Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
145 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Amazing Number Magic chapter intro
John Hamilton The Nine Mystery No. 1, "nine" spelled on paper without dot, dot appears, inversion
Computer Dating No. 2, two persons write a digit, calculation done with one digit leads to two-digit number composed of both original numbers
Resistible Rithmetic No. 3, spectator writes number with writing surface held away and gets it wrong (18 instead of 81), mirror writing
Step Right Up No. 4, sixteen slips, half with "i owe you $1", half with "you owe me $1", spectator writes down 1, 2, 4, 8 in any order with plus or minus between and counts to a slip and loses
Dollar-Bill Poker No. 5, apparently serial number is remembered, missing digit named, addition
Related to 6
Familiar Spirit No. 6, forcing a postion in a dial by adding four number to the same digits scrambled
A 5¢ Computer No. 7, remainder in division is known, using calculator made from paper strip and paper frame
Mark of the Beast No. 8, calculation and final number is always divisible by 666
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Karl Fulves Think of a Number No. 9, spectator does calculation procedure and adds value of change in pocket, performer knows value of change
Stewart Judah Lightning Strikes Thrice No. 10, three numbers and totals arrived at with blank cards, they are all identical
Also published here 12
Karl Fulves Blue Lightning No. 11, packets of cards removed from two decks and counted and added in some way, at the end three spectators have the same number of cards without it being obvious, all chose the same card if counted down
Inspired by 14
Karl Fulves Devilish Dates chapter intro
Guess Your Age? No. 12, spectator does calculation with his age and names total, then age divined
Fourth-Dimensional Dates No. 13, year added to another year with another number, original year found out
Mysterious Math No. 14, number thought of and spectator tells on which number cards it is listed, binary numbers in corners
Astrology Cards No. 15, birthday found out with binary number cards and asking for sign
Robert E. Neale Neale's Number No. 16, binary cards with four word cards
Shigeo Futagawa Stunumbers No. 17, some small numbers added, total predicted, using number cards, for credit information see "Future Choice" reference
Related toVariations 27
Karl Fulves Lightning Calculators chapter intro
Linear A No. 18, knowing whether an eighteen-digit number is divisible by seven
Slippery Sevens No. 19, producing numbers that are divisible by seven from given numbers
Related to 33
Alberti's Game No. 20, demonstration of quick multiplication and addition
The Fifth Power No. 21, spectator calculated fifth power of any number up to hundred, performer names original number
Playing the Market No. 22, quick addition demonstration
Tricky Total No. 23, quick multiplication demonstration
L. Vosburgh Lyons Mathematically Inclined No. 24, making a pyramid of numbers according to rules, final number predicted, Pascal's Triangle
Also published here 38
Fake Arithmetic No. 25, speed addition of five five-digit numbers
Ultraffinity No. 26, dividing a large number evenly by any digit except seven
Karl Fulves Dollars and Dice No. 27, serial number of bill, dice rolled, performer instantly adjusts serial number so it is divisible by other number
Karl Fulves Magic with Numbers chapter intro
Harry Canar, Karl Fulves Mental Amazement No. 28, two cards at two numbers counted to and removed, number added with values of the cards, both cards divined
Martin Gardner Locked-Room Mystery No. 29, 3x3 number square, ring moved around to instructions, final position predicted
Robert E. Neale The Two Guns No. 30, square with nine sections, two miniature guns moved according to instructions end up in predicted section
Also published here 50
Dr. Jacob Daley, George Sands Prime Choice No. 31, packet of thirteen cards, selection is the last one face-down after counting procedure
Also published here 52
George Sands Lucky 13 No. 32, prime principle force, small packet counted to named number until only one card remains
Also published here 53
L. Vosburgh Lyons Future Thought No. 33, dice with (larger) numbers used for number divination
Also published here 53
Howard Wurst The Decoder Card Trick No. 34, numbers translated into letters to arrive at name of selection
Cross-Cut Force
Karl Fulves Magic Squares introduction
The Marrakech Game No. 35, numbers on 3x3 square used for variation of Tic Tac Toe
Related to 60
Stephen Clark The Broken Square No. 36, square with two parts missing, still magic square, used for force
Swindle Square No. 37, six spectators have a slip with a number and multiply it with their position, numbers used for a Magic Square
Karl Fulves Anti-Magic Square No. 38, getting many different totals in a 3x3 square
Curious Magic No. 39, 4x4 square with total 264 in all directions, all different numbers and can be turned upside down on its head
Add and Subtract No. 40, puzzle with number pairs
The Paradox No. 41, paper with numbers cut up, can be arranged so that center misses
Karl Fulves The Automatic Magic Square No. 42, instantly filling out a 4x4 square for a number between 22 and 100
Karl Fulves The Classics chapter intro
The Root of the Problem No. 43, puzzle about a root equation
Haunted Hotel No. 44, puzzle about the payment of a hotel room with tip for the bellhop
Arithmetrick No. 45, number puzzle about length of fish
Contrary Clock No. 46, finding out how to set clock that goes wrong
Mountain Time No. 47
Significant Digits No. 48, getting someone to write a certain number
Unwritten Rule No. 49, calling out a number that is difficult to write down
Unequals No. 50, getting wrong equation right by making small adjustment
What's Next No. 51, continuing a series of letters
Cryptarithms No. 52, letters replace numbers in equations and must be substituted back to numbers
Eve Did Talk No. 53, letters in equation must be substituted with numbers, cryptarithm
Orderly Transition No. 54, using all nine digits in order for an equation to get 100
Naming Numbers No. 55
Zebra Algebra No. 56, puzzle involving speed of a zebra
L. Vosburgh Lyons Fidget Digits No. 57, puzzle with digits from 1 to 8 with kicker
Related to 78
Strange Symbols No. 58, digits written out with mirror image, problem of continuing the sequence
Catch Questions No. 59
Scrambled States No. 60, puzzle about states name
Puzzle Parts No. 61, puzzle with the digits from 1 to 9
Six Quik No. 62, puzzle with matrix of digits
Who Pays? No. 63
The Monkey and the Coconuts No. 64, puzzle, how many coconuts?
