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Brainerd Baker Color Waves five chips with dots of different colors, performer removes named color from pocket without looking
Variations Sep. 1939
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Tommy Dowd Liars! three poker chips with a different stamps on it are selected, one of three spectators has to lie the other two tell the truth, performer knows who has which chip
Inspired by
  • an idea of Jack Vosburgh's "More than a Trick"
Aug. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 90)
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Master Pack deck shuffled, when card is removed the performer instantly knows it, rough-smooth pairs in Si Stebbins arrangement
Related toAlso published here 1948 7
Tan Hock Chuan, Edward Bagshawe R. & S. Optica Deck deck shown, then it changes back color and all cards are alike, partial rough-smooth
Inspired byRelated to 1948 12
Bob Haskell Psychic Spell six cards on the table, spectator thinks of one, cards are mixed face down and performer touches them one by one as spectator spells his card in his head, selection is touched on last letter
Related to 1949 6
Lewis Ganson, Hans E. Trixer, Jack Hill, Will Ayling, Chris Marvo, Les Hone, Hal Feben Some Reflections on Anti-Gravity tips for anti-gravity glasses
Related toAlso published here 1954 23
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Forcierspiel as Jochini, stripper & rough/smooth forcing deck
Also published here
  • in "Die Zauberkunst"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Jochen Zmeck Mysticum, die neue Ringfessel as Jochini, ring of rope under handkerchief with wooden box
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 6)
Jochen Zmeck Der Zauberstab der Hexe von Endor as Jochini, reading through a glass rod, words upside down
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Jochen Zmeck Prediction as Jochini, prediction of one of ten chosen symbols
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Jochen Zmeck HUB... der schwarze Kater as Jochini, paper animals transpose in performer's hands
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 3)
Jochen Zmeck Clairvoyance as Jochini, prediction hanging from ceiling, with chair, Okito method
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 1)
Ken Brooke The Faulty Follower
VariationsAlso published here 1959 3
Jochen Zmeck Farbentippen color plates, one chosen, performer touches plates as spectator spells the chosen color, performer is on chosen color when final letter is spelled
Related to 1960 5
Jochen Zmeck Die Badefee paddle trick with magnetic cover and story presentation
1960 6
Jochen Zmeck Masse und Energie "Ein neues Becherspiel"
cups and balls routine with hidden magnet between fingers
1960 8
Jochen Zmeck Die Unzerstörbarkeit der Materie paper strip is measured, 10 cm are cut off and burned, strip has same length, repeat
1960 14
Jochen Zmeck Tuch herunter! four silks knotted on a string, one chosen, that one falls from string
1960 16
Jochen Zmeck Das Wunder der Perlenkette pearl necklace is cut and pearls put in tube one by one, necklace pulled out restored
1960 18
Jochen Zmeck Ein Märchen mechanical (hinges) jumbo three card monte with story presentation
Inspired by
  • Eperny monte routine in Magie
1960 21
Jochen Zmeck Prediction one of ten symbol cards is chosen, prediction on a stand matches, pocket index
1960 25
Jochen Zmeck "Perfekt" - ein neuer Buchtest book chosen, two digits named (range force) to select page and word, both predicted
1960 28
Jochen Zmeck Three-Books Equivoque
1960 29
Jochen Zmeck Der Bogenschütze spectator shoots three times with small toy bow and arrow, score predicted
Inspired by
  • "Four-Score" (Howard P. Albright, Tops, July 1948)
1960 31
Jochen Zmeck Ein "TUWIT"-Effekt two decks, performer and spectator have each other choose and pocket a card, they match
1960 32
Jochen Zmeck Falschmischen continuous pick-up shuffle
1960 33
Jochen Zmeck Filieren top card pushed forward and shown, then pulled back and removed, but second card taken instead
1960 36
Jochen Zmeck Herausgeschüttelt deck put in longer tube, tube is shaken and eventually one card pops out of tube, it is a previous selection
1960 37
Jochen Zmeck Al Capone II deck with hole, ribbon is threaded through hole, selection penetrates off the ribbon
Inspired by
  • Al Capone trick, marketed in 1940s
1960 38
Jochen Zmeck Lieber magischer Freund!
