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Oscar Weigle Color Scheme No. 47, Cards mixed face up/down, spectator separates face up/down, as well as red/blackVariationsAlso published here Scarne on Card Tricks 83
John Scarne, Joseph Prieto The Stapled Card No. 62, Card transposition with card stapled to a JokerVariations Scarne on Card Tricks 110
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight with extra cards, false switches and the delight switchRelated toVariationsAlso published here The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 220) 878
Edward Marlo Magical Seven selection reversed in face-up portion travels down into lower face-down portion into seventh position, five phases/methodsRelated toVariations The Magic Seven 2
Harry Lorayne Change of four cards Push-Through ChangeRelated toVariations Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 67
Dai Vernon Vernon Super Count Down thought-of number is dealt, performer finds it out, also with selection, red-black alternating set-upVariations Early Vernon 23
Karl Fulves The St. Nicholas Aces black deuces are pushed reversed in deck twice to locate ace, the next time the sandwich cards become the last two AcesRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1, No. 2) 12
Al Leech Two Hands: Four Aces "sleeve Aces"Variations Super Card Man Stuff 37
Roy Walton The Overworked Card Triumph type of effect, one card travels from bottom to top and turns every reversed card overRelated toVariations The Devil's Playthings 33
Robert E. Neale More Lies thought card revealed with eight-card-packet as computerRelated toVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6, No. 4th Folio) 384
Peter Kane Signature Transposition two cards signed on back by two people, signatures transposeVariations Card Cavalcade 5
Lin Searles Idiot's Shuffle cards shuffled face-up/face-down (for real), then four eights (instead of aces) are dealtVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8, No. 8th Folio) 664
Lin Searles Countdown Aces performer cuts to Ace, Two, Three and Four on top, counting down to the Aces according to values, inspired by Ed Marlo routineVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8, No. 8th Folio) 668
Paul Curry Houdini's Legacy circle is drawn on a card, deck cut somewhere, the name of the cut to card is now written in the circleVariations Paul Curry Presents 16
Peter Duffie A Fansee Blind Shuffle zarrow type, false fan shuffle Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 1) 158
Roy Walton The "Thing er me Jig" Trick cards are spelled with words "remember" and "forget"Variations Some Late Extra Card Tricks 2
Michael Skinner Francis Carlyle's Ghost Variations Epilogue (Issue 24) 223
Fred Robinson IBM (British Ring) Convention 1976 on Bob Gill, Michael Florence, Bob Swadling, Doug Alker, Joe Riding, Rovi, David CarrĂ©. Geoff Ray, Walt Lees, Peter Duffie, Sonny Day, Roy Walton, Trevor Lewis, Bob Read, Ken Brooke, Pat Page, Frans Biemans Pabular (Vol. 3, No. 2) 321
Peter Duffie Aces With A Twist twisting the aces with do as I do element, in the end aces change places Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 5) 209
Jerry Andrus Drop Jog dropping one half on the otherVariations Andrus Card Control 61
Peter Duffie, Roy Walton Play It Again Sam pairs are back in orderRelated to Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 9) 254
Peter Duffie, Jerry K. Hartman The Go-Between sandwich card find card in the center and turn over, based on J.K. Hartman's "Centre of Attention" Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 10) 268
Peter Duffie Card In Case... Transposition transposition with signed odd back card Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 12) 289
Peter Duffie, Tom Batchelor Positive Card Fold Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 12) 290
Roy Walton, Peter Duffie, Bob Driebeek Play It Again Sam follow-upInspired by Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 12) 293
Peter Duffie Twin Key-Boards mates, traveling and piano trick Pabular (Vol. 3, No. 4) 344
Peter Duffie, Roy Walton Canibal Land Pabular (Vol. 3, No. 11) 432
Danny Korem Ramsey's Triple Restoration tissue paper, with spectator, pendulum holdoutVariations The Upside Down Toppit 20
Fred Robinson Oasis on Phil Goldstein, Gaeton Bloom, Ken Brooke, Danny Ray, Andrew Galloway, Basil Horwitz, Jay Marshall, Peter Duffie, Rex Cooper, Ken Hawes, Chris Pratt, Doug Alker, Max Maven, Frans Biemans, Roger Crabtree, Mike Gancia, Peter Warlock, Tom Owen, Harry Dewhirst, Philippe Fiahlo, Rovi, Wally Boyce Pabular (Vol. 4, No. 11) 599
Peter Duffie Collectors Seminar aces change to royal flush as a kicker Pabular (Vol. 5, No. 9) 734
Bob Hummer Hummer's 18 Card Mystery spectator takes eighteen cards and turns over the top two cards and cuts the pile, that step is repeated as often as he likes, then the performer takes the cards behind his back and divines the amount of reversed cardsRelated toVariations Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 7
Peter Duffie "...And the Card Came Back" cards travel and tranform into royal flush Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 3) 822
Brother John Hamman, Peter Duffie Flushtration Count Variation Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 3) 822
