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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Gordon Wigan To Change Three Cards, placed in the Pocket of a Spectator, into Three Others previously chosen
Related to 1890 48
S. W. Erdnase The Three Aces Ace of Hearts poses as Diamonds, distributed Aces are together after one cut
Related to 1902 202
A General Utility "Location"
Related to 1933 66
Theodore Annemann March 1935 on Count Orloff, Paul Duke, Russell Swann, Tommy Martin, Paul LePaul
Mar. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 6)
The Fan Location: By Means of the Regular Fan
Related to 1938 27
Paul LePaul A "Side-Steal" Location
1938 34
The "Slap" Location drop in-jog when two packets are placed together
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1938 36
Jean Hugard Locations
Related to 1938 46
Fan Control spectator inserts card in fan
a/. (Automatic Jog Control)
b/. Riffle Control
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1938 49
Francis Carlyle The "Carlyle" Snap Double Lift exploiting crimp/bend
Related toAlso published here 1939 8
Paul LePaul There It Is! visual thing, drawing on cover of Dover Reprint..., for credit information see references
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1940 167
Paul LePaul Diminishing Card Finesse with deck vanish finale
1941 51
Jean Hugard Credit Information for "There It Is!"
Related to 1941 51
Paul LePaul Color Changing Heads
1941 9
Paul LePaul 12 - Le Paul's Improved "French" Vanish
1941/27 74
Clayton Rawson No Corpse for the Coffin crimping selection, then "There It Is" with unload for transformation of wrong card into selection
Inspired byVariations July 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 14)
Paul LePaul Le Paul's Torn Bill bill torn in half, one half changes to half dollar, restored
Related to 1943/27 126
Paul LePaul Le Paul's Pass
1943/27 181
Paul LePaul Enlarging a Card Fan moving pressure point
1943/27 216
Paul LePaul Paul Le Paul Reversal the Pivot with a card in hand
1946 141
Frank Csuri Here It Is!!
Inspired by 1946 11
Warren Wiersbe Miracle Do As I Do
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1946 4
Edward Marlo Ace Opener using incomplete faro condition, but with even riffle shuffle, Aces drop out from the bottom face up at once
Related toAlso published here 1947 30
Paul LePaul Acknowledgments Jerry McDermott, Robert & Dorothea Parrish
1949 9
Paul LePaul Preface on performing, misdirection, technique
1949 21
Paul LePaul Invisible Turn-Over Pass
1949 29
Paul LePaul A Flourish And A Pass deck spreads itself between hands
Related toVariations 1949 35
Paul LePaul The Color-Change (Side Steal Method) side-steal method
Variations 1949 39
Paul LePaul The Side-Steal
1949 45
Paul LePaul Peek with Fingertip-Grip for Demo
1949 46
Paul LePaul Riffling while holding the break
1949 47
Paul LePaul The Right Hand Top-Palm group method
1949 52
Paul LePaul Right Hand Top-Palm Single Card Method
Variations 1949 54
Paul LePaul The Erdnase Bottom-Palm (improved)
Related to 1949 55
Paul LePaul A Bottom-Card Steal
1949 58
Paul LePaul The Diagonal Left Hand Palm (Improved Method)
Related to 1949 61
Paul LePaul Left Hand Center-Card Steal from spectator peek
1949 64
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading the deck with palmed card
VariationsAlso published here 1949 67
Paul LePaul The Flip-Over Double-Lift hit lift
Related to 1949 69
Paul LePaul Snap Over snapping off the second finger
