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Professor Hoffmann To Force three Cards together three cards repeat itself, spectator cuts anywhere
Variations 1890 13
Victor Farelli Introduction
1931 3
Victor Farelli Arrangement of the Cards stack in which the cards above and below any card indicate the selection by value and suit, for forty-eight cards
Inspired by
  • "Card Control" (Bagshawe, marketed 1928)
1931 3
Victor Farelli A Strange Coincidence card freely chosen with knife stab, then position chosen and card above and below knife denote earlier selection with suit and value
Variations 1931 5
Victor Farelli The Reversal card chosen with knife stab, another card pocketed, for both cards, two cards are found that denote value and suit, one of the pairs reversed
1931 7
Victor Farelli Choice Foretold two cards chosen, both cards predicted by two cards each via value and suit in two envelopes
1931 10
Victor Farelli The Marvellous Discovery card removed from pack while performer is not looking, yet he quickly finds two cards that denote the selection by value and suit without looking at the faces
  • First Method
  • Second Method ("Shades")
  • Third Method (Difference in Design)
Related to 1931 12
Victor Farelli Suggestions and "Tips" variations from where to produce the pair that denotes the card
  • Rising Cards
  • Cards in Pocket
  • The Blindfold and Knife
  • Caught in the Air
  • Cards through Handkerchief
1931 14
Victor Farelli Using the Joker instead of a Knife for stabbing selection or force
1931 15
Victor Farelli How to "Fan" the Pack reverse fan or spreading action to hide arrangement
1931 15
Victor Farelli Flourishes
1933 15
Victor Farelli The "V.F. Throw and Turn"
1933 17
Victor Farelli An Easy Combination. Performed on the Bare Arm
1933 20
Victor Farelli The "Boomerang" Card
  • Throwing Cards with Both Hands: No Pack Used
  • Card Caught with Hand at Side
  • Throwing Two Card Together: No Pack Used
  • Catching a Card with Scissors
  • Addition to Cutting a CArd in the Air
  • Loaded Card for "Boomerang"
1933 22
Victor Farelli The "One Hand Drop"
  • The Cards to Use
  • The "Blindfold Drop"
  • The Vertical "One Hand Drop"
  • The "Ambidextrous" Drop
1933 22
Victor Farelli The "Drop" to Cover the Pass
1933 24
Victor Farelli The Improved "Bluff" Pass to top
1933 29
Victor Farelli The "Charlier" Pass commentary
1933 31
Victor Farelli, The "Riffle" Substitutes riffle shuffle
  • Using a "Longitudinal Bridge"
  • Using the Veneri "Flesh" Break
1933 34
Victor Farelli Deck Bridge
1933 34
S. W. Erdnase, Victor Farelli The "Strip" Cut Shuffle Substitute
1933 35
Victor Farelli Forcing - Timing
1933 37
Victor Farelli Some "Imperfections"
  • Closing the Fan
  • Suggesting Liberty of Choice
  • Aggressiveness
  • Exposing on the Stage
1933 37
Victor Farelli The Nervous Assistant tip
1933 38
Victor Farelli, Sam H. Sharpe Choosing a "Forcee" tip
1933 39
L'Homme Masqué The Table "Spread" credit unsure, thrown on table, Toss Force
Related to 1933 39
Victor Farelli The "Pencil" Force
1933 41
Victor Farelli Should Cards be Shuffled?