Steve Hamilton, Peter Duffie Trans Collection three cards travel, collecters type Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 7) 876
Peter Duffie Ladies in Waiting queen is produced, two selections are found sandwiched between other three queens Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 4) 65
Peter Duffie A Fist Full of Dollar with big coin Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 4) 70
Peter Duffie Pocketed one phase ambitious card with ace, then card travels to pocket Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 5) 79
Peter Duffie After Image retention of vision type Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 5) 83
Peter Duffie Half & Half two spectators select a card, in each half of the deck a card reverses, since both chose the same card, turned over cards are half of the selection Spell-Binder (Vol. 1, No. 6) 103
Peter Duffie Change of Departure Alternative Card Magic 10
Peter Duffie Outjogged Deal Unload Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 4) 1026
Peter Duffie Card in Case Transposition card transposes with folded Card Alternative Card Magic 15
Peter Duffie Show- Case similar to Ken Brooke's Vanishing Card Case Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. 13) 239
Peter Duffie right trouser pocket classic palm Alternative Card Magic 22
Peter Duffie Arc de Triumph without false shuffle Spell-Binder (Vol. 2, No. 15) 279
Peter Duffie Overhand Poker fast and easy Alternative Card Magic 28
Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz Introduction Alternative Card Magic
Daryl Martinez Daryl Martinez Change card changes as it is pushed into deck and extracted againRelated to The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 39
Peter Duffie Half Right card cut in half Alternative Card Magic 2
Peter Duffie Hofzinser in My Pocket selection is pocketed, twisting sequence Alternative Card Magic 22
Peter Duffie Inside Job two and two with transformation kickerVariations Alternative Card Magic 6
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Alternative Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) Epoptica (Issue 3) 132
Al Smith (reviewer) Alternative Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 8) 1088
Peter Duffie Addition and False Turnover paddle move, while adding cards The Best of Close-Up Magic 17
Walt Lees Peter Duffie The Best of Close-Up Magic 51
Peter Duffie Royalty In Your Pocket four queens are produced, then reds and black change places and selection is found sandwiched in between red queens The Best of Close-Up Magic 51
Peter Duffie Departure Point two signed cards vanish and appear face up in the deck, they vanish again and produced from pockets The Best of Close-Up Magic 55
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Contemporary Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2, No. 22) 216
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Contemporary Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) Epoptica (Issue 6) 348
David Britland Bulls Eye "A pasteboard prediction"
prediction written on card, pushed in by spectator, next to prediction
Variations Equinox 30
Larry Jennings The Visitor Variations The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 159
Ken Simmons, Peter Duffie Diamond Heist two and two with transformation kickerInspired by Riffling the Pasteboards 5
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Close-Up to the Point by Peter Duffie Epoptica (Issue 8) 450
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Solo by Peter Duffie Epoptica (Issue 8) 450
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Duet by Peter Duffie Epoptica (Issue 8) 451
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Trio by Peter Duffie Epoptica (Issue 8) 451
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Quartet by Peter Duffie Epoptica (Issue 8) 451
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Inspirations by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) Epoptica (Issue 10) 499
Ben Harris, David Faulkner Invertz pairs are deal after one riffle shuffle, top cards turned over, two chosen and exchanged, later locatedInspired by
  • "Worlds Apart" (Jerry Sadowitz & Peter Duffie, Inspirations)
Off the Wall 24
Dai Vernon Packet Calculator small packet, mathematicalRelated toVariations The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 134
Jon Racherbaumer, Eric Eicher Road-Runner Sevens "Fast/Faster/Fastest", three phases, last phase "Hull Version" (signed card type), Six & Seven pseudo duplicatesInspired by
  • "Signus X II" (Peter Duffie, Close-up To The Point, 1984)
Synergistic Sandwiches 8
Bob Gill, Peter Duffie Collusion Illusion three cards selected, aces used, ace with selected suit turns over, all have KH, other aces change into 3 KHs, AH as well, then they're all four kingsInspired by
  • "Collusion" (Peter Duffie, Applications, 1993)
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1, No. 2) 14
Bob Gill The Race Is On odd-backedInspired by
  • "Centre Forward" (Peter Duffie, Applications, 1993)
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1, No. 3) 15
Jon Racherbaumer, Peter Duffie Time-Warp Sandwich Card Finesse II 239
Karl Fulves Draw Test sixteen-card poker, four players get four cards eachVariations Rigmarole (Issue 2) 16