1949 73
Paul LePaul The Snap-Over Double-Lift
Related to 1949 73
Paul LePaul Holding Back two cards while dribbling the cards
1949 74
Paul LePaul The Top-Change four methods
1949 77
Paul LePaul An Instantaneous Change
Variations 1949 82
Paul LePaul The Second-Deal (Improved Method) end grip
1949 85
Paul LePaul A Rapid One-Hand Deal
Related to 1949 87
Paul LePaul A Rapid One-Hand Second-Deal
1949 89
Paul LePaul The Bottom-Deal (Simplified Method) bottom card set two-handed during previous top deal
Related toVariations 1949 90
Paul LePaul A Natural Jog-Control
Related to 1949 93
Paul LePaul A Fancy Control flip-over cuts
Related toVariations 1949 96
Paul LePaul A Deceptive Crimp Location card is crimped lengthwise
1949 98
Paul LePaul An Automatic Jog-Control
Related toVariations 1949 99
Paul LePaul A False Waterfall Shuffle
1949 104
Paul LePaul A False Riffle Shuffle using Automatic Rear Jog procedure
1949 109
Paul LePaul An Instantaneous Palm Flourish fan production
1949 115
Paul LePaul A Card Fan Flourish fan production
1949 119
Paul LePaul A Vanish And Reproduction Of A Deck Of Cards
1949 124
Paul LePaul Simplicity - The Keynote to Good Magic on simplicity, puzzle vs. magic
1949 129
Paul LePaul How Close Can You Watch? Transposition of two complete decks
Variations 1949 131
Paul LePaul Deceptive Perception five red-backed cards and one blue-backed card change into five blue-backed cards and one red-backed card
Related toVariations 1949 135
Paul LePaul Mistaken Identity transposition with odd-backed card
1949 140
Paul LePaul The Substitution Envelope Mystery selection changes places with a card in an envelope
Related toVariations 1949 143
Paul LePaul Finessed Glide see also page 140
Related toVariations 1949 144
Paul LePaul The One-Eyed Jacks sandwiched card changes with selection face-up in deck
1949 146
Paul LePaul A Magical Transposition simple two card transpo, using deck
1949 149
Paul LePaul Cover for the Top Change
1949 149
Paul LePaul A Paradox Of Pairs classic force face-up
Inspired by 1949 151
Paul LePaul An Unexpected Climax deck split into two and each half placed inside pocket, two selections are found, first selection changes to third selection as climax
Variations 1949 155
Paul LePaul, Dr. Jacob Daley Bottom Card Steal as a Switch gambler's cop as a switch using a double
1949 156
Paul LePaul A Perfect Stop Effect cards removed one at a time from pocket by performer until spectator stops, card held at that time is selection
1949 159
Paul LePaul Impromptu Torn And Restored Card except one quarter, restored card minus corner shoots out when deck is riffled
Variations 1949 161
Paul LePaul A Quadruplicate Mystery four spectators each find their selection
Related toVariations 1949 165
Paul LePaul, Dr. Jacob Daley Palm Switch Handling
1949 167
Paul LePaul Color Segregation
1949 169
Paul LePaul A Deft Illusion
1949 175
Paul LePaul Bottom Glimpse as Switch
1949 176
Dr. Jacob Daley, Paul LePaul The Bashful Queens Three Queens on the table change to indifferent cards. All four Queens are found in four different pockets
Related toVariations 1949 179
Paul LePaul A Reverse Card Routine
Variations 1949 183
Paul LePaul Covered Turnover under cover of half fanned pack
1949 187
Paul LePaul An Impromptu Rising Card Effect
Related toVariations 1949 190
Paul LePaul Transposition of the Four Aces
Variations 1949 194
Paul LePaul The Hand Picked Aces bluff spacing in fan
Related toVariations 1949 199
Paul LePaul Aces Up!
