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Bob Haskell "I'll Take Coke" card chosen and put aside, the name of the card appears in the bottle cap and chosen card is blank
1937 2
Bob Haskell Contact spectator deals row of cards, remembers last card, and deals same number of cards on all cards and collects them, performer locates selection, two keys
1937 2
Bob Haskell Psychic Spell six cards on the table, spectator thinks of one, cards are mixed face down and performer touches them one by one as spectator spells his card in his head, selection is touched on last letter
Related to 1949 6
Jochen Zmeck Farbentippen color plates, one chosen, performer touches plates as spectator spells the chosen color, performer is on chosen color when final letter is spelled
Related to 1960 5
Bob Haskell, Edward Marlo Reverse Double Undercut
Related toVariations 1968 5
Mel Brown Jumping Jack three cards, one placed on table transposes with one in hand, based on rough-smooth effect by Bob Haskell
Mar. 1970
Epilogue (Issue 8)
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Overcut Straddle-grip Cut used as alternative to Reverse Double Under-cut, see "Reverse Double Undercut" reference, for basic technique see "Straddle-grip Cut" reference
Related to 1972 67
Bob Haskell Haskell's Ace Location No. 406, unclear effect with Aces and Kings, might be related to No. 230
1972 110
Bob Haskell Reverse Double Undercut
1991 25
Bob Haskell Reverse Double Undercut
Related to
  • (Alton Sharpe, Expert Card Conjuring, 1976)
1997 320
Edward Marlo, Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Reverse Double Undercut as Production
Inspired by 2003 138
Bob Haskell Reverse Double Undercut
2008 280
Mike Caveney The Split Deck deck chopped in half, card chosen from both halves, they match
Inspired by
  • Bob Haskell's "Split Deck"
2013 49
Mike Caveney Money Machine routine for money machine prop with spinning cylinders, credit information on Bob Haskell's prop
  • The Stool
  • The Money Machine
2013 99