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Die Renommier-Volte one-handed flourish pass
1896 5
Jump Cut self-cutting deck
Early Marlo (Issue Marlo's Discoveries)
Bob Taylor A Truly Fan-cy Cut
Related to 1946 6
Self-Cutting Deck
1948 169
Jump Cut bottom half shoots out
1949 10
Arthur H. Buckley Buckley's Throw Cut deck in right hand, top half thrown up and caught in left hand, cut is made at a break
1950 63
Bruce Elliott A Lesson in Magic selection is produced with variation of Leipzigs twirl Cut
Also published here Mar. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 277)
Bruce Elliott A Lesson in Magic selection is produced with variation of Leipzigs twirl Cut
Also published here 1956 125
Jerry Andrus Bounce Cut deck slapped on soft surface, top half bounces back, pass gag for magicians
1956 103
Neal Elias Self Cutting Pack top portion jumps off to table
Also published here 1962 53
Neal Elias Self-Cutting Deck top portion jumps off to table, cut at selection, starts with flesh heel break
Also published here Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Nate Leipzig Twirl Cut
Related to 1963 170
Hubert Lambert Swivelleroo
VariationsAlso published here 1967 229
Tom Batchelor The Perpetual Cut three packets
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
Tom Batchelor The Backhand Cut cards placed on back of the hands
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
Bill Spooner Spooner's Deceptive Roll Cut packets roll back and forth between both hands, control of card
Inspired by
  • "The Revolving Pass" (Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks)
Related to
1969 39
Derek Dingle Throw Cut
1971 12
Tom Batchelor The All Finger Cut flourish cut in which a tabled deck is cut into six packets, packets between all pairs of fingers between both hands
1971 29
Harry Lorayne The Chopstick One-Hand Cut three packets
1973 30
Frank Shields One Hand Center Cut
1975 5
Jack Avis Spin Cut Aces cut and production, originally published in "Pentagram"
Sep. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 1)
Jerry Andrus Banded Cut cutting the deck with rubber band around
1976 58
Karrell Fox Butterfly Shuffle flourish shuffle/cut with both hands
1976 64
T. G. Murphy The Triple Cut three sections of the deck spin and flip through the air and a selection flies out
  • The Flying Card
  • Experimental Notes for the Expert (The Double Flying Card, The Multiple Flying Card, The Flying Card Variations, Experimental Variations)
  • Author's Own Use for the Triple Cut
Related toVariations 1976 6
Pass Flourish packets roll back and forth between both hands, control of card
Related to 1976 28
Comedy Cut jump cut
1976 83
Shoot-Back Cut
1977 243
Ken Krenzel The Floating Cut
1978 250
Harvey Rosenthal HR Cut four packets, flourish cut or set-up for red-black shuffle
1978 1093
Swivel Cut
1978 85
Harry Lorayne Partial Chopstick One-Hand Cut
Inspired by 1979 49
Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer Swivelleroo Plus flourish cut around swivel action, credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1979 28
Richard Kaufman Modified Swivelleroo Plus
Related to 1979 118
Herb Zarrow Swivel Round-A-Bout
June 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 6)
Harry Lorayne Butterfly Cut Variation
1980 21
Jump Cuts part of the deck jumps into the other hand, self-cutting deck
1981 3
Derek Dingle Throw Cut
1982 69
Felix Greenfield Seven-Layer One-Hand Cut
June 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 6)
Pat Hazell The Flying Flourish Cut three handlings
1985 41
Gianni Mattiolo Illogical Shuffle two-handed flourish cut, in-the-hands
Related toVariations Nov. 1985
Apocalypse (Vol. 8 No. 11)
Earl Wheeler A Fancy Cut "It's hard to describe."
1985 11
Self-Cutting Deck
1986 29
Karrell Fox The Meat-Slicer Cut
1986 65
Doug Edwards Flourish Control flourish Z-cut as control
Feb. 1987
Apocalypse (Vol. 10 No. 2)
Karl Fulves Pivot Cuts
1987 23
Gianni Mattiolo The Repeat Illogical Shuffle two-handed flourish cut with four packets, in-the-hands
Inspired by Sep. 1987
Opus (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Selfcutting Deck half the deck shoots in other hand, cuts at selection
1988 139
Bruce Elliott A Lesson in Magic card is produced with variation of Leipzigs twirl Cut
Also published here 1988 68
Karl Fulves Wind-Up Cut cutting sequence to secretly reverse half the deck
1989 44
Richard Kaufman, Michael Powers Swivelleroo Plus Variation flourish cut to produce a card, preparing a double turnover ("Long Distance Double")
Also published here 1990 41
Self-Cutting Deck
1991 55
William Larsen, T. Page Wright The L. W. False Cut four packets are kind of "faro shuffled", flourishy, false version preserves top and bottom stocks
1991 92
T. Page Wright Fancy Cuts one-handed cut as gag when offering the deck to spectator for a cut
1991 136
T. Page Wright A Three-Way Cut
1991 137
T. Page Wright A Six-Way Cut
1991 139
T. Page Wright An Eight-Way Cut
1991 140
Bruce Elliott Center Spin Cut
Also published here 1991 148
Chris Kenner Sybil flourish cut into four packets
VariationsAlso published here 1992 122
Chris Kenner The Five Faces of Sybil flourish cut into five packets, retains top and bottom, similar to Hooser's "The Ultimate Illogical Cut"
Related to 1992 125
Justin Higham Underground Revolving Control packets roll back and forth between both hands, control of card
Inspired by
  • "Revolving Pass" (Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, 1932, p. 19)
