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Les faux mélanges Four "false shuffle" will be explained, starting with one by spreading from hand to hand in bunches à la Charlier shuffle to control just a single card
1786 101
To make a "False Shuffle" - Third Method Charlier type shuffle with optical bluff placement to top
1876 24
Charlier Single-handed Pass, No. 2
1889 7
Charlier Pass as Control
1889 9
False Shuffles - Fourth Method Charlier type shuffle with optical bluff placement to top
1889 27
Charlier False Shuffles - Seventh Method uncredited
1889 28
Charlier The Charlier System punch marked deck
1889 55
Charlier The Charlier "Dial" stack system with rules to calculate positions and the number of pips in a cut-off pile
1889 60
Charlier Artificial Spiritualism removed cards divined, pile cut off by spectator and number of cards as well as number of pips divined, stacked and punch marked
1889 63
Charlier The "Charlier" Pass also as a control (also used on p. 40)
1890 9
Charlier To make a "False Shuffle" - Eighth Method Charlier Shuffle
1890 14
Charlier The Charlier System of Card-Marking punch marked deck
1890 66
Charlier Reading the Cards
1890 68
Charlier The Charlier "Dial" stack system with rules to calculate positions and the number of pips in a cut-off pile
1890 69
Das mathematische Mischen deck shuffled by a (real) controlled Charlier Shuffle type procedure, with tables how the order changes, 32 or 52 cards
1896 113
Das falsche Mischen - Die französische Methode "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
Charlier type shuffle to control only one card
Jan. 1896
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Charlier The Charlier Pass
1897 13
Charlier Charlier Pass as a Control delayed with step
1897 15
The New Glimpse
  • First Method (below break)
  • Second Method (random card in center via partial Charlier pass)
  • Third Method (during insertion of selection, two handlings)
1897 37
Charlier Shuffling the Entire Pack Charlier Shuffle
1897 46
Charlier Die Charlier'sche Volte "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
charlier pass with fourth finger at end, as control (after first holding a break)
Related to Mar. 1898
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 3)
Carl Willmann Zur Charlier'schen Volte "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
cover movements for the Charlier pass, turning deck over, moving the top card secretly to the center
Related to Oct. 1898
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 10)
I. Charlier Pass
Sep. 1901
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 9)
Charlier Single Handed Shift also for control
1902 128
Charlier Fifth Method "Blind Shuffles, Retaining Entire Order."
1902 165
Charlier, Charles Bertram The One-Hand Pass Charles Bertram's Methods "after he had learnt the pass from Charlier himself"
1902 38
Charles Bertram The One-Hand Pass "Charles Bertram's Method", Charlier Pass
1904 22
Charlier Cut Thumb Drag Production
1909 99
Oswald Rae A One-Handed Card Trick card from top reversed at bottom, Charlier Cut grip, as location of selected card
1926 15
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle
1927 46
Eric F. Impey In Reverse center reversal during Charlier Cut
Also published here 1931 6
A False Shuffle Charlier shuffle
1932 18
Victor Farelli The "Charlier" Pass commentary
1933 31
Ernando Veneri The "Veneri" Move management for the Charlier Pass
1933 32
An Easy Substitute for the Pass starting like Charlier Pass, overhand shuffle
1933 6
Harry Valcarte The One Hand Shuffle multiple Charlier cuts
1933 38
T. Page Wright The Page Pass one-handed pass, as control, compared to Charlier pass, but no details given
Related to 1933 25
Variation of the Charlier Pass No. I of "One Hand Shuffles"
Also published here 1935 123
Sighting a Card in the Middle of the Deck
  • 1. Ruffling the Pack for Return of Card
  • 2. The Push Through
  • 3. Charlier Pass Move
  • 4. Palming Half the Deck
  • 5. Turning Index Corner in Fan of Cards
  • 6. Index of Card Above Chosen Card
  • 7. Sighting Card After Spectator Peeks at Index
  • 8. Sighting Any Card Called For
Related to 1936 141
