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Charles T. Jordan The Pack that Cuts Itself No. 19, rubber banded deck cuts itself at selection, duplicate
Variations 1919/1920 56
Theodore Annemann The Modernized Reading for single reading or getting one ahead
VariationsAlso published here June 1935
The Jinx (Issue 9)
Theodore Annemann On the Wire random person phoned, name divined
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1936
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1936)
Stewart James The Candy King Miraskill with candies
Variations Sep. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 24)
Sam H. Sharpe Domination of Thought key card, originally from Conjured Up
Variations 1937 72
Paul Curry Nyctalopia spectator writes name in dark with lights out, performer divines it, carbon paper
Related toAlso published here Oct. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 37)
Theodore Annemann Whim of Tituba page travels into nested signed envelopes, "pegasus page", see also pages 468 & 472 for credits
Related toAlso published here Nov. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 67)
Fredric Kolb Nirvana Nos. one of sixteen colors selected, one card by naming position 1-52, three numbers added up, on cardboard in frame then appear those three selections
Related to Dec. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 70)
Sid Lorraine Idea of 40,000 Words dictionary test, whole in book
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1941
The Jinx (Issue 131)
Walter B. Gibson Pay Off spectator deals half the deck and tries to separate red and black, you predict the relations of the cards to the other half, two phases
Related toAlso published here Jan. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 1)
Joseph Dunninger Sealed Mystery sealed message reading system, razor thumb tip
Related to Apr. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 32)
Don Medley This Is It! reading mind over phone, see Back Room #96 for correction
Related toVariations Oct. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 94)
Dai Vernon Cutting The Aces
Related toVariations 1946
Stars of Magic (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Bruce Elliott Fate male and female names are selected, one by sliding a paperclip on a list, second by rolling the dice, the names match and represent a famous pair from history
Related toVariations May 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 177)
George B. Anderson "No Questions Written" - A New Concept of Question Answering in the Mental Magic Act on answering questions, psychology
Related to 1949 5
Al Baker Chapter 2: New Light on the Center Tear introductory comments
Related toAlso published here 1949 10
Dr. Stanley Jaks Jaks' Subtlest Secret word is encircled on clipboard
Related toVariationsAlso published here Feb. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 223)
Ormond McGill Spirit Communications thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulum
Related to 1951 6
Jack Yates Clip Line newspaper clipping, some lines from top and bottom are cut away and the cross total of the remaining lines leads to a line which is divined
Related to 1954 7
Tony Corinda, Eric Mason No. 13. The Card in Glass card with prediction put in a glass, hole in glass
Related to 1958 21
Tony Corinda (1) The Billet Pencil loading a billet in an envelope
Related toVariations 1958 86
Dr. Stanley Jaks One Is Face Up spectator reverses a card in the deck and seals it, another spectator divines it, clever pre-show wording
Related toAlso published here 1959 8
Dr. Stanley Jaks Omar's Prophecies treatise on the one-ahead triple prediction, sheets labeled with A, B & C
  • Part II (replacing force with known data)
  • Part III (on the selection of people, apparently random)
  • Part IV (staging the routine)
  • Part V (staging for Brainwave)
  • Part VI (handling for the Billet Knife)
  • Part VII (handling for Chuck Smith's M-T Pad)
Related toVariations 1960 1
The Amazing Maurice Maurice's Handy Andy impression method with envelopes and a note pad, carbon paper
Related to 1961 20
Robert A. Nelson Al Mann short bio on al mann
1961 26
Al Mann A Mental Puzzle cards are put in a bag, spectator removes some, performer too and the rest is given to a second spectator, performer divines amount of red and black cards each spectator is holding
Related to 1961 26
Dick Johnson The Spirit Speaks thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulum
Related to 1961 29
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Acrobatic Paperclips paper clips suspend on each other and finally a finger ring as well, when examined the paperclips have linked together to form a chain with the ring
