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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse
Variations 1975 Epilogue (Issue Special No 2) 251
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Sandwiches by Tony Chang June 2011 Genii (Vol. 74 No. 6) 80
John Born Face Up Tabled Classic Force Cards spread on table, finger moved on top, say stop over selection, includes subtleties
Related to 2012 Seeking the Bridge 145
John Born, Tony Chang My Ladies Sandwich effect, red Queens appear around the selection as table spread is flipped over
Related to 2012 Seeking the Bridge 148
Tony Chang That Was a Freebie subtlety for spread culling returned selection
2013 I Was Kidnapped 5
Tony Chang Precrastination spread version
Inspired by 2013 I Was Kidnapped 9
Tony Chang Looper straw shoots from glass, invisible thread loop
2013 I Was Kidnapped 13
Tony Chang Queens Gambit removed card is "divined" by analyzing four indifferent cards twice, then four of a kind transformation climax
2013 I Was Kidnapped 17
Tony Chang Bend Glimpse outjogged card
2013 I Was Kidnapped 18
Herb Zarrow, Tony Chang Outjogged Zarrow Block Addition
2013 I Was Kidnapped 22
Tony Chang The Deck Void deck vanish in deck-to-pocket context
2013 I Was Kidnapped 27
Tony Chang Side Effect May Occur twisting with unequal four-to-one transposition climax
2013 I Was Kidnapped 33
Tony Chang Packet Turnover
2013 I Was Kidnapped 35
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Tony Chang Broken Mechanical Reverse see credit information on page 41
2013 I Was Kidnapped 37
Alexander Hansford About the Contributors mini bios and contact information for all eight contributors, Eric Hu, Vera Tobin, Tatanka Tan, Tony Chang, Éireann Leverett, Ricky Smith, Benjamin Pratt, Asi Wind
2019 The Neat Review (Issue 2 - New York City 2019) 13
Alexander Hansford Tony Chang intro
2019 The Neat Review (Issue 2 - New York City 2019) 150
Tony Chang, Alexander Hansford Midlife-Crises of a Move Monkey interview, title given by Tony in NYC
2019 The Neat Review (Issue 2 - New York City 2019) 152
Tony Chang Reversal refinement of Mechanical Reverse
Inspired by 2019 The Neat Review (Issue 2 - New York City 2019) 166
Tony Chang The Mystery Touched You Where? a card appears between sandwich cards and vanishes again, it is then found to be card that has been placed under spectator's hand previously
May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2)) 190
Tony Chang End Grip Double Turnover
May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2)) 191
George McBride Card Vanish on Deck out-jogged
Inspired by
  • Sandwiches, Tony Chang, Download
2022 The Glasgow File — Volume 1 62