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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Paul LePaul Transposition of the Four Aces
Variations 1949 The Card Magic of Le Paul 194
Larry Jennings Jennings' Visitor
Related toVariations 1969 Expert Card Mysteries 53
Paul Harris Grasshopper card vanishes between two Kings, travels to between another two Kings
Variations 1977 SuperMagic 23
Larry Jennings A Logical Conclusion four Sevens and four Threes change to Ace through Eight of hearts
Related toVariations 1988 The Cardwright 177
Daryl Martinez Untouched card is on the table, spectator makes two piles, one top card for the value the other for the suit
Related toVariations 1988 Daryl does Den Haag 20
Brother John Hamman Triple Cross two sandwiched cards transpose, then two selection in one, four Kings in other pile
Related toVariations 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 51
Nick Trost Spectator's Card Trick
Related to 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 119
James Swain Finale for The Collectors
  • The Card Expert
three selections are replaced in deck, the four-of-a-kind then changes into the three selections
Variations Jan. 2001 Genii (Vol. 64 No. 1) 80
John C. Wagner, Syd Segal A Logical Lesson two four-of-a-kinds change into a straight from Ace to Ten
Inspired byVariations 2005 Full Metal Jacket 2
Syd Segal Very Fair Triumph
2005 Full Metal Jacket 5
John C. Wagner Final Closer aces produced, lost and spelt to, deck sorted in suits as climax, reworked handling
  • Extra Thoughts & Substitutions
  • No Cop/No Switch Method by Syd Segal
Inspired by 2005 Full Metal Jacket 7
Syd Segal T(w)oo Wild Jokers three joker change into kings to match selection
2005 Full Metal Jacket 14
Syd Segal Fake Card in Box Insertion really behind cellophane
2005 Full Metal Jacket 17
Syd Segal Thank You Le Paul
Inspired byVariations 2005 Full Metal Jacket 22
Syd Segal Credits and References
2005 Full Metal Jacket 32
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) Full Metal Jacket by John C. Wagner (written by Syd Segal) Sep. 2005 Genii (Vol. 68 No. 9) 96
Andi Gladwin Full Mental Racket four Eights and Twos are removed, they are counted and Ten cards are seen, they then become Ace through Eight of Clubs
Inspired by 2006 Another Bite of the Cherry 36
Jack Parker Magician vs. Magician Magician recounts story of playing poker with another magician, magician ultimately wins with Royal Flush in Spades (lots of pokerhand transformations)
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 27
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Simply Sydney by Syd Segal June 2008 Genii (Vol. 71 No. 6) 101
Syd Segal, John C. Wagner The Life and Times of the Incomparable J.C. Wagner
Apr. 2010 Genii (Vol. 73 No. 4) 52
Syd Segal Two, Two, Two Tricks in One! finale for Collectors in which the three selections transpose with the four-of-a-kind that's bin distributed on top of the tabled spread deck
Inspired byAlso published here
  • DVD "Simply Sydney" (2008, D&D)
2017 A New Angle 33
Syd Segal Untouched Re-touched Card is on the table, spectator makes two piles, one top card for the value the other for the suit, produce four of a kind as a kicker
Inspired byRelated to Oct. 2018 Elixir (Vol. 2 No. 1 (Summer #2)) 110
Henok Negash Luck vs Skill spectator cuts to four random cards which the performer changes into Aces one by one, then the spectator does cut to the Aces
Inspired by May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2)) 203
Syd Segal The Visiting Cross Eye's Grasshopper two Aces sandwiched between two Jacks each, Aces transpose, sandwich cards transpose, then two Aces and four Jacks transpose
Inspired by May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2)) 252