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Theodore Annemann The $ 1,000 Test Card Location stacked, risky
Related toVariations SH-H-H--! It's A Secret 43
Unknown One from Five one from five memorized card is chosen and located by touch
Related to Greater Magic 342
Bob Nelson The Nelson Quickie card drops onto table from deck
Related to Marlo In Spades 32
Edward Marlo Simple Shift
Related toVariations The Cardician 58
Edward Marlo The Follow Up Aces Aces lost in deck come to top
Related to The Cardician 91
Edward Marlo One Riffle Shuffle Stacks - For Two Cards featuring Block Set Up principle
Variations Riffle Shuffle Systems 91
Derek Dingle Mental Triumph mathematical selection procedure
Related to Epilogue (Issue 15 (Part 1)) 129
Fred Kaps I am in Debt Ace to Four, then cards are removed, always add up to ten
Related toVariationsAlso published here Fred Kaps Lecture 5
Paul Curry The Tap Pass tapping one half on the other as a cover, also as packet switch (see p. 99)
Related to Paul Curry Presents 89
Martin A. Nash Aces For Experts Only any Ace called for
Related toVariations Ever So Sleightly 58
Karl Fulves Infinitely Ambitious ambitious phase with random card, described as endless loop
Related to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 10) 1041
Larry Jennings The Larry Jennings Chop Cup Routine
Related toVariations Larry Jennings on Card & Coin Handling 57
Doug Edwards Double-Card Spin-Out Move Benzais Cut with two cards
Related to Cardmania 42
Earl Nelson Between Your Points of Departure Aces between spectator's palm, selection added, it vanishes and reappears reversed in deck
Inspired byVariations Variations 7
Edward Marlo Visual Poker Hand Change aces are laid down face up and change into royal flush
Variations Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 112
James Swain Center Swivel Palm while deck is swivel cut
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 2) 454
James Swain Passing Along the Vanishing Aces one by one, classic pass
Related toVariations Cardworks 42
Geoffrey Latta, James Swain Collecting the Vanishing Aces aces vanish one by one from top of deck, collect cards
Variations Cardworks 45
James Swain Torn Asunder Four into Twos into Aces, with double facer
Cardworks 74
Derek Dingle Too Many Cards with ambitious card phases
Related to The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 106
Derek Dingle Illusion Aces Aces reverse between two Tens and change to Kings
  • The Practical Handling
  • The Purist Handling
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 79
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Book Test by Thomas Alan Waters Epoptica (Issue 2) 93
James Swain Poker Interchange
Related to Arcane (Issue 7) 79
Edward Marlo, James Swain One Shuffle Riffle Stack
Inspired by Arcane (Issue 7) 80
James Swain Roundup three cover-passes-handling
Inspired by Best of Friends 295
James Swain The Vanishing Aces aces vanish and reappear face up in center, passes
Related to Best of Friends 298
Harry Lorayne, James Swain Vanishing Aces Explored additions for Swain's effect:
  • The Card Between
  • Kings Between
Best of Friends 301
James Swain Innov-ace-tion aces pushed in deck separatedly, one to top, one to bottom, one reversed, on sandwiched between to previous selections
Best of Friends 307
James Swain Ladder ATFUS
Best of Friends 308
Larry Jennings Direct Flight Card to Case card to box, slit case
VariationsAlso published here A Visit With Larry Jennings 8
James Swain, Geoffrey Latta Preset
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 7) 62
James Swain Encapsulated Accumulation interlaced transposition, three selections from between one quartet to another
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook) 310
Bruce Cervon Poker Interchange Exchanged
Inspired by The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 23 & 24) 232
James Swain Slow Motion Oil and Water 3&3
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8 No. 7) 1088
Larry Jennings Make Me Small cards travel to pocket
Inspired byVariations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 25, 26 & 27) 246
James Swain Card Factory several transformations
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 34, 35 & 36) 381
James Swain O. Henry Selections
Related to The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 34, 35 & 36) 384