Technomagic (Issue 13)
The Kick-Back Card Discovery flourish shoot-back cut
1993 87
Vicente Canuto 1.- Lanzamiento del Paquete Inferior a Distancia packet shoots to other hand, as a production
1993 303
Alex Elmsley The Tower Bridge Cut Charlier cut in both hands
1994 7
Hubert Lambert, Dan Block Swivelleroo Variation
Inspired by 1995 1054
Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer Swivelleroo Plus flourish cut around swivel action, produces double
Also published here 1995 12
Hubert Lambert, Nate Leipzig The Swivelleroo Cut
Also published here 1996 401
Paul Harris Flash Control flashy, using self-cutting deck, one-handed fan, Charlier cut
Also published here 1996 153
Tabled Spin Cut reversing one-way orientation
1996 59
Joey Burton The Bermuda Cut triangle cut, card appears in side
1997 1254
Harry Levine Kaleidoscope Cut one-handed triple flourish cut, with variations
1998 1424
Hugh's Cut no last name given, three-packet version of Charlier Pass
1998 46
Swivel Cut
1999 18
H. J. Tattersall The "Pass" by Throwing the Pack from the Left to the Right Hand No. 22, two halves roll into other hand one by one
Related toVariations 1999 307
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note details of handling and simple location with it involving calculations with card values
Inspired by 1999 307
Ellis Stanyon One-Handed Triple "Cut" No. 29
1999 310
James G. Thompson Jr. Reine Angabe twirl cut extension
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 3)
Bert Allerton The Wave Cut
2000 1016
Al Leech The Toss Cut
Also published here 2000 1017
John Cornelius The Master Cut
  • The Charlier Cut
  • The Circle and Roll Cut
2001 33
John Cornelius The Apprentice Cut
2001 37
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Formality three packets
2001 40
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Air Born top half flies into other hand
Inspired by 2001 42
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Zero Gravity top half turns over and then is spun up, one-handed
2001 42
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Kick Flip three packets
2001 42
Dan Buck, Dave Buck CO2 three packets
2001 43
Dan Buck, Dave Buck 360° cut two packets, one half spins
2001 44
Herb Zarrow Z grip starting position for following cuts
2001 44
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Variation on Z grip
2001 45
Variation on Spin City
2001 45
Dan Buck, Dave Buck The Leno Cut involving display with many packets
2001 48
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Madonna involving display with many packets
Inspired by
  • "Bad Habit" (Brian Tudor, video Show Off)
2001 50
Dan Buck, Dave Buck The Hurricane involving display with many packets
2001 52
Dan Buck, Dave Buck West Coast Chaos four packets
Variations 2001 53
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Genesis real or false
Inspired by 2001 54
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Ferrari 360 Spider three packets, incorporating Brian Tudor's Revolution Cut, Stuart Gordon Lift, Instant Replay
2001 17
Lew R. Brooks Around the World spin cut extension
Aug. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 12)
David Regal The Butterfly Hop variation on butterfly cut
2002 107
Jerry Sadowitz Sybil and Basil Cut flourish multiple packet cut with new kicker ending
2004 27
Steve Beam The Rolly Polly Controlly deck is cut in several pieces and reassembled, oddity
  • The Rollout
  • The Rollup
  • Mat Less Handling
2004 18
Brandon Burton Angled Aces flourish cut followed by all-at-once Ace production
Inspired byRelated to May 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Chris Kenner The Sybil Cut
Also published here 2005 17
Doug Edwards Hip Hop Cut one-handed cut, top half thrown up and caught under second half
2006 44
Nate Leipzig Twirl Cut
2008 352
The Goldin Pass more a flourish cut
Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 15)
Dave Buck Sybil Replacement Replacement of cards in right hand palm during a fancy Sybil Cut
2011 82
SeVyrn The Cross Cut one-handed cut that ends in cross configuration of four packets
  • The Cross Display
  • The Cross Cut
Feb. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 2)
De'vo vom Schattenreich XCM - The Art of Extreme Card Manipulation
  • First Cross
  • Second Cross
  • Choreography
  • Forming the Display
  • Finishing the Sunfire Display
  • Closing the Display
June 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 6)
Jump Cut bottom part is thrown into other hand
2014 132
Kiko Pastur El Sombrerero Loco half of the deck jumps up to other hand, at point of selection
2014 80
Edo Huang Flourish Cut
2015 84
Edo Huang Flourish Cut
2015 90
Steve Beam The Möbius Cut (A Tool & A Toy) flourish cut, based on Charlier
2018 240
Selfcutting Deck half the deck shoots in other hand, cuts at selection
2019 207
Steve Forte Jump-Cut from Incomplete Riffle Shuffle in the air, caught with other hand
2020 830
Steve Forte reverse strip flourish running cut
2020 999
Steve Forte screwdriver-cut deck flipped face-up during tabled cut in two stages, real or false
2020 999
Steve Forte packet spins, snaps, and twirls flourishy way to place last packet of a strip cut to the top
2020 1000
Steve Forte one-handed back-somersault cut deck in riffle shuffle position, card from bottom tossed up and it flips back on top
2020 1000
Steve Forte three-packet flip tabled
2020 1002
Steve Forte up-down flip tabled
2020 1003
Simon Black See-Saw Swing flourishy swing cut
2020 44