1961 3
Jochen Zmeck Fräulein Nummer presentational idea of having a postcard in which a drawn girl announces the next trick on a blackboard repeatedly by spinning a wheel inside the postcard
Related to 1961 5
Jochen Zmeck Wie man zu Geld kommt coins appear between playing cards
Inspired by
  • routine in Tom Osborne's "Coin Tricks"
1961 9
Jochen Zmeck Eine Münzenvermehrung four coins dumped from deck of cards into handkerchief, they're seven now, coin tray made from deck of cards
1961 10
Jochen Zmeck Eine Münzenwanderung four coins in one hand and three in the other, the three travel to join the four coins one by one, extra coin
1961 11
Jochen Zmeck Das Finanzamt coin stack covered by tube (designed as tax office), coins vanish and button appears, coins then inside hand
Inspired by
  • dice routine by Richard Röhl
1961 13
Jochen Zmeck Münzen durch den Tisch three (different or same) coins through table one by one into glass, international, with handkerchief to facilitate lapping
Inspired by 1961 14
Jochen Zmeck Die schwebende Jungfrau close-up Aerial Suspension, paper figure balances on two needles, then one is removed
  • 2. Methode
  • 3. Methode
1961 17
Jochen Zmeck Das Kartenprisma two cards chosen, spectator looks into glass prism and sees first selection, second spectator cannot see anything in prism and his selection turns out to be blank-faced
1961 21
Jochen Zmeck Banknoten-Hellsehen number reading of one of three borrowed bills
1961 23
Jochen Zmeck Durchdringung match penetrates match box, repeat
1961 26
Jochen Zmeck Das magnetische Zündholz match animation with hidden piece of rubber tube
1961 27
Jochen Zmeck Houdini's Geheimnis figure put in plastic container, it vanishes or penetrates it, removal via hidden magnet in hand
1961 28
Jochen Zmeck Kunststücke mit Chips on types of chips and gaffs
1961 29
Jochen Zmeck Die wandernden Chips four different-colored chips transpose in various ways
Inspired by
  • Rink's routine
1961 33
Jochen Zmeck Der Bankraub two red and five white chips are distributed amongst both hands and transpose in unexpected ways
1961 37
Jochen Zmeck Die verrückten Sicherheitsnadeln six-phase routine
1961 38
Jochen Zmeck Einleitung
1962 5
Jochen Zmeck Die Präparation how to gaff for rough-smooth, different recipes and how to apply them
1. Standard-Tinktur
2. Kolophonium-Lösung
3. Mastix-Lösung
Related to 1962 7
Jochen Zmeck Forcierspiele forcing decks, chapter intro
1962 10
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Forcierspiel partially roughed Svengali deck, mirage
1962 10
Jochen Zmeck Hypnose multiple spectators chose the same card, routine for Svengali type decks
1962 11
Jochen Zmeck, Ralph W. Hull Schneller als das Auge ambitious phases with mirage deck, also as double ambitious phase
1962 14
Jochen Zmeck Geistino-Effekte brainwave type effects, chapter intro
1962 17
Peter Warlock, Jochen Zmeck Doppeltes Geistino spectator touches card, it is reversed in another deck, repeat with different method
1962 20
Jochen Zmeck Das Mene-Tekel-Spiel roughed short/long menetekel and applications
1. card to top
2. card through table
3. divination
4. rising card
5. card to pocket
6. card travels between two slates
7. having multiple cards chosen
1962 21
Jochen Zmeck Ein Zweimännertrick
1962 22
Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein, Jochen Zmeck Der Hexenring cards travel from glass to glass, partial rough/smooth
1962 23
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Kümmelblättchen partial rough-smooth
Variations 1962 26
Arthur Rasper Die im Quartett wandernde Karte partial rough-smooth with three sections
Inspired by 1962 27
Jochen Zmeck Der abgedankte König King changes into blank card with "I resigned", partial rough-smooth
Related to 1962 5
Jochen Zmeck Non Plus Ultra "Mein Verwandlungsspiel"
deck shown normal, then all cards are alike and back changes as well, then back, partial rough-smooth
Related to 1962 11
Jochen Zmeck Schwarz-Rot black cards with blue backs put in one case, red cars with red back in another, they transpose, partial rough-smooth
1962 12
Jochen Zmeck Ein neuer Sechskartentrick partial rough-smooth
1962 16
Jochen Zmeck Medium partial rough-smooth, red and black alternate, then force blocks, three phases:
  • 1. spectator says if top card is red or black, he is always right
  • 2. spectator names position of a given card, the card is at that position
  • 3. performer put unknown card in pocket, spectator divines it
Related to 1962 18
Trevor H. Hall, Jochen Zmeck Ein R.-G.-Vierastrick partial rough-smooth
1962 27
Jochen Zmeck Schlußwort
1962 28
Jochen Zmeck Tips - Tricks Anregungen various brief ideas
  • Wasser marsch!