James Swain Up The Sleeve sugar up the spectator's sleeve, thumb tip
Related to The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 34, 35 & 36) 386
James Swain Yours, Mine, and Ours featuring alternative to Alignment Move in Quick-Three-Way
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 34, 35 & 36) 387
James Lewis Ordered Surprise deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to impossible location
Related toVariations Thinking About Magic 24
Larry Jennings Ambitious Classic five cards
Related to The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 95
James Swain Trapped Again
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9 No. 12) 1289
Larry Jennings Anastasia
Variations Neoclassics 31
Bob Farmer Stacked Deck Version spectator thinks of a card from half the deck, performer makes some statements and bets money, then five cards are put on table, spectator's card is among them and the other cards complete a good poker hand
Related toVariationsAlso published here Tsunami 2
Darwin Ortiz The Dream Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to wallet
Related toVariations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 81
Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Aces
Variations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 86
Darwin Ortiz, Edward Marlo, Russell "Rusduck" Duck The Si Stebbins Secret from New Pack Order to Si Stebbins, faros
Related toVariations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 137
James Swain "Block"Buster Pass
Also published here Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 11) 1567
Edward Marlo The Mental Topper spectator counts to value of thought-of card, card located, optionally matching values found, faro, variations
VariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Apr. 1966
M.I.N.T. — Volume I 216
Brother John Hamman Sealed-Room Mystery thought-of card into sealed envelope, thought of with strange procedure ("opposite suit and opposite sex...")
Variations The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 61
John Bannon Shock Treatment thought-of-card placed in pocket as prediction, another selection is found
Related toVariations Impossibilia 42
Ken Krenzel Swain's "Passing Along the Vanishing Aces" or Latta's "The Vanishing Collectors"
Inspired by Close-up Impact! 185
Michael Powers Blowing Away the Aces Aces vanish one by one, then are seen to have collected three selection in center of deck
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 65
John Carney Australian Aces dealing to four numbers, aces on bottom of piles
Variations Carneycopia 111
James Swain Do-It-Yourself Double Drop from deck onto table
Inspired by The Collected Almanac (Issue ) xxxiii
James Swain Tampa Opener four kings turn face up, face down and then each take on appearance of selection. Cards change back to kings
Variations Don't Blink 3
James Swain All alike sequence
Don't Blink 4
James Swain Miami Opener selection found in card box, mates on top of freely dealt piles. Utilises new deck order
Related to Don't Blink 7
James Swain Miami Opener - Handling Variation brief discussion to perform "Miami Opener" without new pack order
Inspired by Don't Blink 9
James Swain One in a Million variation where bottom cards of dealt piles also match
Inspired by Don't Blink 11
James Swain Up the Sleeve poured sugar disappears from fist and reproduced from spectator's sleeve, credits Roger Klause and Don Stapleton
Related to Don't Blink 13
James Swain, Michael Skinner Dream Poker magician deals himself winning poker hand from spectator shuffled deck. Uses partial stack
Don't Blink 19
James Swain The Big Stack dealt poker hand of four aces transforms into royal flush. All other hands are shown as royal flushes as kicker
Don't Blink 23
James Swain Poker Interchange improvements
Inspired byRelated toVariations Don't Blink 25
Edward Marlo, James Swain One Shuffle Riffle Stack
Inspired by Don't Blink 28
Edward Marlo, James Swain Block Stacking Sequence
Inspired by Don't Blink 29
James Swain Impromptu Cheat performer receives best hand from shuffled deck, uses riffle stacking
Don't Blink 31
James Swain Shocked prediction card in pocket finds one selection by spelling and matches another thought of selection
Inspired by Don't Blink 37
