Written by Peter Duffie

Work of Peter Duffie

269 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

(83 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Roy Walton Introduction 8
Peter Duffie Foreword 9
Peter Duffie On Bottom Dealing some general comments 13
Peter Duffie LePaul Second Deal as Double Lift Substitute for packet, comments 14
Peter Duffie The Three Packet Shuffle Inspired by 19
Peter Duffie Mis-Read Palmistry using pseudo mates 23
Peter Duffie City Slickers Kings find Queens 26
Peter Duffie Marriage on the Rocks Variations 30
Peter Duffie Sherlock Never Married Ace Change kickerInspired by
  • "Sherloct" (Phil Goldstein, Abracadabra #2410)
Peter Duffie Baker Street Branch a certain value is needed and chosenInspired by
  • "Sherloct" (Phil Goldstein, Abracadabra #2410)
Peter Duffie Dearly Departured Inspired by 44
Peter Duffie Exodus 49
Peter Duffie The Lucky Ten two piles dealt, top card of one pile is thought-of number, top card of other pile selection
- "No Crimp But Still Lucky"
Also published here 53
Peter Duffie Just for Starters Inspired by 56
Peter Duffie Aces Apace red Aces in deck change place with black Aces, visual surprise ending 60
Peter Duffie Aces at Once selection included 64
Peter Duffie Divisory Capacity Inspired byVariations 69
Peter Duffie Credit Information 69
Peter Duffie Widowed in SandwichesInspired by 73
Peter Duffie The Claustrophobic Cards in SandwichesInspired by 77
Peter Duffie Triple Trauma small packet, reverse farosInspired by
  • "A Tribute to Fulves" (Mike Rogers, The Complete Mike Rogers)
Peter Duffie The Ultimate Truth Inspired by
  • "Tarradiddle" (Peter Duffie, Quartet, 1986)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Imagine
Peter Duffie A Pocketful of Lies packet in pocket, cards removed to answer truth or lieRelated to 86
Bernard Rasmussen Alternate Opening for "The Ultimate Truth"Inspired byVariations 87
Peter Duffie Truth Serum Inspired by 90
Peter Duffie Widespread on the packInspired by 93
Peter Duffie A Hint of a Tint Universal Card with color changing deck kickerInspired by 97
Peter Duffie Pokericulous Inspired by
  • "Pokericulum" (Stewart James)
Related to
  • "An Honest Cheat" (Karl Fulves, Swindle Sheet)
Peter Duffie Four-Knowledge Inspired by
  • Daley's Notebook #323 & #554
Related to
Paul LePaul, Peter Duffie LePaul Second Deal Handling 104
Peter Duffie Four-Knowledge (Without Seconds) Related to 107
Peter Duffie A Great Deal of Thought overhand shuffle placementInspired by
  • trick in "Imagine" (Duffie)
Peter Duffie Triggered Hofzinser Inspired by 113
Peter Duffie No-Trigger Hofzinser 116
Peter Duffie A Mild Solution 117
Peter Duffie Caprice two Cards, repeats, pocket ruseInspired by 119
Peter Duffie Two Timing actually different effectAlso published here
  • Imagine
Peter Duffie Jet Lag actually different effect 128
Peter Duffie Centerpoint pseudo explanation/teaching, card in center of packet rises to top after counting the packet, pass and false dealsVariationsAlso published here 131
Peter Duffie Cardtell Variation of "Centerpoint"Also published here 134
Peter Duffie Sleuthsayers 136
Peter Duffie A Willfull Sandwich Transposition Inspired by 140
Peter Duffie Fortuitous Card Catcher completely Off-Beat PresentationInspired by
  • "The Official Card Catcher" (Peter Duffie, Imagine)
Peter Duffie The Case in Hand with selection and CaseRelated to
  • Daley Notebook #340
Peter Duffie Red an Black Scenario 152
Peter Duffie Epitaph for a Card Cheat one-at-a-time reduction of handsInspired byRelated to 156
Peter Duffie Fastack with bluff, interestingRelated to
  • "Judas Shuffle" (Imagine)
Peter Duffie The Judas Shuffle (and Applications) - To Stack Four Aces for a Four-Handed Game
- To Stack the Aces for Any Number of Hands
- To Stack a Royal Flush (5 Cards)
- The Judas Fastack Shuffle
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus stay stack principle, number predictionAlso published here
  • Imagine
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus Plus stay stack principle 173
Peter Duffie Almost But not Quite Inspired by 174
Peter Duffie The Working Assambly Inspired by 176
Peter Duffie Mixed Reaction Miraskill & Gilbreath 182
Peter Duffie The Maze Connection four times stop, off-beat effectInspired by 186
Peter Duffie The Vegas Connection Gilbreath thing 190
Peter Duffie Flight of Hand three Selections travel from between Aces to Kings, credit information 194
Dai Vernon Vernon's Fake Count off the top of the deck, starting with blockRelated to
  • Daley Notebooks #13
Peter Duffie The Protection Racket three Selections travel from between Aces to Kings 199
Peter Duffie Only a Game Down under Deal, different Effect 202
Peter Duffie Rooms for Maneuver also inspired by Hotel Mystery 205
Peter Duffie Two Decks But With a Single Thought two prepared decksInspired by 209
Peter Duffie The Self-Seekers Inspired by
  • "Jubilee Countdown" (Roy Walton, Fifty Years Later)
  • "Chiefly Yourselves" (Roy Walton, Linking Ring)
Peter Duffie Within You Without You Inspired by 217
Peter Duffie Re-Scan Variant using spellingInspired by 223
Peter Duffie No Two Ways About It two signatures transposeInspired by
  • "Writing a Wrong" (Peter Duffie, Magic, Sept. 1993)
Peter Duffie Changing Sides selfworking version of "No Two Ways..."Inspired by 229
Peter Duffie Thoughts on the Bottom Estimation & Bottom DealVariations 232
Peter Duffie The Final Solution Inspired by 235
Peter Duffie The Packet Palm as packet is turned over 242
Peter Duffie Center Block Palm from center or top, multiple cardsInspired by 244
Walter "Sonny" Day The Day Double Lift interesting push-offInspired byRelated toVariations 247
Peter Duffie The Grift Shift bluff type 248
Peter Duffie The Nulling Factor clean up for reversed deck under top cardInspired by
  • "Nullifactor" (Stewart James, 1951)
Peter Duffie The Correction Pass for cleaning up a faced deckInspired by
  • "Paul Curry Half Pass" (Something Borrowed, Something New)
Peter Duffie The Double Innercut top card to anywhere near bottom 253
Peter Duffie The Double Overcut bottom to top 255
Peter Duffie The Production Cut 257
Peter Duffie Peek Break Technique for getting break above selection 258
Stanley Collins Stanley Collins' Replacement for a normal double lift handling 260
Peter Duffie Spin Cut Lapping 262
Peter Duffie Toss-In Lap Switch card is switched/lapped as it is tossed through deckRelated to 264
Peter Duffie P.O.U.S. (Palm Off Utility Sleight) in the act of apparantly turning packet overInspired by 266
Peter Duffie Duffie's Depth Deception subtlety 268