  • Papierzerreissen
  • Glühlampe und Karte
  • Match to Flower
  • Tuchgag
  • Eierbeutel
  • Lichtetui
Also published here
  • in "Methodische Reihe der Zauberkunst"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 2)
Dai Vernon, Hubert Lambert, Faucett Ross Emerald Isle Aces four times riffle force in which top packet is turned over and spread until first face-down card
Related toVariations 1967 228
Jochen Zmeck Meine lieben magischen Freunde!
1967 3
Jochen Zmeck Die Präparation tips for applying rough-smooth
Related to 1967 4
Jochen Zmeck Geistino-Perfekt brainwave effect with different deck, twenty-six double facers alternate with twenty-six red/blue double backers, partial rough-smooth
1967 5
Jochen Zmeck Vorherbestimmt oder vorausgesagt? four Queens in envelope, one is named, it is odd-backed and reversed, repeated with Kings, partial rough-smooth
1967 7
Tan Hock Chuan, Jochen Zmeck Das Meister-Spiel deck shuffled, when card is removed the performer instantly knows it, rough-smooth pairs in Si Stebbins or other arrangement, also for clean removal of three cards from deck out-of-hand, number force for book test
Also published here 1967 10
Jochen Zmeck Kartenwanderungen comment that a deck which he read about, in which any reversed card disappears (all faced roughed), is not practical because the preparation doesn't hold up over time
1967 12
Jochen Zmeck Kartenverwandlung trotz anderer Rückseite three cards shown, center odd-backed card tabled, it changes, partial rough-smooth
Related to 1967 13
Conrad Schmoranzer, Jochen Zmeck Die Kontrollkarte cards put in glass, spectator selects card that are added, the pairs do not match, then they do, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by
  • "Die Kontrollkarte", MAGIE, 4/1963
1967 17
Jochen Zmeck Karten verwandeln sich two cards chosen, two wrong cards found, they are put face-to-face and change to selections, partial rough-smooth
1967 18
Jochen Zmeck Die Kartenfabel Seven, Eight and Nine of Diamonds change into Aces, then into other cards, then back into original cards, story presentation, partial rough-smooth in three sections
Inspired by
  • "Die unzufriedenen Piks" (MAGIE)
1967 20
Jochen Zmeck Irrtum using picture card for children for transformation routine, partial rough-smooth
1967 22
Jochen Zmeck Tuwit
Inspired by 1967 24
Jochen Zmeck Symbol-Trix five ESP cards, one put aside, four spectators each look at a card, they all have the same, but this one is not there but the one on the table
1967 29
Aldini, Joe Berg, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Supremonition Freely named card is found vanished from the deck, Joker then changes into selection, partial rough-smooth
Related to 1969 46
Bill Spooner Spooner's Specialty Force blocks are strung together to force cut position
VariationsAlso published here 1969 51
Paul Maurer The Match-Maker six cards with women are shuffled and placed on stand, five blank cards and a King of Hearts are shuffled and placed on the other cards, King of Hearts ends up on chosen card
Inspired by
  • Jochen Zmeck's "Brautschau" in "Magie" January, 1967.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 2)
Jochen Zmeck 7 mal 3
1972 2
Jochen Zmeck Drei Eröffnungen chapter intro
1972 3
Jochen Zmeck Der Kosmonaut astronaut picture put into cover envelope with hole changes, obviously turned over, transformation kicker, sucker
1972 3
Jochen Zmeck Die Mütze des Weihnachtsmanns santa clause picture put into cover envelope with hole changes, obviously turned over, transformation kicker, sucker
1972 4
Jochen Zmeck Der farbenfreudige Clown clown picture put into cover envelope with hole changes color, obviously turned over, transformation kicker, sucker
1972 4
Jochen Zmeck Mit diagonal geteilten Karten two methods to force a card from a deck with all divided cards (peek and turning a card over in fan)
