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Professor Hoffmann The Cups and Balls introduction
1876 271
Professor Hoffmann General Comments on structure and presentation
1876 278
Eddie Joseph The Cups on the cups used
1936 1
Eddie Joseph The Balls on how to make the balls from cork
1936 1
Eddie Joseph The Palm on the flat palm of a ball and bringing ball to other position
1936 1
Eddie Joseph The Setting
1936 4
Eddie Joseph Suggestions using dice and shaker, tea cups etc
1936 6
Ellis Stanyon The Stanyon Lessons for the Cups and Balls part 1 of ongoing series
Aug. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 35)
Ellis Stanyon The Stanyon Lessons for the Cups and Balls part 2, discussing props, servante, misdirection
Sep. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 36)
Ellis Stanyon The Stanyon Lessons for the Cups and Balls part 3, palming methods
Oct. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 37)
Cups and Balls Routine With Bills crumpled up bills instead of balls
1937 29
John Northern Hilliard The Cups and Balls The Wand
The Balls
The Cups
1938 658
Eddie Joseph The Appealing Force of "Cups and Balls"
1942 7
Eddie Joseph Connecting the Terminals motivating the climax
1942 51
Eddie Joseph Part Three - Routines intro
1942 51
Milbourne Christopher Flash Bill Idea flash paper idea when doing chop cup / cups and balls with rolled up bills
Feb. 1947 293
Jack Miltour Parlons muscades on making balls for cups and balls, followed by german translation "Etwas über die Kügelchen"
Mar. 1947 6
Victor Farelli Introduction - History of the Cups and Balls
1948 10
Victor Farelli Bibliography of the Cups and Balls
1948 91
Dick Lee Covered Glasses for the Cups and Balls using paper bag to cover glasses, tip
Related to Sep. 1949 581
Jean Hugard The Cups and Balls - An Historical Note
Oct. 1949 588
Milbourne Christopher Cups and Balls Load using rubber cement
Jan. 1950 626
Bob Tucker Sequin Balls designing balls for final loads with sequins
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1956)
... und wieder "Blitzpapier" idea for using flash paper in combination with cups and balls
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 6)
Charlie Miller, Max Malini Cups and Balls tip
Also published here 1961 74
Max Malini Malini's Cups and Balls short comment
1961 74
Max Malini, Charlie Miller Chicks chicks from Cups & Balls, chicks from eggs
1961 74
Charlie Miller Cups and Balls tips, ideas and theory
1967 9
Peter Alexis Cup & Ball Techniques
Oct. 1970 367
Karl Fulves Cup & Ball Technique
Sep. 1974 791
Tony "Doc" Shiels The Summer Cups personal anecdotes
July 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 11)
Bill Tarr Cups and Balls
1976 152
Aldo Colombini The Cups and Balls
  • The Colombini Presentation
  • Requirements
  • Set-Up
  • Getting Ready
  • Performance
1977 7
Karl Fulves (E) Cup Gaff thin cup shell, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 24)
Frank Garcia The Oldest Deception comments
1979 15
Frank Garcia Further Ideas and Reflections
1979 103
Frank Garcia, Max Malini Magical Odd Facts About the Cups and Balls, Ideas and Further "Reflections" about Malini's Cups and Balls
1979 114
Francis Carlyle Francis Carlyle's Patter Introduction to Cups and Balls
1979 116
John Northern Hilliard Some Great Quotes by the Late John Northern Hilliard who wrote "Greater Magic"
1979 119
Mark Wilson The Cup
1979 3
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Notes Slydini on Okito box magic, Cups & Balls and card tricks
The Chronicles (Issue 18)
Jim Ryan Jim Ryan's Classic Cups and Balls Routine three cups, three final loads, with purse frame and sponge balls
Related to 1981 1
Jim Ryan Cups for the Jim Ryan Routine
1981 20
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Das Kugel- und Becherspiel on the cups and balls and the changes over the centuries
1981 3
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Herstellung der Filzbälle für die Schlussproduktion how to make balls for final load of cups and balls, template
Related to 1981 32
Robert Albo Cups and Balls
1982 131
Ross Bertram Cups and Balls board to perform on
1983 253
Karrell Fox "Cups and Balls Apron"
1986 172
Rafael Benatar In-Transit Actions and the Cups and Balls
1989 1
Charlie Miller Some Tips for Rehearsal
1989 19
Gary Kurtz The Principal Elements
  • Example: The Four Ace Trick
  • Example: The Vanishing Bowl of Water
  • Example: The Cups and Balls
1989 18
John Bannon The Big Loads - A Few Words On Timing
1990 86
Gary Kurtz The G.K. Cups and Balls balls change color, seven final loads
  • Phase One - Introducing the Props
  • Phase Two - Countering Expectations
  • Phase Three - Variation on Vernon's Travelling Sequences
  • Phase Four (All Three Balls Appear under the Centre Cup)
  • Part Five: The Final Loading Sequences (Part One)
  • Phase Six: Producing Three Oranges (and Reloading)
  • Phase Seven: The Final Stretch
1991 1
Someeran Cups & Balls (Western)
1993 1
Someeran Additional References
1993 13
Tommy Wonder Cups and Balls: A Private History
  • A Two-Cup Routine with Three Cups
  • Loads
  • Loading Techniques
1996 91
On Thimble Climaxes jumbo thimble, metal jumbo thimble for cups & balls transition
1997 98
Bob Farmer Notes
  • Bizarre Ending
  • Armpit Stash
  • Structural Parallels
  • Vanishing Big Balls
  • Right and Left Hand Use
1998 6
Harry Riser Vernon Routine Credit Information
Also published here
  • MUM, July 1997
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Max Malini, Charlie Miller Cups and Balls "From Letters Written by Charlie Miller to Faucett Ross", Nov. 23, 1936
Also published here Nov. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 11)
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Die idealen Becher on the best design for cups
1999 14
Leo Polacek, Willi Seidl Die Herstellung eines Becherspiels - Handarbeit mit Tradition how Willi Seidl produces a set of cups, with pictures
1999 16
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Einige Becherspiel aus Joros Sammlung pictures of various cups and balls sets
1999 23
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Herstellung der Filzbälle für die Schlussproduktion how to make balls for final load of cups and balls, template
Related to 1999 68
Gabe Fajuri Bob Read: An Eternal Quest for Cups & Balls Art
July 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 11)
Gazzo Macee In The Beginning About how Gazzo got interested in Cups and Balls
2004 10
Gazzo Macee To Copy or Not to Copy About whether to copy or create your own routine
2004 14
Gazzo Macee Environment About performing environments for Cups and Balls and how to control it
2004 17
Gazzo Macee Animal Farm Story of using chicks as final loads
2004 19
Gazzo Macee Timing
2004 21
Gazzo Macee Hats - A Fair Exchange Getting tips
2004 29
Gazzo Macee Simplicity
2004 31
Gazzo Macee Lines Patter for cups and balls
2004 31
Gazzo Macee Props What props Gazzo uses for his routine (Cups, Balls, Pouch, Table, Wand, Fruit, Hat)
2004 39
Gazzo Macee The Moves Talking about the sleights in Cups and Balls
2004 43
Gazzo Macee The False Transfer How should a false transfer look?