1933 43
Victor Farelli The "Strip Cut" False Shuffle
1933 49
Victor Farelli Palming - The Cards to Use
1933 52
Victor Farelli Common Faults
  • Curling the Forefinger
  • Stiffness of the Arm
  • Spreading the Thumb
1933 53
Victor Farelli First Method of Second Dealing
  • First Exercise: Moving a Pair
  • Second Exercise: The Withdrawal
  • Third Exercise: Seizing the Second Card
  • Fourth Exercise: The "Swing"
Also published here 1933 55
Victor Farelli Second Method of Second Dealing
1933 58
Victor Farelli Suggestions reversing the deck for stripper or one-way deck
1933 68
Victor Farelli A "Sucker Gag" apparently strippers are used
1933 68
Victor Farelli The "Left-About" Change snap-over change presentation
Variations 1933 72
Victor Farelli For the Table "Spread" Force. setting up
Related to 1933 74
Victor Farelli The Tail of the "Q" (A New "Key" Card.), edge marking a card so mark becomes visible in beveled deck
Related to 1933 74
Victor Farelli Cards with White Borders for what they are better than borderless cards
1933 74
Victor Farelli The Mexican Turn-Over a tip
1933 74
Victor Farelli Obtaining a "Stock" strategy for adding cards from pocket to deck
1933 75
Victor Farelli With a Borrowed Pack
1933 75
Victor Farelli Tricks Based on the "Glide" commentary followed by the tricks
1933 76
Victor Farelli The Partagas "Sell"
Related to 1933 79
Victor Farelli Subtlety versus Manipulation between one and forty
1933 82
Victor Farelli A "Close-Work" Discovery
Related to 1933 84
Victor Farelli The "Follow-Up"
1933 85
Victor Farelli The Card to "Wallet" credit information
1933 87
A Strange Hallucination thought of card to wallet, matrix principle
Variations 1933 87
Up His Sleeve card in sleeve appears on pack, in sleeve is now selection
VariationsAlso published here 1933 89
Victor Farelli, Tom Sellers The "Sandwich" card travels from sandwich to pocket
1933 89
Victor Farelli For Conjurers Only version of lazy man's card to pocket
1933 93
Victor Farelli Pure Bluff version of lazy man's card to pocket
1933 93
Victor Farelli, Harry Venson With an Unprepared Pocket-Book
1933 94
Victor Farelli The "Do-it-Yourself" Discovery spectator stabs top card reversed next to his selection behind the back
1933 95
Victor Farelli Four From Five Leaves One
1933 96
Victor Farelli Effect cards shuffled by spectator, still top card is correctly predicted on previous empty paper, locator card
1933 99
Victor Farelli A Study in Blue and White envelope
1933 99
Victor Farelli, Edward Bagshawe The "Simplex" Thirty Cards envelope
1933 102
Victor Farelli, Dr. Herschell The Floating Image afterimage as presentation to divine several cards
1933 104
Theodore Annemann An Alternate Detection alternating one-way backs
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1934 11
Laurie Ireland A False Count to be Used when Dealing Off the Deck featuring push-off
Related to 1935
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation")
Victor Farelli For Artists Only Talks about culling, patter, misdirection, plot, selection of cards, building a programme, and building routines
1936 7
Victor Farelli Five Points Some tips on card magic and how to study the book
1936 10
Victor Farelli "Culling" Talks about how culling should be done, mentions Louis Nikola and how he stacks his deck during the course of another routine, also mentions Erdnase's stock securing and cull shuffling
Related to 1936 12
Victor Farelli Seventeen Down Selection appears at number foretold by magician. Effect allows magician to secretly cull the four Kings to the top for a later routine.
Inspired by
  • (Al Baker, The Sphinx, 1932)
1936 12
Victor Farelli Reversing the Bottom Card
1936 15
Victor Farelli The "Lindahl" Method Culling and securing a required stock in the action of removing the four Aces
Related to
  • (Tom Osborne, The Sphinx, June 1932)
1936 15
Victor Farelli Do As I Do Spectator and magician picks the same card in two decks
Related to 1936 17
Victor Farelli An Alternative Conclusion Alternate ending to Do As I Do
Related to 1936 19
Victor Farelli Three Sevens Variation on 21 card trick, card ends up in magician's pocket, meant to catch knowledgeable spectators off-guard
1936 20
Victor Farelli Variation Alternative handling to Three Sevens to get rid of side steal
1936 21
Victor Farelli Arithmetical Magic Magician divines selected card by going through rest of deck. Then tries again with part of the deck but fails, with a surprise four of a kind production kicker ending
1936 22
Victor Farelli El Naipe y la Corbata (name means The Card and Cravat in Cervantes) Deck wrapped in silk tie, allowed to drop, everything drops except selection is attached to end of silk tie (cravat)
1936 24
Victor Farelli Lady Volunteer Assistants Short essay on how women in the audience should be treated, and why they should probably never be chosen to come on stage, or even pick a card
1936 26
Victor Farelli Pencil and Pack Selected card appears next to magician's card in the pack in sympathy (uses pencil to choose card)
1936 26
Victor Farelli The Push Force Insert pencil in deck to force card