Variations 1949 203
Paul LePaul The Gymnastic Aces Aces leap one at a time out of the deck when shaking incompletely shuffled deck
Related toVariations 1949 207
Paul LePaul Cut Shift series of cuts from Hindu position
1949 209
Paul LePaul Cards in a Sealed Envelope
Related toVariations 1949 214
Paul LePaul, Louis Zingone, Edward Marlo, Albert Cohn, James F. Herpick Buckle Up No. 105, performer finds face-up selection among face-down cards sight unseen
Variations 1950 200
Frank Joglar Backstage on Maurice Zolotow, Dunninger, George Karger, Richard Harbin, Frank Garcia, Doc Marcus, Jay Marshall, Gus Bohn, Jean Hugard, Carter, Paul LePaul, Milo, John Calvert, Russ Swann, Lloyd Navado and more
  • The Magic Books
  • Video
  • Gus Bohn
  • Echo from 1908
  • Jottings
  • More Jottings
  • Black Art
Feb. 1950 632
Paul LePaul Ace Delusion Ace of Hearts poses as Diamonds, spectators see through this, then it really is the Diamond, sucker
Related to 1950 39
The Slap Trick uncredited LePaul production
Related to 1952 52
Edward Marlo The Torn Card Trick except one quarter, restored card minus corner shoots out when deck is riffled, see page 196 for credits
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Inspired byVariations 1953 178
Bruce Elliott The Back Room solution to Martin Gardner's problem from issue 275, Friday Night Sodality, Orville Meyer, Arthur Buckley, Chic Schoke, Paul LePaul, Lou Tannen
Mar. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 276)
Roy Walton Eight Ladies? four Queens are found then placed on table where they change into Eights, Queens found in four different pockets
Inspired by 1955
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Paul LePaul Holy Potatoes piercing a potato with a straw
Related to 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 324)
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on the New Living Card Stars , Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller, Paul LePaul, Francis Carlyle, Bill Simon, Dr. Jacob Daley, The Modern Magician, Channing Pollock, Cardini, Billy McComb, James B. Findlay, Willane
The New Phoenix (Issue 328)
Jay Marshall Interview in St. Louis with Card Star Paul LePaul
Nov. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 332)
Paul LePaul Pride of the Pigalle stop trick, loading a card under single cards in the hands
Nov. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 332)
Paul LePaul A Transfer Palm reverse from reference
Related to Nov. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 332)
Frances Ireland Marshall Back Talk on Rezvani, James Findley, De Vega, Max Andrews, Eddie Joseph, Ed Marlo, Paul LePaul, Don Alan, Matt Schulien
Nov. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 333)
Norman Houghton Colour Blind "Color Blind", four red-backed cards and one blue-backed card change into four blue-backed cards and one red-backed card
Inspired by June 1955
Ibidem (Issue 1)
Edward Marlo The Diagonal Steal as a direct Insertion Steal
Related to 1957 45
Paul LePaul Foreword
1958 3
Paul LePaul The Snap-Over Double-Lift
1958 28
Bert Allerton, Paul LePaul The Nest Of Envelopes
Inspired byRelated to 1958 66
Meet Dr. Spencer Thornton on Spencer Thornton, John Shirley, Al Wheatley, Paul LePaul, Bill. Baird, Claude Keefe, T. Nelson Downs, Russ Walsh, Freddie Fah, with pictures
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959)
P. Howard Lyons 5 Corpses in 1 Coffin one of three cards thought of, they are lost, performer finds it with "There It Is" sequence
Inspired byRelated to Oct. 1960
Ibidem (Issue 22)
Cliff Green Paul LePaul image and mini bio
1961 114
Paul LePaul, Charlie Miller Fan Control one-handed fan
1961 6
Palm Reverse
Related to 1964
Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles)
