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Ralph W. Hull A Mental Card Mystery tabled card turn out to be free selection, requiring two Jokers, top change and mexican turnoverRelated toVariations "Eye-Openers" 15
Unknown An Effective Poker Deal re-deal stacking done by spectator, double duke suggestionRelated toVariations Card Manipulations (Issue 4) 108
Martin Gardner, Edward Marlo Gardner-Marlo Poker Routine Related toVariations Let's See the Deck 28
Edward Marlo Spade Shuffle blocksRelated toVariations Marlo In Spades 46
Edward Marlo On the Card to Case Ace through Seven, selection from packet travels to case, more than ten methodsVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 14
George D. Franzen The Dissolving Rubber Band as climax to usual penetrationRelated toAlso published here Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 11) 1426
Tyler Wilson Tyler Insults Tilt's Totally Inexplicable Elegance and Simplicity Tilt finesses
- Right T.I.T.T.Y. Method
- Left T.I.T.T.Y. Method
Related to
  • Tomas Blomberg's "Zilt", Jack Parker's "Ultra-Tilt"
Also published here
Just be Glad my Name isn't Greg 7
Tomas Blomberg A Band On After doing Penetrating Rubber Bands / Crazy Mans Handcuffs, one of the rubberbands vanishes and appears looped on performer's ear Erik Nordvall Lecture Notes Asia 2006 17
Karl Fulves Learning To Count three cards chosen one by one and cards counted on them until sixteen is reached, starting with the chosen card's value, Aces are next to chosen card and at sum of all valuesInspired by
  • "Lucky 14" (Tomas Blomberg)
Prolix (Issue 3) 198
Jack Parker, Tomas Blomberg Hard to Get Just Got Easy Magicians finds two selectionsInspired by 52 Memories 61
Jack Parker, Tomas Blomberg Rump Shaker Performer deals four Aces to himself twice, then gives everyone great hands in the third round, leaving the best hand (straight flush) for himselfInspired by 52 Memories 81
David Solomon Revised Mexican Poker Related toVariationsAlso published here The Wisdom of Solomon 21
Tomas Blomberg The Blomberg Variation Inspired byAlso published here The Wisdom of Solomon 22
David Solomon, Tomas Blomberg Card In The Card Case Ace through King of Spades removed, spectator should name removed Spade, one then travels to case, gaffed and ungaffed handlingInspired by The Wisdom of Solomon 61
Tomas Blomberg The Blomberg Variation Also published here Solomon's Notes 16
Tomas Blomberg Filling the Void Cards Across with eccentric "card sandwich" theme The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 46
Tomas Blomberg Die Blomberg Variante Also published here Solomon's Notes 15
Tom Stone, Tomas Blomberg Reality Glitch off-beat sandwich-transposition combo Vortex 27
Tom Stone King Castling sandwich-unequal transposition combo, inspired by Tomas Blomberg's & Axel Adlercreutz' "113 Grams", which was inspired by Luke Dancy's "Royale with Cheese"Related to Vortex 33
Jerry K. Hartman Introduction book inspired by Tomas Blomberg idea CAAN Craft 1
Tomas Blomberg The Konami Code bunch of photographs shuffled by spectator are disposed at the table, spectator ends up on the predicted one via pointing/arrows on photos Blomberg Laboratories 13
Tomas Blomberg Cashing Bank Night effect, using the condition of heads or tails of five coins to select the envelopesInspired by
  • "Cache" (Max Maven, Genii Magazine, July 2006)
Blomberg Laboratories 18
Tomas Blomberg Neckless Grandma two tied pieces of rope go through the performer's neck Blomberg Laboratories 20
Tomas Blomberg ABandOn after doing Crazy Man´s Handcuffs, one of the bands merges into the otherRelated toVariations Blomberg Laboratories 22
Tomas Blomberg Magic Lesson six-phase routine where a rubber band and a borrowed ring are linked and unlinked several times. When the ring is going to be handed back to its owner, it changes places with the rubber bandInspired byRelated to
  • "Pinnacle" (Russ Niedzwiecki DVD, 2005)
Blomberg Laboratories 25
Tomas Blomberg Brazilian Bend spoon inside a cup of coffee slowly bends without touching Blomberg Laboratories 39
Tomas Blomberg Bills Witch ten-dollar bill changes into a twenty-dollar bill, three different handlings, gaffed bill
- First folding method
- Second folding method
- No-fold method
Blomberg Laboratories 41
Tomas Blomberg Double Bills Witch twenty-dollar bill is split into two ten-dollar bills Blomberg Laboratories 49
Tomas Blomberg, Paul Harris Double Bills Witch Routine twenty-dollar bill is split into two ten-dollar bills, one of them changes back into a twenty Blomberg Laboratories 52
Tomas Blomberg Daley Delight Switch with Bills no details, see also p. 256 Blomberg Laboratories 53
Tomas Blomberg TB Spread Double double lift from a spreadInspired by Blomberg Laboratories 55
Tomas Blomberg À la Cummins Joker changes into selected card, then it changes backInspired by Blomberg Laboratories 58
Tomas Blomberg Relativity Push-off see also p.81 Blomberg Laboratories 60
Tomas Blomberg Tattwo You signed card from a red-backed deck matches with blue-backed card prediction. Signature travels from selected card to predictionInspired byRelated to Blomberg Laboratories 62
Tomas Blomberg Matest -Phase one- two spectators select the same card
-Phase two- ungaffed handling for Doc Eason "Anniversary Waltz"
Blomberg Laboratories 66
Tomas Blomberg Matest Inverted -Phase one- two spectators select the same card, which was signed at the back
-Phase two- second card is selected and signed at the face, signature travels from the first card to the second one
Blomberg Laboratories 68
David Solomon, John Bannon, Tomas Blomberg Mexican Poker VariationsAlso published here
  • "Mexican Poker" (MAGIC, August 1999)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 278
Tomas Blomberg The Blomberg Variation Inspired byVariations The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 282
R. Paul Wilson Refried Poker Inspired by The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 284
Jerry K. Hartman Mexicali Ruse Inspired byAlso published here
  • "Mexicali Ruse" (Card Dupery, 2007)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 288
Jon Racherbaumer, Harry Anderson Empowering Poker a Bit More Inspired byAlso published here
  • Jonah Ploys, 2014
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 291
Tomas Blomberg Add-Ons The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 41
John Hostler Paradromic Delusion two deck, one person names a card and a number, second person selects card, performer looks through deck and names position of selection, first person finds card and number in other deckInspired byRelated to
  • "Svensk Voodoo" (Tomas Blomberg, Blomberg Laboratories, 2015)
Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles 54
David Solomon, Tomas Blomberg Gilbreath Ten-Card Poker Deal doing the Ten Card Poker Deal after a riffle shuffle Solomon's Secrets 58
Tomas Blomberg Spaed Shuffle multi-shuffle sequence, blocksInspired by Beyond the Z 69