Ernest Earick Double Damned VariationsAlso published here By Forces Unseen 141
Al Smith Confusion Delusion three cards selected, aces used, ace with selected suit turns over, all chose KH, other aces change into 3 KHs, AH as well, then they're all four kingsInspired by New Sorcerer (Vol. 1, No. 4) 5
Marty Kane Simplex Lie Speller Variations Facsimile (Issue 2) 32
Allan Ackerman My Favorite Gemini Related toVariations Las Vegas Kardma 12
Andrew Galloway Reflected Thought Variations Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17, No. 3) 2334
Philip T. Goldstein, Peter Duffie Flex alphabet cards are mixed and distributed, one person only can form a word which is predictedInspired by
  • "The Official Card Catcher" (Peter Duffie, Imagine)
Related to
Thabbatical 30
Philip T. Goldstein Cheap Flex four-spectator adaptionInspired by Thabbatical 33
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus, Plus Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17, No. 2) 2319
Alex Elmsley Fool's Mate joker as cupid and methodVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 149
Peter Duffie Thoughts on the Bottom Estimation & Bottom DealVariations Duffie's Card Compulsions 232
Peter Duffie Spin Cut Lapping Duffie's Card Compulsions 262
Peter Duffie City Slickers Kings find Queens Duffie's Card Compulsions 26
Peter Duffie Marriage on the Rocks Variations Duffie's Card Compulsions 30
Peter Duffie Sherlock Never Married Ace Change kicker Duffie's Card Compulsions 36
Peter Duffie Caprice two Cards, repeats Duffie's Card Compulsions 119
Peter Duffie Dearly Departured Duffie's Card Compulsions 44
Peter Duffie Exodus double facer Duffie's Card Compulsions 49
Peter Duffie Red an Black Scenario Duffie's Card Compulsions 152
Peter Duffie The Packet Palm as packet is turned over Duffie's Card Compulsions 242
Peter Duffie The Case in Hand with selection and Case Duffie's Card Compulsions 146
Peter Duffie The Claustrophobic Cards in Sandwiches, Black Widow Variation Duffie's Card Compulsions 77
Peter Duffie Widowed in Sandwiches, Black Widow Variation Duffie's Card Compulsions 73
Peter Duffie Duffie's Depth Deception subtlety Duffie's Card Compulsions 268
Peter Duffie Center Block Palm from center or top, multiple cards Duffie's Card Compulsions 244
Peter Duffie Sleuthsayers Duffie's Card Compulsions 136
Peter Duffie Two Decks But With a Single Thought two prepared decks Duffie's Card Compulsions 209
Peter Duffie Lucky Card, This Deck Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18, No. 11) 2578
Peter Duffie Two Timing actually different effect Duffie's Card Compulsions 126
Peter Duffie Jet Lag actually different effect Duffie's Card Compulsions 128
Peter Duffie The Grift Shift bluff type Duffie's Card Compulsions 248
Peter Duffie The Lucky Ten spectator thinks of small number and makes piles Duffie's Card Compulsions 53
Peter Duffie A Willfull Sandwich Transposition Duffie's Card Compulsions 140
Peter Duffie Fortuitous Card Catcher completely Off-Beat Presentation Duffie's Card Compulsions 143
Peter Duffie The Working Assambly Duffie's Card Compulsions 176
Peter Duffie P.O.U.S. (Palm Off Utility Sleight) in the act of apparantly turning packet over Duffie's Card Compulsions 266
Peter Duffie Pokericulous Variation on a Stewart James Effect Duffie's Card Compulsions 100
Peter Duffie Eightsum Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18, No. 7) 2529
Peter Duffie Aces Apace red Aces in deck change place with black Aces, visual surprise ending Duffie's Card Compulsions 60
Peter Duffie Faststack with bluff, interesting Duffie's Card Compulsions 161
Peter Duffie Judas Shuffle, The (and Applications) Duffie's Card Compulsions 167
Peter Duffie Baker Street Branch a certain value is needed and chosen Duffie's Card Compulsions 41
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus stay stack principle, number prediction Duffie's Card Compulsions 170
Peter Duffie No Two Ways About It two signatures transpose Duffie's Card Compulsions 226
Peter Duffie Changing Sides selfworking version of "No Two Ways..." Duffie's Card Compulsions 229
Peter Duffie Rooms for Maneuver also inspired by Hotel Mystery Duffie's Card Compulsions 205
Peter Duffie Just for Starters Inspired by Duffie's Card Compulsions 56
Peter Duffie Re-Scan Variant using spelling Duffie's Card Compulsions 223
Peter Duffie The Self-Seekers Duffie's Card Compulsions 213
Peter Duffie Triple Trauma small packet, reverse faros Duffie's Card Compulsions 81
Peter Duffie A Hint of a Tint Universal Card with color changing deck kicker Duffie's Card Compulsions 97
Peter Duffie Credit Information Duffie's Card Compulsions 69
Peter Duffie The Production Cut Duffie's Card Compulsions 257
Peter Duffie Almost But not Quite Inspired by Duffie's Card Compulsions 174
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus Plus stay stack principle Duffie's Card Compulsions 173
Peter Duffie Four-Knowledge Inspired by
  • Daley's Notebook #323 & #554
Related to
Duffie's Card Compulsions 102
Peter Duffie Four-Knowledge (Without Seconds) Related to Duffie's Card Compulsions 107
Peter Duffie Epitaph for a Card Cheat one-at-a-time reduction of hands Duffie's Card Compulsions 156
Peter Duffie Widespread on the pack Duffie's Card Compulsions 93
