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John Paul The Dice Stack routine, ends with vanish of all dice from the dice cup
1943 12
Edward Marlo Pick and Drop
1943 17
Mel Stover Dice Stack Addenda climax for dice stacking routine, load of multiple dice and jumbo die
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1946)
Don Alan Dice ideas and gags for dice stacking and dice routines, trick die
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950)
Walter Essman Stacked six phase routine
Dec. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 295)
Bobby Bernard Dice Stacking tips and brief routine outline
1958 8
Karl Fulves The Heebie Jeebies dice from middle picket up in dice stacking, no details
Oct. 1966 60
Bob Ostin The "No Load" Dice Stack Climax large sponge rabbit produced from cup as climax
1968 33
Bobby Bernard School For Croupiers coin flourishes, cutting the aces and dice stacking to a croupier presentation
1969 225
Senor Carlos M. Mora Dice Stacking stunt with coins placed on stack
1969 201
Bob Farrell High Dice Stack stack of dice three times hight of cup
Feb. 1970 317
Walter Rollins Dice Stacking Ending
Nov. 1970 373
Fred Lowe Dice Stack routine written by Lewis Ganson, elaborate with divided cup, magnets, two dice towers from one cup
  • Unfaked Cup
  • Faked Cup
  • First Routine
  • The Eventual Routine
Variations Dec. 1974 825
Karl Fulves Removable Flap Dice Cup idea
Inspired by Jan. 1975 834
Peter "Peki" Kinnigkeit Der Würfelturm three dice in cup are shaken and placed on table, they are stacked
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 4)
Bob Ostin Liquid Production From Cup liquid production as an ending for dice stacking routine, brief
Also published here 1976 ca. 10
Bob Ostin Corner to Corner Dice Stack dice stacking sequence, one die balanced on corner
Also published here 1976 ca. 11
Roy Johnson Close Up Parade chop cup routine with dice cup and balls, combination after dice stacking
  • Phase 1 - Chink a Chink
  • Phase 2 - The Homing Pigeon
  • Phase 3 - Odd Man Out
  • Phase 4 - A Cup and a Ball
1977 9
Karl Fulves Automatic Stack routine with cup and small tube
The Chronicles (Issue Close-up Folio No. 11)
Karl Fulves Notes dice stacking with other objects and other ideas
The Chronicles (Issue Close-up Folio No. 11)
Lewis Ganson Introduction
1979 5
Bobby Bernard The Materials Needed for Dice Stacking
  • The Working Surface
  • The Dice
  • The Cup or Shaker
1979 6
Bobby Bernard Some Useful Tips
  • Temperature
  • Attitude
1979 8
Bobby Bernard The Routine
  • The Set-Up Position
  • The First Pick-Up
Variations 1979 9
Bobby Bernard The Two Dice Stack
1979 14
Bobby Bernard The Three Dice Stack
1979 15
Bobby Bernard The Four Dice Stack
  • Stacking in Pairs
  • Stacking Four Together
1979 16
Bobby Bernard Reading the Top Number
1979 17
Bobby Bernard White in the Middle one off-colored die, travels in the middle of a stack of red dice
1979 18
Bobby Bernard Patter and Presentation
1979 21
Bobby Bernard An Additional Effect dice stacking, removing on die after the other from a stack of dice
1979 22
John F. Mendoza On Dice Stacking analyzing a sequence
1979 28
Steve Beam, Don Morris Dice - An Illustration outs for Dice Stacking, humorously naming the different possibilities of how the dice are arranged
1979 21
Scotty York The Iron Pills production of four dice from purse frame, pills vanish in purse frame, dice stacking sequence with pill bottle and appearing pills as climax
1980 21
Camilo Vázquez Whisky-Würfel-Routine dice travel from hand to hand, are stacked with a cup, penetrate a table top and as a climax a filled glass of Whisky appears
1981 6
Paul Gertner Penetrating Dice Stack through cup, using a glued stack
Related to 1983 16
Tommy Wonder Dice Climax climax for dice stacking routine, sponge 4
1984 137
Randy Wakeman Stacked Impact
Apr. 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 4)
Bob King Dice Stacking Final Load
1989 18
Gary Ouellet Rock and Roll Dice Stacking
  • The G Spot
  • The Rocking Action
  • The Rolling Action
  • The Pick-Up
  • The Lift-Off
  • The Stack
  • A Routine
1990 253
Bob Ostin The Lucifer Load dice stacking with match box cover, here only final load of many matches
Also published here Aug. 1992
Profile (Issue 9)
Thomas Schaefer Dice-Stacking article on dice stacking
  • Grundausstattung
    • Die Würfel
      • Las Vegas Dice
      • Handelsübliche Würfel
      • Selbst hergestellte Würfel
      • Riesenwürfel
    • Die Becher
      • Lederbecher
      • Holzbecher
      • Kunststoffbecher
      • Becher mit Stoffbezug
    • Die Unterlagen
      • Glatte Tischoberfläche
      • Kunststoffbeschichtete Holzplatte
      • Holz- oder Kunststofftablett
      • Schreibunterlage
  • Grundtechnken
    • Mehrere Würfel mit dem Becher aufnehmen
      • Würfel im Becher halten
      • Würfel mit Becher von Unterlage aufnehmen
      • Mehrere Würfel aufnehmen
      • Würfel zur Säule aufstellen
      • Der Korrekturzug