1972 6
Bill Spooner, Jochen Zmeck Durch Abheben blocks are glued together to force cut position
Inspired by 1972 7
Jochen Zmeck Das J.-Z Buchstabierspiel four eight-card blocks repeat itself, all cards spell with eight letters
Inspired by
  • Duke Stern effect
1972 8
Jochen Zmeck Mein Super-Verwandlungsspiel deck transforms itself three times, faced and backs, to match selections, using triple-cards glued in Z-configuration
Inspired by
  • Leopold Figner effect
1972 8
Jochen Zmeck Ein Super-Kartenfinden three packets made, spectator looks at bottom card of one packet and shuffles everything together with performer's back turned, three different short cards
1972 10
Jochen Zmeck Farbfühlen Perfekt three color cards are put in three envelopes with color on one side, performer divines which spectator has which envelope and which color is inside
1972 12
Jochen Zmeck Vierfache Voraussage four things predicted (color, card, number, event), force and one-ahead
1972 12
Jochen Zmeck Gedankenstrahlen ten symbol cards distributed in audience and taken back, then one chosen, its symbol and the spectator who has it are divined with two slates à la design duplication
1972 14
Jochen Zmeck Dreimal à la Annemann equivoque procedure for six items, followed by three applications
1972 15
Jochen Zmeck Sechs Oldtimer one of six plastic plates chosen, the other five predict the car depicted on the chosen one
1972 15
Jochen Zmeck Chipwanderung one of six chosen chips vanishes from paper bag and appears in a box
Inspired by
  • "Poker Chip Chicanery" (Al Koran, Jack Avis, marketed ca. 1953)
1972 16
Jochen Zmeck, Hanns Thielemann, Herbert Paufler Das Mikro-Duell traveling chip with mechanical box apparatus
Inspired by 1972 17
Jochen Zmeck, George Blake Die Ansage order of program apparently chosen by performer with list of items, spectators choose numbers, performer performs whatever he has planned though
Related to 1972 19
Jochen Zmeck Die Würfelbüchse dice box to force a number from 24 to 39
Inspired by
  • item in Ottokar Fischer's Wunderbuch der Zauberkunst
1972 19
Jochen Zmeck, Herbert Paufler Tsantsa (fake) shrunken head hangs inside transparent tube and pivots into direction of chosen card, magnetism
1972 20
Jochen Zmeck, Vaganto Die Umkehrkutsche sucker effect in which a flat car prop turns over in a "garage", second expected car is not there
Inspired by
  • Roy Baker routine in Abracadabra
1972 21
Jochen Zmeck Der schwarze Peter magnetic card rope with children's deck of card
1972 22
Jochen Zmeck Drei Wünsche children routine with drawing transformation on slate, dream story presentation
Inspired by
  • Theo Doré routine
1972 23
Claude Pahud Reunion D'Automne du CMS MRS report of Swiss national convention in Winterthur, Gasbor, Fantini, Roberto, Monique, Jochen Zmeck, Ben, Ivo Durox, Rolf Andra, Micha, Les Rodgers
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 1)
Jochen Zmeck Die Tuch Cigarette burning cigarette changes into silk
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 2)
Jochen Zmeck Tuchtrio mit Gag watch appears between silks
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 3)
Jochen Zmeck Tuchverdopplung splitting silk into two, similar method as Pollock
Related to 1973
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 4)
Jochen Zmeck Meine Tuchtrio-Eröffnung handkerchief opening routine, cigarette to silk, silk is split into two, silk vanishes from tube and watch appears knotted between two silks
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 5)
Jochen Zmeck Der Magische Kunstmaler prediction of painting, spectator can chose colors, using silk, transformation of silks and painting
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 35 No. 3)
Jochen Zmeck Das Zmeckt!