1936 28
Victor Farelli Almost in Confidence How should cards be handled while seated at the card table
1936 32
Victor Farelli "Culling" at the Card Table Method to cull while seated at table
1936 32
Victor Farelli Poker and Brag four Aces produced in "magic gambling" routine via dealing procedure
Inspired by
  • "After the Four Ace Trick" (Billy O'Connor, The Magic Wand, June-Sept 1935)
1936 33
Victor Farelli The Harrison Deal Royal Flush lands in magician's hand
Variations 1936 36
Victor Farelli "Poker Face" Royal Straight Flush dealt to performer
1936 37
Victor Farelli The Mystic Eight four of a kind location based on the mystical number 8
Variations 1936 38
Victor Farelli Controlled Coincidence (impromptu method)
magician divines mental selection by using two cards - one denoting suit and one denoting value
Inspired by 1936 40
Victor Farelli The Latest Method improvement in handling of A Strange Hallucination
Inspired byRelated to 1936 43
Victor Farelli A Rapid Routine similar to "A Strange Hallucination" but with three cards instead of five, less dealing
Inspired byRelated to 1936 44
Victor Farelli Loo Lung or The Chinese Coin magician locates two cards by a lot of dealing and equivoque to eliminate piles, with a bit of gambling theme (Euchre and Loo Lung)
1936 44
Victor Farelli The Double Card Turn-over description of Victor's method of handling the double turnover with push-off
Related to 1936 47
Victor Farelli First Variation ("Marking Off" with One Hand) one handed get ready
1936 49
Victor Farelli Second Variation (The "Skin" Grip) using fingers to keep double square
Related to 1936 49
Victor Farelli Third Variation (The "End" Overlap) letting the double land in-jogged
1936 50
Victor Farelli The "Conus" Method how to steal a card under another and lay both down as one card, not exactly a double lift or turnover
1936 50
Victor Farelli Push selection procedure that sets a key card
1937 22
Victor Farelli Farelli's Impromptu Speller (Gray's Speller - Single Card) simple
1937 44
Victor Farelli A Close Work Discovery key card
1937 69
Victor Farelli Mr Farelli's Variation Using Two Large Rings false count & routine
1938 818
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Invisible Pass
VariationsAlso published here 1946 11
Victor Farelli The Farelli Replacement adding palmed cards while cutting cards from hands to table, pass
Apr. 1946
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Victor Farelli Side-Steal and "Cut" Combination palming bottom card in right hand while cutting deck from hands to table
Variations Aug. 1946 239
Victor Farelli With the Fred Braue Invisible Pass side-steal and cut after pass
Inspired by Nov. 1946 267
Victor Farelli Le Filage Grec ou la donne de la 2me main followed by german translation "Die griechische Filage der zweiten Karte"
  • First Exercise: Moving a Pair
  • Second Exercise: The Withdrawal
Also published here July 1946 12
Victor Farelli Le Filage Grec ou la donne de la 2me main followed by german translation "Die griechische Filage der zweiten Karte"
  • Third Exercise: Seizing the Second Card
  • Fourth Exercise: The "Swing"
Also published here Sep. 1946 7
M. Odin The Odin Routine
Also published here
  • The Odin Rings, Victor Farelli
1946 107
Frederick Braue Roundabout with Fred Braue on Eddie Clever, Carl Jones, Tom Hickey, Dr. Jaks, Gus Southall, Devant, Stewart James, The Five-Best Poll, Victor Farelli, Ronald B. Edwards, Edward Ritchell, Warren Corning, John Stanley, Orville Meyer, R. C. Buff, Richard Himner, Leslie Guest, Francis Haxton, Al Thompson and more
May 1947
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 4 No. 12)
Chung Ling Soo, Victor Farelli Chung Ling Soo's Initial "Move" (With The Linking Rings)
May 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 5 No. 12)
Victor Farelli Introduction - History of the Cups and Balls
1948 10
Victor Farelli The Magicians' Magician synopsis of opinions of John Ramsay, by Annemann, Dhotel, Downs etc
1948 89
Victor Farelli Bibliography of the Cups and Balls
1948 91
Frederick Braue Roundabout with Fred Braue on Paul Rosini, Bert Allerton, James G. Thompson, Clayton Rawson, Paul Fleming, Dr. Giovanni, Harold Sterling, Victor Farelli, Charles Bertram and more
Feb. 1949 511
Victor Farelli Hobby Magic
Feb. 1949 513
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) John Ramsay's Routine with Cups and Balls by John Ramsay (written by Victor Farelli) Feb. 1949 514
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) Thanks to Leipzig by Victor Farelli Feb. 1949 514
Victor Farelli Out of the Box (?) production of large silk, apparently from matchbox
Mar. 1949
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Victor Farelli, David Devant Hew Devant Used to Force method to force three cards, three cards repeat itself, spectator cuts anywhere
Inspired by Nov. 1949 601
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) Can You Tell Fortunes? by Victor Farelli Jan. 1950 622
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) John Ramsay's Restoration by John Ramsay (written by Victor Farelli) Mar. 1950
