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Unknown Second Method 21 card trick, also with general numberVariations Modern Magic 43
Unknown Another Mode of Discovering a Card Thought of twenty-five cards, different dealing pattern Modern Magic 55
Unknown A Card having been thought of, to make such Card Vanish from the Pack, and be Discovered wherever the Performer pleases 27 cards, card palmed out and multiple endings suggested (pocket, transformation, on chair, ...) Modern Magic 83
Unknown To discover a card mentally selected - First Method
- Second Method
Tricks with Cards 68
Unknown Another Method 27-card trick with card-to-any-number table Tricks with Cards 87
Unknown Sixth Method Inspired by More Magic 23
Unknown The ''Twenty-Seven Card" Trick "To cause a Card selected by oneSpectator to appear at such number in the Pack as another Spectator may indicate"
piles picked up according to a table so thought-of card ends up in any position
More Magic 32
Unknown Vingt-un Twenty-One Card Trick, but card is at the end palmed out and an envelope with a duplicate from an envelope index presented Der moderne Kartenk√ľnstler 97
Charles T. Jordan The 49-Card Trick twenty-one card trick with forty-nine cardsRelated to The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Card Tricks) 17
Audley Walsh The 32 Card Mystery The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Winter Extra 1935/36) 86
Victor Farelli Variation Alternative handling to Three Sevens to get rid of side steal "Lend Me Your Pack" 21
Victor Farelli Three Sevens Variation on 21 card trick, card ends up in magician's pocket, meant to catch knowledgeable spectators off-guard "Lend Me Your Pack" 20
George C. Hanneman New Card Math binary sorting with 16 cards The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 42) 289
Charles T. Jordan Forty-Nine 21 card trick with 49 cards and two dealing rounds, see also page 524 for idea to do it as telephone trick by Lloyd Jones The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 78) 513
Kent Arthur Eerie Cards using eight cards, card finally spelled toRelated to The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 101) 615
H. G. Cleveland The Triple Deal improved 21 card trick The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 130) 748
Shaman 21 Plus spectator guesses in which row his card is, in the end the card is found by spelling "This is the card you took"Also published here The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 24) 101
Frederick Braue Incredo Thought new dealing pattern Tricks and Sleights 25
Audley Walsh The 32 Card Mystery Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks 13
Unknown Twenty-One Cards - A Double Prediction using in the hands antifaro The Fine Art of Magic 175
L. Vosburgh Lyons, James A. Fowler Howdy Knowit! with 27 cards, three piles, performer knows selection and position The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 210) 840
Edward Marlo 21 Card Trick Streamlined The Cardician 134
Bert Allerton Streamliner with eighteen cards The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 337) 158
Shaman 21 Plus spectator guesses in which row his card is, in the end the card is found by spelling "This is the card you took"Also published here The Best in Magic 104
Shaman 21 Plus spectator guesses in which row his card is, in the end the card is found by spelling "This is the card you took"Also published here The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 336) 154
Joseph Diez Gergonne From Gergonne to Gargantua Chapter intro, describes Gergonne's Pile Problem, which is basically the 21 card trick using twenty seven cardsRelated toVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 33
Unknown Naming the Position of the Card 21 card trick with twenty seven cards, spectator can assemble the piles in any wayRelated to Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 34
Unknown Bringing the Card to a Named Position 21 card trick with twenty seven cards, spectator can name what the final position of the selection should be in the packetRelated toVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 35
Thomas Walker Walker's Method Easier method for Gergonne's Pile Problem, lets spectator name the position of the selected cardInspired byRelated to Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 36
Unknown Naming the Card 21 card trick with twenty seven cards, magician can name the selection at the endRelated to Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 38
Mel Stover Relation to Ternary System 21 card trick with twenty seven cards, mathematical relation to ternary counting systemRelated toVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 39
Mel Stover Gargantua's Ten-pile Problem 21 card trick but done with TEN BILLION PLAYING CARDSInspired byRelated to Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 40
Bert Allerton The New 21 Card Trick with 18 cards The Close-Up Magician 31