1974 3
Jochen Zmeck Gleiche Gedanken three numbers named, cards at those numbers are predicted with mates or from another deck
1974 4
Jochen Zmeck Das Gehirn des Teufels three cards chosen, positions of all three cards named one by one, last card cut to by performer
Inspired by
  • Howard Albright routine
1974 5
Jochen Zmeck Der J. Z. Kartensteiger card rises from case by shaking
Inspired by
  • "An Anti-Gravitational Marvel" (G. E. Arrowsmith, Magical Originalia, 1943)
1974 6
Jochen Zmeck Kuniberts Brautschau five toy swords and five shields, spectator pushes a sword through a shield, then the others as well, first chosen shield divined
Inspired by
  • Herbert Paufler routine
1974 6
Jochen Zmeck Der FBI-Test one of six different-colored chips chosen by naming a number from an invisible die throw, predicted on blank paper by rubbing ashes on it, alternatively a two-way stencil to put over letters
Inspired by
  • Hanns Thielemann routine
1974 8
Jochen Zmeck Die J. Z. Kartenships name of chosen card appears on chip, two methods
1974 10
Jochen Zmeck Table Spread Force chip or object moved over tabled spread until spectator says stop, repeated with elimination procedure if required
1974 10
Jochen Zmeck Durch das Tuch chip through handkerchief
1974 12
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. Gold und Silber both coins in hands of spectator, sliding shell with half rim
Also published here
  • Magie, Vol. 48 No. 2, Feb. 1968, p. 367
1974 13
Jochen Zmeck Durch die Hand two phases, first phase as in Genii
Inspired by
  • Loyd, Genii magazine
1974 14
Jochen Zmeck Kon-Fu-Zme Kon-Fu-Tse version, chips with hole threaded onto string with a chip on it, they are freed
1974 16
Jochen Zmeck Noch einmal: Die Würfelbüchse uses for the dice box (three parts, lid and bottom interchangeable), see following items
1974 17
Jochen Zmeck 2. J. Z. Forcieren with dice box
1974 17
Jochen Zmeck 3. Würfel und Spielkarten dice shaken in dice box, card at that position remembered, shaken again and card then found at the new number
1974 17
Jochen Zmeck 4. Nochmals Würfel und Spielkarten two cards chosen with dice thrown in dice box, they are in same position in two packets
1974 18
Jochen Zmeck 5. Die Brautschau King and chosen pin-up girl are in same position in two packets, using dice box
Inspired by
  • "Die Brautschau" (Jochen Zmeck, Magie, 1967, p. 14)
1974 18
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. Voodoo small sword pushed into one of seven holes in voodoo doll, in chosen card of seven cards with a figure on it appears the same wound
Inspired by
  • Jochen Zmeck version in Magische Welt
1974 19
Jochen Zmeck Der J. Z. Kartenbalken stick of wood with card suits and values, finger are moved together and where they meet the suit and then value are found to match a previous selection
Inspired by
  • version in Magie and "Das große Buch der Magie"
1974 20
Jochen Zmeck Der J. Z. Karten-Zauberstab paper strip wrapped around stick, letters on paper then form name of selection
1974 22
Jochen Zmeck Durchdringung two wand held by spectators, rope wrapped around penetrates it
Inspired by
  • Tom Sellers routine
1974 23
Jochen Zmeck, Robert Harbin 1. Doppeltüte mit Automatik newspaper with hidden compartment for vanishing things
1974 24
Jochen Zmeck, Tom Sellers 2. Tüte und Glas paper cone placed in glass, things put it vanish
1974 25
Jochen Zmeck 3. Verschwindetüte zum Zerknallen paper bag for vanishing things, bag then blown up and burst
1974 26
Jochen Zmeck Die J. Z. Anziehpuppe chosen clothes appear on figure on slate
Inspired by
  • Eddie Clever routine
1974 27
Jochen Zmeck Perfekt wie Dunninger... card freely chosen from one deck behind back, performer finds duplicate in different deck removed from different pocket
Inspired by
  • idea from Max "Arcanus" Schybol
Related to
1974 28
Jochen Zmeck A-B-C Hellsehen three chosen ABC cards divined
Inspired by
  • Len Belcher routine
1974 29
Jochen Zmeck Das J. Z. Farbforcieren using cards with color dots on them to force a color
1974 31
Jochen Zmeck Liebe Freunde!