Charlier 3. The Hay-mow or Charlier false shuffle
1938 171
Charles Bertram The Charlier Pass - Color Change
1940 45
Charlier Charlier Cut
1940 45
The Charlier Pass - To Control a Card
Related toVariations 1940 46
Facing The Deck one-handed, Charlier-Pass
1940 107
Righting the Faced Deck one-handed, Charlier-Pass
1940 108
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle
1940 412
Charlier The One-Handed Cut
1942/27 196
Edward Marlo One Hand Control Aces are lost with charlier cuts and found using one hand only, two crimps
VariationsAlso published here Feb. 1945 318
Charlier Charlier Pass
Aug. 1945 142
Arthur H. Buckley Charlier Location and Speller Experiment No. 7 - cutting at the same position as a spectator and spelling application
1946 157
Arthur H. Buckley Charlier Pass as a Secret Sleight opinion
1946 157
Edward G. Love The Single Cut charlier type
1946 33
J. B. Bobo Red/Black Shuffle mixing in Charlier Shuffle position
1947 55
Charlier Charlier Shuffle uncredited
1947 57
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1948 131
Charlier Charlier Cut
1948 172
Acrobatic Aces aces come to top and bottom via charlier cut
1948 173
Jack Yeager Glorifying Your Magic 1. Califaction of Handkerchiefs (silks in dove pan merge together)
2. How to spell trust? (oddity on coin)
3. Key Card Placement (Charlier Pass)
4. 20th Century Silks idea
5. Zombie Idea (floating flower pot)
6. Comedy bits with a stooge
7. Miser's Dream Shower (with handkerchief)
8. Thumb Tip Idea (with scotch tape)
9. Thimble color change
10. The cotton bunny (cotton bunny to real one, dove pan)
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948)
Edward Marlo General Ace Opener using crimp and Charlier Cut
1948/27 136
M. J. Oeink Charlier Cut Force one-handed, apparently card in center shown and deck given out
Mar. 1949 4
Edward Marlo Cutting the Aces Routine Charlier Cuts, last Ace from pocket
1951 4
Edward Marlo One Hand Control Aces are lost with charlier cuts and found using one hand only, two crimps
Also published here 1953 6
Charlier The Charlier charlier cut
1954 20
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Al Leech No Crimp Ace Cutting with the charlier cut
1959 24
Wilfrid Jonson Ultima charlier pass color change
1969 18
Dennis Martin Modern Variation of the Charlier False Shuffle overhand shuffle position
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring
1969 59
Ellison Poland Variation Of The Benzon One Hand Shuffle riffle type, Charlier Cut position
Inspired by 1969 67
Ellison Poland Double-Lift From The Center with one half in lifted position as in Charlier Cut, with variation
1969 81
Charlier The Charlier Cut
1969 92
Edward Marlo Marlo on the Charlier Pass covering the pass, as Color Change
Also published here Spring 1970
Hierophant (Issue 3)
Roger Smith The Flip Flop Flourish FFF, false cut combining swivel cut, Charlier cut and flip-over pass/cut
1970 4
Eddie Fields The Farcical Force bold
Variations Feb. 1971
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Jerry K. Hartman Center Double Lift doing Bottom Double Lift on upper half of deck after allowing bottom half to drop (beginning of Charlier Cut), letter to Karl Fulves dated 12/24/70
Also published here 1971 1
Roger Smith FFF Break Control Addition to top, with Swing cut and Charlier Pass
June 1971
Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 11)
James G. Thompson Jr. Thompson Force Get Ready charlier pass for bringing card to center
1972 147
One Hand Charlier Pass
1972 159
Jerry K. Hartman Overskill spectator cuts to the Aces after they are openly lost, for a climax they are separated throughout deck and magician finds them all in a group with one Charlier cut
Related to
  • "A Problem Posed, 38th Method" (Edward Marlo, The New Tops, March 1965, p. 24)
1972 39
Dai Vernon, Audley Walsh Vernon - Walsh On Charlier Pan Trick No. 50, Pan = Pass typo, cryptic control usage of Charlier pass, it seems
1972 16
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Crimp Location No. 184, crimped key card, selection cut to with Charlier cut
1972 45
Jack Chanin, Dr. Jacob Daley Chanin's Method Using Bottom Crimp No. 401, Charlier Pass to crimp, pressure on deck to hide crimp
