Written by Ricardo Sánchez
Work of Alberto de Figueiredo
330 pages (Hardcover), published by Mystica
Illustrated with drawings by Eden Herrera
Language: Spanish
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Alberto de Figueiredo Dedicatoria
Raúl Laguna Prólogo
Alberto de Figueiredo Introducción
Magia de escenario
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Trucajes y el limite del engaño on using stooges
Alberto de Figueiredo La baraja humana deck is shuffled in a bag by a spectator and then one card is reversed, all the other spectators think of a card and the one card from the person which birthday is closest to the person on stage is selected, the thought-of card turns out to be the same as the card turned over
Hindu Shuffle Force
Alberto de Figueiredo Cuerda y Tijera rope and scissors, linking, rope cut with finger, taking off the ends etc.
  • El primer enlace
  • El primer desenlace
  • El corte con los dedos
  • La recomposición
  • La cuerda sin extremos
  • Los extremos vuelven a la cuerda
  • El enlace final
Inspired by 43
Alberto de Figueiredo Misión Imposible with board held by two spectators, blindfold and a sheet of newspaper
Inspired by 61
Alberto de Figueiredo Pompones a cuatro manos sticks connected then thread is cut a la Benson
Alberto de Figueiredo El viaje de los espectadores photographs of spectators are made before the show and printed, two are selected and they travel from one envelope to another
Magia infantil
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Géneros y especialidades
Alberto de Figueiredo Los pañuelos y la caja routine with two children where handkerchiefs should travel to box, several handkerchiefs turn into a big one, using break-away fan and comedy wand, Clatter Box
Alberto de Figueiredo, Mago Kayto, Óscar Rui Cubos locos children's routine for Bewildering Blocks, four cubes and one tube
Alberto de Figueiredo Viajeras para niños three cards travel, using two handkerchiefs, routine for children
Magia de cerca
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Sobre magia y concursos on competitions
Alberto de Figueiredo El Ocho Americano paper to money then figure eight game
  • Fase 1: La demostración
  • Fase 2: El papel a billetes
  • Fase 3: La primera apuesta real
  • Fase 4: La falsa explicación
  • Fase 5: Los dos espectadores
  • Fase 6: El más sencillo
  • Fase 7: El gran final
Alberto de Figueiredo Rutina de una moneda one coin routine, then coin changes to bigger coin and then to jumbo coin
Coin Vanish apparently throwing coin into other hand
L'Homme Masqué Coin Load
Spider Grip Vanish
Alberto de Figueiredo Homenaje a Tony Toon dice stacking routine, dice penetrate cup, table and hat, bills appear in cup and jumbo die appear under hat as finale, with variation
  • Los apilamientos
  • Los momentos mágicos
  • El sombrero y la carga final
  • Cómo apilar
  • Sin cargador
  • La rutina todoterreno
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Sobre la práctica y el ensayo on the practice and rehearsal of magic
Alberto de Figueiredo Predecir y transponer prediction on business card of two cards, followed by a transposition, duplicate
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Alberto de Figueiredo Del revés selection reverses several times, entire deck as climax
Alberto de Figueiredo, Edward Marlo Vóbex more or less same move as Marlo's Convincing Control Reverse, instantly reversing card while it is apparently outjogged
Related to 230
Alberto de Figueiredo El edificio card comes to the top, deck transforms into Omni Deck
Alberto de Figueiredo La carta a la cajita using John Kennedy's Mystery Box
John Scarne Mercury Card Fold
Alberto de Figueiredo Entre tus manos four cards are touched while deck is spread face up between the hands, one of the four cards is selected and the others transform into the other three cards with the same value
Larry Jennings Optical Add-On
Alberto de Figueiredo Las cartas viajeras three cards travel to packet of ten cards, with repetition where cards vanish visibly
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Vanish
Alberto de Figueiredo, Arturo de Ascanio La carta antagonista instead of selection, performer keeps producing Ace of Spades, four Aces of Spades then turn out to be the four Aces and selection is found in card case
Inspired by 279
Bébel Card to Card Case shaking card from card case
Alberto de Figueiredo Coincidencia de dos two decks same card is selected
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Timing Stop Force in a fan
Alberto de Figueiredo Memorización de la baraja card is removed and placed inside spectator's pocket, then packet cut and shuffled, performer memorizes packet and knows colors, repeated with suit and eventually entire deck, missing card is named as a climax
  • Primera fase: Los colores
  • Segunda fase: Los Palos
  • Tercera Fase: Todas las cartas
  • Encore: falta una carta
Lewis Jones Pattern Principle for remembering red-black-color sequences
Related to 300
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Woody Aragón Separagon open tabled red/black separation
Also published here 304
Alberto de Figueiredo La agenda impromptu birthday book, spectator stabs ID in shuffled deck, card next to it matches card written in book at his birthday
Alberto de Figueiredo, Román García Instrucciones (para realizar un milagro) signed card appears bound in spiral-bound booklet
Inspired by 319
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