Peter Duffie Cardtell Variation of "Centerpoint" Duffie's Card Compulsions 134
Peter Duffie Centerpoint pseudo explanation/teachingVariations Duffie's Card Compulsions 131
Peter Duffie The Nulling Factor clean up for reversed deck under top card Duffie's Card Compulsions 250
Peter Duffie The Vegas Connection Gilbreath thing Duffie's Card Compulsions 190
Peter Duffie Aces at Once selection included Duffie's Card Compulsions 64
Peter Duffie Mis-Read Palmistry using pseudo mates Duffie's Card Compulsions 23
Peter Duffie Toss-In Lap Switch card is switched/lapped as it is tossed through deck Duffie's Card Compulsions 264
Peter Duffie Truth Serum Inspired by Duffie's Card Compulsions 90
Peter Duffie The Ultimate Truth Inspired by
  • "Tarradiddle" (Peter Duffie, Quartet, 1986)
Related toVariations
Duffie's Card Compulsions 84
Peter Duffie Within You Without You Duffie's Card Compulsions 217
Peter Duffie A Pocketful of Lies packet in pocket, cards removed to answer truth or lieRelated to Duffie's Card Compulsions 86
Peter Duffie Triggered Hofzinser Duffie's Card Compulsions 113
Bernard Rasmussen Alternate Opening for "The Ultimate Truth"Inspired byVariations Duffie's Card Compulsions 87
Peter Duffie No-Trigger Hofzinser Duffie's Card Compulsions 116
Peter Duffie A Great Deal of Thought overhand shuffle placement Duffie's Card Compulsions 110
Peter Duffie A Mild Solution Duffie's Card Compulsions 117
Peter Duffie The Final Solution Handling Variation of "Hofzinser in My Pocket" Duffie's Card Compulsions 235
Peter Duffie Divisory Capacity Inspired byVariations Duffie's Card Compulsions 69
Paul LePaul, Peter Duffie LePaul Second Deal Handling Duffie's Card Compulsions 104
Peter Duffie Peek Break Technique for getting break above selection Duffie's Card Compulsions 258
Peter Duffie LePaul Second Deal as Double Lift Substitute for packet, comments Duffie's Card Compulsions 14
Peter Duffie The Double Innercut top card to anywhere near bottom Duffie's Card Compulsions 253
Peter Duffie The Correction Pass for cleaning up a faced deck Duffie's Card Compulsions 252
Peter Duffie The Double Overcut bottom to top Duffie's Card Compulsions 255
Peter Duffie Mixed Reaction Miraskill & Gilbreath Duffie's Card Compulsions 182
Peter Duffie The Maze Connection four times stop, off-beat effect Duffie's Card Compulsions 186
Peter Duffie The Three Packet Shuffle Duffie's Card Compulsions 19
Peter Duffie Only a Game Down under Deal, different Effect Duffie's Card Compulsions 202
Peter Duffie Flight of Hand three Selections travel from between Aces to Kings Duffie's Card Compulsions 194
Peter Duffie The Protection Racket three Selections travel from between Aces to Kings Duffie's Card Compulsions 199
Peter Duffie Pasteboard Detection mathematical, CATO Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19, No. 5) 2645
Peter Duffie Hopover thought of card from red pack transpose with thought of card from black packet (uses PallaD Principle by Peter Duffie, found in Cards in Principle) The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 62) 1213
Peter Duffie Before You Die Random numbers of die used to mix/transfer cards from packet to packet, then reveal two selections Effortless Card Magic 90
Peter Duffie Super Duplex Count-Down Two selections made fairly, able to locate both immediatelyInspired by Effortless Card Magic 92
Peter Duffie Mystic Seven Seven cards dealt down to find first selection face up. Seven cards dealt again, but find first selection again, the previous selection is now the second selectionInspired by Effortless Card Magic 93
Peter Duffie The Magnet Ace of Spades placed reversed in deck, two face up selections appear next to it Effortless Card Magic 96
Peter Duffie Thinking and Sinking Two Jokers penetrate and sink to bottom of two packets, selections are found on top of each packet Effortless Card Magic 98
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze Double-Stuck Prediction of two selections in the form of jumbo cards (weird twisting revelation), found to be stapled together, and the actual selections are also stapled togetherInspired by Effortless Card Magic 99
Peter Duffie Clear to the Point Signed selection placed in clear plastic envelope, which is sandwiched between two Jokers. Card vanishes and appears between two other Jokers in spectator's hand (based on Steve Hamilton's Clearly Vanished and Roy Walton's Jefferson's Jest) Effortless Card Magic 103
Peter Duffie M.I.M.C. Two spectators sign two cards with different backs, the two signatures on the faces transposeInspired by Effortless Card Magic 106
Marty Kane Part Three - Using 6 Target Cards - The Spell of Royalty
- Variation #1
- Variation #2
- Pellmell Spell
- Variation #1
- Variation #2
- Variation #3
- Spelling and Think-King
- Variation #1
- Variation #2
- Parallel Spell
- Variation
- Clientele Under Your Spell
- Variation
- Monthly Spells
- Variation
- Blanking Out Spells
- Variation for Two Spectators
- Variation for Three Spectators
Related to The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 66) 1325
David Lindgreen Joker Power two cards selected and lost (pseudo duplicates), Elevator with two Jokers and Ace to Three of Spades, Jokers change to selections, two methodsInspired by
  • Peter Duffie effect (Hellraiser?)
