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Tony Chang That Was a Freebie subtlety for spread culling returned selection I Was Kidnapped 5
Tony Chang Precrastination spread versionInspired by I Was Kidnapped 9
Tony Chang Looper straw shoots from glass, invisible thread loop I Was Kidnapped 13
Tony Chang Queens Gambit removed card is "divined" by analyzing 4 indifferent cards twice, then four of a kind transformation climax I Was Kidnapped 17
Tony Chang Bend Glimpse outjogged card I Was Kidnapped 18
Herb Zarrow, Tony Chang Outjogged Zarrow Block Addition I Was Kidnapped 22
Tony Chang The Deck Void deck vanish in deck-to-pocket context I Was Kidnapped 27
Tony Chang Side Effect May Occur twisting with unequal 4-to-1 transposition climax I Was Kidnapped 33
Tony Chang Packet Turnover I Was Kidnapped 35
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Tony Chang Broken Mechanical Reverse see credit information on page 41 I Was Kidnapped 37