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Carmen D'Amico (1)

Dani DaOrtiz (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Card Cemetery Monographic About the Torn and Restored Card 2008
Card in Bottle Professional Act & Semi-Automatic Routine 2018
Semi Automatic Retreat 2019 2019

Aage Darling (1)

I'll Read Your Mind
(1989 edition used)

Ken De Courcy (3)

Title Subtitle Year
Calling All Cards 1964
Super Spell 1980
Entertaining ESP A Book of Tricks with the Royal Magic ESP Deck 1999

Alberto de Figueiredo (1)

Alessandro de Luca (1)

Ueber das Wesen der Mentalmagie
und deren Anwendung im allgemeinen Zauberprogramm

Jules DeBarros (1)

Eric DeCamps (2)

Title Subtitle Year
The Magic of Eric DeCamps Compendium I 1985
The Coin Connection Masters of Magic, vol. 2, no. 1 1986

Derek DelGaudio (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Spain 2011 2010
Derek DelGaudio MagicCon 2010 2010

Persi Diaconis (1)

Magical Mathematics
The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks

Dean Dill (1)

Derek Dingle (5)

Title Subtitle Year
Dingle's Deceptions with Cards and Coins 1971
Dingle's Deceptions Lecture Notes 1971 ca.
Innovations a new series of close up miracles 1972-1976
Additional Deceptions Lecture Notes No. 2 1975 (ca.)
The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 1982

Wayne Dobson (4)

Title Subtitle Year
Dobson's Choice 2002
Dobson's Choice 2 The Sequel 2003
Dobson's Choice 3 The Final Cut 2004
More Look No Hands 10 More Incredible Hands Off Routines 2013

Pablo Domenèch (1)

Steve Draun (2)

Bob Driebeek (1)

Russell "Rusduck" Duck (1)

The Cardiste
"Dedicated to the Art of Cardistry"

El Duco (1)

William Duncan (2)

Title Subtitle Year
Tribute A Close Up Card Routine 2004
Tubthumping (first edition: 2003) 2005

Joseph Dunninger (4)

Title Subtitle Year
Dunninger's Act 1983
Selected Sealed Message Reading Methods Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "A" 1983
A Simplified Crystal Gazing Speciality Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "B" 1983
Master Billet Tests Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "D" 1983

Steve Dusheck (1)

Dusheck's Thumb Tip Magic
Dusheck Magic Series No. 1

Dominique Duvivier (2)