The Fine Print (Issue 5) 114
Marty Kane, Karl Fulves, Peter Duffie Marty's Miracle Card found via elimination procedure, eliminate every odd card in packetInspired by Effortless Card Magic 125
Peter Duffie Loyal Marriages Four Kings and Queens incorrectly matched, two Jokers used to match them magicallyInspired by Effortless Card Magic 126
Peter Duffie Get Back! King placed amongst the four Fours travel back to the King packet (jumbo cards) Effortless Card Magic 113
Peter Duffie, Iain Girdwood, Max Maven Return to Suabia Hofzinser Ace Problem + Twisting the AcesInspired by
  • "The Suabian Twist" (Peter Duffie, Cards in Principle, 1994)
Effortless Card Magic 129
Peter Duffie The Card of the Oracle Spelling to two cards Effortless Card Magic 116
Peter Duffie Remembrance Remember and Forget, with color separation as a surprise endingInspired by Effortless Card Magic 132
Peter Duffie Spell Or Deal, It's Up to You! Spectator thinks of any card in packet, magician divines it, then choose to either down/under deal to it or spell to it. Effortless Card Magic 118
Peter Duffie Hands Off Hofzinser Hofzinser Ace Problem, almost everything happens in spectator's hands Effortless Card Magic 134
Peter Duffie The Spectator Makes a Sandwich! Hands off multiple sandwich, find two cardsInspired by Effortless Card Magic 120
Peter Duffie Hofzinser On The Up Hofzinser Ace Problem with sandwich plot, card appears between black Jacks is the Ace Effortless Card Magic 136
Peter Duffie Settling the Score Long spelling trick, impromptu and hands off Effortless Card Magic 121
Peter Duffie Hofzinser By Stealth Hofzinser Ace Problem but super easy to do Effortless Card Magic 139
Peter Duffie Spell-Raiser Card reversed in deck, spell the card to find selected card Effortless Card Magic 123
Peter Duffie, Dave Robertson Vanished Or Gone Spectator thinks of any card, card is shown to have vanished from the pack / word GONE is printed on the backInspired by Effortless Card Magic 142
Peter Duffie Still Scheming Play it Straight Triumph type of effect with CATO procedure, use half a deckInspired by Effortless Card Magic 144
Peter Duffie The Dream Machine Divine selection, variation of Mindreader's DreamInspired by Effortless Card Magic 146
Peter Duffie An Unexpected Prediction Cards in a packet turned face down one by one by counting sequence, remaining card that is face up has PREDICTION written on the back (uses prime principle by George Sands)Variations Effortless Card Magic 108
Peter Duffie The Mindreader's Reality Effortless Card Magic 147
Peter Duffie The Mindreader's Wisdom No prearrangement of cards Effortless Card Magic 148
Peter Duffie Four Card Monte Effortless Card Magic 109
Peter Duffie A Popular Misconception Elevator effect + Gemini Mates plot Effortless Card Magic 150
Peter Duffie, Gordon Bruce A Transposition? two card transpo with slight discrepancy Effortless Card Magic 112
Peter Duffie An Odd Occurrence Weird sandwich trick with packet Effortless Card Magic 152
Peter Duffie Backfire Poker Ten cards, spectator ends with winning hand (not ten card poker deal)Inspired by Effortless Card Magic 154
Peter Duffie A Plain Sandwich Kings vanish from bottom of deck, sandwich selection instantly Effortless Card Magic 155
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze Hudson's Hawk Two spectators get perfect Blackjacks from randomized half of the deck by themselves, hands off Effortless Card Magic 157
Peter Duffie Some Might Say Triumph type of effect, end with four of a kindInspired by Effortless Card Magic 159
Peter Duffie Torn, Folded, and Sealed Torn, folded and sealed cards transposeInspired by Effortless Card Magic 162
Peter Duffie Hellraiser II Elevator effect with Ace to Four of Hearts and two JokersInspired by
  • Hellraiser (Peter Duffie, Obsession)
Effortless Card Magic 163
Peter Duffie Preface Effortless Card Magic 9
Peter Duffie A Blind Table Cut Not complete, but keeps order of cyclical/rotational stacks

-First handling
-Second handling
Effortless Card Magic 11
Peter Duffie The Combo Mix Sloppy false cut, not complete, but retains order of cyclical stack Effortless Card Magic 12
Peter Duffie An Effortless Card Control Can be done as multiple controlInspired by Effortless Card Magic 14
Peter Duffie, G. W. Hunter, Albert Verity A Blind Overhand Shuffle Effortless Card Magic 15
Peter Duffie From Nowhere Spectator cuts the deck a few times, Royal Flush in Spades is producedInspired by
  • "Cruz Control" (Phil Goldstein, The Linking Ring one man parade, 1995)
Effortless Card Magic 17
Peter Duffie When Random Cards Collide! Four random cards placed between two other random cards, change into four Aces Effortless Card Magic 19
Peter Duffie Aces Take The Plunge Two random cards placed in deck, cards next to them are four AcesInspired by Effortless Card Magic 21
Peter Duffie Return to St. Nicholas Red Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into black Aces (first published as Harlequinesque in Imagine)Inspired byRelated toVariations Effortless Card Magic 23