Paul LePaul Cards and Wallet four signed cards to envelope in wallet
1969 165
Edward Marlo Startling Climax two cards selected, first found in pocket, transforms in second card
Inspired by 1970 121
Paul LePaul Baffling-Impossibility memorized deck and stooge
1971 48
Paul LePaul Flip
Also published here 1972 60
Jerry K. Hartman Off Color spectator fails to find the “odd” blue card among four red cards, turns out to be four blue cards and one red card
Related to 1972 8
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Psychological Matching Up Trick No. 340, with pocket finale, two cards can be pre-loaded
Related to 1972 95
Paul Rosini Rosini Aeroplane Aces No. 368, Aces leap one at a time out of the deck when shaking incompletely shuffled deck, same as Gymnastic Aces
Related to 1972 102
Paul LePaul Dr. Grote's Effect: 1) Le Paul location No. 658-1, dropping half on the other
Related to 1972 181
Tommy Wonder, Paul LePaul, Edward Victor Der magische Besuch as Jos Bemelmen, "cards through newspaper" done with signed business cards and close-up mat, card to envelope climax
Also published here 1973
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 6)
Paul LePaul The Fan Location without credit
1975 31
Paul LePaul, Francis Carlyle The Paul Le Paul Signed Cards to Sealed Envelope & Wallet Construction of the Paul Le Paul Wallet & The Envelope
Inspired byRelated to 1975 173
Russell T. Barnhart Thumb Flick Steal No. 8, stealing bottom card of double into right-hand Master Palm, deck in hand
Related to 1975 26
Randy Holt The Curley-Cue-Move one-handed fan
Inspired by 1976 70
Visible Card Change
Related to 1976 83
Pop Up Card vertical version as production
Inspired by 1977 51
Arturo de Ascanio La "Carta Rota" de Marlo y Le Paul signed, with one piece not restored
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1978 23
Roy Walton The Spread Half Pass
Inspired byAlso published here 1978 3
Steve Beam Flipover as a production, apparently from the middle, using a swing cut
Inspired by 1978 24
Paul LePaul Paul Le Paul's French Drop
1978 130
Richard Kaufman Pickin' Up The Pieces with a last corner restoration
Inspired by 1979 86
Paul Fleming (reviewer) The Card Magic of Le Paul by Paul LePaul 1979 152
Gary Ouellet Drop Control top half dropped at angle with jog, jog hidden with some beveling handling
Related toVariations 1979 6
Paul LePaul Peek Finesse fingertip convincer
1980 18
Paul LePaul Automatic Jog-Control for two selections
1980 31
Frank Garcia, Paul LePaul Super Secret Control
1980 23
Steven Hamilton Ferly Defragmentation Etc. prediction taken from envelope, envelope torn, prediction says "look in envelope", envelope is restored and signed selection taken from it
Inspired byAlso published here Mar. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Larry Jennings Cards in a Sealed Envelope four cards travel into sealed envelope in wallet
Inspired byRelated to 1980 6
Paul LePaul LePaul's Side Steal
1981 53
Jim Ryan, Paul LePaul Le Paul's Multiple Discovery five spectators each find their selection
Inspired by 1981 1
Paul LePaul The Erdnase Bottom-Palm (improved)
1981 2
Jim Ryan With Gratitude on Laurie Ireland, Ed Marlo, Paul LePaul, Matt Schulien
1981 24
Paul LePaul The LePaul Spread
Related to 1981 17
Karl Fulves Spread Variations LePaul Spread variation
Related to 1981 19
Karl Fulves, Paul LePaul Small Packet Spread Pass brief
1981 53
Walt Lees Bluff Spacing Multiple Shift into fan
Inspired by 1981 5
Walt Lees Automatic Jog Control Handling
Inspired by 1981 22
Paul LePaul Automatic Jog-Control brief
1982 44
Meir Yedid, Paul LePaul There It Is Variation double card and unload, as a change
Inspired byRelated to 1982 48
Frank Simon, Paul LePaul Bluff Spacing Fan
Inspired by 1983 73
Frank Simon Odd Color Out transposition of back of two odd-backed duplicates, in the end deck changes color
