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Tony Kardyro Two Ace Change one of two Aces changes into selection
Variations 1948 4
Richard Durham Pin Thru Hank "Retrospective"
safety pin
  • Notes By Karl Fulves
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Genii, April 1950
The Chronicles (Issue 13)
Howard A. Adams The Ramasee Prophecy using ESP cards and spelling several words, Egypt presentation
Related toVariations 1982
OICUFESP (Issue 10 - TULEFTA - The Ramasee Prophecy)
Dr. Zina Bennett, Senor Charles Mardo, Stewart Judah, John Braun Double-Ring Ceremony No. 32, two borrowed finger-rings put on rope, a knot appears around each
Related to 1990 61
Herb Zarrow After-the-Shuffle Reverse swing cut, halves kiss
Related to 1994 107
Walter Brusa Card Rise heavily gaffed deck
Related to 1996 3
John Scarne Heads I Win one of two coins turns over on back of hand with wave of hand
Related to 1996
Underworld (Issue 4)
Vernon Winiecke Bottom Reverse "Reversal of any number of cards - Dedicated to Tony Kardyro"
during swing cut
Related to 1996 44
Tony Bartolotta A Mind For Money five envelope with some coin change, four chosen, content added, amount predicted
Related to 1997
Underworld (Issue 5)
Herb Zarrow, John J. Beck III, Les Wade, Max Abrams Letters
Related to 1997 121
Vernon Winiecke VW Double Lift pushed forward, then lose stud-style turnover
1998 216
C. D. Oeloff, Vernon Winiecke, Howard Schaefer, Robert Farrell Letters
Related to 1998 238
Vernon Winiecke Double Pinochle Mirage double pinochle shown, the cards change into the four Aces, six-as-four count
1998 258
Vernon Winiecke Coin Vanish coin pushed in fist and around thumb
Related to 1999
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Vernon Winiecke Mix and Match
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
five cards torn, two piles with five half-cards, words spelled and pairs put aside, they match, see reference for credit information, Ramasee Principle
Related to 1999
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Howard A. Adams Tulefta ten ESP (or regular) cards, eight eliminated, remaining two cards match, eliminated cards match as well as kicker, involving spelling, Ramasee Principle
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1999 17
H. J. Tattersall The "Pass" by Throwing the Pack from the Left to the Right Hand No. 22, two halves roll into other hand one by one
Related toVariations 1999 307
Paul Green In the Trenches story by Vernon Winiecke
May/June 1999
The Magic Menu (Vol. 9 No. 53)
Vernon Winiecke Safety Pin Escape safety pin linked to handkerchief, then rolled up, it is free when rolled open again, with other ideas
Inspired by 2000
Discoverie (Issue 2)
Vernon Winiecke Transpo Coins coin inside spectator's fist visually transposes with coin on top of his fist
Inspired by
  • "Pennys Thru Table" (Tony Kardyro)
Related to
Discoverie (Issue 4)
Walter Brusa, Vernon Winiecke, Karl Fulves Letters on magic organizations and politics, cd-rom version of Jack Potter's Index, the Sphinx
2001 140
Grant Stuart Sphinx Perpetual Calendar table in which the day of any date can be looked up
Related to 2001 157
Samuel Bertran, Neal Elias, Vernon Winiecke, Walter Brusa Letters on lecture at Cal Tech that exposed tricks, David Copperfield on tv
Related to 2001 186
Vernon Winiecke Which Ace? two Aces shown, spectator has to guess the location of one, it changes into selection
Inspired by 2001 187
Vernon Winiecke Problem Solved 51 Faces North solution
Inspired by
  • Kardyro's Kard Kontrol
2002 233
Vernon Winiecke Reverse Thinking coin in handkerchief transposes with another coin
Related to 2002
Discoverie (Issue 8)
Vernon Winiecke Switch with Handkerchief
Discoverie (Issue 8)
Vernon Winiecke Packet Shuffle Pass packets cut between the hands, the roll back and forth
Related to 2005 436
Tony Kardyro Copper-Silver coin on spectators hand is covered with matchbox and transposes with coin inside matchbox
Related toVariations 2006
Prolix (Issue 1)
Vernon Winiecke Open Finger Color Change with a thumb clip type steal from back
Prolix (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves The Gypsy's Secret Gypsy Switch of item as it is wrapped in handkerchief
  • Basics In Brief
  • Robert-Houdin
  • Professor Hoffmann
Related to 2006
Prolix (Issue 2)
Vernon Winiecke Side Glide
2006 8
Vernon Winiecke A Coin Color Change
Related to 2009
Prolix (Issue 6)
Vernon Winiecke Coffee Cup Crimp locator card by putting card into hot steam
Prolix (Issue 7)
Karl Fulves On Vernon Winiecke
Prolix (Issue 9)
Vernon Winiecke Vernon Transfer
Nov. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 11)
Vernon Winiecke Spellbound Change
2020 52