Iain Girdwood Girdwood Meets St. Nicholas Black Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into red AcesInspired byRelated to Effortless Card Magic 26
Peter Duffie Different Class Joker stabbed into pack to select a card from two halves of a deck each, reveal that card selected is the odd colour out (e.g. all cards are red except black selection)Inspired by Effortless Card Magic 28
Peter Duffie The Master Cards Spectator and magician each have five cards, card selected in each packet, packets combined and re-dealt; each packet is now four of same color and one of the other color, odd card out is the selection (uses PallaD Principle by Peter Duffie, found in Cards in Principle) Effortless Card Magic 30
Peter Duffie Double Ender Chicago Opener type of effect with "thought of" cards Effortless Card Magic 32
Peter Duffie Color Blind Red card selected from red half, black card selected from black half. Inserted in opposite color group, and then they transpose back to original halves, reversing themselves in the process Effortless Card Magic 34
Peter Duffie, Alan Alan We Can Work It Out Two cards selected and lost, thirteen cards of the suit matching the first spectator's card is placed in pocket. Card is extracted from pocket, but revealed to be second spectator's card. Deck then turns blank except first spectator's card.Inspired by
  • "Paleface Cards" (Horace Bennett, marketed by REPRO Magic, 1970s)
Effortless Card Magic 35
Peter Duffie The Unknown Entity Convoluted coincidence effect with two packets, one packet counted down to find mate in other packet (two cards, two piles, but not same position) Effortless Card Magic 38
Peter Duffie Matchical Mix Two Cards, Two Piles, Same position - selection and mate Effortless Card Magic 40
Peter Duffie Mirror Power Variation of Power of Thought, four of a kind produced as they are at same position in two piles, matches spectator's thought of value (first published in Powerth, Peter Duffie, 1993)Inspired by Effortless Card Magic 41
Peter Duffie Two Way Mirror Variation of Power of Thought, two spectators think of a value each, when two piles are dealt, the only matching pairs of mates matches the two thought of valuesInspired by Effortless Card Magic 43
Peter Duffie An Interesting Use of That Principle Two cards, two piles, same position + prediction kicker Effortless Card Magic 44
Peter Duffie Divided We Lie Lie Detector with two selections in two piles, kicker where selection is different color from rest of the packetInspired by Effortless Card Magic 48
Peter Duffie The Lie Detective Lie Detector effect with one selection, identity of cards determine if spectator is telling truth/lie (e.g. spot/court, suit)Inspired by
  • "Forces Favourite" (Ed Ward, Abacus Vol. 3, No. 11)
Effortless Card Magic 50
Peter Duffie Lie Stebbins Lie Detector effect with one selection, identity of cards determine if spectator is telling truth/lie (e.g. color, suit, value)Related to Effortless Card Magic 51
Peter Duffie Lie Stebbins Plus! Lie Detector effect with two selection, identity of cards determine if spectator is telling truth/lie (e.g. spot/court, suit), but has double revelationRelated to Effortless Card Magic 54
Peter Duffie Effortless Count-Down Kings cut and lost into the deck, deck is dealt into four piles by spectator, top cards are Ace Two Three Four, count down the values to find the KingsInspired by Effortless Card Magic 56
Peter Duffie Men-Aces Two cards selected and lost, red Aces produced, then two black Aces reverse in the deck, trapping face-up selections Effortless Card Magic 58
Peter Duffie Aces Are Ace Selection placed sandwiched between red Aces. Black Aces placed face up in deck, sandwiches other three mates Effortless Card Magic 59
Peter Duffie Aces in the Fast Lane Elevator effect with four Aces, rise through different number of cards in each pile, then end with assembling in one packet Effortless Card Magic 62
Peter Duffie A Four Ace Ensemble Jazz Aces type of effect, four Aces assemble in one packet, uses four court cards as the extra cards held by magician Effortless Card Magic 65
Peter Duffie The Fourmost Card reversed in packet of twenty-five cards, packet is "mixed" and dealt into five poker hands - hand with reversed card contains four of a kind, other hands are mixedInspired by Effortless Card Magic 67
Peter Duffie The Diary of Delusion Two cards cut to are used to choose a date in a pocket diary - the two cards form a composite card, which is predicted in the diary at that date Effortless Card Magic 69
Peter Duffie, George McBride All The Fives! Packet of four cards set aside as prediction, spectator eliminates cards until two cards left, values added together equal 5, four cards are the four Fives (variation, first published in Abracadabra no. 2590) Effortless Card Magic 72