Inspired by 1983 98
Edward Marlo Marlo's Unbelievable Ribbon Spread Control plunger principle
Related toVariations 1984 275
Jerry Sadowitz The Five of Diamonds oil and queens, followed by royal couples into pockets
Related to 1984 24
Paul LePaul, Carmen D'Amico The Glide Change for credit information see reference
Related toAlso published here 1984 14
Paul LePaul Pop-Out Production
1984 70
Louis Falanga, Paul LePaul, Brother John Hamman One-Handed Flushtration Count
Related to 1985 87
Randy Wakeman R.W. Four Card Stunner four selections are found by spectators themselves
Inspired byAlso published here 1985 1
Paul LePaul Deceptive Perception different presentation for reference, five red backed cards and one blue backed card change into five blue backed cards and one red backed card
Related to 1985 17
Paul LePaul The Palm Reverse credited to Piet Forton here
1985 46
Karl Fulves Torn Bill Notes
Related to 1985 26
Paul LePaul The Bluff Pass classic handling
1985/87 17
Paul LePaul, Gary Ouellet The Spread Pass Technique normal and with the ProControl Card
Also published here 1986 28
Davide Costi Supreme
Related to 1987 18
Bluff Pass
Also published here 1987 52
Paul LePaul Faro Shake Out
1988 145
Mike Gallo Bluffed in combination with Le Paul's Spread Pass
Inspired byRelated to 1989 475
Randy Wakeman Did You Get The Odd One? ten cards removed from blue-backed deck, one red-backed card placed among them, spectator choses blue-backed one from face, all others change to red-backed
Inspired byVariations 1989 8
Randy Wakeman R.W. Four-Card Stunner four selections are found by spectators themselves
Inspired byAlso published here 1989 31
Edward Marlo Delayed Push-Out Bottom Deal bottom card set one-handed during previous top deal
Inspired by Oct. 1989
Inside Out (Issue 7)
Wesley James WJ Bottom Palm "It is, however, significantly different from all others both in timing and specific mechanics."
Inspired by 1990 5
Paul LePaul, Terry Seabrooke, Larry Jennings LePaul Wallet construction, history, refinements (Jennings, Seabrooke)
1991 75
Paul LePaul Cards to Sealed Envelope
1991 80
Michael Close, Paul LePaul The Tuning Fork
Inspired by 1991 30
Paul LePaul Riffle Pop-Out
1991 155
Vanni Bossi V.B. Variation on Kaps Handling of the LePaul's Color Change Using the Side Steal from Bottom
Inspired by 1991 7
Jon Racherbaumer Why is the Odd Card so Queer? ten blue-backed cards, one red-backed selection, back-condition reverses
  • Subtle Way
  • Simple Way
Inspired byAlso published here 1992 213
Jack Carpenter Torn, Torn, and Restored get-in
Inspired by 1992 77
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Potato Power piercing a straw through raw potato
Related to July 1992
Magick (Issue 475)
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) The Card Magic of Le Paul by Paul LePaul Feb. 1992
Profile (Issue 6)
Paul LePaul, Michael Close, Edward Marlo The Left Hand Diagonal Palm
Inspired by 1993 50
Glide Change
Related to 1993
Rigmarole (Issue 5)
Roberto Giobbi Das geheimnisvolle Kuvert selection changes places with a card in an envelope
Inspired by 1993 2
Roberto Giobbi, Paul LePaul Der präparierte Kuvertsatz nach Le Paul
Inspired byAlso published here 1993 18
Jon Racherbaumer Odd Card Out six red backed cards and one blue backed card change into six blue backed cards and one red backed card
Inspired by Mar. 1993 5
Eddie Fechter Fechter's Shake Down Gymnastic Aces with selected cards
Inspired by 1993 63
Eddie Fechter A Card Control same as LePaul's "An Automatic Jog-Control"
Related toAlso published here 1993 121
Vicente Canuto, Paul LePaul Control en el Abanico con Salida Interna two methods, simple injog method and LePaul Fan Control
1993 202
Vicente Canuto, Paul LePaul Doble Volteo Con Casquido snapover double lift
