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Unknown The Four Kings being placed under the Hand of one Person, and the Four Sevens under the Hand of Another, to make them Change Places at Command Modern Magic 48
Unknown To make Four Aces change to Four Kings, and Four Kings to Four Aces four double facers, using hat Modern Magic 90
Unknown The Four Queens changed to Kings queens under hat transpose with kings on deck, double facers Tricks with Cards 142
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Grosses Kartenmanöver Jacks, Queens and Kings travel and transpose with two plates, heavily gaffedRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 221
Unknown Die wandernden Könige Kings placed underneath a hat or plate, four cards on the top of the deck transpose with the Kings, four double facers Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 2) 24
Unknown Die gehorsamen Asse Aces put in center, spectator choses how many Aces should appear on top and bottom, Conus Aces gag sequence, four Aces under spectator's hand transpose with four other cards, deck changes into all-Aces Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 11) 164
Arthur Toskana Vae victis! "(Wehe dem Besiegten)"
Kings placed in envelope, Jacks placed under four newspaper pieces, then Jacks are in envelope and Aces under newspaper, Kings found elsewhere
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 3) 37
Carl Willmann Die Verwandlung der vier Point-Achtkarten four cards chosen, they are the Eights and tabled, then they transpose with the four Sevens (three Eights with a cover Seven fanned and vice versa) Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 7) 99
Unknown Seventh Method aces put in one envelope, kings in another, they transpose, using two cards with cloth on back The Art of Magic 221
Charles T. Jordan The Amazing Aces No. 1, four face-down cards put aside, Aces placed into four piles, they vanish are are the face-down cards Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks 2
Unknown The Homing Belles four of a kind matching selection turns over, removed, transpose with 4 other reversed cards in deck, four duplicate queens Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 26
Unknown Kings and Aces four double facers, backfireRelated to Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 133
Henry Christ Aces and Kings a bit procedure heavy The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 74) 496
Edward Marlo Annemann's Aces Disregarded transpo, transformation comboInspired by Let's See the Deck 19
Warren Wiersbe Instantaneous Four Ace Transposition four aces with four indifferent cards Action with Cards 14
Arthur H. Buckley Transition Experiment No. 22 - four kings with four aces Card Control 175
Arthur H. Buckley, Karrell Fox, Dai Vernon The Chivalrous Kings and The Four Ladies Experiment No. 36 - four duplicates, one set in caseInspired by Card Control 203
Carl Hunkins Four Ace Routine four aces are put into the deck, four indifferent cards change places with aces The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 115) 463
John Howie + or - ? using two four of a kinds, transformation kickerRelated to The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 153) 611
Paul LePaul Transposition of the Four Aces Variations The Card Magic of Le Paul 194
Al Leech Ace King Transposition Aces under spectator's hand, transpose with the kings in the deck. For Card Men Only 5
Al Leech Alternate Method for "Ace King Transposition" For Card Men Only 7
Al Leech Ace-King Turnover Related to For Card Men Only 8
Al Leech, Edward Marlo Ace-King A La Marlo Related to Manipulating with Leech 26
Bill Simon A Transposition ace to four of clubs transpose with four random cards one by one Effective Card Magic 111
Bill Simon Night Club Card Assembly four cards of the same value in spectator's pocket transpose with four random cards, one by one Effective Card Magic 158
Al Leech Eight Card Transposition Card Man Stuff 3
Edward Marlo Visual Transposition Variations The Cardician 121
Al Honeycutt Honeycutt's Honeycutter Aces transpose with Kings, à a follow the leaderVariations The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 289) 1154
Bill Simon The Impulsive Ladies three queens and three aces transpose when fourth queen is place with queens, half pass method Sleightly Sensational 19
J. Stewart Smith The Four Queens four queens and four indifferent cards on table, one queen transpose with indifferent card, then all cards transpose One More Thought on Cards 14
J. Stewart Smith Sevens and Jacks two cards are exchanged, then four of a kinds are complete again One More Thought on Cards 19
Don Alan It Can't Be... three phase routine
- Aces on table, spectator thinks of Ace, Ace pocketed, it's thought Ace, other aces are also
found in pocket, cards on table are indifferent cards
- MacDonalds Aces, spectator sits on fourth packet
- four Aces in performers pocket change places with four indifferent cards in spectators pocket