Edward Marlo The Acrobatic 21 On the Acrobatic Cards 63
Edward Marlo 21 Plus Subtlety for correction see referenceRelated to Kabbala - Volume 1 (Vol. 1, No. 7) 57
Edward G. Brown, Trevor H. Hall Modernism in Mentalism and the Clueless Card Trick comments about think-a-card effectsInspired by
  • Ralph Hull's "Modernism in Mentalism"
The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 115
Stephen Minch The Magician's Choice 21 card trick, with tarot cards The Book of Thoth 5
Cicardi Mind Boggler with ten symbol cards, testing spectators abilities of precognition three times The Compleat Magick - Volume II (Issue 152) 759
Eddie Joseph Hocus-Pocus No. 45, three five-cards packets, spectator thinks of a card, deals out five packets, pockets the one with selection and performer extracts it Self-Working Card Tricks 68
John F. Mendoza An Old Card Trick Made New spectator cuts off packet, remembers bottom card, shuffles and deal packet in three piles, card immediately namedRelated to Close-up Presentations 94
John Cornelius Fake 21 card trick fake for magicians Cornelius Card System 6
Unknown The Twenty One Card Trick Simple yet Effective Tricks with Cards 50
Edward Marlo Nouveau 21-Card-Trick - First Phase
- Second Phase
- Third Phase
- Fourth Phase
- Fifth Phase
- Sixth Phase (Gag)
- Blow-Off Phase I
- Blow-Off Phase II
Related toVariations Marlo without Tears 146
Edward Marlo The 27-Card Trick: Streamlined Marlo without Tears 171
Stephen Tucker 21-5 = Immortality with 16 cards Spell-Binder (Vol. 3, No. 28) 535
Philip T. Goldstein Out of Sorts thought-of card (from eight) found and named with back turned Thequal 5
Barrie Richardson Less Is More mixed with the gestalt of the 21 card trick Pabular (Vol. 8, No. 10) 1287
Steve Draun The Twenty-One Card Trick Routine three phasesAlso published here The Magic of Steve Draun 31
Karl Fulves This Is It! with sixteen cards and two deals into four rows Easy-to-Do Card Tricks for Children 12
Edward Marlo Math Applied sixteen cards and reverse faros, four effectsRelated to That's It 55
Simon Aronson Memorized Math on memorized deck in combination with mathematical principles
- Stay Stacks
- Counting
- Interlocking Chains (also with one-way backs)
- Duck and Deal (with formulas)
The Aronson Approach 113
Chris Kenner Must be 21 to enter streamlinedVariations Totally Out Of Control 145
Steve Draun Twenty-One Again three phasesAlso published here Secrets Draun from Underground 128
Edward Marlo, Lee Freed Lost Twenty-One Card Trick using reverse faros The Olram File (Issue 14) 1
Chuck Smith Imaginary 21 Card Trick in effect a card is chosen under table and named by magicianVariations What If? 12
Philip T. Goldstein Van John triggered by Tom Seller's "The Name Speller" (Immediate Magic) Thabbatical 99
John Scarne Scarne Card Problems - 21 Card Trick with two selections
- Diagonal Palm Shift with two of three cards
Verbatim (Issue 10) 145
James Swain The Twenty-One Card Trick 21st Century Card Magic 23
Andrew Wimhurst How to Cheat at 21 Low Down Dirty Tricks 19
Milton Kort The Off-color Twenty-one-Card Trick 21 card trick with a color changing back ending, done as a magician gag/fooler Kort 49
Doug Conn Impossible 21 Card Tricks Inspired by Tricks of my Trade 105
Steve Beam Turning 21 imitating the 21 card trick
- 2-Selection Version
- Infusion
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 60
Steve Beam The Of-Age Card Trick 21 card trick without dealing the cards multiple times Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 56
Unknown Pile Driver card is found by spelling Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 58
Andrew Wimhurst How To Cheat At (the) 21 (card trick) Jiggery Pokery 4
David Malek The Malek Famous Twenty-One Card Trick parody, false card found which changes into right one with gag Rebel without a Pause 57
Jim Steinmeyer The Princess in a Crowd fifteen card matrix trick, no-touch Further Impuzzibilities 5
Ian Baxter Deceitful 21-card Trick 18-card version Best of Friends - Volume III 68
Harry Lorayne Even More Deceitful eighteen-card version Best of Friends - Volume III 70
Michael Raeburn 80/21 80% success chance Best of Friends - Volume III 318
Tom Craven The 27-Card Trick Best of Friends - Volume III 452
Jack Parker Fake 21 21 Card Trick (magician fooler) 52 Memories 191
Jack Parker Sunken 21 twenty-one Card Trick VariationInspired by 52 Memories 185
Jack Parker, David Solomon Invisible 21 card vanishes from packet of 21 cards, and reappears in packetAlso published here 52 Memories 188
Justin Higham Intuitive Twenty-One Card Trick - First Method
- Second Method
- Third Method
- Fourth Method
Inspired by Dexterity Manual 65
Jack Parker Must Be 21 to Smoke "For Claude Raines"
card vanishes from packet of 21 cards, and reappears in packet
Also published here Ten Card Mysteries Anneman Would Have Loved 23
Ken De Courcy Octad Perplexity with eight cards in two rows, spectator himself locates mental selection using three coins Prolix (Issue 6) 347