  • Techniken für Fortgeschrittene
    • Das Miteinbeziehen der Zuschauer
    • Zickzack-Methode
    • Würfelpaare
    • Würfelquadrat
    • Würfelvorhersage (2 Methoden)
    • Ein Würfel verschwindet
  • Ziergriffe
    • Würfel auffangen
    • Würfelsäule auffangen
    • Würfel auffangen, leichter Version
    • Würfelsäule abbauen
    • Zwei in den Becher, einen in der Tasche
  • Routinen-Klimax
    • Schlußladung à la Becherspiel
    • Becheraustausch
  • Zusammenstellen einer Routine
    • Eine kleine Dice-Stacking-Routine
  • Literaturverzeichnis
    • Deutsche Veröffentlichungen
    • Englische Veröffentlichungen
Dec. 1992
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 3)
Harold Cataquet Twice Dice climax for dice stacking routine
July 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 7)
Harold Cataquet Danger Dice with cut-in-half dice
May 1994
Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 5)
Paul Gertner UpStacking dice penetrate upward through the cup one by one
Related to 1994 121
Christian Scherer Die Grundtechnik des Dice Stacking basic dice stacking technique
1996 5
Christian Scherer Der Stack mit neun Bewegungnen stacking four dice with nine movements
1996 8
Christian Scherer Der Stack mit fünf Bewegungen stacking four dice with five movements
1996 11
Christian Scherer Vier auf einmal picking up four dice at once
1996 12
Christian Scherer Das Abbauen des Stacks removing dice one by one from a pile
1996 13
Christian Scherer Das Stehlen stealing a die from under a cup
1996 14
Christian Scherer Ladungen loading of a cup
1996 16
Harold Cataquet Points In The Middle dice vanish and appear while stacking
Apr. 1997
Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 4)
Simon Lovell The Supra-Selling of the Lemming Man
  • Selling the Roll Out (four-coin roll-out flourish)
  • Selling the Six-Dice Stack
  • Grandfather's Beer (beer production from dice stacking cup)
1997 16
Christian Scherer Dice Stacking: Material und Technik 1.1 Das Material
1.2 Die Grundtechnik des Dice Stacking (basic technique)
1.3 Der Stack mit neun Bewegungen (stacking with nine movements)
1.4 Der Stack mit fünf Bewegungen (stacking with five movements)
1.5 Vier auf einmal (four at once)
1.6 Das Abbauen des Stacks (removing dice from one by one from a pile)
1.7 Das Stehlen (stealing a die)
1.8 Die Würfel verschwinden lassen (disappearance of the dice)
1.9 Ladungen (loads)
2000 9
Christian Scherer Der Glücklose Würfelspieler - Eine Dice-Stacking Routine four phases
1. three in the hands one in the pocket
2. dice stacking and traveling of dice from hand to under cup
3. spectator has to guess where the red die is and loses
4. jumbo die production
2000 16
Simon Lovell Coins, Dice and Grandfather's Beer! some bar bets, then full glass of beer produced
  • Stage One - Selling the Roll Out
  • Stage Two - Selling the Six Dice Stack
  • Stage Three - Grandfather's Beer
2000 143
Don Alan Sneakily Stacked in Your Favor dice stacking routine, die changes to jumbo die and glass jar is used
  • How to Stack Dice
2000 159
Bob Ostin The 'Lucifer' Load dice stacking with only outside cover of match box bent into tube, final load many matches
Also published here 2002 247
Jackie McClements Blindfold Sucker Dice Stack dice accidentally kicked off table during blindfold stack, later vanished and appears under cup
2004 4
Bob Ostin Liquid Production From Cup liquid production as an ending for dice stacking routine, brief
Related to
  • "Mini Foo' Gimmick" in "New Pentagram" December, 1976.
Also published here
2005 19
Bob Ostin Corner-To-Corner Dice Stack dice stacking sequence, one die balanced on corner
Also published here 2005 49
Bob Ostin The "No Load" Dice Cup Production production of playing cards or bills from cup, after dice stacking
  • "The 'No Load' Dice Cup Production" in "Abracadabra" Nr. 2741. August, 1998.
2005 83
Bob Ostin The Lucifer Load dice stacking with only outside cover of match box bent into tube, final load many matches
Also published here 2005 109
Ray Mertz R. M. Dice Stacking Routine done with a can, jumbo die gag and billiard ball load
2012 161
Christoph Borer Dice Stacking with both hands and stacking dice and smaller cup with smaller dice
2016 66
Noah Wu Dice Stacking Tips on dice stacking plus two bar bets with dice
2016 16
Adrian Vega Tequila Güey (Apilamiento Dados) magical dice stacking routine where lemon, salt shaker and glass of Tequila appears
2017 61
Tom Gagnon Chalk It Up dice stacking routine with pool chalk, eight ball final load
Inspired by 2019 428
José Carroll Gaylord Ravenal - The Dice-Stacking Routine written by Luis Alberto Iglesias, story presentation, multi-phase routine
2019 274
Alberto de Figueiredo Homenaje a Tony Toon dice stacking routine, dice penetrate cup, table and hat, bills appear in cup and jumbo die appear under hat as finale, with variation
  • Los apilamientos
  • Los momentos mágicos
  • El sombrero y la carga final
  • Cómo apilar
  • Sin cargador
  • La rutina todoterreno
2019 179