Variations 1969 101
Al Mann Delphic Dominoes featuring envelope with four compartments that can deliver one of twelve predictions, here used with pictures of dominoes
Jan. 1973 590
Karl Fulves Babel Charlie Miller disappointed with lecture in England, Majorie Stanes, Lorayne force book joke, UFOs, Al Mann
Sep. 1973 652
Al Mann The 'G-3' Phenomena three words from dictionary are divined
Magick (Issue 91)
Al Mann The Griffin Envelope Switch switching two signed envelopes secretly with stack, used for prediction in which spectator's billet is used as actual prediction
June 1974 741
Al Mann Instant Mindreader
June 1974 744
Al Mann Thinking Machines - Part One longer article on using calculators
  • Forward
  • General Patter Outline
Dec. 1974 832
Al Mann Golden Digits two people with office machines/calculators on stage, numbers called out and added, two numbers thought of and added, prediction on slate
  • First Method
  • Revised Method
Dec. 1974 832
Al Mann Mind Cloud making a cloud disappear
Also published here 1974
Magick (Issue 113)
Al Mann Thinking Machines - Part Two more on calculators and addition machines
Jan. 1975 838
Al Mann Alpha And Omega several spectators call out three-digit-numbers, total predicted, using calculator
Jan. 1975 838
Al Mann 1001 Mysteries on multiplying with 1001
Jan. 1975 838
Al Mann The Phantom Digits number multiplied with two other known numbers, total named, performer immediately names original number
Jan. 1975 838
Al Mann The Five-Digit Phantom number multiplied with two other known numbers, total named, performer immediately names original number
Jan. 1975 840
Al Mann Thinking Machines - Part Three more on calculators and addition machines
Feb. 1975 862
Al Mann Psychic Calculator three chosen numbers put into three calculators, all sums divined
Feb. 1975 862
Al Mann Adithot Improved sixteen digits in square formation, added, sum predicted
  • The Calculator Version
Inspired by
  • "Adithot" (Swami)
Feb. 1975 862
Al Mann Retrospective excerpts from future Al Mann manuscript on slate effects, part one
  • The Evolution Of Slate Writing
  • 1850
  • 1852
  • Dr. Henry Slade
  • Slade's Impact
  • Slade's Method
  • Truesdell and Slade
  • The W. S. Moses Sitting
  • Eglinton and S. J. Davey
  • 1877
  • 1882
  • 1882
  • 1884
  • 1888
  • Final Notes
Related to June 1975 971
Al Mann Retrospective excerpts from future Al Mann manuscript on slate effects, part two
  • The Flap Slate
  • The Baker-Gysel Flap
  • Other Flap Slates
  • Keeler's Baffling Slate Test
  • Spirit Slate
  • Spirits By The Numbers
  • Fourth Dimensional Math
  • Dunninger's Miracle Slate
  • Mental Epic
  • The Mystic Slate
Related to July 1975 982
Pierre L. O. A. Keeler Keeler's Baffling Slate Test theory by Al Mann
July 1975 982
Karl Fulves Interlocutor - 1 purpose of the magazine
  • The Magazines
  • Close-Up Folios
  • Reprints
  • About This Sheet
  • Al Mann's Book Test
  • Other Manuscripts
  • After Epilogue
  • The Bad News
Interlocutor (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Super Clipline by Al Mann 1975
Interlocutor (Issue 4)
Al Mann Foreward
Al Mann Acidus introduction and rave for the move
Variations 1976 1
Al Mann The Preparations prefolding
1976 4
Al Mann The Presentation and Method preparing the switch
1976 5
Al Mann Opening and Reading the Billet secret reading, with dummy still in hand
1976 8
Al Mann The Display Flourish opening the billet right side up to the audience
1976 11
Al Mann TIps on Practicing tips on practicing the Acidus method, on the First-Finger-Grip, on Opening the Billet, and on the Temple Switch
1976 12
Al Mann The Moral of the Story D. Tsukalas selling "The Mysterious Panel Board" around New York City, why it looks perfect in his hands and why people buying it are disapponted
1976 14
Al Mann Challenges and Outs tips on the Acidus
1976 14
Al Mann Precautions how to ensure that the billet is not folded more then twice, Acidus
1976 15
Al Mann The Telephone Effect random person phoned, name divined, method for "On the Wire"
Inspired by 1976 15
Al Mann Final Notes
1976 16
Al Mann A Short Cut alternative handling for Acidus
1976 16
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann A Link with Eternity - An Object Lesson in the Art of Mindreading presentation and analysis of a mentalism routine
Related to 1976 1
Al Mann Cagliostro (1743-95) episode on Cagliostro
1976 4
Al Mann Charles H. Foster (1838-88) anecdote of Foster
1976 4
Al Mann To Command the Elements! making clouds disappear, cloud busting