Related to Pretty Sneaky 12
Edward Marlo Four and Four Transposition four Aces with four indifferent cards Card Switches 48
Edward Marlo The Four Ace and Four King Transposition The K. M. Move 12
Ian Baxter Quadruple Transmigrationalism four quartets from different decks transpose while inside deck Expert Card Mysteries 69
Edward Marlo Hop - Skip - Jump HEX! 42
Art Spring 11 & 1 aces & jacks removed and jacks given to spectator, he suddenly holds aces, see p. 288 for suggestions by Peter McDonald The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 6) 253
Robert (Bob) Hess Never Underestimate four Kings and three Queens, but no real unequal transposition Epilogue (Issue 8) 57
Jon Racherbaumer Almost Making It four blank cards, four aces, change place one by one, see page 169 (of Tannen's Reprint) for correctionVariations Hierophant (Issue 4) 213
Gerald Kosky Transpose & Follow Epilogue (Issue 11) 84
Karl Fulves Aces To Win packet trick with gambling presentationRelated to The Book of Numbers 20
Peter Kane Red - Blue - Transpo four red red-backed & four black blue-backed spot cards Another Card Session with Peter Kane 5
Jon Racherbaumer, Roy Johnson Jon's Gem four blank cards, four aces, change place one by oneInspired by Second Time Around 75
Edward Marlo The Pickups Queens produced from incomplete riffle-shuffled deck, Triumph with Kings, then Queens transpose with Kings The Shank Shuffle 64
Brother John Hamman Underground Transposition Related toVariations Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 7) 52
Roy Walton A Switch in Time four red cards and four blacks cards, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separate, as a climax the packets transposeRelated toVariations Tale Twisters 1
Sam Schwartz Odd-Even-Odd four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kingsInspired byVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 5) 505
Ken Beale For A Transposition Packet Switches (Part Two) 110
Edward Marlo Another Triple Transpo four variations The Unexpected Card Book 166
Edward Marlo A Beautiful Illusion blue backed aces with red backed aces The Unexpected Card Book 212
Edward Marlo Impromptu Chamele Aces red backed and blue backed aces transpose, long routine, about hundred additions and notes The Unexpected Card Book 214
Edward Marlo Marlo Note January 20, 1971 The Unexpected Card Book 231
Edward Marlo Without a Gaff blank card with aces, two versions, version of "Almost Making It" The Unexpected Card Book 232
Edward Marlo The Gaff Makes It four blank cards with four aces, one at a time, differend backs The Unexpected Card Book 235
Edward Marlo Color Transposition red backed queens and blue backed kings, backs change places, not faces The Unexpected Card Book 229
Stewart Judah Aces & Jacks three Jacks transpose with three Aces one at a timeRelated toVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 10th Folio (Part One)) 796
Ian Baxter Super Transposition Kings and Aces on table, one switched, rest follows New and Novel Knowledge 50
Edward Marlo Direct Transposition Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 64
Edward Marlo "Packet for Packet Transpositions" three Methods Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 67
David Solomon Surprise Transposition one Quartet changes at the end Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 61
Bruce Cervon Puzzling Aces Inspired by Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 28
Philip T. Goldstein Counter Revolution four red cards on the table, four blacks in the hand. the blacks reverse one by one and change place with the redAlso published here Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 4) 340
Philip T. Goldstein Counter Revolution four red cards on the table, four blacks in the hand. the blacks reverse one by one and change place with the redVariationsAlso published here Classic Tackler 14
Jerry Andrus Absolute Aces Andrus Card Control 45
Harvey Rosenthal Odd-Even-Odd Again four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kingsInspired by Close-Up Sampler — Part 1 12
Philip T. Goldstein Colors in Sequence - Aces And Jacks Jr. Ace to Three of Clubs and Hearts, transpose one at a timeInspired by The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #4) 922
Edward Marlo The Extended Transposition Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 309
Gene Maze No-Cover Aces Packet Switches (Part Five) 338
Faucett Ross Impromptu Matching two four-of-a-kinds, pair exchanged, they transpose back, then ready for Matching the Cards Matching the Cards 15
Edward Marlo The Knoxville Knockout one at a time, method starts on page 3Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 1
Harry Lorayne Follow The Leaders with two four of a kinds Quantum Leaps 36
Paul Harris Black Jack Challenge four blackjacks are produced, kings and aces transpose, aces change into royal flush
- Cutting for Black Jacks
- Black Jack Exchange