1977 3
Jochen Zmeck Blendo leicht three silks become one with image, in-the-hands
1977 5
Jochen Zmeck Blendo mit Röhre roll-up tube used to produce three silks (Horster's "Ora"), then blendo effect without the tube
1977 6
Jochen Zmeck Freihand-Blendo three silks are produced, then blendo
1977 7
Jochen Zmeck, Faucett Ross Der Zuschauer zaubert spectator choses and returns card behind his back (secretly reversed), another spectator locates it in a corner of the room
1977 9
Jochen Zmeck Die unglaubliche Übereinstimmung two chosen card in two eight-card packets end up at the same position, one packet is comprised of duplicates
1977 10
Jochen Zmeck Tempo-Tempo a black card travels through a five-card packet of red cards one by one, partial rough-smooth
1977 11
Jochen Zmeck Karte-Tuch-Geldschein card torn up and put in silk, another silk vanishes, deck put in case, deck vanishes and silk and restored card are found in case, in silk is bill instead of pieces of torn card
Variations 1977 14
Jochen Zmeck Karte und Tuchröhre variation of previous routine
Inspired by 1977 17
Jochen Zmeck Zerrissene Karte in einfachster Form card torn up, vanishes, found restored in silk tube
1977 18
Jochen Zmeck Der verrückte Zauberstab white tips of wand fall off in routined sequence
1977 18
Jochen Zmeck Das haut hin wand given to spectator, it breaks into two halves and one half rotates on the other half
Also published here
  • marketed by Conradi-Horster, 1950
1977 20
Jochen Zmeck Tip zum verschwindenden Stab vanishing wand that can be crumpled up and re-used
1977 22
Jochen Zmeck, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Chips a la Kümmelblättchen monte routine with three chips with transformations
1977 23
Jochen Zmeck Die J. Z. Mini-Geistertafeln small slate, writing appears on both sides, no flaps, flexible slate surface moves
1977 25
Jochen Zmeck Monte Sex two cards with pin-up girls, a small rose card is clipped to one, performer cannot follow one of the cards and rose motive changes to number "6"
Inspired by
  • "Double Impact" (Bud Dietrich, Dick Jarrow, marketed 1972)
1977 26
Jochen Zmeck ESP-Voraussage freely chosen ESP card is predicted
Inspired by
  • Jochen Zmeck's ESP routine with slates in Magische Welt
1977 28
Jochen Zmeck, Hanns Thielemann Das Wunder der Tierkreiszeichen six cards with astrological sign and number on both sides, spectator puts them down with three odd and three even numbers up thus forcing a predicted number
Inspired by
  • "Summ It"
1977 29
Jochen Zmeck, Hanns Thielemann Die vorhergesagte Zahl two sets of number cards from one to five are mixed face-up and face-down, performer sets one face-up Three down, spectator locates the face-down Three
1977 30
Jochen Zmeck Plus Eins: Die Ansage classic Do as I Do, the card the ends up reversed in the spectator's packet announces the next trick each time, running gag
1977 32
Larry Becker Improved Haunted House story trick, five letter cards, different words with different letters are spelled
Variations 1978 69
Wissenswertes über Jochen Zmeck
1978 2
Jochen Zmeck About Spring Flowers construction of and information about spring flowers
1978 2
Jochen Zmeck Reparatur von Klappblumen repairing spring flowers
1978 3
Jochen Zmeck Fadenordner organizing the threads attached to spring flowers
1978 4
Jochen Zmeck Blumenklammern clips to keep spring flowers together
  • 1) Die Papierschlaufe
  • 2) Die Pappklammer
  • 3) Die Drahtklammer
  • 4) Mechanische Klammern
1978 4
Jochen Zmeck Der Transport von Klappblumen transporting spring flowers
1978 6
Jochen Zmeck Die Blumentüte spring flower production from paper cone, seven methods