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 7 No. 10)
Victor Farelli "Optical" Magic on afterimage optical illusions, using playing cards
May 1950
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 7 No. 12)
Nate Leipzig, Victor Farelli Using a "Key" Card Leipzig Card Stab with short card
1952 19
Victor Farelli Afterword annotations to the Ramsay routine
1952 17
Roy Benson The Birdcage on John McManus, Dr. Morris Young, Jay Marshall, Paul Fleming, Chris Carlton, Bob Lewis, SAM Assembly No.9, Neil Foster, Walter B. Gibson, Victor Farelli
The New Phoenix (Issue 327)
Oscar "Oscarelli" Rey Aus alles Welt on Nils Simonson, Punx, Joos, Leeming, Oltramare, Allan, Willane, Victor Farelli
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 16 No. 4)
Helmut "Kalanag" Schreiber Wir werden sie nicht vergessen... on the passing of several magicians, John Gambling, Ralph W. Read, Rudolf Rieth, Cecil Lyle, Cortini, Wilba, Dante, Reinhard Rohnstein, John Olms, Richard Röhl, Ingo, Balton, Dorini, Victor Farelli
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Edward Marlo Sell or Delusion
Inspired by 1957 19
Victor Farelli Bottom Card Reversal
1961 56
Victor Farelli, Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Reverse
1961 57
Edward Marlo Do As I Do "Eleventh Effect", with two decks, two methods
Inspired byRelated to 1962 18
Alton Sharpe, Tom Sellers, Victor Farelli Turn Me Over a number of cards turns over distributed throughout deck corresponding with value of selection
1969 77
Victor Farelli, Rolf Andra Ein verblüffender "Reverso"-Trick three selections end up reversed in the deck
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 33 No. 3)
Victor Farelli Farelli Three Pile Trick No. 372, note without content
Related to 1972 103
Victor Farelli Farelli's Joker Up Sleeve Trick No. 373, card in sleeve appears on pack, in sleeve is now selection
Also published here 1972 103
Dr. Jacob Daley Farelli's (Send) Use Your Pack No. 374, list of three tricks from Victor Farelli's "Lend Me Your Pack" (misspelled in title of this entry)
1972 103
Pocket Book Variation No. 465, card to wallet as climax to Three Pile Trick
Related to 1972 130
Victor Farelli Coin Toss Card Force forcing one card out of three, see p. 863 for credit information by Jack Potter
Related to
  • "Magic Wand" No. 206, June-sept 1945, p. 68
Aug. 1974 777
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Convincing Coin Magic by Victor Farelli 1979 48
Paul Fleming (reviewer) John Ramsay's Routine With Cups and Balls by John Ramsay (written by Victor Farelli) 1979 137
Paul Fleming (reviewer) John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins by John Ramsay (written by Victor Farelli) 1979 151
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Where Houdini Was Wrong by Maurice Sardina
translated by Victor Farelli
1979 161
John Ramsay Ramsay Reminiscences on Professor Morgan, Charlier, Old Malabar, Barnum, Magic Circle, Will Goldston, J. O'Neill Fisher, Charles Morrit, Horace Goldin, Chung Ling Soo, P. T. Selbit, Lewis Davenport, Dr. Byrd-Page, Walford Bodie, Allam Shaw, Nate Leipzig, Ernest Thorn, Max Sterling, Bob Gysel, Will Blyth, Dai Vernon, Max Holden, John Mulholland, Jack Salvin, G. W. Hunter, Edward G. Brown, Victor Farelli, The Flying Sorcerers, FISM 1950, Slydini, Francis Carlyle, FISM 1958, John Howe, Milbourne Christopher
1982 73
Juan Tamariz Rutina Hamilton three phases, pick-up stack
Inspired by 1984 21
Victor Farelli Farelli Control bridge
Related to 1985 20
Victor Farelli Controlled Coincidence card chosen, spectator stabs to two cards that indicate suit and value, with three variations in which the deck is shuffled:
  • Additions to Controlled Coincidence (Pack Genuinely Shuffled)
Inspired by 1994 1070
Victor Farelli Farelli on Leipzig ad reproduction, no method
Also published here
  • The Wizard, Vol. 1 No. 8
Rigmarole (Issue 7)
Victor Farelli Skin-Grip
Related to 1994 191
Joseph K. Schmidt "Easy Poker" from shuffled deck, overhand
Inspired by 1995 24
Roger Crosthwaite On Victor Farelli
1999 36
Justin Higham Alternative Left-About Change snap-over change
Inspired by 1999 117
Tomas Blomberg Whispering Collectors three Jokers whisper names of two selections, selections are lost and then appear between Jokers
Related to
  • "The Whispering Queens" (Victor Farelli, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 9 No. 6)
1999 150
John Ramsay The Cylinder and Coins "Created by John Ramsay, Described by Victor Farelli - Introduction by Richard Kaufman"
Nov. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 11)
Nick Trost Four of a Kind - Another Version spectator selects a card from eight cards, then another one, they match, then other two cards of same value are found
Inspired by 2009 308
Edge-Marked Cards only visible when beveled
Related to 2010
Secret Agenda (Issue Sep 3)
Victor Farelli The Victor Farelli Coin Fold
Related toAlso published here
  • Farelli's Coin Magic (1946)
Prolix (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 2011
Prolix (Issue 9)
Victor Farelli Double Push-Off
Related to 2015 21