- Royal Black Jack
Close-up Entertainer 24
Frank Simon About Faces Aces Kings put in Deck, Aces twist and then change into Kings, Aces now in deckInspired by Variations 43
Ken Beale, Ralph W. Hull Positive & Negative Cards using two four of a kinds, transformation kickerRelated to Interlock 46
Gene Maze Boxing named four-of-a-kind in box, penetrates table, aces in box instead The Gene Maze Card Book 36
Karl Fulves Vertical 4 four reds transpose with 4 blacks Color Quik 31
Michael Close Wild Underground Transposition all eight cards change to jokers as climaxRelated to Arcane (Issue 3) 25
Gene Castillon Colorful Cased-in Transpo odd-backed Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 10) 76
Karl Fulves Royal Flash Poker Problem #5
variation of the Card Puzzle with Poker theme, and Ace transposition with poker theme
Octet 44
Ken Simmons Interlaced Transposition three selections between kings travel to between aces, then in repeat the quartets transpose Cards - With a Different Touch 25
Jerry Sadowitz Come Together transposition with transformation climaxRelated toVariations Alternative Card Magic 4
Jerry Sadowitz Walkabout one by one, Joker Kicker Alternative Card Magic 12
Peter Marshall Flying Reds four blacks, four reds, one by one Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5 No. 11) 700
Jerry K. Hartman Four-a-Change four Aces turned over one by one on a packet of Kings, then they transposeAlso published here
  • Packet Magic (J. K. Hartman)
Packet Tricks 32
Edward Marlo Barroom Poker strange Follow the Leader Variation with aces, five phasesInspired by Marlo without Tears 50
Ross Bertram Aces in Transit four aces transpose with four indifferent cards Bertram on Sleight of Hand 122
Jon Racherbaumer Really Here! Kings and Queens, little assembly, Kings change to AcesInspired byVariations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. Summer Extra) 223
Jerry Sadowitz Monkey Feathers kings distributed in deck transpose with aces on top Cards Hit 11
Jerry Sadowitz Come Again story presentation with royal flush climaxInspired by Cards Hit 4
Jerry Sadowitz Sparrows Tears spectator touches four cards: kings, four other selections turn out to have red backs, back color switches places then Cards Hit 37
Stephen Tucker Doppelganger Four red cards transpose with four black cards. Selection (actually amongst the black cards) transposes with a red card in the red packet The Card-Mad-gic of Stephen Tucker 12
Edward Marlo A Card Cheating Story odd-backed Formula One Close-Up 54
Randy Wakeman Ascension Transposition Queens on table, four spot cards in hand, one by one Queens are placed among spot cards and vanish, then a spot card is put on table, transposition finaleInspired byAlso published here Formula One Close-Up 4
Louis Falanga The Feud color changing backsInspired by Lake Tahoe Card Magic 32
Ben Harris Coming Together Again quartet transposition with transformation climaxInspired by Out Of His Mind! 100
Lawrence Frame Together Again Come Together done with jumbo cards - with extra climax of Kings travelling to envelopeInspired by Close-up Framework 24
Edward Marlo An Extension Inspired by Riffling the Pasteboards 25
Edward Marlo Adding a New Idea four kings on table transpose with four Aces on top of deckVariations Riffling the Pasteboards 23
John C. Wagner Twisted Underground Transposition Variations The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 34
John Carney Kings & Aces Change Places Lecture Notes Collection (Issue Carney Uncovered) 24
Peter Duffie Pocket Assembly Ace through Four in pocket transpose with four cards in a packet Inspirations 20
Bruce Cervon "LLL" Transpo The Cervon File 249
Dai Vernon, Fred Kaps Out of Uniform The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 109
Edward Marlo Multiple Transposition using Multiple Illogical Curry Change (page 144) Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 145
Edward Marlo Detailed Slow Motion Aces ace of spades tabled with three x cards, other aces outjogged in deck, four methods, ungaffed and with duplicate Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 285
Edward Marlo The Sorceress Queen aces transpose with deuces Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 304
Karl Fulves Game Plan stacking with named four-of-a-kind, then cards transpose with spectators hand, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 51) 249
Jerry Sadowitz Consolation four aces from bottom of deck transpose with four cards on the table Cards on the Table 31
Brother John Hamman The Axes and the Jaxes jacks and aces produced, then they transpose The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 195
Brother John Hamman The Underground Transposition Related to The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 200
Christoph Borer Twisting the DF Underground twisting the aces, then aces change places with kingsInspired byAlso published here Seminarheft 26