1993 206
Paul LePaul, Alex Elmsley Bluff Pass
1994 179
Gary Ouellet, Dr. Jacob Daley, Paul LePaul, Steve Draun Bottoms-Up on the turnover-pass, different variations by Daley, LePaul, Draun
1994 67
Paul LePaul, Gary Ouellet Spread Pass
Also published here 1994 79
Paul LePaul Natural Jog Control top half tossed on bottom half
1994 19
Paul LePaul, Peter Duffie LePaul Second Deal Handling
1995 104
Joseph K. Schmidt JKSubway Deal
Inspired by 1995 87
Darwin Ortiz The Marker
Inspired by 1995 76
Chad Long Nervous Condition all cards fly out via Gymnastic Aces except selection
Inspired by 1995 3
Karl Fulves Conditions application for tabled double lift with further exercises
Related to 1995 21
Joe Scott, Paul LePaul The Card on the Wall with gimmick to get thumb tack into signed card
1995 105
Tony Biscardi Passing Gear card reverse while doing the LePaul Spread Pass
Related to 1995 1128
Karrell Fox There It Is
Related to 1995 41
David Acer Split Three Ways flip-over cuts
Inspired byAlso published here 1995 65
Stephen Tucker Braue Flourish Production for Two Cards with a transformation
Inspired by 1995 95
Paul LePaul The Gymnastic Ace Revelation
1995 ca. 14
Tommy Wonder, Paul LePaul, Edward Victor Winged Signatures "cards through newspaper" done with signed business cards and close-up mat, card to envelope climax
Also published here 1996 80
Randy Holt The Curly-Cue Move one-handed fan
Inspired by 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int...)
Karl Fulves Notes on "An Impromptu Rising Card Effect"
Inspired by 1996 62
Roberto Giobbi Roberto Giobbi on the Le Paul Envelope Set
Also published here 1996 9
Paul LePaul, Ron Aldrich Horizontal French Drop
1997 116
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment palmed cards loaded into center during in-the-hands spread
1997 13
Paul LePaul Hindu Shuffle Display
1997 26
Simon Lovell Simon Takes On Le Paul
Inspired by 1997 162
Simon Lovell The Bottom Deal
Related to 1997 181
Paul LePaul Throw-Jog top half dropped onto lower half
1997 186
Paul LePaul The LePaul Automatic Jog-Control
1998 538
The Drop Jog dropping upper half on lower half with jog
Related to 1998 540
Frederick Montague, Fred Kaps, Tommy Tucker, Paul LePaul, Roberto Giobbi The Bluff Pass
Also published here 1998 555
Paul LePaul, Peter Kane, Nate Leipzig, Roberto Giobbi The Acrobatic Aces four Aces are visibly produced, Gymnastic Aces phase
1998 694
Dai Vernon The Transfer Palm
Related to 1998 710
Alexander de Cova Das Aranka-Prinzip card or other item to sealed envelope, with multiple loading methods (no-palm, from palm, from card shelf)
Inspired byRelated to 1998 137
Jason Alford Flip Flop Cut in-the-hands three-packet flip-over cut
Related to 1998 29
Paul LePaul Flourish a card shows up
Related to 1999 17
Paul LePaul, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Drop Injog
1999 140
Gregory Wilson King-Size Travelers Travelers without jacket (Kings travel to front pants pockets and back pockets) and without deck, two Kings begin preloaded - see reference
Related to 1999
Labyrinth (Issue 12)
Fredric P. Lamazor Automatic Jog Handling
Inspired by 1999 23
Arturo de Ascanio, Carmen D'Amico The Glide Change
Inspired byAlso published here 2000 822
Paul LePaul, Roberto Giobbi The Spread Pass
Inspired by 2000 978
Paul LePaul The Palm Reverse
Also published here 2000 1032
Chuck Smith, Paul LePaul Thanks to LePaul
Inspired by 2000 65
Paul LePaul Bluff Pass
2000 14
Jerry Mentzer Addition to Le Paul Top Palm
  • The Casual Gesture
  • The Flourish Show
Inspired by 2000 123
Paul LePaul Missing-Corner Pop Out deck riffled and card pops out
2000 16
Barry Price Torn-Stapled-Restored! except one quarter, loose pieces are stapled together as gag, restored card minus corner shoots out when deck is riffled