1978 6
Jochen Zmeck Blumen erscheinen zwischen zwei Tellern spring flowers appear between two plates
1978 9
Jochen Zmeck Der Blumenfang producing single spring flowers
1978 10
Jochen Zmeck Blumen aus dem Glase spring flowers appear in glass
1978 10
Jochen Zmeck Blumenstrauß erscheint in freier Hand spring flower bouquet production
1978 11
Jochen Zmeck Ein Luftballon verwandelt sich in einen Blumenstrauß balloon changes to spring flower bouquet
1978 12
Jochen Zmeck Zigarettenschachtel zu Blumenstrauß cigarette case changes to spring flower bouquet
1978 12
Jochen Zmeck Die verwandelte Zeitung newspaper changes to spring flower bouquet
1978 13
Jochen Zmeck Tuch zu Blumenstrauß silk changes to spring flower bouquet
1978 13
Jochen Zmeck Brennende Zigarre zu Blumenstrauß lit cigar changes to spring flower bouquet
1978 14
Jochen Zmeck Telegramm zu Blumen paper card changes to spring flower bouquet
1978 15
Jochen Zmeck Der Blumen-Handschuh gloves change to spring flower bouquet
1978 16
Jochen Zmeck Der Blumenbanner vase with flowers depicted on silk, silk folded up and spring flower bouquet removed, vase on silk now empty
1978 16
Jochen Zmeck Blumen erscheinen in der Vase spring flower bouquet appears in vase
1978 17
Jochen Zmeck Zwei Vasen füllen sich spring flower bouquets appear in two vases
1978 18
Jochen Zmeck Der magische Gärtner seeds sprinkled in pages of book, then spring flowers come out
1978 19
Jochen Zmeck Vier schnelle Blumensträuße four spring flower bouquets appear under silk
1978 19
Jochen Zmeck Das Vier-Farben-Wunder routine with fan, paper confetti and colors, ends with flower bouquet production
  • Der Farbenfächer
  • Die Konfettifärbung
  • Tuchfärben und Blumenerscheinen
  • Tücher verwandeln sich in Blumen
1978 21
Edward Marlo Psi Color deck is shuffled and spectator can guess if top card is red or black, he is always right
Related to 1979
Magick (Issue 243)
Jochen Zmeck Liebe Freunde!
1979 2
Jochen Zmeck, Ward the Wizard Die Blumen-Eröffnung feather flower bouquet produced, choreography with wand, sleeve load
1979 3
Jochen Zmeck Rot-Grün-Überraschung card chosen from red-backed deck, same card reversed in green-backed deck, then cards are shown to have transposed
1979 4
Jochen Zmeck Doppelte Drehung two selections turn over one by one
Inspired by
  • Orville Meyer routine
1979 5
Jochen Zmeck Sie lügen three chips and girls with different hair color on them, three spectators choose them, divined who has which chip with lie detector presentation
Inspired byRelated to 1979 7
Jochen Zmeck Fünfzig Mark
1979 8
Jochen Zmeck Dreifache Übereinstimmung symbol cards, one chosen by counting to it, one from a different set with numbers on their backs by naming a number, both match a previous prediction
Inspired by
  • idea from Max "Arcanus" Schybol
1979 11
Jochen Zmeck Ein guter Wurf performer holds plate in front of his face, spectator throws deck on plate, all cards drop, card found on forehead behind plate
Inspired by
  • Reinhold Woda routine
1979 12
Jochen Zmeck Eingefangen card found with mouse trap
1979 14
Jochen Zmeck Die verdrehten Flaschen full glass of beer as climax
1979 15
Jochen Zmeck Buchstabieren picture cards are spelled out with story, always "Falsch" shows up
Related to 1979 19
Jochen Zmeck Der Damaszener Dolch selection lost, spectator locates four cards by stabbing a knife in the deck, they are the selection and its three mates
Inspired by 1979 23
Jochen Zmeck Stabbing Henry Christ Force card stabbed to with knife as get-into for Henry Christ force
1979 26
Jochen Zmeck Wilson-Krawatten traveling tie from box with selection of ties to collar, free choice
