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John Carney, Hiroshi Sawa Hot Slot slot machine routine
Variations 1983 The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 8) 65
Brandon Burton Hole and Restored Card hole torn out of folded signed card, card is restored
2001 Mr. Gadfly (Vol. 1 No. 4 Nov./Dec.) 11
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Molecule 2 three packets, starting with Z cut
  • As a Cut
  • As a Production
  • As a four card production
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Four Ace Revelation" (Dan Fleshman, Encounters of the Close-up Kind)
VariationsAlso published here
2001 Nursery Rhymes — Volume 1 24
Brandon Burton Angled Aces flourish cut followed by all-at-once Ace production
Inspired byRelated to May 2005 Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 2) 36
Gene Taylor The Antinomy Perspective
  • Betting on LVMI in Vegas
  • Reno is spelled I.B.M.
  • A Lapse in Gaffs
  • Corrections, Clarifications, and Credits
  • Ghost in the Machine
Related to Aug. 2005 Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 3) 2
Brandon Burton Spring Revolution duck change at the end of springing, for credit information see Antinomy references
Related to Aug. 2006 Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 3) 20
Gene Taylor The Antinomy Perspective
  • A Card Giant Passes (Jack Parker)
  • A Case of Reinvention
  • The Search for Street Magic Continues...
  • A Friend Makes the Cover of Genii (Rick Merrill)
  • Why is Honesty Controversial? (Criss Angel)
Related to June 2007 Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 2) 2
Gene Taylor The Antinomy Perspective
  • Putting the LIVE into Magic
  • In the Credit Department
  • Almost Found Things
  • Speaking of Purses
  • So, You Want to be a Magazine Publisher?
  • And Now a Word About our Schedule
  • Carter Owen Merrill
Related to Oct. 2007 Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 3) 2
Brandon Burton Wine Glass Mirage half dollar placed under base of wine glass, quarter put into wine glass, they transpose
Inspired by Jan. 2008 Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 4) 33