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William Larsen, T. Page Wright The Devil's Phone six spectators write questions on billets which are burned, performer phones the devil (or medium) and gets answers to all questions
1928 5
Theodore Annemann The Bell Mystery coding an object, name is named before number, public telephones
1934 41
Theodore Annemann Publicity Stunt any information is revealed by partner on other end of phone
Also published here Aug. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 11)
Theodore Annemann On the Wire random person phoned, name divined
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1936
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1936)
Theodore Annemann Weird Wire medium phoned and tells one out of five designs, selected cards and word
VariationsAlso published here 1940
The Jinx (Issue 89)
Theodore Annemann Gaglets one object is revealed by medium on telephone
Oct. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 19)
James G. Thompson Jr. Life Liberty Or - trick performing for friends over phone
Related toAlso published here Mar. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 57)
Theodore Annemann Publicity Stunt any information is revealed by partner on other end of phone
Also published here 1944 40
Theodore Annemann On the Wire random person phoned, name divined
Also published here 1944 40
Theodore Annemann Weird Wire medium phoned and tells one out of five designs, selected cards and word
  • The E.S.P. Symbol Projection
  • The Word Projection
  • The Card Projection
Also published here 1944 327
Ralph W. Read Via Telephone No. 19, a prediction is made, then any person is called via telephone and the amount of money he has in his pocket is predicted, different nail writing based methods
Also published here
  • Ralph Read's instruction sheets for nail writer gimmick
1944 22
Don Medley This Is It! reading mind over phone, see Back Room #96 for correction
Related toVariations Oct. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 94)
C. L. Boarde Telephone Tests - Variation A person called, performer divines name, using billets and telephone book
1947 91
C. L. Boarde Telephone Tests - Variation B apparently person at other end of the phone divines word, written on billet
1947 91
C. L. Boarde Telephone Tests - Variation C prediction of chosen ESP symbol, calling random person
1947 92
U. F. Grant The Nickle and Penny spectator distributes nickel and penny in his two hands, has to do some calculations without telling the result, then performer knows which is where, also as phone effect
Dec. 1948 8
Aaron Wainer Phonetics random person called during performance says that he also has a magician guest who had him choose a card, they match
June 1966 37
Karl Fulves The Connection assistant phoned, he divines card
Also published here July 1966 44
John Hudak Printer's Demon phoned medium reveals content on a page on freely selected newspaper, see p. 874 for credit information
Related toVariations Jan. 1967 77
Francis J. Baker Devil's Dial number dialled, person at other end divines a number, see also p. 342 & 348
Related toVariations Mar. 1970 327
James G. Thompson Jr. Winged Thoughts code over phone
1972 33
Karl Fulves Speak Up phone number converted to "psychic equivalent" with calculator, this number called and something divined, see also p. 815 for comment by J. Benson
Inspired by June 1974 748
Charles Nyquist, James G. Thompson Jr. Retrospective long article about the evolution of phone effects, reprinted from Sphinx, 1942
  • "20th Century Telepathy" (John Northern Hilliard)
  • John Percival, Benedict and Paul Rockwood versions
  • Fred D. Muth & elimination principle
  • "One By Swindle" (F. Jackson)
  • U. F. Grant
  • "Colored Silks" (Earl Thomas)
  • "Operator Calling" (Harris Solomon)
  • "Right Number" (Kent Arthur)
  • "The Phantom Phone" (Howard Savage)
  • "Winged Thoughts" (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)
  • "Phoned Thots" (Orville Meyer)
Apr. 1975 952
Al Mann The Telephone Effect random person phoned, name divined, method for "On the Wire"
Inspired by 1976 15
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Over the Telephone shuffled ESP cards in envelope, order is divined over phone
1976 29
Al Mann Lorant - Long Range Telepathy reading mind over phone, streamlined version of This Is It!
