post-performance attempts of trick deconstruction by spectators
Related to 2016 34
Hector Chadwick Dat Claim Or Dis Claim? on disclaimers in mentalism
2016 42
Hector Chadwick Shriek card fairly chosen is predicted as cell phone message
  • Thoughts and variations
2016 49
R. Paul Wilson A Beautiful Mind spectator divines identities of three cards in increasing accuracy
  • First Method (Rarely Happens)
  • Second Method (Happens Most of the Time)
  • Variations
  • Another Note on the Second Card
  • Lastly
Inspired by 2017 3
John Lovick (reviewer) Thirteen Things to Think About Pertaining to the Creation of Original Content within the World of Magic by Hector Chadwick May 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 5)
John Lovick (reviewer) Miscellanea by Hector Chadwick May 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 5)
Hector Chadwick Foreword
2020 7
Nathan Coe Marsh (reviewer) The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick by Hector Chadwick July 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 7)
Hector Chadwick A Poem: I Can Hold Two Cards That Look Just Like One
2022 90