Also published here 1976 5
Al Mann Test by Fire match box impression device, carbon
1976 7
Al Mann Passing Thoughts thought is divined, written on a pad
1976 8
Al Mann Metal-Kinesis spoon bends under handkerchief, Dick Van Brummer's "The Solid Ghost"
1976 9
Al Mann Dinner Table Yoga playing with a burning cotton ball, eventually eating it
1976 10
Al Mann The Mystery of the Triplets after some calculations by the spectator the total is divined
1976 11
Al Mann The Center Tear Controversy on the history of the first publishing of the center tear, includes Baker, Thompson, Loraine, Dunninger, Sunshine, plus other takes on the center tear, The Sans Tear Center Method (Annemann), The Unseen Tear (Ron Baillie) and Sealed and Torn Messages (Al Mann)
Related to 1976 13
Al Mann Gemel's Messages alternative center tear handling, no pre-fold and lengthier questions possible
Also published here 1976 18
Al Mann The Tretology of Dionysus center tear method, four questions can be stolen
1976 19
Al Mann The Mystic Chalice requisite for burning the papers when doing a center tear or other billet routines
1976 19
Al Mann Typhon's Tongs envelopes are gathered and burnt with tongs
1976 20
Al Mann Psychic Feedback answering different questions, sitter answers her questions with a pendulum
1976 21
Al Mann Suspended Animation thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulum, different bottles, with threads of different lengths
Related toAlso published here 1976 22
Al Mann The Pharaoh's Palm billets are switched on palm of performer, fake palm
1976 23
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann A Tractate on Fabulous Card Effects for the Mentalist
  • The Pros and Cons
  • Do's and Don'ts
1976 1
Al Mann, Sam H. Sharpe Domination of Thought key card
Inspired by 1976 7
Al Mann The Devastators three selected cards are predicted, duplicates in wallet, magnetic himber
1976 11
Al Mann The Invaders two decks, three selected cards are predicted, duplicates in wallet, magnetic himber
1976 12
Al Mann The D-ESP-Erados
1976 13
Al Mann The Third Extasie prediction of a card, in envelope in wallet
1976 13
Al Mann Astral Sight deck cut in several piles, cards on bottom are named by performer
1976 15
Al Mann The Mounds of Ishtar four cards selected and put in four envelopes are divined, flap envelope
1976 17
Al Mann The Psychic Poker Player handcuffed, gaffed table
1976 20
Al Mann The Isomeric Card card with three indices, fan force
Variations 1976 22
Al Mann The Reverse Fan Force Supreme five cards thought of from a fan are named, with several isomeric cards / multi-indices card
Variations 1976 23
Al Mann The Cut Force sewn cards
1976 27
Al Mann The Master of the Cards - A Discussion on the Psychic Feats of Olof Jonsson
1976 28
Al Mann, Olof Jonsson Olof Jonsson's Card Feats
1976 28
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann ESP shuffled ESP deck in envelope, cards are divined
1976 29
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Over the Telephone shuffled ESP cards in envelope, order is divined over phone
1976 29
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Spectator Becomes the Mindreader spectators name top cards from a shuffled ESP deck
1976 30
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Mind Control spectator selects a quartet from a shuffled deck
1976 30
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Clairvoyance spectator puts cards in envelopes and those envelopes in a bigger envelope, light is turned off and performer names the cards
1976 31
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Levitation chosen card appears on top of the deck after spectator shuffled the deck, psy presentation
1976 32
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Teleportation selected card vanishes and is found on spectator's chair, two cards glued together on one end
1976 32
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Seeing Through a Brick Wall spectator in other room holds card on a wall, performer in other room divines the card
1976 33
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Sensative Finger Tips and X-Ray Eyes performer removes named card from face down spread
1976 33
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Psychological Force Queen of Hearts, probability and verbal force
1976 34
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Developing ESP spectator learns to cut at the same ESP symbol every time, shuffled deck
1976 34
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann, Harry Faber, Samuel Berland The Spirit of the Faberlands two slates, flapless, apparently showing all four sides empty, message appears on two sides