1972 109
Frank Garcia Flourish False Cut using Charlier
1973 148
Craig Milgrim False Cut double Charlier cut
Dec. 1973 695
Edward Marlo A Quickie card vanishes from top and reappears at its initial position, using Charlier Pass as secret move
1974 192
Charlier Charlier False Shuffle
1974 17
Edward Marlo Ein-Hand Kartenkontrolle Aces are lost with charlier cuts and found using one hand only, two crimps
Also published here Oct. 1974
Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Charlier Cut at crimp
1975 4
Francis Carlyle More Tips and Bits
  • memory stunt linked to David Roth
  • Laurie Irelnd Charlier Pass Peek
  • Dunninger using prominent people
  • remembering serial number of bill
1975 129
False Middle Cut witch charlier cut, deck is actually cut but cyclic order is retained
1975 141
False Shuffle for a Small Packet of Cards Charlier look
1975 19
Philip T. Goldstein Charlier Cut Production
1976 5
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1976 35
Charlier Pass
1976 76
Martin A. Nash Telstar Aces Charlier type
1977 249
Martin A. Nash Charlier Type Production see p. 449 for additional crediting
1977 250
Charlier The Charlier Cut
1977 36
Harry Lorayne Cutting the Aces one-handed Charlier cuts, Aces crimped
1977 39
Tom Ransom New Charlier Pass lift instead of drop, some credit information
Apr. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Charlier Cut Half Pass
1979 36
Steve Beam King Charlier I four Ace production, at once
1979 7
Steve Beam King Charlier II production of four cards using Charlier Cuts with both hands
Also published here 1979 9
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle
1979 16
Edward Marlo The Tabled Charlier
1980 173
Edward Marlo The Table's Edge Charlier pass at table edge
1980 185
Charlier, Father Cyprian The One Handed Cut charlier cut to cut to reversed card as control
1980 19
Edward Marlo Charlier Pass as Color Change
Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant)
Charlier Pass
1980 34
A Simple False Shuffle Charlier Shuffle
1980 5
Steve Beam Cut Up selection turns over in the middle of a Charlier Cut
Also published here 1980 51
Karl Fulves One Hand Half Passes
  • 1. Charlier Cut
  • 2. The Jordan Half Pass
  • 3. Fan Pass
  • 4. Single Card
  • 5. Table Pass
  • 6. One-hand Cut
  • 7. Thru-The-Fist Flourish
Related to 1981 59
Joe Dignam CoUnTerfeit three packets false cut
Variations June 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Steve Beam Cut Up selection turns over in the middle of a Charlier Cut
Also published here 1981 17
Partial Charlier Cut to get break at reversed card
1982 202
John Ramsay Ramsay Reminiscences on Professor Morgan, Charlier, Old Malabar, Barnum, Magic Circle, Will Goldston, J. O'Neill Fisher, Charles Morrit, Horace Goldin, Chung Ling Soo, P. T. Selbit, Lewis Davenport, Dr. Byrd-Page, Walford Bodie, Allam Shaw, Nate Leipzig, Ernest Thorn, Max Sterling, Bob Gysel, Will Blyth, Dai Vernon, Max Holden, John Mulholland, Jack Salvin, G. W. Hunter, Edward G. Brown, Victor Farelli, The Flying Sorcerers, FISM 1950, Slydini, Francis Carlyle, FISM 1958, John Howe, Milbourne Christopher
1982 73
Dr. George E. Casaubon Of One-Hand Cuts and Shuffles
  • In Defense of One-Hand Cutting
  • Origins
  • King Charlier
  • Cuts and Numbers
  • Cards and Techniques
Also published here 1983 218
C. W. Stanford Charlier Cut Card Production
1983 238
Charlier Cut Half Pass
1983 115
Charlier Der Charlier Shuffle
1983 19
Leslie A. LeViness Charlier-Style Reversal reversing a card during Charlier cut
Dec. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 12)
Jim Patton A Charlier-Cut Control keeping bottom card in place during Charlier Cut
Dec. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 12)
Frederick Braue FB Version of Charlier Pass two covers for Charlier pass (1935)
Related to 1985 2
Cover for the Charlier One-Hand Pass right-hand fan
1985 27
Frederick Braue FB Adaptation of Charlier Pass (1937)
1985 27
Frederick Braue Braue Confusion Control using Charlier Pass, "This is a one-trick sleight It should be assigned to a given trick and used with it alone."