Karl Fulves Calendar Conjuring chapter intro
What a Week! No. 65, spectator circles three consecutive days on a calendar, days divined from total
Best Daze No. 66, spectator circles three consecutive days on a calendar vertically, days divined from total
Four of a Mind No. 67, spectator circles four consecutive days on a calendar vertically, days divined from total
Day Five No. 68, spectator circles four days on a calendar, days divined from total
The Square Week No. 69, spectator circles four days on a calendar in square, days divined from total
Cross Out No. 70, spectator circles five days on a calendar in cross, days divined from total
Second Saturday No. 71, knowing the first of a month when the second saturday's number is named
Variations 91
Walter B. Gibson Date Sense No. 72, numbers on calendar are added, matrix force
Related to 92
Martin Gardner Crazy Calendar No. 73, calendar force with matrix principle
Inspired byRelated to 94
Karl Fulves Games and Bets chapter intro
Jack Avis Mexican Bingo No. 74, sheets with numbers, some numbers arrived at are used to spell-count down in deck, four Aces found
A Dollar You Can't No. 75, bet concerning the serial number of the bill
A Dollar I Can No. 76, bet concerning the serial number of the bill
The Fortune 100 No. 77, bet about the numbers from one to hundred which do not contain eight specific letters
Bamboozled No. 78, percentage bet concerning the letters in spelled-out numbers
Rapid Boxscores No. 79, instantly figuring out product of two numbers
Portable Poker No. 80, poker without cards but written numbers instead
, Norman Osborn The Game of 21 No. 81, making paths between certain number cards until you add up to twenty-one
Telefooled No. 82, percentage bet about last two digits in phone numbers
License-Plate Showdown No. 83, percentage bet about license plate numbers
Karl Fulves Auto Suggestion No. 84, license plate prediction, involving number cards and state cards
Related to 104
Karl Fulves Giant Memory chapter intro
The Master Memory System No. 85, number association with key words
Instant Memory No. 86
Double Master No. 87, doubling the number of objects/key words
Serial Secret No. 88, how to really memorize the serial number of a bill quickly
Related to 115
Mind Erasing No. 89, list of objects memorized, spectator names all numbers except one, last one is named by performer, memory stunt, clocking
Variations 116
Pseudo Memory No. 90, bluff-memorization of order of deck
Jerry K. Hartman, Karl Fulves Memorease No. 91, spectator can memorize large number, also letters
Also published here 118
Karl Fulves The Ultra Mind No. 92, words on business card, spectator takes one of ten business cards and remembers word on it, divined, memory
Sam Schwartz Digit Memory No. 93, list of ten objects memorized, spectator names all numbers except one, last one is named by performer, memory stunt, using fingers
Inspired by 123
Karl Fulves More Number Magic chapter intro
Fred Barlow, Will Dexter, Karl Fulves Sum Fantastic No. 94, two spectators make up a six-digit number, performer has four numbers that add up to it
Karl Fulves Psychic Card Reading No. 95, nine cards given to spectator, he does a layout, removes a card and adds up the rest, performer with his back turned names the missing card
Karl Fulves Devil's Dial No. 96, person called and that person divines astrological sign
Inspired by 129
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles, Jack Miller What's My Line? No. 97, on three envelopes are occupations and salaries written, three spectator chose an envelope and take the salary in matches, performer divines who took what, also as phone effect
Richard Himber Transcendental Book Test two page numbers selected and added, that number opened in third book and first word divined, using mathematical addition force and miscalling a page number
Also published here 134
Karl Fulves Predicting the Future chapter intro
Karl Fulves Super Prophet No. 99, numbers from one to six listed a few times and added, total predicted
Inspired by 137
Karl Fulves Astro Thought No. 100, numbers formed with digits on number cards, total predicted
Karl Fulves The Million-Dollar Prediction No. 101, four people call out four-digit numbers, all digits written out on billets and mixed, new number formed, total predicted
Related toVariations 140
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