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T. G. Murphy Introduction The Triple Cut 4
T. G. Murphy The Triple Cut three sections of the deck spin and flip through the air and a selection flies out
- The Flying Card
- Experimental Notes for the Expert (The Double Flying Card, The Multiple Flying Card, The Flying Card Variations, Experimental Variations)
- Author's Own Use for the Triple Cut
Variations The Triple Cut 6
T. G. Murphy Deck Flip deck flips over in left hand The Triple Cut 13
T. G. Murphy Accidental Four Ace Production Aces fall out of deck during flourish cut, apparently accident The Triple Cut 22
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Air Born top half flies into other handInspired by Artifice, Ruse, and Subterfuge in the Hands 42
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Murphy's Control using T. G. Murphy's "Deck Flip" Card Men 21
T. G. Murphy Brief description of the TG Murphy Deck Flip one-handed turnover of deck in left hand Card Coffee Collective 28