James Swain Mental Chicago Opener classic routine with mental selections via thought of numbers
Don't Blink 41
James Swain Mental Miracle triumph with thought of card sighted from spread, gaffed
Inspired byVariations Don't Blink 43
Darwin Ortiz Mental Miracle - Handling Variation allows spectator to think of any card
Inspired by Don't Blink 46
James Swain The Capitulating Queens packet trick where four queens change to different colored backs (Based on Gardner's "All the Conformists")
Variations Don't Blink 49
Darwin Ortiz The Capitulating Queens - Handling Variation
Inspired by Don't Blink 52
Larry Jennings, Derek Dingle, James Swain Family Circus
Inspired by Don't Blink 53
James Swain Turnaround Kings Twisting the Aces sequence with kings, after which one king turns face down and transforms into a selection
Related to Don't Blink 59
James Swain Turnaround II ungaffed version
Inspired by Don't Blink 63
James Swain, Bill Malone The J. S. Count actually displays using KM style switch, thereafter referred to as "J.S. Switch"
  • To show three cards to be same card
  • To perform Brother Hamman's Gemini Count
  • Gemini Count Variation
  • To perform Daryl Martinez's Diamond Bar
Don't Blink 67
John Bannon, James Swain John Bannon's Discrepancy City Prediction
Inspired by Don't Blink 71
James Swain, Bill Malone Elevator Aces spectator selects four cards which turn out to be the aces, cards are buried but appear on top
Inspired by Don't Blink 81
James Swain New Wave named four-of-a-kind from blue deck transposes backs with four red backed jokers, examinable
Don't Blink 83
James Swain New Wave Prediction four selections match four predictions with odd back design from wallet, rainbow deck
Variations Don't Blink 87
James Swain Vanishing Aces, The Sequel face up Aces vanish one at a time from top of deck - as climax rediscovered face up in different sections of deck
Related to Don't Blink 93
James Swain The Free Cut Force force via spectator cut, uses crimp
Don't Blink 95
James Swain The Kings' Holiday three selections in one half of deck travel to other half and are found interlaced between kings
Inspired by Don't Blink 97
James Swain Seven Jokers three jokers placed reversed between four others turn into selections before reverting back into jokers
Don't Blink 103
James Swain Switching sequence
Inspired by Don't Blink 105
James Swain Technicolor Mystery red backed selection vanishes from between four blue backed kings and revealed to be mystery card previously put in pocket
Don't Blink 107
James Swain, Dai Vernon Observation Test elaboration of Vernon routine, Ace of Spades and Queen of Hearts continually transpose
Don't Blink 115
James Swain Pretty Sneaky Impossible looking location where spectator handles deck, uses faros
Don't Blink 117
James Swain No Explanation four face up indifferent cards 'collect' three selections, uses Marlo's faro sequences
Don't Blink 121
Steve Draun Worldly Things two piles
VariationsAlso published here Secrets Draun from Underground 133
Stephen Kradolfer A Hull of a Triumph thought of card
Inspired by The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 48) 867
Alex Elmsley Brainweave ungaffed handling of Brainwave
Related toVariationsAlso published here The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 338
Alexander de Cova, James Swain Triple Prediction prediction from wallet, values written on blank cards
Inspired by Secrets No. 1 10
Paul Gertner Skinning the Card to Cardcase loading case from Kelly Bottom Placement
Inspired byRelated to Steel and Silver 134
Darwin Ortiz The New Hitchcock Aces
Variations Cardshark 58
Simon Aronson Stack In Trade Aces stacked to performer and shown during deal, then another player has Aces and performer Royal Flush
  • Overhand Shuffle Methode (Version 1)
  • Streamlined Handling
  • Collins Method (Version 2)
Inspired by Simply Simon 52
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Miracles With Cards by James Swain The Looking Glass (Issue 3) 130
James Swain Foreword
Miracles with Cards vii
James Swain The Airmail Card Triumph done with signed card, this card is then removed from wallet with different back design and stamp
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 1
James Swain Clue murderer and victim from twelve-card packet divined, thought of with strange procedure ("opposite suit and opposite sex...")
