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Dr. Edward G. Ervin Secret Whisper to make the spectator write up additional information on billet The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin 29
David Hoy Dated For Destiny cards with dates, spectator selects one and written on it is their birthdayVariations The Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust 12
James G. Thompson Jr. Strongest Thought five spectators write stuff on billets, secret instructions on what type of information to write on billet, sealed envelope reading method, chalk with razor blade The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7, No. 6th Folio) 498
Dick Zimmerman Challenge Coin Production fifteen coins are produced, spectator sees hands and stands next to performer on stage Creative Magic 8
Philip T. Goldstein Four-sided Triangle card is thought of before the show, it matches prediction and selection of a second spectatorVariations The Red Book of Mentalism 5
Al Mann The Uninvited three books, unknown person is called which names the chosen words Of Words and Wizards 13
Chip Cotton Sight Unseen! bluff design duplication The Compleat Magick - Volume II (Issue 192) 959
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Dunninger's Brain-Thrust analysis of Dunninger's Headline prediction according to some news articles, slip of paper Mastermind Headline Predictions 1
Karl Fulves Take a Vacation No. 46, three spectators chose something from a bag, it is divined, tossed-out-deck/rashomon principle Self-Working Paper Magic 83
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Gezeichnete Gedanken bold and clever design duplication, different colored pens and an easy drawing are divined Hellsehen... ...kinderleicht 16
David Harkey, Eric Anderson Scatterbrain page of newspaper torn according to spectator's wishes until piece remains, word chosen on it, predicted, bluff Ah-ha! 15
Luke Jermay The Ice Man Cometh ring vanishes from spectator's hand and appears in a block of ice Building Blocks 87
Luke Jermay Touching On Hoy performer reveals thoughts of three spectators, when tapped on shoulder one has to think of a shape, one of a date and the third of a nameRelated to The Coral Fang 9
Luke Jermay Blindfold Sequence spectator reveals thought of number of other spectator The Coral Fang 34
Hector Chadwick An Astrological Aside Performer able to reveal spectator's astrological sign, includes finesses and tips for the Dunninger name dodge The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick 39
Dani DaOrtiz Double Plane Signature (dual reality) Related to Card Cemetery 11
Michael Weber (with your) Back to the Drawing Boards using three spectators Back to the Drawing Boards V 2.0 1
Karl Fulves Table Talk spectator divines card chosen under table, apparently a corner is torn off and restored for the rest of the audience Prolix (Issue 9) 607
Chris Westfall Three Stooges Second spectator correctly divines the first spectator's selection Calculated Chaos 38
Max Maven 4 Sided Triangle card is thought of before the show, it matches prediction and selection of a second spectatorRelated to The Black Book of Mentalism 12
Michael Weber 4 Sided Triangle - Weber Notes variation with a word instead of cardsInspired by The Black Book of Mentalism 15
Andy (The Jerx) I Know What You Need Magician apparently manipulated the memories of the audience to choose the predicted food item for dinner, uses an app The Jerx 213
殷欣 (Sion) 很暧昧 (Very Ambiguous) Magician divines three numbers thought of by three spectators, proplessRelated to 暧昧 18
John Hostler On Dual Reality definition Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles 39
John Hostler Reciprocal Discovery two spectators face on stage and select a card from two decks, they match, SBS
- 20/20 Variation (No Glasses)
Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles 39