Inspired by
  • Faberlands' "Spirits?" in "The Sphinx" Vol. 20, No. 3
1976 1
Al Mann Spirits by the Number two slates, flapless, apparently showing all four sides empty, message appears on one side, numbered sides
1976 5
Al Mann Messages from Babel four seance slate methods, several ungimmicked slates
1976 8
Al Mann To Read a Question with nine normal slates, wrapped in newspaper
1976 9
Al Mann Many Voices nine small slates and a bigger one, messages appear on two slates
1976 9
Al Mann The Uproar nine small slates messages appear on five slates
1976 12
Al Mann Let it Be Written slate secrets in literature
1976 13
Al Mann, Henry Slade The Ultimate Slate Test
1976 15
Al Mann, J. F. Orrin The 13th Veil normal slate
1976 17
Al Mann The Flap history of the flap, locking flap, flap designs
1976 19
Al Mann A Magnetic Flap
1976 21
Al Mann, E. J. Moore The Cloak of the Unseen camouflage pattern on slate, flap
1976 22
Al Mann The Telepathic Artist design divination of five people, with slate, flap
1976 23
Al Mann The Locking Flap Dr. Q slates
1976 25
Al Mann Multiple Slate Writing with Dr. Q Slates with stand
1976 25
Al Mann The ESPrit Message chosen ESP sign appears on slate
1976 26
Al Mann Minute Man's Locking Flap rubber cement coating
1976 27
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Al Mann Exclusives by Al Mann
short comment on "Master Slate Secrets" and "The Thinking Machines"
Interlocutor (Issue 13)
Danton Century 21 Prediction headline prediction, Koran's binary prediction
Related to 1976
Magick (Issue 159)
Al Mann Foreword on sealed message reading
Related to 1977
Al Mann The Sibylline Messages cards in envelopes with questions and messages on it are divined and answered
1977 1
Al Mann The Preparation constructing The Sibylline Envelope
1977 2
Al Mann The Voice from the Abyss chosen card or word appears on a blank paper sealed in a signed envelope, Abyss envelope
1977 7
Al Mann The Legal Tenders serial number is divined, with Abyss envelope
1977 8
Al Mann The Flight of the Griffins spectator writes a question and drops it addressed to the performer into the mail box, performer does the same with the answer, the next day they find out it is correct, with Sibylline envelopes
Inspired by
  • Spencer Thornton's "Anytime, Anywhere - For Newspaper Publicity" in "Secrets of Mental Magic"
1977 9
Al Mann Notes ideas and tips for the Sibylline Envelope
1977 11
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann Break Through card and headline prediction, nest of envelope sent to a member of the audience by mail
1977 1
Walter B. Gibson, Al Mann Walter's Letter prediction in nest of envelopes, sent to spectator by mail
1977 10
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann The Photon Shield seemingly transparent clipboard, for different uses
1977 1
Al Mann The Photon Shield Impression Envelope coin envelopes, carbon
1977 2
Al Mann The Photon Shield Sealed Envelope sealed envelope, that can be opened any time
1977 3
Al Mann The Prediction Caper previously mailed nest of envelopes
1977 4
Al Mann On the Spot Predictions to end a show, two letters in envelope
1977 5
Al Mann Other Uses for the Photon Shield Sealed Envelope for card or bill to envelope
1977 6
Al Mann Instant Thought Reading written thought is divined, with Photon Shield Clipboard and Impression Envelope
1977 7
Al Mann Reading Thoughts that Have Not Been Written or Spoken
1977 9
Al Mann The Underlined Thought line from newspaper is underlined and divined, two methods
1977 9
Al Mann The Word in the Circle word on newspaper is encircled and performer removes same paper, with same word marked from his wallet, carbon paper
1977 10
Al Mann The Invisible Agents spectator writes question down with invisible ink
Variations 1977 11
Al Mann, George B. Anderson Two Words Q&A ploy, giving the impression that no question has been written down by several spectators
Related to 1977 12
Al Mann Only One Key finger ring is put on a lock, keys put in envelopes and one envelopes selected, envelopes was predicted and key opens lock
1977 12
Al Mann Thoughts Amock Book Test three books, three words are predicted
1977 14
Al Mann Forword
Al Mann, Dr. Stanley Jaks Omar's Prognosis triple prediction, sheets are labeled A,B & C, third spectator selects a card
Inspired by 1977 1
Al Mann Enchantment - A most Fabulous Book Test three books and three envelopes are passed out to three spectators, each one choses a word which was already predicted in the envelope
1977 9
Al Mann Lorant - Long Range Telepathy reading mind over phone, streamlined version of This Is It!