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 7
James Swain, Edward Marlo Small Packet Simple Shift
Miracles with Cards 9
James Swain Out of this World separated into suits
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 12
James Swain Superbowl Aces
Miracles with Cards 18
James Swain, Bob Stencel The Stencel Move Vernon Transfer Handling, from packet to deck
Miracles with Cards 18
James Swain Four-Card Display
Miracles with Cards 21
James Swain Card in the Matchbox
Inspired by
  • "Card in the Matchbox" (Tony Giorgio, Genii, late 60s)
Miracles with Cards 24
James Swain Matchbox Switch
Miracles with Cards 25
James Swain Card in the Card Box spectator removes deck from case at beginning, no palming
Miracles with Cards 28
James Swain Boxed B'Wave Twisting phases with Queens, named Queen then travels to case, finally turns over and changes back color
Miracles with Cards 32
James Swain Four-Card Equivoque forcing the Queen of Hearts
Miracles with Cards 33
James Swain The World's Greatest Card Trick "a.k.a. The Homing Card"
Inspired by
  • Bill Malone's handling
Miracles with Cards 36
James Swain Perfect Triumph ambitious card with joker, joker put in breast pocket, Triumph with all cards face-down, when spread face-up the deck is in new deck order with joker reversed and selection in breast pocket
Related to Miracles with Cards 41
James Swain The Swain Simplicity Control setting up for a double lift
Related to Miracles with Cards 45
James Swain The Swain Simplicity Switch using The Slip
Miracles with Cards 51
James Swain Gambler's Miracle four Kings on table change to Aces, Kings in different pockets
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 52
James Swain Up-the-Ladder Aces
Related to Miracles with Cards 56
James Swain Tabled Pop-Out
Miracles with Cards 56
James Swain The Blank Deck cards become blank except selection, then back to normal, Nudist deck
Miracles with Cards 60
James Swain Australian Aces Revisited spelling four answers to questions, aces on top and kings on bottom of piles
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 62
James Swain The Impossible Card Trick four spectators think of a value, counted down to to four piles, Aces on top followed by named values and Kings on bottom of piles
Miracles with Cards 66
James Swain Real Mindreading freely thought-of card found with fishing procedure (Tsunami)
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 68
James Swain, Bob Farmer The Spectator Cuts to the Aces two versions
Miracles with Cards 74
James Swain Boxed Reset with case
Miracles with Cards 80
James Swain, Alex Elmsley Brainweave follow up with Play It Straight type effect
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 84
James Swain Fortune Telling Cards three "fortune telling" cards change into one selection, blendo
Miracles with Cards 90
James Swain, Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Aces
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 94
James Swain Miracle Aces Aces lost in deck, yet come to bottom at once
Miracles with Cards 100
James Swain The Swain Bluff Control bluff type multiple shift
Miracles with Cards 100
James Swain Bluff Control Palm Swain Bluff Control followed by copping the cards
Miracles with Cards 105
James Swain Bluff Control Routine aces lost, kings put in table, they transpose
Miracles with Cards 106
James Swain, Edward Marlo Topping the Mental Topper cards freely chosen (or thought of), card and its three mates found, faro
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 107
James Swain The Unweave Revelation Faro Divider type
Miracles with Cards 109
James Swain My Opener Aces produced, triumph with Aces reversed at end, Aces lost again, cut to and new deck order finale
Miracles with Cards 112
James Swain Propelled Table Production card propels out of deck during tabled card face-up
Miracles with Cards 112
James Swain Gorilla in the Middle card appears between sandwich cards, ungaffed
Inspired by
  • "Monkey in the Middle" (Bill Goldman)
Miracles with Cards 120
James Swain Invisible Load Move
Miracles with Cards 121
James Swain Trapped
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 125
James Swain Secrets of the Pass introduction
Miracles with Cards 129
James Swain Tips on the Pass classic pass
Miracles with Cards 130
James Swain, Larry Jennings The Jennings Box slit in case
  • Version One (card into second cased deck in wallet)
