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Streichholz-Rätsel layout puzzle
Feb. 1899
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Talmi Bellachini Ein Streichholzscherz burning a match with its head down without burning oneself
Apr. 1899
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 4)
To Lift Three Matches with One
1902 301
A Bridge of Matches
1902 314
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Wer nimmt das letzte Streichholz? puzzle, 15 matches on table 1, 2 or three can be removed at each turn, last one loses
1930 13
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Das Geldstück unter dem Streichholz bar bet, two matches balanced on matchbox and on coin, coin has to be removed
1930 14
Foscola Ein Streichholzscherz how to hold a burning match upside down for thirty seconds
Mar. 1941 7
Danny Morris, Doc Hurwitz Betcha word play bet with a coin and three matches
Nov. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 22)
7 kleine Tricks am Tisch
  • bet with matches
  • balancing a pencil
  • balancing three coins
  • balancing a glass on the table
  • coin penetrates filled beer glass and tabletop
  • magnetized cigarette
  • balancing a pencil, different method
Sep. 1942
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 4 No. 9)
Richard Himber Paper Match Throwing match landing on the side, bar bet
Feb. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 28)
Albert Cohn Betcha holding a burning paper match upside down for 50 seconds
Apr. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 32)
John R. Boyko, John McCormick Blitz-Match winning game
Related to
  • correction on page 154
May 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 36)
L. Vosburgh Lyons Match Puzzle eleven matches, triangle
Related to
  • page 171 for the solution
July 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 40)
Tom Fitzgerald A Cute Betcha match balancing on edge of a match, everything is covered under a glass, removing match without touching anything
Feb. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 53)
Match Puzzle
Feb. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 120)
George G. Kaplan The Fifteen Match-Sticks Puzzle game/puzzle
1948 279
Harold J. Kelly Match Monte fifteen matches in three row, variation on game of NIM, see p. 566 for notes by Fitch Cheney
June 1949 549
Will Baffel The Girl with the Eggs puzzle with matches
Also published here June 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 232)
Martin Gardner Two Puzzles
  • arranging seven cigarettes so they all touch
  • arranging four matches into a square that becomes smaller and smaller
Related to Mar. 1958
Ibidem (Issue 13)
Martin Gardner Puzzle Solution: Matches arranging four matches into a square that becomes smaller and smaller
Related to Mar. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 16)
Martin Gardner Stick Up bar bet with bent paper clip and paper match, creator unknown
Oct. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 18)
John Murray 20-16=7 match puzzle
Dec. 1960
The New Phoenix (Issue 352)
Dr. William Weyeneth Denksportaufgabe für Fortgeschrittene puzzle with matches
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 5)
Match Puzzle see p. 144 for solution
Related to
  • p. 172 for George Blake suggestion
Also published here
Nov. 1967 132
George Blake Match Up climax for match puzzle in which matches are in both fists head up and down
Inspired by
  • item in Magigram, Nov/Dec 1967
Apr. 1968 174
Match Layout Puzzle shown to Martin Gardner by Persi Diaconis
Also published here July 1968
Ibidem (Issue 33)
Ken De Courcy Part one - Match Puzzles chapter intro
1971 4
Tantalising Cocktail layout puzzle
1971 4
Upstream - Downstream layout puzzle with fish
1971 5
Martin Gardner Fish Layout Puzzle
Variations Aug. 1974 776
, Alex Elmsley, Tony Faro, Ed Schuman Festive Fun a coin puzzle by Alex Elmsley and by Tony Faro, logic puzzles, making smoke powder by burning a striking surface, match problems by Tony Faro, medium card revelation, a number puzzle by Ed Schuman and how to stick a bottle on a wall

Dec. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Karl Fulves Things Equal "Math Trix"
match puzzle
Oct. 1975 1058
Cerilla-X match is marked on one side and thrown on the table, mark side is up, gag or bar bet
1975 75
Karl Fulves Routined Magic match puzzle, then coin penetrates upwards through table into match box, example for routining two things
1977 27
Fred Robinson, Bob Hamilton Where There's Smoke
  • bar bet with a match box
  • matchbox and coin, divine if heads or tails, stooge
  • match in hand, matchbox balanced on back of the hand, box is tossed and match ignited
  • remove flame from lighter to light cigarette, gag
June 1978
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Fred Robinson, Peter Wentworth, Wally Boyce Where There's Smoke
  • jumping match
  • match puzzle, breaking it with one hand
  • puzzle, match head falls off
Aug. 1978
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 12)
Willy "Tex Williams" Peter Jack Le Dair und die Zündhölzer some puzzles with matches from Jack Le Dair's "Tricks of a Trouper"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 39 No. 3)
Streichhölzer collection of thirteen bar bets and puzzles with matches
Mar. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
William H. McCaffrey Die verheirateten Streichhölzer story illustrated with matches
Also published here
  • Genii, July 1977
Nov. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Primitive Calculator puzzle with matches
Interlocutor (Issue 45)
Euclid's Triangle No. 10, puzzle, forming eight triangles with six matches
1981 15
Squaring the Square No. 11
1981 16
Four Square No. 12
1981 16
The Roman Equation No. 13, roman numbers, changing point of view
1981 17
A Fish Story No. 14, match puzzle, fishes has to swim in other direction by moving some matches
1981 17
Tipsy Cocktail No. 15, match puzzle, glass with four matches and an olive inside, moving two matches to remove olive from glass
1981 18
The Little House No. 16, Ann Ten, match Puzzle
1981 19
World's Strongest? No. 17, lifting a matchbox with two fingers on a cigarette box, first and little finger
1981 19
Will Baffel Die Eierfrau puzzle with matches
Also published here June 1981
Intermagic (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Stephen Tucker Star of Wonder match puzzle as revelation of star sign with ESP symbols
Dec. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 20)
Rudolf Braunmüller Kuriositäten
  • 1. Einsteins Theorie
  • 2. Das Siebener-Problem
  • 3. Das 7-Streichhölzer-Problem
Oct. 1987
Intermagic (Vol. 13 No. 1)
Milbourne Christopher Ein Taschentrick layout puzzle with matches, ends with appearing matches
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 2)
Matching Matches
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
equation with matches
1998 246
Streichhölzer puzzles and impromptu effects
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 2)
Martin Gardner Three Drop Task
  • Martin Gardner's Corner
challenge of dropping match or cork so they stand in impossible conditions
Dec. 1999
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
The Giraffe Puzzle match layout puzzle, see page 62 of next issue for solution
Also published here
  • Martin Gardner article in Games magazine, Oct. 1997
Charlatan (Issue 4)
Martin Gardner Match Ace layout puzzle
2002 264
Karl Fulves Match Maker layout puzzle about making words out of matches
Prolix (Issue 2)
Karl Fulves Squarersville layout puzzle
Prolix (Issue 3)
Roberto Giobbi The Matchstick Routine layout puzzles
  • First Part
  • Second Part
  • Third Part
  • Bonus Part
Oct. 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 10)
Pekka Gunst Reindeer Puzzle match puzzle
Secret Agenda (Issue May 28)
Matches matchstick puzzle
Hidden Agenda (Issue May 14)