Inspired by 1977 12
Al Mann The Abstract Thought Lorant, with two thoughts
Inspired byVariations 1977 15
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann, Joseph Dunninger The Ghost of the Unborn two envelopes, spectator can chose one and a word from a book, word is predicted in envelope, in other envelope is prediction which envelope will be chosen
1977 1
Al Mann The Master of the Word with two words from two books, prediction
1977 4
Al Mann The Adonis Book Test book test, with sensitiv fingertips presentation
1977 7
Al Mann Adonis, Aphrodite and Zeus with three books
1977 8
Al Mann Fifth Row Center Aisle divination of a word and prediction of position on page, several books
1977 9
Al Mann The Shades of Thought freely chosen chapter is predicted
1977 11
Al Mann The Uninvited three books, unknown person is called which names the chosen words
1977 13
Al Mann Forcing the Word from a book
1977 15
Al Mann Forcing Three Words from a book
1977 16
Al Mann At the Blackboard prediction of three chosen words from three books
1977 16
Al Mann The Chain of Thought three words are divined from three books
1977 17
Al Mann The Book Mark two books with bookmarks, spectator chose a word and find that bookmarks are envelopes with predictions of the chosen words
1977 18
Al Mann 50'000 Words
Inspired by 1977 20
Al Mann Small Worlds dictionary book test, page is selected with number cards
1977 21
Al Mann The Surrealist
1977 22
Al Mann The Locked Book with locked book, forcing a limited choice, numbers written in a row and three are encircled
Variations 1977 22
Al Mann The Books in the Locked Chest three books
1977 23
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann The Bends coin is bent and folded
Related to 1977 1
Al Mann A Pause on moves and magnets in mentalism
1977 2
Al Mann Permutation of Matter - A Solid Through Solid Effect safety pins link together, three phases
  • Part I - three pins link in spectator's hand
  • Part II - safety pin links with finger ring, phase with Andrus Linking Pin gimmick
  • Part III - pins are magnetized (inspired by Rink's Acrobatic Paperclips)
Inspired byRelated to 1977 3
Al Mann The Spikes of Asmodeus historical comments on bending nails, nail bending act with several nails and spectator participation
Related to 1977 8
Al Mann The Frankenstein Affair several dead ants and a dead fly come back to life, ladybug recommandation
Related to 1977 12
Al Mann Imponderable Energy abnormal lift, person is lifted by four spectators on their index fingers
Related to
  • Professor Nika in Teral Garrett's "Psycho-Gizmo Vol. 4"
1977 14
Al Mann The Reach of the Mind box with several pendulums of different lengths, chosen one starts to move
Related to 1977 16
Al Mann Merlin's Magic Marionettes puppet starts to move (wiggle, move head and hands) on performer's command
Related to 1977 17
Al Mann The Secret of the Ancients levitation off a chair, brief discussion on seance levitation
Inspired by
  • U.F. Grant's "Bodies in Orbit", 1963
1977 18
Al Mann Notes on The Bends, Permutation of Matter, The Nail Act, Merlin's Marionettes, The Frankenstein Affair
Related to 1977 22
Al Mann Foreward
Al Mann Nothing More Beyond history of the center tear
1978 3
Al Mann, Al Baker Al Baker's Masterwork on Baker's improvements
Related to 1978 6
Al Mann The Improvisitor impromptu version of Baker's center tear, in depth explanation
Related to 1978 7
Al Mann Flight of the Phoenix different center tear handling
1978 12
Al Mann Through the Magic Door coincidence, spectator and performer select the same word from a newspaper, center tear with marked word in a newspaper
1978 14
Al Mann Mentalist Richard Osterlind
1978 16
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann Where Eagles Perch on forcing the same card to several people and the use of a onw way and three way forcing deck
1978 1
Al Mann The Tesseract three predictions are handed out to different spectator, three spectator select a number, city and word, predictions match
Related to 1978 3
Al Mann Panoramas of Thought six cards are written on a pad by different spectators, three spectator select a card, three of the written cards are chosen, they correspond with the selections
1978 5
Al Mann Mass Telepathy five words are thought of by performer, several words are written by various spectators all the the thought of words are divined by the spectators, Bank Tray
1978 7
Al Mann AME Flashes!