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 134
James Swain The Well Traveled Card deck in case and number up to 52 named, signed card dropped on case, it vanishes and reappears inside at named number
Miracles with Cards 141
James Swain The Stand In deck in new deck order, put in case, joker outside case changes into named card, joker is at its position in cased deck
Miracles with Cards 143
James Swain The "Block"Buster Pass
Inspired byAlso published here Miracles with Cards 145
James Swain The Bottom Card Cover Pass
Miracles with Cards 148
James Swain The Pass Palm top cards into left hand classic palm
Related to Miracles with Cards 149
James Swain Anastasia one of five cards thought of, vanishes and reappears in pocket
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 152
James Swain The Lost Multiple Shift Aces placed in different parts of deck, instantly removed from pocket
Miracles with Cards 154
James Swain Honest Aces spectator choses leader packet
Variations Miracles with Cards 155
James Swain The Swain Drop Switch cards apparently just taken off deck and dropped on table
Miracles with Cards 157
James Swain Honest Collectors
Miracles with Cards 160
James Swain Annemann's Miracle three cards removed, performer divines them fairly, peek case with hole
Inspired byAlso published here Miracles with Cards 164
James Swain Something for Nothing new deck order show, shuffled a few times, poker hands dealt, straight flushs and royal flush for performer
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 167
James Swain Rules of the Game from shuffled deck the performer produces all nine possible poker hands
credit information
Miracles with Cards 169
James Swain, Darwin Ortiz Finale for the Capitulating Queens vanish of signed card to wallet
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 182
James Swain Final Departure
Inspired by Miracles with Cards 187
James Swain Card to Case Load card loaded underneath cellophane
Related to Miracles with Cards 189
Peter Duffie Swatta card chosen and removed, Aces cut to one by one and vanished again, they end up collecting the other three mates of chosen card
Inspired by Open Secrets 12
Bruce Cervon Poker Interchange Exchanged
Inspired by Hard-Boiled Mysteries 78
Roy Walton Pass Out deck faced, Aces appear when deck is turned over one by one, Aces vanish and are later found reversed in the middle
Related to Five Times Five — Scotland 121
James Swain Tongue in Cheek deck ends up in New Pack Order except two selections
21st Century Card Magic 7
James Swain Too Many Jokers deck ends up with all four of a kinds
21st Century Card Magic 71
James Swain The Explosion three four of a kinds
21st Century Card Magic 68
James Swain Miraculous several four of a kinds are produced
21st Century Card Magic 46
James Swain The Tale of Titanic Thompson on top of anitfaroed packets is Royal Flush
21st Century Card Magic 26
James Swain Dealing Centers/The Muck nice Switch
21st Century Card Magic 140
James Swain Poker Interchange Redux
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 137
James Swain Just Lucky Eight Card Stack double Duke
21st Century Card Magic 144
James Swain 21st Century Magicican vs. Gambler two phases, including Pokerhand Transformation
21st Century Card Magic 147
James Swain Diving Rod four of a kind
21st Century Card Magic 43
James Swain The Twenty-One Card Trick
VariationsAlso published here 21st Century Card Magic 23
James Swain A Tribute to Dunninger Si Stebbins
21st Century Card Magic 20
Fred Kaps, James Swain I am in Debt cards total ten although one by one is removed
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 108
James Swain The Four Robbers updating a Classic
21st Century Card Magic 60
James Swain The Last Good Trick classic Staring him in the face handling
21st Century Card Magic 57
Persi Diaconis, James Swain Persi's Collectors faro
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 105
James Swain, Herbert Milton, Nate Leipzig Sympathetic Thirteen specially arranged decks of ungaffed cards
21st Century Card Magic 131
James Swain Psychic Poker one of eight-card packet, using Maven's "Binary Cut Sorting Process"
21st Century Card Magic 29
James Swain Card Warp Display only with borderless Cards
21st Century Card Magic 80
Alex Elmsley, James Swain 1002nd Aces
21st Century Card Magic 127
James Swain 21st Century Assembly actually as a travelling effect
21st Century Card Magic 64
