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A Perpendicular Palm kind of perpendicular lateral palm
1890 136
Moisture Palm card clings to hand when pressed on top of tabled deck
Aug. 1896
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Das Kartenstehlen - II. Methode "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
top palm into kind of clip palm with thumb against first finger
Jan. 1897
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 1)
Das Kartenstehlen - VII. Methode "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
left first finger pushed cards back which are stolen into right hand thumb palm, also as (repeated) color change
Apr. 1897
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Paul Valadon Bent in Half Palm from classic palm position
1902 81
Karl Meyer Das Kartengreifen "Schule der Magie"
  • choreography of one-handed palm and fan production from elbow
  • steal of bottom packet into right-hand thumb clip, left first finger pushes packet out (throw cut)
Sep. 1904
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 9)
Back of the Hand Steal top card stolen off tabled deck with sticky/wet back of the hand
1937 257
The Fan "Steal" from packet in hand in preparation for production
1938 21
New Finger Clip Palm
1938 39
Thumb Palm
1939 47
Stanley Collins Bent Palm-Off from Packet cards bent in half
The Jinx (Issue 118)
Tom Sellers A Card Flourish bent-in-half palm
1942 7
Thumb Steal Color Change palm off can be used to produce fans (context), thumb palm
1942/27 179
Arthur H. Buckley A Novel Palm
Related to 1946 74
Side Steal side steal to weird palm
1946 82
Arthur H. Buckley The Palm Unsurpassed card almost bent in half
1946 91
Arthur H. Buckley The Thumb Palm Move (An original piece of manipulative deception) transfer to show hands emtpy utilizing back thumb palm
1946 131
Jack (?) Larkin Larkin's Throw Palm
Mar. 1948
The Phoenix (Issue 146)
Lewis Ganson "Card Production Supreme"
  • Method for Holding the Cards
  • To Change the Cards from One Hand to Another
  • To Interlock the Fingers
  • To Bring the Cards into the Back Palm Position
  • To End a "Back and Front Palm" Card Routine
1950 83
Tony Kardyro "Hot Weather Handy" card through table, card sticks to back of wet hand
1955 23
Edward Marlo Palm Positions introducing four palming positions
1957 27
Jerry Andrus Back Palm in-jogged card clipped between knuckles of right hand from back
1957 5
Jerry Andrus A Mystery with Rubber Bands center steal from cross-wise rubber-banded deck into left hand
1957 5
Thumb Clip alternative palm position
1959 21
Dai Vernon Other Methods of Palming Gambler's palm and unconventional clip palm with third, fourth and fifth finger
1961 39
Dai Vernon One Handed Palm unusual right clip position, multiple or single
Variations 1961 41
Thumb Clip Palm palm position is explained
1961 3
Latest Thumb Clip Palm palm position is explained
1961 3
Thumb Palm Steal packet stolen
1969 103
Productions of Single Cards - Second Method bent thumb crotch palm
1969 112
Chris Gosselin Palming from Pre-Kelly Placement
1971 64
Bottom Glimpse Palm No. 527, palm after gambler's glimpse with card almost bent in half, followed by spreading cards
Related to 1972 148
Karl Fulves Imp Cop card lapped from riffle shuffle or put in a position where it is held at a corner at the table edge
Variations 1973 40
Karl Fulves The Direct Cop tabled, from center, kind of flat palm
1973 86
Karl Fulves Direct Cop - Second Method tabled, from center, kind of longitudinal laterl palm
1973 88
Patrick Cook, Ross Bertram A Riffle Shuffle Cop bottom cards in right hand angle palm type
1975 110
Karl Fulves Shadow Steal top card of tabled spread slid under hand
1975 72
Karl Fulves Moisture Steal card sticks to back of hand
1975 198
Jerry Andrus Drag Strip card steal, center
1976 32
Gene Maze Primary/Basic Grip hold-out position for card/packet
1977 247
Bill Wisch Palm Change No. 2 bottom card shown and apparently placed into center, palmed in unusual left hand position
1977 8
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Palm first finger takes hold of corner at thumb
Inspired byRelated to 1977 12
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Gamblers' Palm to Flexible Palm and Back Again
  • Example 1 (holding deck in End Grip with card in Flexible Palm)
  • Example 2 (holding deck in perpendicular End Grip with card in Flexible Palm, Hindu Shuffling)
  • Example 3 (ribbon spreading deck with palmed card)
  • Example 4 (maintaining thumb break as above)
  • Example 5 (riffle shuffling on the table with palmed card)
1977 13
Dan MacMillan Side Steal to Flexible Palm
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1977 17
Looy Simonoff Koplooy! thumb clip steal as card is pushed in (misdirection style)
1978 106
Table Edge Holdout held with thumb at edge of table
1978 63
Bottom Placement Steal
Feb. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Eric Mason Put and Take card under beer coaster, move also as a force
Nov. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 11)
Karl Fulves Card Purse Palm a bit unclear
1979 89
Paul Harris A Force switch of card in tabled spread, card slid around under palm
1979 55
Edward Marlo Table Edge Holdout thumb clip position
1980 69
Manipulator's Steal from back of packet
1980 9
Johnny Cooper Folding Steal card folded in half and palmed off
1980 23
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Palm palm position
Related to 1981 34
George Joseph The Pinch Palm thumb palm
1982 2
George Joseph Switching Palms
  • Classic Palm To Gamblers Palm
  • Classic Palm To Pinch Palm
  • Gamblers Palm to Classic Palm
  • Gamblers Palm to Pinch Palm
  • Pinch Palm to Classic Palm
  • Pinch Palm to Gamblers Palm
1982 3
Edward Marlo The Curled Grip
1983 185
Edward Marlo Olram's Cop alternative for Benzais Cop