Inspired by 1977 12
Al Mann The Abstract Thought Lorant, with two thoughts
Inspired byVariations 1977 15
Al Mann The Uninvited three books, unknown person is called which names the chosen words
1977 13
Henry Christ Tele-Dice dice trick over telephone
The Chronicles (Issue Close-up Folio No. 11)
Larry Becker Tell-A-Phone numbers in bag, one in pocket of spectator, divination by medium over phone
1978 138
Ned Rutledge Der Mediale Typ divination routine with three dice, can be done over phone
Also published here Mar. 1978
Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 1)
C. L. Boarde By the Phone over the phone magazine test
1978 106
Karl Fulves, Alvin Stine To The Dogs newspaper test over phone by Alvin Stine with a special issue of NY Times
Interlocutor (Issue 40)
John Hudak, Karl Fulves Stop Press No. 34, newspaper test over phone
Inspired by 1979 54
James G. Thompson Jr. Magazine Mentalism No. 35, trick performing for friends over phone
Also published here 1979 56
Karl Fulves Digital Dollars over the phone game, to win highest value bill
Related toVariations 1980 68
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Hat or Rabbit No. 15, three cards with hats on one sides and rabbits on other, spectator turns them to instructions with the performer's back turned, in the end all are the same way, also with coins or over phone
Related to 1980 15
Thomas Alan Waters No. 2: On the Wired Thought random person phoned, name divined and the person names a year which is divined too, combination of two Annemann effects
Related to 1981
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Scrypt)
Gene "Phantini" Grant Long Distance 2081 a word from a list is thought of by spectator and divined over phone
1981 94
Reinhard Müller Telefon Trick coin, key and pen on table and distributed into pockets by spectator, performer names location
Inspired by 1982 5
James G. Thompson Jr. Stegreif-Telefon-Telepathie four words (probability force) written, medium called and it divines one of the chosen words
July 1982
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 2)
Stewart James Wählen Sie einen Namen cards have male and female names on them, one is chosen, performer divines the name, then a medium is called on the phone who also divines the name
July 1982
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 2)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Karl Fulves Think of a Number No. 9, spectator does calculation procedure and adds value of change in pocket, performer knows value of change
1983 11
Karl Fulves Devil's Dial No. 96, person called and that person divines astrological sign
Inspired by 1983 129
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles, Jack Miller What's My Line? No. 97, on three envelopes are occupations and salaries written, three spectator chose an envelope and take the salary in matches, performer divines who took what, also as phone effect
1983 130
Al Mann Phone-Voyance history of tricks over the phone
Related to
  • John Northern Hillard's "Twentieth Century Telepathy" in "The Sphinx", Vol. 3; No. 12, 1905
1984 6
Al Mann Wizard's Walk telephone book test over the phone, mathematical principle
Related to
  • "Arithmetical Whoopee" in Royal Vale Heath's "Math-E-Magic", 1953
1984 8
Al Mann, Prince Thebb The Way of the Warlock dictionary book test over the phone
1984 11
Al Mann Random House Mystery dictionary book test over the phone, word from a sentence is selected and looked at in the dictionary, fishing
1984 15
Dale Rabon Radio Wizard radio interview, interviewer choses a song from the top hundred list, medium is called who divines title
1985 125
Meir Yedid Telephone Finger Trick over phone, spectator choses a finger which is divined
1985 19
Philip T. Goldstein d. Telephone Bonsai order of four ESP cards is divined by medium over phone
1987 4
Philip T. Goldstein Numpersona telephone application with astrological sign revelation
Inspired by 1987 12
Philip T. Goldstein Message Units multiple phase telephone test with medium on other side, involving coin, bill, color, dice
1987 13
Philip T. Goldstein Phone Effects credit information
1987 13
Karl Fulves Unsolved Problems person from phone book chosen, that instant the phone rings an it is this person, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 48)
Karl Fulves Phone In numbers by people who are randomly phoned add up to previous named number, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 48)
Ray Brady Different Version of the Telephone Trick spectator calls friend and whispers card, performer divines it, gaffed phone
Interlocutor (Issue 50)
Terri Rogers Hummerous Phoney Telepathy over phone
Inspired byAlso published here 1988 30
Peter Kane We'll Call You one of five colored cards chosen, medium is phoned and divines color
Variations 1988 ca. 9
Peter Kane An Objective View variation with five random objects
Inspired by 1988 ca. 10
Terri Rogers Hummeristische Tele-Fon-Pathie over phone
Inspired byAlso published here July 1989
Intermagic (Vol. 14 No. 4 & 5)
Michael Weber Just the Fax psychological test is faxed and answers predicted, psychological forces
1991 117
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part III as Carroll Priest
  • The Test Continued
  • Ability to Act
  • The Telephone Call
  • The Committee Report
  • The Secret
  • The Code
  • The Keys
Related to July 1991
Magick (Issue 457)
Peter Warlock The Hilliard Syndrome medium called, coding through name of medium
Variations Mar. 1992
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Leo Boudreau The Mind's Eye: The Touchtone Telepath over the phone, name written on one of eight pieces of paper, divination
Nov. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 5)
Walter Brusa Afterthoughts on Peter Warlock's Hilliard Syndrome simplified coding
Inspired by Jan. 1993
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Kurt Bai 10,000 Mile Telepathy Test transmitting any object over the phone
