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J. Stewart Smith In His Hands
1947 39
J. Stewart Smith Follow the Leader 8x8
Feb. 1948 395
J. Stewart Smith Foreword
1955 4
J. Stewart Smith Ascending Treys elevator with three cards on top of traveling cards
1955 5
J. Stewart Smith Pop Over Treys
1955 8
J. Stewart Smith The Four Aces
1955 10
J. Stewart Smith The Four Queens four queens and four indifferent cards on table, one queen transpose with indifferent card, then all cards transpose
1955 14
J. Stewart Smith Follow the Leader five red and five black cards, four phases
1955 17
J. Stewart Smith Sevens and Jacks two cards are exchanged, then four of a kinds are complete again
1955 19
J. Stewart Smith The Inseparable Sevens four Sevens in the deck come together twice
Inspired by
  • Al Leech
1955 21
J. Stewart Smith Peek-A-Boo Discovery sucker effect
1955 23
J. Stewart Smith Horse Sense
1955 25
J. Stewart Smith The Queen was There four red cards and one black card
The New Phoenix (Issue 347)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Strange Command by J. Stewart Smith Nov. 1966 64
J. Stewart Smith Never Grow Old lengthy procedure after which two mates are reversed in two halves
Aug. 1967 117
Karl Fulves Babel J. Stewart Smith, Faro Fantasy
Feb. 1969 242
Roy Walton Ten Paces to the Right selection ten cards away from face-up Ten spot, faro (see page 8 for non-faro suggestion by J. Stewart Smith), see page 16 for correction
Inspired byAlso published here Jan. 1971
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) An Approach to Genuine Magic - Part Two by J. Stewart Smith Jan. 1971 392
J. Stewart Smith To The Top "Coming Up in the World" precursor, shown by a soldier in 1942, see also p. 415, p. 426 for comment by Charles Hudson
Related to Apr. 1971 413
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Unknown Influence by J. Stewart Smith
May 1972 516
Paul Swinford, J. Stewart Smith Simplified Ace Assembly
1974 65
Karl Fulves (reviewer) A Glimpse Into The Unknown by J. Stewart Smith 1975
Interlocutor (Issue 3)
J. Stewart Smith Unseen Powers No. 25, spectator selects card, performer finds mate
1976 41
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Collected Works of J. Stewart Smith by J. Stewart Smith (written by J. Stewart Smith) Jan. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 5)
J. Stewart Smith Hindu Shift similar to Vernon Multiple Shift
Also published here
  • "Hindu Shift" (Steward Smith, One More Thought on Cards, 1955)
1989 20
Grace Ann Morgan Bikes Peek key card placement, in the hands
Related to 1996 1180
Nick Trost The Power of Three predicting three cards
Inspired by
  • "Mighty Moments" (J. Stewart Smith, The Weird Influence, 1966)
2008 223
Wesley James, J. Stewart Smith Coming Up in the World
2010 43
Al Thatcher, George Kirkendall J. Stewart Smith's "Mighty Moments" four prediction cards tabled, spectator stops dealing, then deals into four piles, top cards match the predictions
Inspired by
  • "Mighty Moments" (J. Stewart Smith, The Weird Influence, 1966)
2011 577
Tomas Blomberg Fuentes Load-Up Load-Up variation in which card ends up face-up second from top
Inspired by
  • Baltazar Fuentes Change (see Malone's "Radical Aces", MUM, Vol. 82 No. 11, Apr. 1993)
  • "Load-Up Move" (J. Stewart Smith, Top of the Deck, 1950)
2014 88
J. Stewart Smith To The Top Card loaded to be held in mouth
2015 50