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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Bill Simon The Simon Card Control insertion from the sideVariations Effective Card Magic 93
Lee Asher Pulp Friction reverse spread control/cull/displacementVariations Pulp Friction 5
Tom Stone Minus Deck ATFUS handling away from deckRelated to Vortex 45
Alex Hansford Introduction Sprezzatura 2
Alex Hansford Card to pocket Card chosen and placed back in deck, hand shown empty before entering back pocket, card produced from back pocket Sprezzatura 4
Edward Marlo, Alex Hansford Deliberate Side Steal to Tenkai Palm Inspired by Sprezzatura 6
Alex Hansford Back Pocket Subtlety Tenkai palm production used as convincer in the context of card to pocket routine to show hand empty, see also p. 27 Sprezzatura 7
Alex Hansford Microbreaks Work on obtaining, maintaining and recovering from very fine pinky breaks Sprezzatura 10
Bill Simon, Will Houstoun, Alex Hansford Control A Sidejogging a card during square up to obtain microbreak, sidejog finesse provided by Will Houstoun, cut card to the top of the deckInspired by Sprezzatura 13
Alex Hansford Control B Obtain microbreak through plunger principle Sprezzatura 16
Alex Hansford Key Card + Glimpse Key card glimpse + placement using microbreakRelated to Sprezzatura 18
Alex Hansford Mystery Card Card is selected and signed, odd-backed card shown to be the same card with different signature, signature then changes into spectator's signature Sprezzatura 22
Edward Marlo, Alex Hansford Convincing Control to Deep Cop Sprezzatura 25
Alex Hansford Instant Assembly Four Kings visually vanish from packets, appear assembled on tabled packet Sprezzatura 29
Alex Hansford Tabled ATFUS ATFUS by ditching face up cards onto tabled deckRelated to Sprezzatura 34
Alex Hansford Diamond Cut Diamond selection transposes with selected Diamond card, duplicate Sprezzatura 39
Alex Hansford Cull Effect Four Queens change to any named four of a kind Sprezzatura 44
Arturo de Ascanio, Alex Hansford Ascanio Spread Ideas Sprezzatura 46
Alex Hansford A Childish Spelling Trick two selections lost and shuffled in the deck, spelled to cleanly, with demonstration spell & faro placement Sprezzatura 48
Alex Hansford Thoughts on the Tenkai Palm Sprezzatura 4
Alex Hansford Erdnase Break from Jog Sprezzatura 17
Alex Hansford Side Jog to Injog Sprezzatura 19
Alex Hansford Hofzinser Force Handling Sprezzatura 23
Alex Hansford A Second Phase? three kings distributed in tabled spread, they jump back to remaining king Sprezzatura 37
Alex Hansford Reverse Spread Switch showing reversed card in deck and switching itInspired by Sprezzatura 40
Alex Hansford Cull Spread Switch discrepant Sprezzatura 45
Alex Hansford Crediting Et c. Sprezzatura 51
Alex Hansford Gödel Hand holds two cards face up, one of those cards change with a wave Wabi-Sabi 28
Alex Hansford Objectively Cool thoughts on magic, enjoyment Daily Dose 16