Inspired by 2000 1
Terry LaGerould The Incredible Cardboard Acrobat
Inspired by 2001 56
Andrew Wimhurst Le Paul Jog Control Finesse handling finesse, one-handed rolling of deck face-up while retaining jog
Inspired by Sep. 2001
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Allan Ackerman Speaking Volumes
Related to June 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 6)
David Regal, Peter Duffie Speaking Volumes
Related to Nov. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 11)
Peter McLanachan That's Richard's Problem! card chosen and tabled, performer deals three piles, top cards and card from beginning make up a four-of-a-kind
Inspired by
  • Richard James problem posted on website "Connoisseur Conjuring"
Related to
Jan. 2002
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Roberto Giobbi, Paul LePaul On the LePaul Envelope Set
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 2003 1367
Steve Beam From the Belly of the Beast producing selection with "There It Is!" mechanics
Inspired by 2004 171
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Quarterback two selections, one pops out of deck, one quarter is missing, it is found glued to second selection
Inspired by 2004 29
Larry Jennings Gambler's Kings To Magician's Pockets Kings change to Aces, Kings produced from different pockets
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 2005 11
Syd Segal Thank You Le Paul
Inspired byVariations 2005 22
Paul LePaul Natural Jog packet dropped on packet, brief
2005 26
Paul LePaul French Drop Variant
2005 12
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg A Card Control similar to Le Paul's Automatic Jog-Control
Related to 2006 138
Arturo de Ascanio The Torn and Restored Card of Marlo and Le Paul signed, with one piece not restored
Inspired byAlso published here 2006 147
Doug Edwards, Paul LePaul The LeEdwards Spread deck spreads itself between hands, cards are bent the other way
Inspired by 2006 160
Paul LePaul Useful Acquitment Replacement
2006 64
Jerry K. Hartman A Kidding Aside deck is cut and wrong card is shown, then selection appears clipped between fingers
Inspired byAlso published here 2007 45
Roberto Giobbi Jog-Control
Inspired by Oct. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 10)
Aaron DeLong Turning Le Paul spread pass handling
  • Variations
  • As a Transformation
Inspired by 2008 32
Paul LePaul Spread Pass
July 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 7)
Arie Vilner Le Paul Subtlety - Under the Spread spreading the deck with palmed card and holding out while gripping one's other arm
Inspired by 2009 28
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading deck with palmed card between the hands
2010 52
Paul LePaul, Jim Cellini The LePaul 360 spread pass handling
2012 19
Paul LePaul Glide Change
2012 162
Paul LePaul, Shane Cobalt LePaul's Aces four Aces placed on bottom of deck one by one, rise to the top
Inspired by 2012 2
John Born Riding the LePaul Flourish with the LePaul Spread, to insert a card into the spread by having card ride on top of spread
Inspired by 2012 160
Tony Chang Precrastination spread version
Inspired by 2013 9
Tom Gagnon One-Handed Flushtration Count
Related toVariations 2013 136
Justin Higham How Perceptive odd-backed card placed in deck, spectator should find it, instead rest of deck changes back color
Inspired byVariations 2013 14
Paul LePaul LePaul Spread Pass brief
2014 80
Jesús Etcheverry Capitulo quinto: Juegos con habilidad, tercer bloque Notes on tricks Ascanio performed, tricks using sleight of hand
  • Cards up Sleeve (Daley)
  • Slow Motion Four Aces (Vernon)
  • Aparición Ases de Bill Simon
  • Four Aces for Connoisseurs (Cy Endfield)
  • Por Todas Partes y Ninguna (mio)
  • Face Up Face Down Surprise (Hamman)
