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Theodore Annemann January 1936 on Sam Margolies, Cardini, John Mullholand, Julian Proskauer, Eugene Homer, Percy Abbott, Doctor Wilson, Burling Hull
Jan. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 16)
Theodore Annemann February 1936 on Dave Allison, Russ Walsh, U. F. Grant, Percy Abbott, The Linx, Dr. Van Deusen
Feb. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 17)
Eddie Joseph 4th. Finale production of three filled glasses under cups, using Percy Abbott's "Keene" holder
1936 5
Percy Abbott 2. Abbott's version. "The Certain Card Trick." spectator cuts anywhere and remembers bottom card, estimation, dealing out in packets and asking in which one it is
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1937 37
Percy Abbott The New Vanishing Glass "Squash", with rubber ball pull
1938 854
Lester Lake, Percy Abbott The Chinese Chopper for head and both arms
1938 966
Percy Abbott The Certain Card Trick
Also published here 1940 403
Percy Abbott Publisher's Introduction
1940 3
Percy Abbott Suggested Routines
1940 ca. 19
Percy Abbott Publisher's Foreword
1941 ca. 3
Percy Abbott Percy Abbott's "Easy-Do" Rope Trick with paper bag
1941 ca. 370
Percy Abbott A Mysterious Discovery spectator removes x cards, magician finds card with value x, set-up
1942/27 220
Percy Abbott "Fool-Zum" Egg Bag Routine
1942/27 288
Percy Abbott Foreword
1943 3
William H. McCaffrey "Squash" Routine thimble changes to small glass of liquid, vanishes again
Inspired by
  • "Squash" (marketed by Percy Abbott)
1943 30
Ed Bender Squash presentation for Percy Abbott's vanishing shot glass with whiskey
Dec. 1945 179
Jean Hugard Hu-Gardenias on Percy Abbott
Aug. 1948 453
Percy Abbott Mr. Magician
Percy Abbott Mr. Magician
1949 3
Percy Abbott Introduction
1950 1
Percy Abbott Preface Psychic Magic are based on a series by McGill in the TOPS called "The Psychic Circle" from 1937
1951 4
Percy Abbott Preface
1951 4
Percy Abbott Preface
1951 4
Percy Abbott Preface
1951 4
Percy Abbott Preface
1951 4
Percy Abbott Preface
1951 4
Percy Abbott Introduction
1951 2
Lewis Ganson, Percy Abbott Egg Bag, Bag Egg egg bag routine, with egg on fan
Also published here 1952 86
Percy Abbott The Canvas Box Escape
1954/27 287
Percy Abbott Introduction
1959 2
Harry Lorayne Stop! estimation of place spectator cuts to
Related toVariations 1962 64
Percy Abbott Publisher's Foreword
1968 5
Percy Abbott Abbott's Block-It ropes penetrate block with hole, with variation
1968 100
Percy Abbott Abbott's Thru and Thru rope and silk tied to person, rope threaded through holes of cabinet
1968 112
Percy Abbott Abbott's Within the Circle two ropes with handkerchief attached are bound around several spectators
1968 113
Percy Abbott Abbott's "The Talisman of Hung Woo" block of wood penetrates rope under handkerchief
1968 153
Percy Abbott Abbott's Whirling Dervish rope through body
1968 180
Percy Abbott Abbott's Double Circle Rope Mystery rope cut twice
1968 199
Percy Abbott Abbott's No-Knot Restored Rope two phases
1968 201
Percy Abbott Chinese Color-Changing Coins sixteen gold coins change to silver, then to various colors
Related to 1993 115
Glen Pope, Percy Abbott Method of doing Percy Abbott's "Squash" very brief note
1994 1247
Edward Marlo Marlo's Routine for Abbott's Chinese Coins sixteen gold coins change to silver, then to various colors
Related to 1994
Facsimile (Issue 2)
The Century - Those Who Impacted The Art In America
  • Al Flosso (1895-1976)
  • Jean Hugard (1872-1959)
  • John Ramsay (1877-1962)
  • Penn & Teller
  • Percy Abbott (1886-1960)
  • Dr. Albert M. Wilson (1885-1930)
  • Roy Benson (1915-1978)
  • John Gaughan
  • Martin Gardner
  • Neil Foster (1921-1988)
  • Nate Leipzig (1873-1939)
  • Frances Marshall
Related to June 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 10)
Lewis Ganson, Percy Abbott Eierbeutel, Beuteleier egg bag routine, with egg on fan
Also published here 2000
Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 1)
Percy Abbott Abbott's Fool-zum
2002 116
Paul Osborne Percy Abbott Could Write a Good Ad
Oct. 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 10)
Tomas Blomberg Estimated Sunken Key two selected cards by spectator and magician, spectator deals the deck in six piles, two possible endings:
first ending: both cards are next to each other in the same pile
second ending: both cards are in the same position in different piles
Inspired by 2014 134
Thomas A. Ewing The Life and Death of the Blackstone Magic Company on Harry Blackstone Sr., Percy Abbott, Walter Gibson
Apr. 2022
PM2 (Issue 23)