James Swain Birds of a Feather three Phases
21st Century Card Magic 37
James Swain Metamorphosis one Quartet is in Case
21st Century Card Magic 11
James Swain Icebreaker selection
21st Century Card Magic 17
James Swain 21st Century Cards Across ala Paul Harris' "Las Vegas Leaper"
21st Century Card Magic 35
Larry Jennings, James Swain Instant Aces
21st Century Card Magic 111
James Swain Equivocally Triumphant not-so-freely named Triumph
21st Century Card Magic 50
James Swain Departure from Quartet between palms to case
21st Century Card Magic 3
James Swain The Miracle Deck instantly knowing a selected Card
21st Century Card Magic 53
Edward Marlo, James Swain The Drop Switch
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 140
James Swain Peek, Stop, Touch three Cards selected in three different ways
21st Century Card Magic 85
James Swain Unloading a Card on the Card Case
21st Century Card Magic 83
James Swain The Dummy Force no-touch Force
21st Century Card Magic 91
James Swain The Look-Away Force
21st Century Card Magic 75
James Swain The Dummy Fan Force one chosen from fan of five, located by touch, not really a force
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 95
James Swain Peeking a Card During the Pass Riffle Pass
21st Century Card Magic 53
James Swain The Dummy Pass the "your card is not here" pass
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 93
James Swain Benzais Cut with two Cards
Related to 21st Century Card Magic 123
James Swain Two Full-Deck Controls push-though and cut sequences
21st Century Card Magic 87
James Swain, Larry Jennings Larry Jennings' Famous Chop Cup Routine new handling
Inspired by 21st Century Card Magic 149
Frederick Braue, James Swain Braue Addition and Switch Variation
21st Century Card Magic 124
Brother John Hamman, James Swain, Steve Silverman Bottom Double Drop - Swivel Switch / $20 Switch see credits on page 130
21st Century Card Magic 129
James Swain Preface
21st Century Card Magic
David Malek Far More Honest Aces three handlings
Inspired by Rebel without a Pause 15
Gary Plants Card in Matchbox
Inspired by Lecture Notes — The Second Super Session 16
Harry Lorayne, James Swain Simplified Swain, Plus aces lost and found with free-cut principle, colors separated, two selections found, based on Swain's "Shuffle Tracking" (Genii 5/2005)
Also published here Best of Friends — Volume III 442
James Swain The 21 Card Trick optional spelling
Also published here 7-7-7 56
Steve Bryant The World's Most Obscene 21-Card Trick filthy spelling
Inspired by 7-7-7 63
James Swain Shush three cards removed, performer divines them fairly, peek case with hole
Inspired byAlso published here Ten Card Mysteries Anneman Would Have Loved 41
Dave Buck Cephalopalm Top card is rotated into face up bottom palm
Related to If An Octopus Could Palm 14
Darwin Ortiz 52 Pick-up triumph ending in new pack order, eight faro shuffles
Inspired byRelated to Lessons in Card Mastery 109
Eric T. Dockery Triple Decker Sandwich three phases
Inspired by The F.F.F.F. Book 65
Jason Ladanye The Gathering Aces appear and trap three selections, using faros
Inspired by Confident Deceptions 101
James Swain Showdown
Also published here
  • "Showdown" (Genii, May 2006)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 104
Syd Segal Two, Two, Two Tricks in One! finale for Collectors in which the three selections transpose with the four-of-a-kind that's bin distributed on top of the tabled spread deck
Inspired by
  • "Finale for The Collectors" (James Swain, Genii, Vol. 64 No. 1, 2001, p. 80)
Also published here
  • DVD "Simply Sydney" (2008, D&D)
A New Angle 33
Harry Lorayne Simplified Swain, Plus Aces lost and found with free-cut principle, colors separated, two selections found, based on Swain's "Shuffle Tracking" (Genii 5/2005)
Also published here JawDroppers! Two 126
Zhenjie Gao 旧瓶新酒 (Old Bottle, New Wine) Four Aces turn face down one by one, then transform into the selection, before changing back into Aces
Inspired by 一盅两件 4
Jason Ladanye Royal Exchange spectator's poker hand transposes with performer's, Royal Flush ending, faro
Inspired by Game Changer 163
Steve Forte shift-palm top cards into left hand classic palm
Related to Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 575
James Swain The 439 Trick named Ace vanishes from Ace packet and appears in case, four cases, under cellophane
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2)) 212