Peter Duffie Back To The Future Packet Sum value of four cards tell you how many cards down selection is (Stack first published in Ellison Poland's Wonderful Routines of Magic - The Second Addendum (1994) Effortless Card Magic 73
Peter Duffie The Winning Formula Three cards set aside, card is selected and lost. Two of the three cards are used to find selectionInspired by Effortless Card Magic 75
Peter Duffie Weird Image Name of card freely cut to appears on the back of another card that previously had no markingsInspired by Effortless Card Magic 76
Peter Duffie, Tom Sellers Leaping Tom Two card transposition with weird counting/dealing sequenceVariations Effortless Card Magic 78
Peter Duffie The Backwards Almanac Locate card with long dealing and counting sequence about the deck being a pocket diaryInspired by Effortless Card Magic 80
Peter Duffie Dead Certain Location Value of magician's selected card finds spectator's card, impossible location (based on Richard Vollmer effect, unnamed) Effortless Card Magic 81
Peter Duffie The Short Deck Baffler Challenge location, card freely selected and shuffled, magician finds it Effortless Card Magic 82
Peter Duffie Trost-worthy Six pairs of cards, spectator selects one pair and adds the values of the cards, count down the deck to find selected card (based on Nick Trost ESP Trick) Effortless Card Magic 83
Peter Duffie The Automatic Locator Effortless Card Magic 85
Peter Duffie The Apparition Magician has four Kings, spectator has four Jumbo Kings. Selection appears amongst the Kings, jumbo version of selection appears amongst the jumbo Kings in their hands. Effortless Card Magic 87
Alex Elmsley Underworld nine cardsVariations Alex Is At It Again 1
Peter Duffie Spirits Between Your Palms The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 149
Roy Walton, Peter Duffie Poof Change The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 155
Chad Long The Tweezers two jokers as tweezers find two aces, then jokers turn into acesRelated to The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 67) 1364
Frank Stefani Jack Attack spectator cuts to four Jacks and finds selection, see "Informant" reference for impromptu versionInspired byRelated toVariations Underworld (Issue 8) 102
Baltazar Fuentes Vertigo II apparently turning deck over but replacing palmed card insteadInspired byRelated to
  • PAUS - Palm Addition Utility Sleight (Peter Duffie)
Arempi II 1
Karl Fulves Cheat Feat twenty-card packet, two cards selected in spectators's own hands by dealing two poker hand and remembering top card, selections and up as only red in black half and vice versaInspired by
  • Peter Duffie trick
Related to
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 1) 4
Steve Beam The Peewee Card Trick three endingsInspired byAlso published here
  • Wesley James' routine in "The Second Deal"
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 66
Marty Kane V.D. valentines day patter, card is found by dealing and spelling, she loves me / loves me not for down-under dealInspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 73
Marty Kane The Hallmark spelling to determine amount of cards for each spectatorInspired by
  • Peter Duffie's "Phone Zone" in "Deck Direct"
Related toVariations
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 183
Peter Duffie, Roberto Giobbi Trapped in the Future an unknown prediction card proves to be one of two selectionsInspired by
  • "Signus XII" (Close-up to the Point, Peter Duffie, 1984)
Card College - Volume 4 834
Paul Curry The Power of Thought Related toVariations Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 307
Scott Coffey Synchron-2 half deck distributed among two spectators, five-pile layout, matches occur, only half the deck stacked and usedInspired by
  • Peter Duffie effect
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 184
Philip T. Goldstein, Peter Duffie On Add-a-No Redivider 17
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Domination Of Thought #1 performer tables card, spectator thinks card from another deck, it disappears and the prediction card on table is correctVariations Hofzinser's Card Tricks 73
Peter Duffie Pocket Ruse producing two cards from different pockets with one palm Scams & Fantasies with Cards 74
Jim Steinmeyer The "Ten Boys" Poker Deal demo with ten cards, repeat poker dealVariations Impuzzibilities 18
Paul Cummins, Peter Duffie Red Herring Location Inspired by FASDIU II 87
Dr. Jacob Daley, Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Daley's Delight Switch corrected handlingRelated toAlso published here
  • "Card Conspiracy Vol. 1"
Off The Books (Issue 8) 135
Peter Duffie PAUS Palmed Addition Utility Sleight, apparently turning deck over but replacing palmed card instead Free From Filler 13
Peter Duffie POUS Palmed Off Utility Sleight, apparendly turning deck over but palming card off instead Free From Filler 14