1985 24
Gary Ouellet Charlier Technique cutting at ProControl card
1986 43
Edward Marlo Charlier Production pushing card out with thumb
1987 255
Eric F. Impey In Reverse center reversal during Charlier Cut
Related toAlso published here 1987 47
Karl Fulves Cut Above cutting at a crimp one-handed, Charlier
1987 87
Edward Marlo Charlier - You're Covered top card cover Charlier Pass
Apr. 1988
Inside Out (Issue 4)
Edward Marlo Charlier Half Pass with top card cover
Apr. 1988
Inside Out (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves Flourish One-Hand Cut Sequence "Reverse Charlier", see also p. 47 for credit information
1989 37
Matt Schulien Cutting Production Charlier cut, then finger pivot card out
1989 51
John Quine Controlled Charlier
Apr. 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 4)
Vanni Bossi Charlier Pass Maintaining Bottom Card buckling with first finger
1991 14
Jerry K. Hartman Center Double Lift doing Bottom Double Lift on upper half of deck after allowing bottom half to drop (beginning of Charlier Cut)
Also published here 1991 35
Thomas Alan Waters Charliersatz two false cuts, with charlier cuts
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Deckalogue)
Larry Becker Appendix II The Charlier Shuffle
1992 463
Charlier Charlier False Shuffle small packet
1993 146
The False Mixing charlier shuffle
Nov. 1993
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Charlier チャーリャーパス(ワンハンドパス) (Charlier Pass / One Hand Pass)
1993 129
David Avadon Charlier Pass Control one-handed
Inspired by 1993 104
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Jan. 1994
Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Alex Elmsley The Tower Bridge Cut Charlier cut in both hands
1994 7
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1994 17
Charlier Catch boomerang card caught with left hand
1994 19
Roger Crosthwaite Variation: The Charlier Force bold, bottom card shown to spectator during Charlier Cut
Inspired byRelated to 1994 54
Justin Higham Running Charlier
Inspired by 1994 169
Charlier The Charlier Cut
1995 172
Charlier The Charlier Cut
1995 75
Steve Beam Queen Charlier production of four cards using Charlier Cuts with both hands
Also published here 1995 3
Paul Harris Flash Control flashy, using self-cutting deck, one-handed fan, Charlier cut
Also published here 1996 153
Charlier Charlier Cut
1996 34
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1997 117
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1997 246
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1997 284
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1997 285
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Related to 1997 309
One-Hand Cuts
  • Charlier Cut
  • Two cuts from Hoffmanns' "Tricks with Cards"
Related to 1997 9
Bruce Cervon Charlier Cut Control
1998 59
Joseph K. Schmidt The Greek Charlier starting with a Greek Break
1998 224
Hugh's Cut no last name given, three-packet version of Charlier Pass
1998 46
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
1998 77
C. Briscoe The Numerical Shuffle No. 35, shuffling sequence with packet of cards that restores order after repeating it, Charlier type
1999 76
Charlier Drop the Bottom Half from the Thumb No. 13
Variations 1999 230
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note details on the Charlier Pass
Inspired by 1999 230
Eric F. Impey Charlier Pass Reverse
Variations 1999 231
Karl Fulves Any Card Reversed one-handed reverse under handkerchief cover
Inspired by 1999 232
Ellis Stanyon Charlier Pass Under the Top Card No. 14, right hand screens with top card
1999 233
Ellis Stanyon Changing the Face Card with the Charlier Pass No. 11
1999 260
