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Slip of Paper Force writing same number on every slip
1941/27 273
Cloth Changing Bag double bag, used for number force
1941/27 292
Al Baker The Force Deck to force a number
Also published here 1951 88
George Sands An Oddity paper slips with numbers on each side are arranged by the spectator, see 2022 reference for credit information
Related toAlso published here July 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 312)
Al Baker Al Bakers Nummer-Force with number cards
Also published here 1962 16
Pavel Ultra-Kombination
  • Effekt 1 (letter cards are in a 4x4 grid, one row or column selected and a word chosen from those four letters, it is predicted)
  • Effekt 2 (same with number cards and sum prediction)
1971 6
Burling Hull Forcing Methods to force a number
1976 19
Jochen Zmeck, Hanns Thielemann Das Wunder der Tierkreiszeichen six cards with astrological sign and number on both sides, spectator puts them down with three odd and three even numbers up thus forcing a predicted number
Inspired by
  • "Summ It"
1977 29
Alex East Cardputer using number cards, numbers on both sides
Inspired byRelated to June 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 14)
Stephen Tucker Ringo-Bingo Stover's Days of Force with bingo cards
Inspired byVariations 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #2 (Xmas))
Philip T. Goldstein Rethink Stover's Days of Force with bingo cards
Inspired by Apr. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 24)
Karl Fulves Astro Thought No. 100, numbers formed with digits on number cards, total predicted
1983 138
Al Baker Number Force with cards, waxed or roughed
1983 80
Cushing Strout On Book Tests and Tarot Decks using tarot cards to force spot in book
Aug. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 6)
Karl Fulves Murder by Memory No. 45, page number selected with numbers on pieces of paper, only four outcomes possible
1985 82
Jack Dean Grid Force grid with numbers and envelopes with holes
Inspired by
  • Tan Choon Tee's "Predict-A-Total" in "Tan Choon Tee on Mentalism"
1991 27
Karl Fulves Letter of Intent one of three envelopes chosen by exchanging number cards and adding some, number range force
1992 20
Steve Dusheck Force 58 twenty-eight numbers in a grid, row selected and sum predicted, Tape Measure Force extension
1993 22
Justin Higham Square-Rigged Ace through Queen mixed and dealt in 3x3 square formation by spectator, center cards added and used to count to selection, credit information
Inspired by
  • "Exit" (Stephen Tucker, Abra #2164, July 18th 1987)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Precursor #23, May 1989
1999 95
Al Baker The Force Deck to force a number
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets)
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Future Choice five envelope with numbers on either side, added in some way by spectator, total predicted, repeat, see Vol. 2 reference for credit information
Inspired by
  • "One to Eight" (George Sands, Bill Simon's Mathematical Magic, 1964)
Related to
2003 73
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Whitewash ESP deck, card chosen by adding some numbers on number cards, predicted, all others blank
Inspired by
  • "One to Eight" (George Sands, Bill Simon's Mathematical Magic, 1964)
2003 75
Jerry K. Hartman 15/14 Delight subtlety for 14/15 stack
Prolix (Issue 1)
Michael Weber Flash Force math cards with simple equations, card chosen and number of math equation is forced, multiple numbers can be forced
2010 8
Mel Bennett The Force Methods number forces
  • 1. using number cards (Magigram, Amazing Trelba)
  • 2. "Newspaper Prediction" (Martin Gardner, Magic, August 2005, also Ibidem?)
  • 3. 4x4 matrix
  • 4. magic square
Related to 2011
Xtra Credit (Issue 10)
Michael Murray Sublime Influence Evolution some cards with numbers are selected and mixed, number matches reversed logo of Pepsi
2014 54
Karl Fulves The Diana Games introduction to problem: list of target numbers, then six cards with numbers on them, three chosen, they always add up to a target number while the three discards don't, range force
Related toVariations 2015
The Lowdown (Issue 1)
Number Force cards with numbers distributed, two-digit numbers formed and added
2016 64
George Sands An Oddity paper slips with numbers on each side are arranged by the spectator
Also published here 2022 16
Shigeo Futagawa Shigeo Futagawa Prediction four cards with numbers on both sides are mixed, total predicted
Also published here
  • Fractal Music, Hypercards & More (Martin Gardner, 1991, p. 223)
2022 18
Rajneesh Madhok Thirty Force matrix force
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2009
2022 887