2004 44
The French Drop
2004 47
Teller Bob Read and the Cups and Balls
Inspired by
  • Penn & Teller's How to Play in Traffic, 1997
Jan. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 1)
Roberto Giobbi Thoughts on Cups-and-Balls Loads
Secret Agenda (Issue June 16)
Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller Cups-and-Balls Pendulum Loading
Secret Agenda (Issue June 17)
Al Schneider Cup and Ball Moves comments on the props
2011 118
Al Schneider Rest Positions while palming a ball
2011 120
Karl Fulves Progressive Assembly credit information, also with cups & balls, coins
Prolix (Issue 9)
Christian Scherer Das Becherspiel als Salonkunststück general remarks on the Cups and Balls
  • Der Handlungsablauf beim Becherspiel
  • Die Struktur (structure)
  • Der Vortrag (patter)
  • Die Becher (cups)
  • Die Kugeln (balls)
  • Der Zauberstab (wand)
  • Der Tisch (table)
  • Die Tischoberfläche (table surface)
  • Die Handhabung der Becher (handling of the cups)
  • Die falsche Übergabe (false transfer of a ball)
  • Die Ladung (loads)
  • Das Platzieren der Ladungen (placement of loads in pockets)
  • Die Ladetechnik (loading technique)
  • Die Ladung vor den Blicken der Zuschauer verbergen (hiding the loads)
  • Indirektes Laden (indirect loads)
  • Das Abstellen der geladenen Becher (putting cups with loads on the table)
2014 175
Alexander de Cova Kurt Freitags Becherspiel on Kurt Freitag's cups and balls routine
May 2014 573
Alexander de Cova Über diese Routine more on Kurt Freitag's cups and balls routine
May 2014 575
Alexander de Cova Das Zubehör
  • Die Seidl Becher
  • Die Abschlußladungen
  • Techniken
May 2014 576
The Cups and Balls multi-phase routine with compressible balls à la production balls
  • Dan Sherer (additional comments)
  • Max Maven (additional comments and credit information)
Also published here
  • Hōkasen, 1764
May 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 5)
Alexander de Cova Becherspiel cups and balls, comments on Fred Kaps's performance
2016 171
Johnny Thompson On Vernon's Pseudo-Exposure Phase
Related to 2018 35
Johnny Thompson Dai Vernon's Magic Castle Act from late Sixties
  • The Cups and Balls
  • Han Ping Chien
  • Winged Silver
  • Copper/Silver
  • Matching the Cards
  • Ambitious Card
  • Color-Changing Deck
2018 81
Johnny Thompson The Opener using cups and balls as opener for trade show
2018 271
Jonathan Pendragon Anvil and Hammer
  • Panmagium
Feb. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 2)
Jamy Ian Swiss The Cups and Balls and Me
  • The Masterclass Liner Notes
2018 30
Alexander de Cova Gertners Becherspiel comment on Paul Gertner's Steel Cups & Balls
Related to 2018 102
Alexander de Cova Die Becher des Kolumbus on Christopher Columbus themed cups and balls
Inspired by
  • Punx Cups & Balls presentation (early Genii, Magische Welt)
2018 212
John Carney Caffeinated Cups and Balls with coffee cups and (plastic) grapes
  • Originality, and Creating Your Routine
  • Practice + Quality Thought + Courage
  • Exploring the Possibilities
  • The Props
  • The Final Loads
2020 254
Ricardo Rodriguez La cobertura "Desde el punto de vista de la construcción", on the chop cup
2021 11
Steve Cohen Cups and Balls introductory comments on Max Malini and the Cups & Balls, historical information, Louis Pop Krieger
2022 150
Dai Vernon Cups & Balls routine, from private lecture notes by Gene Matsuura
  • Cups Deeper on the Inside Than the Outside
  • Cup Through Cup
  • Spectator's Choice
  • All Balls Under Center Cup
  • Climax Ball Loading
  • General Comments
2022 93
Guy Hollingworth The Rationale
2022 1
Guy Hollingworth The Props
  • Cups
  • Balls
  • Final loads
  • Optional pre-final load
2022 4