1978 7
Al Mann An Opener prediction written on a card, and card is folded, move to turning card over and presenting the outside as the inside, with special paper clip by Bruce Elliott
Inspired by 1978 8
Al Mann Another Chapter on the Center Tear on the history of the Center Tear, on Joe Ovette, Annemann, Sid Lorraine
1978 12
Al Mann What is it? letter from Sid Lorraine to Al Mann about the history of the Center Tear, comments by Mann and xerox of Lorraine's notes from 1928, copy of the manuscript "What is it?" by Joseph Ovette from 1931
1978 12
Al Mann Don Pedro story of Don Pedro from Buenos Aires, witnessing a center tear and ashes on arm routine in 1926
1978 18
Al Mann The Majesty of Things quote
1978 18
Al Mann De-Pleated Thoughts several questions on one piece of paper, folded paper is stapled
1978 19
Al Mann, Mr. Zodiac A Bonus - Through the Threshold spectator writes question on a business card, which is then sealed, question is divined / answered
1978 21
Al Mann The Circean Vessels flapless envelope switch, same as Shaxon envelope switch
1978 22
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Al Mann Exclusives by Al Mann
Master Slate Secrets Parts 2-4
Interlocutor (Issue 17)
Al Mann, Bobby Hughes Bottle BanG-G-G! thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulum, different bottles, with threads of different lengths
Related to
  • David Abbott "Behind the Scenes with the Mediums", 1907
Also published here
Magick (Issue 206)
Al Mann Test Conditions book is destroyed, down-under-deal with pages of a book
Magick (Issue 210)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Maurice Fogel, Al Mann, Liz and Tommy Tucker, Kate Shiels
Magick (Issue 219)
Al Mann The New Lexicon Phenomena - Foreword
1978 i
Al Mann The New Lexicon Phenomena three words are chosen and divined
1978 1
Al Mann The New Lexicon Phenomena - A History
1978 12
Al Mann The New Lexicon Phenomena - Appendix on translating the test in different languages
1978 20
Al Mann Foreward
Al Mann Millard Longman short biography
1979 1
Al Mann Al Mann short biography
1979 4
Al Mann The Azonic Force peek for reading several information on a billet
1979 5
Al Mann The Azonic Rent method for the center tear, based on Mann's "The Azonic Force"
1979 10
Al Mann Acidus Plus - A History
1979 12
Al Mann A Casual Letter part of a letter by Millard Longman about the Acidus and Acidus Novus
1979 12
Al Mann The Thirteen anecdote of New York City Magic Club "The Thirteen", members are Bob Haines, Charles Reynolds, Dennis Marks and others, in conjunction with Acidus Novus and The Azonic Force
1979 13
Al Mann The Secret of Abonutichus message reading from sealed envelope, like a center tear
Related to 1979 14
Al Mann, John Smetana, Bobby Hughes Mindblow inspired by a David Berglas audio tape (probably Magiccassette by Martin Breese)
1979 1
Al Mann The Shattered Link a selected link from a chain breaks
Inspired by
  • a David Berglas routine
Related to
1979 3
Al Mann, Jerry Fulton Book-Tear paper back book is torn until one page remains, page is divined or predicted, improvements by Jerry Fulton
1979 5
Al Mann The Chain of Thoughts three books and three spectators, "Impact"-Method
1979 9
Al Mann The Gold-Bug Predictions three spectators, three books and three slates, book test with the method of proability and a sure fire out, "Impact"-Method
1979 10
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Tesseract by Al Mann 1979
Interlocutor (Issue 29)
Raymond Hafler From Ray Hafler on Al Mann
Interlocutor (Issue 31)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Al Mann Publications - Classified by Al Mann 1979
Interlocutor (Issue 37)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Arca by Al Mann 1979
Interlocutor (Issue 37)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) AME Mental Parcel by H. Penn (written by Al Mann) 1979
Interlocutor (Issue 37)
Gene Nielsen Front Page based on Albert Spackman's "Clip Line"
Inspired by 1979
Magick (Issue 239)
Al Mann Foreward on mind-over-matter effects
Al Mann Pyro-Sorcery newspaper starts burning by willpower, eight methods
1981 1
The Shattering Chalice glass shatters in bag, two methods
Related to 1981 6