Randy Wakeman Ascension Transposition Queens on table, four spot cards in hand, one by one Queens are placed among spot cards and vanish, then a spot card is put on table, transposition finaleAlso published here Randy Wakeman Presents 106
Philip T. Goldstein Counter-Revolution four red cards on the table, four blacks in the hand. the blacks reverse one by one and change place with the red, resembles Paul Harris' ResetAlso published here Focus 103
John Carney Kings and Aces Change Places Carneycopia 94
Michael Close Dancers at the End of Time aces vanish from top of deck, trap kings, transposition with quartets, all change into jokersInspired by Workers Number 2 29
Scott Robinson Quick Kings & Aces The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 36) 653
Edward Marlo After Pierce odd-backed transposition of quartets, one by one The Olram File (Issue 11) 10
Jack Carpenter The Seattle Switch poker hands with aces and kings transpose one by one, one changes to royal flush Modus Operandi 114
James Swain New Wave named four-of-a-kind from blue deck transposes backs with four red backed jokers, examinable Don't Blink 83
Yuji Wada Imported Kings to Aces as Yugi Wada, quartet transposition The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 43) 765
Arturo de Ascanio, Jaime Morella Zekri Acerca de un Efecto de Ed Marlo Aces over Kings version, Aces and Kings transpose, third quartet comes inAlso published here La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 4 93
Jerry Sadowitz Magic Hands four Kings transpose with four indifferent cards, two pairs of pseudo duplicatesInspired by Profile (Issue 10) 4
Ernest Earick Jack Syna(ps)ces jacks face up distributed in deck change places with aces on top of deckRelated toVariations By Forces Unseen 27
Alex Elmsley Separating the Men from the Boys kings and jacks alternated, queens change place with jacks The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 161
Paul Gertner Those are the Aces, Those are Not aces between spectator's palm, selection added, selection vanishes and reappears reversed in deck, repeat but this time aces travel to deck and indifferent cards are left behindInspired by Steel and Silver 106
Jackie McClements Them Or Us two four-card packets transpose Shock Treatment 14
Karl Fulves Crime Pays Naught four Kings and four Sevens, one card exchanged but nothing changed, then two and threeRelated to Rigmarole (Issue 9) 101
Justin Higham Interlaced Transformation three cards between Aces in center, Kings on top, Aces now on top and Kings in center with the three cardsInspired by Roger's Thesaurus 160
Allan Ackerman, Jerry Sadowitz, Roy Walton Kings in the Corner transposition with transformation climaxInspired by How to Tame a Moose 12
Yuji Wada Expressway four Aces put on table and four cards are selected, Aces turn into Kings and selection into Aces The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 56) 1050
Jack Birnman The Bermuda Triangle Aces transpose with quartet, Aces found reversed in the dek Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 2 118
Paul Harris Blackjack Challenge four blackjacks are produced, kings and aces transpose, aces change into royal flush The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 125
Dominique Duvivier Color-Fusing, Criss-Crossing, Double-Cross Four blue backed Aces and four red backed Kings repeatedly change places, flying back and forth from packet to packet Magie Duvivier 106
Dominique Duvivier Fantastic Journey Underground Four blank cards and four Kings change places one by one, cleanInspired by Magie Duvivier 102
James Swain Bluff Control Routine aces lost, kings put in table, they transpose Miracles with Cards 106
Jon Racherbaumer While Waiting For Godot Aces change to Kings and back, kings to pocket, followed by more routines, see belowRelated to Facsimile (Issue 4) 31
Roger Smith, John Bannon Maxi Twist - Bannon Handling transformation kicker Facsimile (Issue 4) 35
Lee Freed A Bondian Collusion combination of three cited routineInspired by Facsimile (Issue 4) 38
Simon Lovell The Gambler's Move four fours-of-a-kind transpose when one of each is transposed, three phases Simon Says! 43
Lee Asher Trey Sheik Sex Sells 8
Bruce Cervon Preset Hard-Boiled Mysteries 75
Bruce Cervon The Twenty-five Dollar Ace Trick one at a time, double facer Hard-Boiled Mysteries 98
Guy Hollingworth Transposition Kings and Aces transpose Quartet 11
James Swain Birds of a Feather three Phases 21st Century Card Magic 37
Milton Kort Heir to the Throne four Kings change places with four Aces, then three Kings and three Aces, then two, then one. Combination of four different tricks.Inspired by Kort 19
Roberto Giobbi, José Carroll Flash Transposition three indifferent cards change places with three of the four acesInspired by Card College — Volume 4 855
Irv Weiner, Roberto Giobbi Three-way Excursion first four Aces and four Kings change places with themselves, then with a chosen + three indifferent cardsRelated to Card College — Volume 4 859