Ellis Stanyon Forcing a Card with the "Charlier Pass" - Left Hand No. 10, top card cut to center and one-handed fan with top card more exposed
1999 274
Ellis Stanyon The Horizontal Shuffle No. 1, honest Charlier shuffle
1999 277
Ellis Stanyon Simple Horizontal Shuffle for One or Several Cards No. 6, stock control with Charlier type shuffle, with optical fake placement to bottom
1999 280
Ellis Stanyon Index Finger Divides the Pack - Horizontal Shuffle No. 11, Charlier type shuffle for stock control
1999 281
Edward Marlo Hidden Pass
Inspired by
  • "Not Quite Charlier" (Ed Marlo, Technomagic No. 9)
1999 41
Justin Higham Bluff Charlier Steal
1999 89
Justin Higham Erdnase-Charlier Combination
1999 89
Chad Long Convincing Cut one-hand cut à la beginning of Charlier cut, then reaching in to pull out an Ace, reverse tilt
Inspired by 1999 155
Steve Beam Charlier Cut as a Card Location
2000 68
Simon Aronson Simon's Flash Speller System to figure out number of letters in any card's name
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2001 131
Charlier Charlier Shuffle brief
2001 333
John Cornelius The Master Cut
  • The Charlier Cut
  • The Circle and Roll Cut
2001 33
Brian Tudor Revolution Cut Charlier cut in which one half spins 180°
Also published here
  • video Show Off
2001 43
Charlier Shuffle
2002 15
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle
2003 1110
Michel Huot, Steve Duperre The Charlier Control Insert card into Charlier position, Tilt-esque
2004 65
Dave Campbell False Cut Hindu/Charlier combo
2004 49
Jay Sankey Bluff Tent Vanish face-up, Charlier cut
2004 44
Juan Tamariz Actions That Don't Alter the Order of the Deck While Appearing to Do So
  • a. Faro shuffles followed by antifaros
  • b. Eight faros (and other combinations)
  • c. Out-antifaros that add up to eight
  • d. A riffle shuffle done by the spectator followed by a cull
  • e. The "G"
  • f. Floursihes
  • g. All kinds of false cuts
  • h. As you deal cards one at a time
  • i. Most visual card revelations
  • j. The Charlier cut
  • k. Mnemonica and Strippers
  • l. Nonchalant handling
2004 270
Juan Tamariz Finding Cards
  • A. With the Charlier One-Handed Cut
  • B. By Estimation
  • C. By Riffling
  • D. Learning the Identity of a Selection Without Glimpsing it
2004 331
Jay Sankey Face-Up Tent Vanish Charlier pass
Also published here 2005 101
Bruce Cervon Cut Control after peek with charlier cut
2007 7
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
2007 100
Harry Lorayne Seven/Eleven small packet location effect with charlier shuffle and reverse faros, version with Seven cards and version with Eleven cards
2007 515
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
2007 516
Charlier Cut Glimpse
2007 34
David Solomon A Quickie With Charlier & Simon free selection spelled to
Inspired by 2007 37
Charlier The Charlier Pass
2007 10
The Double Charlier Pass three packets
2007 11
Variation of the Charlier Pass three packets
Also published here 2007 34
Edward Marlo Charlier Shift covering the pass, as Color Change
Also published here 2007 178
Controlled Charlier Shuffle using jog to cut cards back to order
2007 183
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
2008 257
Charlier, Nick Trost False Charlier Shuffle
2008 266
Karl Fulves Too Simple starting with Charlier Cut action
Prolix (Issue 4)
Dai Vernon On the Charlier Cut going out of sight with deck (apparently original Charlier cover)
Aug. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 8)
Fred Robinson Charlier Cut Swindle
2009 70
Patrick Dessi Quelques cartes à l'oeil methods of glimpsing the bottom card
  • La pousette
  • La montre
  • Dessus/dessous
  • D'après vous?
  • L'égalisation du manchot
  • Machinalment
  • Charlier?
  • Celle-ci ou celle là?