1979 27
Willy "Tex Williams" Peter München Magisch - Kongress des MZvD 1981 on the German magic convention in Munich, Jochen Zmeck, Bill Stickland, Peter Kersten, Harry Lorayne, Warren Stephens, Edwin Hooper, Camilo, Roy Johnson, Dai Vernon, Mr. Black und Ursula, Sebastian, Eckhard Böttcher, Theo Bauer, Mr. Bogo, Gene Anderson, Piet Forton, Tantor, Die 2 Erinos, Daviso, Terry Herbert, Robert Lundell, Peps Zoller, Sepp Viellechner, Duo Absolon, Ray Speedy, Glenn Falkenstein & Frances Willard, Dieter Ebel, Pinelli, Günter Puchinger, Siegfried, Edwin Hooper, Bill Larsen, Rudolf Braunmüller, Armin Rieck, Werner Hornung
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 42 No. 6)
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. - ESP - Voraussage ESP prediction, five rough-smooth pairs
1981 3
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. - Mentalepik three numbered predictions written on cardboard pieces one by one
1981 6
Jochen Zmeck J. Z. - Premonition named card vanishes, is then removed from pocket, partial rough-smooth
Related to 1981 8
Jochen Zmeck Das Spukhaus story trick, four letter cards, different words with different letters are spelled
Inspired by 1981 10
Jochen Zmeck Heiratsvermittlung four chips with women on them and two chips with men used for prediction and location trick
  • Die Vorherbestimmte
  • Die Wiedergefundene (Hummer's Mathematical Three Card Monte)
Related to 1981 11
Jochen Zmeck Perfektes Farbfühlen four chips with dots of different colors are placed in handkerchief, performer removes named color without looking
Inspired by 1981 13
Harry Lorayne, Ken Krenzel Tidal Wave impromptu brainwave, one deck used as two decks, four applications, see credit corrections on pages 834, 864, 1092
Related toVariations May 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 5)
Eddie Clever, Franz Christensen Buchstabier-Zauber picture cards are spelled out with story, always "Dummer August" shows up
Related toAlso published here
  • Christensen's "Spell Hound" (Genii, Nov. 1936)
Jan. 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 10 No. 3 & 4)
Jochen Zmeck, Zoran Nikolin Das silberne Tuchfärben color changing handkerchief in a tube, hooked insert
Inspired by
  • a method in Harold Rice's "Thru the Dye Tube" 1943.
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Peter Wilker, Jochen Zmeck Fünf plus Fünf ist Zehn bill of 10 Franks is placed inside envelope and cut in two, 5 Frank coins are found in each half
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Jochen Zmeck ...3-2-1-Zmeck handkerchief placed inside a tube which looks like a rocket, rocket is set on fire and handkerchief vanishes
Also published here
  • in "Zauberkunst"
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Peter Wilker, Jochen Zmeck, Jack Gwynne, Hans E. Trixer Die schwebenden Gläser various methiods for anti-gravity glasses, including ideas by Hans Trixer,Jack Gwynne and Jochen Zmeck
Related to 1988
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Channing Pollock Blitzproduktion zweier Seidentücher in je einer Hand flash production of handkerchiefs, one in each hand, slit in trousers
Related to 1989 13
John V. Hope, Robert Olsen Duet No. 55, two coins wrapped in handkerchief, named one penetrates table
Variations 1989 62
Juno Sei-Pa-Schni-Kü tissue paper restoration with sucker explanation
Inspired by
  • paper tear in Jochen Zmeck's "Handbuch der Magie"
1991 14
Jochen Zmeck Geheimnisvoller Platzwechsel ring and nut on rope, they change position
Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 3-5)