1983 75
Ross Bertram To Palm a Card by its Edge
1983 138
Edward Marlo As a Rear Clip Palm bottom, left hand
1984 137
Edward Marlo Marlo's Cop from bottom into left hand rear clip palm
1984 160
Edward Marlo An Effect from the 40's two selections produced from air, thumb clip steal from deck
1984 293
Eric DeCamps Bottom Card Cop different cop palm position
1985 11
Ray Kosby Sandwich Vanish sandwiched card vanishes via a one-handed palm
Inspired by 1986 9
Karl Fulves Steal from Packet card palmed out of poker hand or small packet into left thumb clip
1987 45
Bruce Cervon Paralyzed palm with card almost bent in half
Related to 1988 185
Bruce Cervon Culling the Paralyzed Palm card is spread-culled and palmed
1988 188
Edward Marlo New Palm Position clipped to palm with third and fourth fingers
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Jan. 1966
1988 203
Edward Marlo New Tabled Palms featuring a "Basic Grip" which is some sort of modified Tenkai palm
  • 1st Approach (deck on table)
  • 2nd Approach (as deck is placed on table)
  • Variation of 2nd Approach
  • 3rd Approach (which squaring up after shuffle action)
  • Variation of 3rd Approach (LTP)
  • Extension of 3rd Approach
  • In the Hands
  • For a Number of Cards
  • Off the Bottom
Also published here
  • The New Tops, July 1967
1988 291
Philippe Socrate Deck to pocket load variation of old stage manipulation, stealing all except top card into thumb clip palm
1989 78
Edward Marlo Fingertip Side Steals four methods
1990 1
Alex Elmsley The Thumb Palm Addition adding cards from bottom to top
1991 119
Moisture Palm card sticks to hand
Oct. 1991
The Olram File (Issue 10)
Vanni Bossi Bent Card Palm
Related toAlso published here 1991 23
Edward Marlo Bent Clip
Related to June 1991
Technomagic (Issue 12)
Jon Racherbaumer Quick Clip Cop left hand thumb clip from center
1992 138
Karl Fulves Breakaway Palm top card palmed either in right hand, or held in unusual clip position between left fingers for color change application
1992 53
Angelo Carbone Herrmann Pass Palm palming thick packet from bottom in edge grip position
1994 11
Roger Crosthwaite Clip Palm unusual clip position before getting into LTP
1994 90
Dominique Duvivier Holding Clout Stealing and adding cards secretly, with table
Related to 1996 25
Jack Avis Thumb Clip Steal
  • As a Color Change
  • as part of an Ambitious Card Routine
Related to 1998 34
Guy Hollingworth Methods of controlling & palming. Four: Bent Cop several applications, good angles compared to gambler's cop
Related toVariations 1999 143
Ellis Stanyon Palming a Card with the Fingers Open No. 11, cards bent in half from classic palm position and held by thumb
  • Supplementary Note (illustration and clarification by Karl Fulves)
1999 243
Baltazar Fuentes Kick Kut Kop swing cut palm, into kind of perpendicular cop position
Inspired by 2000 8
Al Baker Thumb Clip Palm top card in right hand
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Instructions)
Wesley James Palming... essay and basic palm positions
  • Classic Palm
  • Classic Palm Grip with First Finger (Marlo)
  • Thumb Palm
  • Gambler's Flat Palm
Related to 2004 121
Dave Campbell Thumb Palm Change a bit like stage manipulation steal from back of deck into thumb palm as color change with double
2004 413
Vernon Winiecke Open Finger Color Change with a thumb clip type steal from back
Prolix (Issue 1)
Fred Robinson Moisture Steal with back of hand
2009 199
Ken Krenzel The Fantraction into a thumb-clip type palm
2009 63
Ken Krenzel The Clip Slip from center into left hand, thumb clip position, see also John Carney's handling (Secrets)
2009 90
Thumb Clip Palm from small packet
2010 62
Karl Fulves The Banker-Broker Move given the slip
  • Notes On Process
Prolix (Issue 10)
Daniel Madison Rotation Palm Stealing card out of the middle of the deck on table, in the action of rolling up sleeves
2014 43
Steve Forte One-card Mucks - chop similar to Throw Change, Blackjack application, one of two cards stolen in thumb clip, then switched in later round, with scenarios
2020 507
Steve Forte Thumb Clips off the deck, hold-out at table edge
2020 577
Steve Forte thumb-clip left-hand thumb clipped card replaced to top
2020 583
Steve Forte off-the-table left-hand thumb clipped card replaced to bottom
2020 586
Alexander Hansford Tenkai Palm Variation into angly perpendicular cop position from center, overhand shuffle while holding card out
Inspired by 2021 177
Dai Vernon Top Palm classic palm variation, no text, unclear
The Neat Review (Issue 4 - Everywhere & Nowhere 2022)
Robert Gardner Watch Palm card to pocket with watch as hold-out
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Jan. 2012
2022 1092
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Optical Center Steal card apparently inserted into outer end of deck can be either palmed in right hand or controlled to top, in addition to also having a different card out-jogged in its place, uses modified palm grip (combination of lateral and Tenkai palms), see also application on p. 89
2022 12
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Italian Palm modified grip for classic palm, allows little finger to be free, facilitates loading palmed card to bottom of tabled packet (mucking type of action), see also p. 171
2022 30
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Optical Center Steal used here to apparently insert card between two tabled cards and immediately stolen out
2022 89
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Optical Center Steal technique used here to steal card (double) apparently inserted on bottom of tabled packet and loaded on top, see also application on p. 89
2022 261
"The brush" gambler’s sleight, muck-style load beneath tabled packet, see also related technique on p. 30 (“Italian Palm”)
2022 266