2009 65
Steve Beam Up Chuck False Shuffle combo of Charlier Shuffle and Slop Shuffle
2010 263
Edward Marlo Marlo's Hands uncommented photographs of some Charlier type pass
Secret Agenda (Issue Nov 14)
Jerry K. Hartman Controlled Charlier Shuffle Charlier shuffle but completely false
2010 83
Charlier Charlier Shuffle brief
2010 8
Patrick Page Charlier Shuffle fine variation of the shuffle
2011 83
Msgr. Vincent Foy Introduction
  • In Defence of One-Hand Cutting
  • Origins
  • King Charlier
  • Cuts and Numbers
  • Cards and Techniques
Also published here 2011 16
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Double Charlier Cut three packets
2011 22
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Elevated Charlier Cut & Shuffle
2011 24
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Diminishing Charlier Cut
2011 28
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Lower Level Charlier Cut
2011 30
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Upper Level Charlier Cut
2011 32
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Split Charlier Cut
2011 36
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Reverse Charlier Cut
Related to 2011 38
Msgr. Vincent Foy Twisting the Charlier Cut Revolution Cut
2011 40
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Upside-Down Charlier Cut
2011 42
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Distant Cousin Charlier Cut
2011 44
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Distant Cousin Charlier Cut Shuffle
2011 46
Msgr. Vincent Foy The Triplex Cut
Related to 2011 96
Gene Maze The Charlier Ovette No. 2
May 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 5)
Roberto Giobbi The Charlier Pass Gag
2012 225
Roberto Giobbi The Charlier Pass Force
2012 226
Charlier The Charlier Cut Control
Related to 2012 228
Joseph Barry Illogical Undercut Force
Related to 2013 35
Charlier Charlier Shuffle (The False Haymo Shuffle)
2013 46
Charlier The (Modified) Charlier Shuffle
2014 29
Joseph Barry Charlier Shuffle Key Placement
Feb. 2016
Operandi (Issue 1)
Controlled Charlier Shuffle
Facsimile (Issue 5)
Gene Anderson Si Stebbins Card Routine multiphase routine, missing cards divined by riffling the deck, by listening, named card is found, speller
  • A. Stacking the deck
  • B. Charlier False Haymow Shuffle
  • C. Gene's routine and script for the Si Stebbins stack
  • D. Resetting the deck
  • E. About Si Stebbins
2016 217
Gene Anderson, Charlier Charlier False Haymow Shuffle
2016 218
Jack Carpenter One-Handed Optical Revolve Charlier cut type
2017 70
Harry Lorayne Utility Mixer for small packets, Charlier Shuffle type action
Variations 2017 21
Steve Beam Over-the-Top Charlier Cut Charlier cut as a production
2018 125
Steve Beam The Möbius Cut (A Tool & A Toy) flourish cut, based on Charlier
2018 240
Harry Lorayne Utility Mixer for small packets, Charlier Shuffle type action
2018 37
Eddie McColl Charlier Shift Control
Mar. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 3)
Eddie Fields Farcical Force bold, Charlier Cut
2019 23
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
2019 310
Charlier Charlier Cut
2019 161
Steve Forte fast Charlier using both hands
2020 284
Steve Forte Charlier Cuts deck cut on table, then packets are picked up and given one-handed Charlier cuts to reveal Aces
  • charlier cuts #2
  • charlier cuts #3
  • charlier cuts #4
2020 817
Steve Forte charlier revelation cutting at thumb-clipped card in center, no break
2020 980
Steve Forte one-handed bottom slug Charlier
2020 1001
Eddie McColl Ambitious Charlie using Charlier Cut, same as Charlier's cut control
Related to 2020 250
Harry Lorayne Utility Mixer Additions with variations, for small packets, Charlier Shuffle type action
Inspired by 2020 58
Edward Marlo Charlier Pass Key Card Placement credit information
Output (Issue 21)
Dai Vernon Misdirection for Charlier Pass from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 86
Francisco Mousinho Cutting to a Crimp right hand cuts half of the deck which is in left hand to the table, hidden Charlier cut action, here with breather crimp
2022 93
Charlie Justice The Put Force palmed card loaded into spot where spectator says stop in Charlier pass configuration
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Feb. 2002
2022 60
Jay Sankey Face-Up Tent Vanish Charlier pass
Also published here 2022 105