  • Error Pronto Reparado (final Arthur Buckley)
  • Cutting the Aces (Vernon)
  • Fuera de este mundo (mio)
  • Versión de Channing Pollocl
  • Cinta de Zingone (versión mia)
  • Cinco rojas y una negra (m. Kaps)
  • Sequacious Spades (Daley, yo)
  • Ases a través de la mesa (Hamman-Kaps)
  • Alternando los colores (mio)
  • La cartera y el sobre (Paul LePaul - Freddy Fah)
2015 139
Jesús Etcheverry Capitulo séptimo: Juegos con dos barajas Notes on tricks Ascanio performed, tricks using two decks
  • Haga como yo
  • Versión Dai Vernon (Greater Magic)
  • Peek
  • Versión Finale (de Ganson)
  • Cuádruple coincidencia
  • Rutina del sobre (Vernon)
  • Chamel Aces (Roy Walton)
  • Penetración del pensamiento (Vernon)
  • ¿ Es Vd. buen observador (Paul LePaul)
2015 187
Jesús Etcheverry Capitulo octavo: Rutinas, primer bloque Notes on tricks Ascanio performed, routines
  • Rutina con dos barajas
  • Chamele Aces (Roy Walton)
  • Penetration of Thought (Vernon)
  • No da Vd. ni una
  • Aces Transposition (triple lift)
  • Bolsillo Transposition (Gerald Kosky)
  • Cinco rojas, una azul (Paul LePaul)
  • Haga como yo
  • Dai Vernon (Greater Magic)
  • Peek
  • Cuádruple coincidencia
  • Los dados mandan y las cartas obedecen
  • Sube-baja (Daley)
  • Bill Simon
  • (m. Moroso)
2015 195
John Lovick Envelope Load
Inspired by 2016 186
Paul LePaul LePaul Wisdom paying homage to masters, quote from "In Conclusion" LePaul book
Hidden Agenda (Issue Feb 8)
Yves Carbonnier Le Contrôle en Éventail
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 2016 28
Paul LePaul Controle des Trois Cartes three card control, bluff spacing in fan
Related to 2016 4
Ryan Schlutz Strange Gift spectator gives twelve cards to performer, he knows number of red cards and sorts them under table
Inspired byAlso published here 2017 14
Paul LePaul Enfile top change
2017 104
Dai Vernon, Paul LePaul Card to Envelope Finale
Related to 2018 180
Paul LePaul, Bert Allerton LePaul Stack of Envelopes
Related to 2018 119
Harapan Ong Mark-a-Place Force
Inspired by 2018 34
Yves Carbonnier Le Contrôle en Éventail
Inspired byAlso published here 2019 144
Paul LePaul LePaul Spread Pass
2019 277
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading the deck with palmed card, reverse
2019 27
Iñaki Zabaletta Homenaje a Le Paul with Cambio al Voltear
Inspired by 2019 97
Paul LePaul Faro Shake Out
2019 211
Dr. James Nuzzo Finessed Gymnastic Aces faro, making sure the Aces appear one by one
Inspired by May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2))
Paul LePaul The Palm Reverse
May 2020
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2))
Curtis Kam There It Is Production Handling production sequence with change of first card
Related to Nov. 2021
The Disclaimer (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Dai Vernon Nameless four cards chosen, spectator shuffles and takes out four cards which are shown as the selections, from private lecture notes by Ernest Shattock
Related to 2022 74
Tyler Wilson Automatic Jog Control Handling sloppy fan
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Jan. 2005
2022 366
Deane Stern Free Choice five cards removed from face-down spread, one chosen and lost, spectator finds it again, other cards are shown to be Aces
Inspired by 2022 60
Paul LePaul Spread Pass brief
2022 228
Jon Racherbaumer Deceptive Perception Plus
  • Exhumations
ten blue-backed cards, one red-backed selection, back-condition reverses
Inspired byAlso published here Dec. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 12)
Paul LePaul Missing-Corner Pop Out deck riffled and card pops out
2023 21
Jennifer Gwinn, Allan Ackerman Acrobatic Anything Gymnastic Aces with named four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 2024 59