Mar. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 9)
Philip T. Goldstein Contimental any European country thought of and divined
Variations 1994 3
Philip T. Goldstein Range-Rider Branching Anagrams applied to States in the USA
1994 6
Dave Arch The Telephonic Oracle mind reading over phone, older telephone system used
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Magazine Wizard medium on phone divines chosen page from magazin, name code
Oct. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 4)
Michael Skinner Birthday Telepathy number divination, possible via telephone
1996 29
Mike Rogers High Tech Wizard coding with extension number
Mar. 1998 6
Gary Kurtz F.C. Test #6 - Telephone Telepathy medium is called who divines the dice rolls inside film canisters
1998 19
John Cornelius Dial-A-Trick medium secretly listens the whole time
2001 55
Wilson Reed Cell Block spectator chosen and some birthdays added, medium called on cell phone and it divines the spectator and the number
2001 182
Philip T. Goldstein Fortune Celler
  • The Other Month
a business card in envelope is introduced, later the number on it is phones and person at other end names a chosen tarot card
Dec. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 12)
Yaniv Deautsch The Wizard Is Dead during phone call a person is asked to draw something, drawing is divined over phone
  • Setting The Stage: Spell and Spiel
  • How to get the most out of the routine - additional ideas
  • The Answer You Have Been Looking For
  • The Psychological Atmosphere
2004 6
Karl Fulves Transliterate medium is called and described spectator and names chosen card
2005 93
Gary Ruiz Crime Seen crime story, six glasses with items, spectators call medium via cell phone who in the end describes the items
2005 399
Karl Fulves Counterfeit Call "Problems"
conditions for a medium phone effect, posed as a problem
Related to 2005 428
Docc Hilford Cellular Mitosis person is called who reveals information a spectator secretly wrote on a business card
  • Test I
  • Test II
2005 6
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira The E.C.P. Principle dated 1998, several phone numbers are listed one is chosen and called, force of assistant
2005 20
Francis McAllister Cellular Divination Mr. Wizard phone divination with five ESP symbols
Apr. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 4)
Karl Fulves Fold & Cheat 3x3 grid with numbers on paper, folded in different ways and numbers added, medium called and some of the digits named, medium knows rest
Prolix (Issue 10)
Harry Riegel Tele-Force force strategy while talking to someone on the phone during a performance, spectator thinks you're talking to phoned person and vice versa
Nov. 2012 13
Robert Cassidy Celluphone during show medium is called
2013 323
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Long Distance Journey mathematical three card monte version over phone with three paper pieces with letters on them, spells CAB at the end
Inspired by July 2013
Real Secrets (Vol. 2 No. 16)
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Long-Distance Dating divining the date on a chosen coin (amongst four) via phone, CATO with stack of coins
  • Bonus (alternative presentation)
(Real Secrets Bonus sheet)
Oct. 2013
Real Secrets (Vol. 2 No. 19)
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Initial Impression numbers written on both sides of pieces of paper, sum made and predicted, "BS" presentation, over phone
(Real Secrets Bonus sheet)
Inspired by Dec. 2013
Real Secrets (Vol. 2 No. 21)
G Candy Crush (糖果甜心) Increase the number of lives you have on your Candy Crush app (mobile game)
2014 8
G iCASH (乐悠游) Magician uses a picture of his travel / subway card on his phone to tap and open the train gantry
2014 30
Max Maven Contimental any European country thought of and divined
Related to 2015 6
Hanson Chien Power Off (关G) Magician uses shadow to swipe phone, switches it off
2015 3
G iCON (照骗) Magician borrows phone, pulls camera icon out of phone, takes a picture (flash of light appears) with the icon, then places it back in phone. Photo can be found in camera roll
2016 41
G, Hanson Chien Gene (G因) Magician is able to unlock phone using pin number and fingerprint scanner
2016 56
G Posted 2.0 (神预言) Prediction posted on social media
2016 105
G Little Heart (小小心意) Pull a heart off Facebook message, becomes a heart shaped chocolate
2016 116
Jim Steinmeyer A Pretend Magic Show verbal force of "elephant" with longer story
Also published here 2019 21
Jim Steinmeyer Thurston's Coin two rows of coins or other objects, some are removed, final number divined by performer
2020 17
Jim Steinmeyer A Pretend Magic Show verbal force of "elephant" with longer story
Also published here 2020 19
Jim Steinmeyer Close Quarters performed over phone, four coins on table, spectator turns coins over and eliminates coins, final outcome and orientation divined
2020 6
Jim Steinmeyer Crime Doesn't Pay three spectators on other end of phone, instruction game with bunch of coins, performer know which spectator has which coins
Related to
  • adapted from a (not named by JS...) trick from "The Book of Secrets" (Walter Gibson, 1927)
2020 7
Jim Steinmeyer Welcome Change three piles of coin, some mixing, then number of coins in a pile is known by performer without looking
Inspired by 2020 10
Jim Steinmeyer Virtual Applause cards with word "Applause" chosen (with spelling) from four different cards
2020 33
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Beyond Cards coding numbers with The Q system to an assistent
  • Four-Digit Numbers
  • The Receipt Expert
  • The Sound of Money
2021 9
Michael Weber, Tim Trono Additional Ideas divination via text messages, coding other information like age or birth date with The Q system
2021 14
Michael Weber History credit information
2021 15
Michael Murray Perfect Memory divination of a word written and deleted in notes of any iPhone
  • Chinese Whispers Alternative
2023 26