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Springing the Cards normal method briefly explained, then waterfall cascade:
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
1909 28
The One Hand Drop card cascade to floor is caught before it reaches floor, two methods
1909 32
Victor Farelli The "One Hand Drop"
  • The Cards to Use
  • The "Blindfold Drop"
  • The Vertical "One Hand Drop"
  • The "Ambidextrous" Drop
1933 22
The Ribbon Drop
1942/27 194
Max Katz A "Shuffling" Presentation story presentation, different forms of riffle shuffle cascades
Jan. 1945 97
Donovan W. Brown The Clatter Shuffle gag shuffle
Feb. 1948 393
Hugh Scott The "Topsy-Turvy" Waterfall Shuffle in the hands riffle shuffle flourish, bottom-up riffle
Oct. 1948 470
Judson S. Brown One Handed Ribbon Drop
1961 46
P. Howard Lyons On the One-Hand Ribbon Drop and Catch
Mar. 1961
Ibidem (Issue 23)
The Waterfall
1976 74
Barry Stevenson Split Waterfall stealing cards into back palm during waterfall flourish
1985 228
John Davit Triple Waterfall deck is shuffled once, three waterfalls
1986 233
Steve Beam, Rhett Bryson Over the Top gags for card cascade
1988 361
Charlie Miller, Paul Chosse Miller's Cascade Control
Related toVariations 1992 73
Ribbon Drop Flourish
1992 74
Eddie Fechter Waterfall revelation of chosen card after waterfall from hand to hand
1993 148
Vicente Canuto La Cascada
1993 198
The Cascade
1996 399
Joshua Jay, Jerry Andrus Four Queen Cascade Card cascade from a four Queen production to find selected card
Inspired by 1999 79
Ellis Stanyon The Falling Ribbon of Cards No. 19
1999 306
Charlie Miller, Dave Buck Cascade Control finessed handling
Inspired byVariations 2011 26
Dave Buck Cascade Palm Palming selection into face up right hand after Cascade Control to the top
Inspired by 2011 32
Scott Robinson SACC (Semi Automatic Cascade Control) card inserted into fan is controlled to back (i. e. top) as fan is squared
Inspired by 2018 257
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Cascade Four-Card Control and Palm cards (e.g. Aces) inserted as group into center of deck and squared in and deck is either cascaded or overhand-shuffled, Aces are retained on top or can be brought directly into right palm
Inspired by
  • "Cascade Control" (Charlie Miller, Genii, June 1972)
2022 31
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Shuffle palm top card(s) are palmed in right hand as cards are waterfalled following shuffle
2022 67
Elisav "Biz" Bizau The Biz Cascade Control
  • The Sleight Corner
from center to top during waterfall flourish
Related to June 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 6)