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Al Baker, Audley Walsh Number Please
  • Audley Walsh Method (spectator remembers bottom card, moves that many cards from top to bottom and reads off some cards)
  • Al Baker Method (above method disguised by using a cut and half the deck)
Related toVariations 1937 325
William H. McCaffrey A Self Working Trick using a no-touch force
1938 237
William H. McCaffrey Card in the Pocket. II
Related to 1938 255
William H. McCaffrey Color Changing Backs two decks with different colors, various selections change colors of backs and back
1938 295
William H. McCaffrey Unique Bridge and Poker Deal shuffled deck, card called out as memory demonstration (stacking), then bridge and poker deal demo
1938 298
William H. McCaffrey The Four Aces matrix layout
1938 357
William H. McCaffrey Blindfold Multiple Detection blindfolded magician divines several cards, different finishes
1938 449
William H. McCaffrey "Think Stop" one way deck
1938 496
John Northern Hilliard VII. William H. McCaffrey Card Stars of the U.S.A. intro
1938 563
William H. McCaffrey The Prize Winner
Related toVariations 1938 564
William H. McCaffrey The Telephone Trick assistant names card over telephone, see also "Fragment: Introduction for The Telephone Trick" on page 1150
Related toAlso published here 1938 566
William H. McCaffrey, S.S. Blodgett The Penny and the Dime one of two coins vanish
1938 678
William H. McCaffrey Cut and Restored Bill
1938 770
William H. McCaffrey The Five Dollar Bill Trick $5 to $1 bill, humorous presentation
Related to 1938 777
William H. McCaffrey The Jumping Match or Toothpick
Related to 1938 830
William H. McCaffrey Geomancy drawn design is duplicated, carbon
1938 891
William H. McCaffrey Magic Addition
1938 896
William H. McCaffrey Variation of the Telephone Mystery
Related to 1942/27 211
Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr. Popper Upper match on business card covered by matchbook, penetrates it twice, match vanishes in the end
Related toVariations Sep. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 43)
Ted Heuber, William H. McCaffrey Variations for "Number Please"
  • Ted Heuber (setting a key card over phone)
  • Bill McCaffrey (version of Baker's routine, value of bottom card used to count to a selection)
Inspired by 1943 8
William H. McCaffrey "Squash" Routine thimble changes to small glass of liquid, vanishes again
Inspired by
  • "Squash" (marketed by Percy Abbott)
1943 30
William H. McCaffrey Coin in Bottle Routine
1943 31
William H. McCaffrey "Number Exchange" Routine routine
1943 33
William H. McCaffrey Bill McCaffrey's Prize Winner two decks, premonition, card is found in hat
1945 23
William H. McCaffrey The Pedagogue's Nightmare three paddles, with coins
1945 174
James G. Thompson Jr. Biographical Sketches of Contributors
  • Theo. Annemann
  • Charles Arbuthnot
  • George E. Arrowsmith
  • Roger Barkann
  • Sylvan Barnet
  • Joseph L. Barnett
  • Raymond L. Beebe
  • Eugene Bernstein
  • J. B. Bobo
  • John N. Booth
  • Tom Bowyer
  • Vynn Boyar
  • Joan Brandon
  • Fred Braue
  • John Braun
  • Lu Brent
  • R. C. Buff
  • Clyde F. Cairy
  • Loring Campbell
  • Jack Chanin
  • Frank Chapman
  • Forest V. Chesbro
  • Milbourne Christopher
  • Eddie Clever
  • Stanley Collins
  • Mystic Craig
  • Thomas J. Crawford
  • John J. Crimmins, JR.
  • Paul J. Curry
  • Del Monte
  • Harry Dobrin
  • Ronald B. Edwards
  • Bruce Elliot
  • Professor El-Tab
  • Dr. E. G. Ervin
  • Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans
  • Val Evans
  • "Hen" Fetsch
  • Thomas B. Fitzgerald
  • Dariel Fitzkee
  • Sid Fleischman
  • Joseph Harman Fries
  • Martin Gardner
  • Teral Garrett
  • Walter B. Gibson
  • Arnold L. Grubin
  • Nelson C. Hahne
  • Hathaway
  • Royal V. Heath
  • Charles H. Hopkins
  • Jean Hugard
  • Mark Jacobs
  • R. M. Jamison
  • F. H. Jeudevine
  • Maurice Kains
  • George G. Kaplan
  • George Karger
  • Joseph A. Karson
  • Wilbur Kattner
  • Gerald Lynton Kaufman
  • Howard B. Kayton, M.D.