Ryan Matney The Whitechapel Solution cards in a packet turned face down one by one by counting sequence, remaining card that is face up has odd back, uses prime principle by George Sands, story presentationInspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 9) 349
Peter Duffie Butt Shuffle Variation Combo II 63
Daryl Martinez, Peter Duffie Daryl Martinez Change Variation card changes as it is pushed into deck and extracted againInspired by Full Metal Jacket 15
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie R & D's Count Spell Extra composite card, count-spelling to any card composed by suit and value separately chosen Prolix (Issue 2) 101
Peter Duffie Travel Agent Signature transfers from back of one card onto selection's back The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 64
Peter Duffie, Robert E. Neale Cal-Q-Lator twelve card set-upRelated to Best of Friends - Volume III 297
Peter Duffie Next To thought of from a group, two handlings, variation of Roy Walton's "Next" Best of Friends - Volume III 300
Peter Duffie Sudden Impact aces lost, AS found by cutting off half the deck, this half vanishes/changes into four aces Best of Friends - Volume III 305
Peter Duffie, Edward Victor Riddle of the 7th Card small packet turns over magically except selection, small-packet adaption of Edward Victor's "Sympathetic Reverse" Best of Friends - Volume III 440
Harry Lorayne Peter Duffie mini bio Best of Friends - Volume III 296
Nick Trost, Peter Duffie Prophecy in Color red-black matching procedure, outcome is predicted Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 124
Nick Trost, Peter Duffie Dual ESP Test Location naming two selections, cyclic stack Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 231
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Block Mexican Turnover in-the-hands handling, side-jogged card used to flip over a block of cards on the deckAlso published here
  • Diamonds From Coal, 2004
Prolix (Issue 6) 383
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie Magnetic Kings four Kings, spectator takes one and stabs it next to an Ace in the deck, other Kings change into other Aces Prolix (Issue 6) 386
Karl Fulves Near-Perfect Poker spectator takes a card, it is the one that completes a Royal FlushVariations Prolix (Issue 6) 386
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie His/Her Poker spectator takes a card, it is the one that completes a Royal Flush, man-woman presentationInspired by Prolix (Issue 6) 387
Peter Duffie Acknowledgements The Magic of Fred Robinson 9
Peter Duffie Introduction Contains biography of Fred Robinson The Magic of Fred Robinson 13
Mel Bennett Taking The Fifth "Two by Mel Bennett"
two selections from nine-card packet, both selections found
Inspired by
  • "Heavyweight" (Peter Duffie, Dec. 1999)
Prolix (Issue 10) 645
Allan Ackerman, David Solomon, Peter Duffie The Never Ending Elevator using Ace to Four of Hearts and the four Kings, transformation kickerInspired by
  • "Gold from Straw Elevator" (The Wisdom of Solomon)
The Cardjurer 85
Allan Ackerman, David Solomon, Peter Duffie The Royal Marriage Trilogy Inspired by The Cardjurer 89
Peter Duffie Fair Game Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • "Fair Game" (Card Selection, 1993)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 136
Peter Duffie Unfair Game two double facersInspired by The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 137
Bob Farmer Done Deal V: The Scam-and-Scram Ten Card Deal Variations The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 231
Scott Cram, R. Paul Wilson, Peter Duffie Notes On Scam And Scram Inspired byRelated to The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 233
Peter Duffie Three Handed Ten Card Deals - Dead Beat
- Oblivious
Variations The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 237
Bob Farmer No Palming, No Cry Inspired by The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 238
Peter Duffie The Zen Card Deal Inspired byRelated toVariations The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 249
Roger Crosthwaite Father Roger Crosthwaite Addition Inspired by The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 252
Peter Duffie Free Will eight cards, spectator choses four, performer is left with AcesInspired byAlso published here
  • "Free Will" (Deck Direct, 1998)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 307
Peter Duffie 12-as-10 Dodge The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 40
Peter Duffie Gambler's Forecast with prediction The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 50
So Sato Seated Half Pass Handling Related to
  • Peter Duffie (Card Conspiracy, 2003)
The Secrets of So Sato 181
Harapan Ong Perspective one half for spectator, top cards do not match, they do when packets are exchanged, repeated, then four Aces found near top and on bottomRelated to
  • "Illusion versus Reality" (Peter Duffie, Card School, ebook, 1995)
  • "Illusion or Reality" (Vincent Hedan, Mnemosyne, ebook, 2012)
Principia 116