Al Mann The Ghost Bullet gimmick for shattering glasses or light bulps
1981 9
Al Mann The Pulverized Window Pane car window breaks with same gimmick as above
1981 9
Al Mann Notes other ways to break a glass and bend keys
1981 10
Al Mann The Falling Block block of wood falls, discussion on different methods
Related to
  • Ed Mellon's MentalWise, Vol. II #12 and Vol. III #1, and George Arrowsmith's idea with playing cards "Arrowsmith's Assorted Myseries", Tom Fitzgerald's "A Block from the Wall of Jericho" in Sam Dalal'
1981 11
Al Mann Cosmic Notion pendulums with different lengths are hanging in a frame, chosen pendulums begin to move
1981 13
Al Mann Remote Psycho-Motion pendulum in bottle begins to swing without touching the bottle nor the table with the hands
1981 15
Al Mann The Long Range Control other version
1981 16
Al Mann The Psychic Tray three pendulums in three bottles on a tray, spectator thinks of one, which begins to swing
1981 16
Al Mann For the Researcher chain of people, one holds a pendulum it begins to swing when any (?) person in the group thinks of the pendulum
Related to
  • Frank Lind's "My Occult Case Book"
1981 16
Al Mann An Experiment why a pendulum works and how
Related to
  • Ormond McGill's "Psychic Magic" Vol. 6
1981 17
Al Mann The Cobra snake charming a cobra, the psychology of the cobra
Related to 1981 18
Al Mann The Snake-Charmer-Magician how to charm a snake, what cobra to use and how to treat them
1981 19
Al Mann The Mongoose how a mongoose kills a cobra
1981 20
Al Mann The Troupe review of a show of professional magicians in Bangkok
1981 21
Al Mann The Cobra Act how to train a cobra not to bite your hand
1981 22
Al Mann The Living Death Al Mann on how he ordered a Cobra for the Cobra act
1981 23
Al Mann Foreword on flip-over wallets
Al Mann The Wallets Himber's, Al Koran's Wallet, The Bombshell Wallet
1981 1
Al Mann Technique handling a flip-over wallet, the turn-over move
1981 1
Al Mann, Sam Schwartz The Secret Thrust loading, cards, billets or envelopes into a wallet, morse thoughts on flip-over wallets
1981 3
Al Mann A History history of flip-over wallets
1981 5
Al Mann Page One with an Al Koran Wallet
1981 9
Al Mann The Coins from the Pocket spectator puts money in an envelope and seals it, then the performer hands him an envelope with the same amount of coins and of the same denomination, Bombshell Wallet
1981 11
Al Mann Life from Space named bugs appear in envelopes, Bombshell Wallet
1981 13
Al Mann The Name in the Vault prediction in wallet, Bombshell Wallet
1981 14
Al Mann One Message one of five envelopes is selected and it's the only one containing a message, the number of the envelope is also predicted, Himber Wallet
Variations 1981 15
Al Mann Unknown Forces selection matches prediction card in sealed envelope in Wallet
1981 16
Al Mann Homer signed card travels twice into wallet hold by spectator
1981 17
Al Mann The Noesis of Nyx card in envelope in wallet, with Al Koran Wallet
1981 19
Al Mann One Hundred Clams signed bill is burned and appears restored in an envelope, Al Koran Wallet
1981 21
Al Mann Instant Mindreading Al Koran Wallet as a peek wallet
1981 22
Al Mann The Mounds of Ashtoreth two decks, spectator selects five cards and signs two, performer duplicates everything with the other deck, Al Koran Wallet
1981 23
Al Mann, T. Page Wright, William Larsen The Royal Album torn and restored card, corner as a reference, Al Koran Wallet
Related to
  • Sphinx Vol.27 #9, 1928
1981 26
Thomas Alan Waters Center-Tear analysis and handling
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Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Scrypt)
Al Mann Forword
Al Mann Cistella page and word of a book are selected, prediction is in a locked box, same book with a card at the same page, written on it is the chosen word
Related to 1981 1
Al Mann Mightier than the Sword views on the Swami Gimmick
1981 3
Al Mann Castle Catch spectator writes a number on a card and shows it to another spectator, who opens a book on that page and remembers the first word
1981 3
Al Mann At the Table prediction of a name
1981 4
Al Mann, Robert Gysel Gysel's Gimmick swami gimmick variation