  • The Great Kolar
  • Gerald Kosky
  • Abril Lamarque
  • William W. Larsen
  • Sid Lorraine
  • Art Lyle
  • L. Vosburgh Lyons
  • Richard F. Madden
  • Greer Marechal, JR.
  • George McAthy
  • William H. McCaffrey
  • Jack McMillen
  • Harry Mendoza
  • Orville Meyer
  • John W. Mifflin
  • Chester Morris
  • Paul Morris
  • Frederick Mosteller
  • Robert A. Nelson
  • C. A. George Newmann
  • Grady S. Nicholson
  • Dr. Cecil E. Nixon
  • Charles Walter Nyquist
  • Dell O'Dell
  • Tom Osborne
  • George Harrison Pittman
  • Julien J. Proskauer
  • Clayton Rawson
  • Ralph W. Read
  • Dolf Rudin
  • Herb Rungie
  • Ned Rutledge
  • James J. Sanders
  • Lucille Pierce Saxon
  • Sigmar - The Magician
  • Jerry Sorensen
  • Willard S. Smith
  • George Starke
  • Dr. Raymond V. Stone, SR. (RAMO)
  • Harlan Tarbell
  • DR. Franklin Taylor
  • J. G. Thompson, JR.
  • Jack F. Trebel
  • M. Van Reese
  • Jack Vosburgh
  • Audley Valentine Walsh
  • Peter Warlock
  • Herman L. Weber
  • Bob Weill
  • William H. Wilson
  • Tommy Windsor
  • Howard H. Wise
  • Ed. Wolff
  • Michael F. Zens
1945 347
Gerald Kosky Matchaskill miraskill with matches
Related toAlso published here Feb. 1948
The Phoenix (Issue 145)
James G. Thompson Jr., Verne Chesbro, William H. McCaffrey, Gerald Kosky Strike One longer routine with matchbooks and matches, matchbook appears, match penetrates card, color of head change color, paddle routine, prediction of amount of matches and eventually matches transform into salt
Related toAlso published here 1956 44
William H. McCaffrey, Dai Vernon Vernon - McCaffery Name Effect unclear effect description
1961 72
William H. McCaffrey Card in the Pocket signed
Related to 1972 21
William H. McCaffrey Divination
1972 111
Orville Wayne Meyer The Being at the Other End card divined over phone
Related to 1973
Magick (Issue 73)
Karl Fulves One-Deck Prizewinner sleeving
Inspired by 1977 32
William H. McCaffrey Die verheirateten Streichhölzer story illustrated with matches
Also published here
  • Genii, July 1977
Nov. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 3)
William H. McCaffrey Calling Ms. Wizard No. 23
Also published here 1984 34
James G. Thompson Jr. Streichholzereien longer routine with matchbooks and matches, matchbook appears, match penetrates card, color of head change color, paddle routine, prediction of amount of matches and eventually matches transform into salt
Also published here Dec. 1991
Intermagic (Vol. 16 No. 4 & 5)
William H. McCaffrey The Repeating Card to Top
1991 241
William H. McCaffrey Triple Lift or double, lifted at inner left corner
1991 242
William H. McCaffrey Mac's Dead Name Test "An improvement on Annemann's method."
1994 1111
William H. McCaffrey The Newlywed Match Trick paddle effect with paper matches and story
1994 1111
Jerry K. Hartman Prize Brain two spectators think of a card from the deck, a second deck is dealt through face up and counted, there are only 51 cards in it and one of the spectators confirms his card was not there, the deck is turned face down and one card has odd back, it is the second spectator's card, multiple decks required
Inspired by 1995 271
Karl Fulves Further Notes on the Premonition effect
Related to 2002 75
David Regal, Rich Marotta Speaking Volumes
Related to Dec. 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 12)
William H. McCaffrey, Roberto Giobbi The Telephone Trick medium is called who reveals name of selection
Related to 2006 14
John Born Right on the Money Card freely named, card is shown to have an amount of money written on the back, wallet has predicted the amount of money
Inspired by 2012 126