Karl Fulves Eleven and One No. 9, Aces transpose with Jacks, drawn-out handling My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 19
Peter Duffie Spectator Cuts to the Aces...Plus! four Kings placed aside, spectator cuts four packets, Kings on top, cards placed aside are now Aces Cards By All Means 5
David Regal Flash Flight one quartet is pocketed Constant Fooling 1 78
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Omnipotence Of The Ladies four cards chosen, they're the Queens, they transpose with four indifferent cards, Queens change one by one and back to Queens Hofzinser's Card Tricks 95
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Deceive Your Neighbor four cards chosen, four Queens on table, they transpose one by one, then back Hofzinser's Card Tricks 101
Euan Bingham V-easy transpo Veeser concept Free From Filler 4
Karl Fulves Dead Even two four-of-a-kinds removed, two of each given to both spectator and performer, yet they separate againRelated to Off The Books (Issue 7) 127
Karl Fulves Who's The Cheat? two four-of-a-kinds, two of each given to both spectator and performer, yet they separate againRelated to Off The Books (Issue 7) 131
Michel Huot Ultimate Aces three indifferent cards on leader Ace, other three Aces change visually into indifferent cards and Aces are now on leader Ace Seven By Michel Huot 11
Dave Campbell Transpo Print four blank cards transpose with four tabled Kings The Dave Campbell Legacy 203
Dave Campbell Dave's Dotty Spots four cards with red spots and four cards with blue spots, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separate, as a climax the packets transpose (trick with same name in Five times Five is different)Inspired by The Dave Campbell Legacy 183
Scott Robinson Trading Spaces Kings face up distributed in deck change places with Aces on top of deckInspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 152
Larry Jennings Flawed Transposition aces and kings removed, transposition begins, all eight cards become kings Up In Smoke 17
Syd Segal Thank You Le Paul Inspired by Full Metal Jacket 22
Christoph Borer Twisting the DF Underground twisting the aces, then aces change places with kingsInspired byAlso published here Compilation 92
Arturo de Ascanio, Jaime Morella Zekri A Marlo Effect Aces over Kings version, Aces and Kings transpose, third quartet comes inInspired byAlso published here The Magic of Ascanio — Studies of Card Magic 144
Jack Avis Seven and Eleven Transpo four Aces and three Sevens, when Ace is put with Sevens the other three cards transpose Rara Avis 118
Unknown Edwards' Contrario "Unexplained"
three indifferent card under handkerchief, Aces under another, one of the Aces moved over, Aces transpose and follow, posed as a problem
Related to
  • ad in The Sphinx, Feb. 1909
Prolix (Issue 3) 181
Karl Fulves Trick Poker five unknown cards chosen, performer produces four Jacks and puts them face-down before spectator, then performer's hand has the Jacks and spectator's the Aces
- Trick Poker II
Related toVariations Prolix (Issue 6) 416
Jerry K. Hartman J. K. Hartman's Method five unknown cards chosen, performer produces four Jacks and puts them face-down before spectator, then performer's hand has the Jacks and spectator's the Aces, ungaffedInspired by Prolix (Issue 6) 417
John Guastaferro Out of the Blue aces and kings transpose, one quartet changes back color One Degree 124
Scott Robinson Training Max's Box aces in box change place with kings, update to "Trading Spaces" (Vol. 5) Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 8 285
Patrick Page Acrobatic jacks and kings transpose Magic Page by Page 228
Karl Fulves Aces To Go four Aces on table in row, one by one they are cut into deck and the indifferent top card placed on table instead, tabled cards are once again the Aces Prolix (Issue 10) 655
Harapan Ong Slap Me Silly two four-of-a-kind, one distributed face-up, the other on top, they transposeInspired by
  • "Slap Exchange" (Bill Goodwin, At the Expense of Grey Matter, 1989)
Related to
  • "All Over the (Dis)Place" (Andi Gladwin, EGO)
Close Culls 42
Jack Carpenter The Routine The Expert's Portfolio No. 2 25
John Guastaferro Think Tank four jokers and four aces in case transpose, selected ace turns over En Route 47
Peter Pellikaan Kings Over Queens Four Kings of Clubs change places with four Queen of Diamonds, they then mix together, and the Queens change back color Elixir (Vol. 1 No. 1 (Summer #1)) 7
Tino Plaz Die vier Illusionisten four Aces vanish and transpose with four cards placed aside, illusionist story presentation Moby Trick 14
Harapan Ong, Michał Kociołek Michalevator with seven cards, transposition climaxRelated to
  • "Low Riser" (Cameron Francis, Let's Get Small, 2012 ebook)
Principia 45
David Solomon Four-Card Switcheroo & Effect four Jacks transpose with Aces in a glass one by one, duplicateInspired by
  • "Twist in a Glass" (Paul Hallas, Magic from the Overground)
Solomon's Secrets 161