1981 4
Al Mann Misdirection ways to cover the writing of a nail writer
  • In a Book ( window cut)
  • The Bookshelf (window cu)
  • In the Glass (Corinda / Mason)
Related to 1981 5
Al Mann The Time Piece named number or card is written in a pocket watch
1981 6
Al Mann The AME Double-Writer
1981 7
Al Mann Invisible Door gaffed book, for using a nail writer
1981 8
Al Mann An Impromptu Double-Writer
1981 8
Al Mann A Friend Indeed two selected words from a book are predicted in an envelope, carbon paper
1981 9
Al Mann The Long Writers swami on a stick
1981 10
Al Mann The Big Writer named number predicted on a pad in a box, knee writer
1981 11
Al Mann, Dr. Stanley Jaks The Pantograph copying or enlarging an autograph on a slate
1981 11
Al Mann, Joseph Dunninger Dunninger's Mind Warp anecdote of Dunninger convincing everybody not using a nail writer
1981 12
Al Mann In Memorium anecdote on Syd Bergson
1981 12
Al Mann The Mag-Eye Move while performer tears billet, message is read, with variation
Related to 1981 13
Al Mann Azrael different colored pens, performer divines dead name and chosen color
1981 16
Al Mann A History
1981 17
Gene "Phantini" Grant Card Challenge card divination with Al Mann's Isomeric Cards
Inspired by 1981 30
Al Mann Mind Lock! finger rings locked on padlock, envelopes one containing key, prediction of correct envelope, himber wallet
Magick (Issue 292)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on P.C.A.M., FISM, Bob Brown, John Fedko, Al Mann
Magick (Issue 294)
Al Mann The Gemel Con! center tear / steal handling
Magick (Issue 295)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Al Mann
Magick (Issue 298)
Al Mann The Wocus Legacy billet that opens out by itself
1982 1
Al Mann Making the Wocus Legacy Billets
1982 2
Al Mann Handling the Billet put in a box
1982 3
Al Mann The Torn Wocus switching it for a dummy
1982 3
Al Mann The Scryer's Podium crystal ball gazing, answering question with the Wocus Lecgacy Billet
1982 4
Al Mann The Master's Move in the hands
1982 5
Al Mann The Wocus Prophet as a prediction pellet that opens up after the load, prediction in a small bottle
1982 6
Al Mann The Spirit Ink Bottle question billet is put folded in ink bottle, with Wocus Billet

1982 6
Gary Lee Williams, Al Mann Wocus II gimmick is added later
1982 7
Al Mann The Wocus Center-Tear combination CT and Wocus II
1982 8
Al Mann The Ballot Box Miracle billet box with trap door
1982 8
Al Mann Vampire Thoughts with two people
1982 9
Al Mann The Mneme's Numen spectator writes question down, erases it and notes another, both are divined/answered
1982 10
Al Mann The Glided Gates poem
1982 11
Al Mann Foreward on the effect of seeing through a wall
Al Mann The Seat of the Mighty seeing through a wall and describing the other room
1982 1
Al Mann The Hole in the Wall spectator goes in other room selects a book, performer looks through the wall and divines the selection
1982 2
Al Mann Mist divination of a selected box' content, seeing through the wall theme
1982 4
Al Mann Thot on Titles "The Hole in the Wall" in a strange home
1982 5
Al Mann One Thousand Skulls seeing through the wall theme, spectator in other room draws two miniature skulls from a bag, the skulls are either red or white, four phases
Related to 1982 6
Al Mann Camera Obscura seeing through the wall theme, design duplication, singing blackboard, limited choice
Related to
  • "Singing Blackboard" in Amazing Maurice's "Mentalistrix Encore" 1969
1982 9
Al Mann Fail Safe out for the "Camera Obscura", prepared book
1982 11
Al Mann The Jupiter Effect seeing through a wall, which book is chosen and where opened
Related to 1982 12
Al Mann Foreword mentalism with newspapers
Al Mann The Code spectator choses a column of a newspaper, performer divines content, dit-dah Morse-type coding
Related to 1982 1
Al Mann Jaks' Secret several spectators circle words on a sheet of newspaper, performer divines them
Inspired by 1982 4
Al Mann Power of the Press newspaper is torn and a piece selected, performer divines content
Related to 1982 8
Al Mann The News Force newspaper torn into 16 squares, one is selected and content predicted
Inspired byRelated to 1982