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Inertia Sleeving
Related to 1876 183
Marvelous Coincidence two selections from two decks match, double facer deck
Related toAlso published here 1897 158
Edward Victor "My Rope Trick" - An Original Cut and Restored Rope Routine three phases
Related toVariations 1937 84
8 - Lift Up Vanish pick up from left fingers
Related to 1941/27 72
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Dante, Bobby Baxter, Carl Balantine, Bill Nord, Wally Dean, Tony Slydini
May 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 177)
Tony Slydini Card over the Head card secretly shot above spectator's head
June 1949 555
Tony Slydini Knots
Also published here Jan. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 195)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Tony Slydini, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Jay Marshall, Sid Loraine letter on Elusive Lady, Milbourne Christopher
Related to Jan. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 195)
Tony Slydini Cigarette Miracle
Variations 1951
Stars of Magic (Vol. 8 No. 1)
Tony Slydini Flight of the Paper Balls
Also published here 1951
Stars of Magic (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Tony Slydini Flyaway Coin Routine to spectator's pocket four times
Variations 1951
Stars of Magic (Vol. 8 No. 3)
Milton Kort Kort Coin coin vanishes repeatedly and appears in spectator's various pockets four times
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here May 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 282)
Edward Marlo Miracle Change No. 1
  • Method No. 1 (seated)
  • Method No. 2 (seated or standing)
  • Method No. 3 (unload on deck)
  • Method No. 4 (stand-up)
Related toVariations 1954 3
Tony Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante
Also published here 1954
Stars of Magic (Vol. 12 No. 1)
Tony Slydini Vanish of Paper Ball as lapping application
Stars of Magic (Vol. 12 No. 1)
Tony Slydini Knots impossible knot
Also published here 1956 81
Tony Slydini Vanishing Sponge Balls four balls vanish and reappear, lapping
1957 19
Tony Slydini Lapping Vanish with sponge ball
1957 19
Tony Slydini Foreword
1960 7
Tony Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante - Part One - Position and Timing
Also published here 1960 21
Tony Slydini Vanish of Paper Ball as lapping application, see also next item
1960 23
Tony Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante - Part Two - Misdirection
1960 31
Tony Slydini The Paper Balls in the Hat one by one four napkins are rolled in a hand into balls and disappear, then they appear in a hat that was presented empty
Variations 1960 37
Tony Slydini Slydini's New Cigarette Miracle new version
Inspired by 1960 51
Tony Slydini Two Cigarettes From One cigarette broken in two halves, both stretched to full length cigarettes
1960 59
Tony Slydini Cigarette Fantasy
1960 69
Tony Slydini Sponge Ball Magic introduction to Slydini's sponge ball magic
how to handcraft sponge balls
1960 87
Tony Slydini Sorcery With Spheres Two sponge balls, one travels from the magician's hand to the spectator's hand. Next a third appears and then a fourth. At the end two balls transform in many tiny balls in the spectator's hand.
1960 88
Tony Slydini Spherical Switchcraft Four sponge balls are put in the right hand and then they disappear. To reappear from the spectator's pocket
1960 98
Tony Slydini Coins Through the Table Introduction to the Slydini's routines of coins through the table.
Variations 1960 103
Tony Slydini Six Silver Coins and a Penny Phase 1, six silver coins and a penny are shown. Three silver coins in each hand, and with a slapp trhee coins cross the table at once.
1960 104
Tony Slydini Six Silver Coins and a Ring Phase 2, similar to "Six Silver Coins and a Penny", this time a ring is used instead a Penny
1960 110
Tony Slydini Only Six Silver Coins Phase 3, again six coins are shown, three in each hand. One below the table, and with a slap three coins cross the table.
1960 114
Tony Slydini Again Six Silver Coins Phase 4, variation of "Only Six Silver Coins".
1960 116
Tony Slydini Hand to Hand Transfer
1960 118
Tony Slydini The Knockout Phase 5, another variation of "Only Six Silver Coins".
1960 122
Tony Slydini Four Silver Coins Phase 6, with the excuse of simplify things, this the next variation of "Only Six Silver Coins" but with four coins
1960 123
Tony Slydini Two Silver Coins Phase 7, simplifying again, will use only two coins and one will penetrate the table
1960 126
Tony Slydini The Payoff Phase 7, climax for the "Coins Through the Table" routine, variation of the "Six Silver Coins and a Penny" with the same coins
1960 127
Tony Slydini Slydini's New Version of the Coins Through Table six coins through the table, all at once
  • To Repeat the Effect
Related to 1960 131
Tony Slydini The Clip
1960 131
Tony Slydini The Flight of the Paper Balls five phases
Related toAlso published here 1960 141
Tony Slydini Rope Trickery Compendium of multiple tricks with knots.
1960 153
Tony Slydini The Repeating Knot The performer ties a single knot. After displaying the knot, he unties it, tosses to the air and the knot is back on the rope. No matter how many times he unties it, the knot always comes back.
1960 153
Tony Slydini The Extra Lopp Method for secretly adding an extra loop of rope to a long rope hich is to be cut and then restored.
1960 156
Tony Slydini The Short Piece of Rope Variation of the Edward Victor's technique. Using another loop to be cut.
Inspired by 1960 160
Tony Slydini The Helicopter Card one half is spread randomly into a mess on the table, the other half is fanned, the spectator select a card, put back in fan, it travels to tables cards, five phases
VariationsAlso published here 1960 163
Tony Slydini Fan Steal & Switch with variations
1960 164
Tony Slydini Slydini's Knotted Silks two silks repeatedly untie
  • Preparation for Tying
1960 177
Tony Slydini The Convincing Knot technique to tie two different silks with a false knot
1960 180
Tony Slydini The Wrap-Over Knot
1960 194
Tony Slydini Slydini's Torn and Restored Newspaper A sheet of newspaper is torn multiple pieces. And finally those are unfolded into a one whole sheet.
Also published here 1960 201
Tony Slydini Psychological Coins Through (originally from MUM & Gen)
1966 369
John Benzais One Handed Method four coins at once
Related to 1967 26
Lewis Ganson, Tony Slydini, Dai Vernon Coins Through the Table six coins, a ring and Ganson's Cushion
1967 225
Edward Marlo, Tony Slydini Table Edge Switch hung card
Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)
Edward Marlo The 9999 Miracle mathematical count-down selection procedure
Related toVariations 1974 70
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Repeat Under Spread Loading strange position of block clipped between fingers of left hand under spread, feeding cards while spreading under spread or on face to formed packet
1975 143
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Wee Three sandwich put in case, shaken, sandwiched card shrinks, two methods (second 90% Slydini's)
1975 185
Tony Slydini Box Cop II card palmed out again in Tenkai palm
1975 188
Tony Slydini, Karl Fulves Table Edge Turnover Switch with lapping
1975 192
Scotty York, Tony Slydini Coin Lapping while Turning Hand Over similar to Slydini's Revolve Vanish
1975 48
Tony Slydini, Faucett Ross Vanishing Paper Balls Faucett's routine for Paperballs over head
1975 153
Tony Slydini On The Gambler's Knot performer demonstrates knot in slow-motion, spectator cannot duplicate it
Related toAlso published here Mar. 1975 867
Tony Slydini On The Fan Steal card drops into lap
Variations May 1975 966
Karl Fulves Notes By Fulves (1) into left hand Tenkai palm
(2) simplification
(3) into topit
Inspired by May 1975 966
Frank Garcia, Tony Slydini Head to Head Migratory Balls
Inspired by 1976 167
Karl Fulves Introduction on close-up magic
Related to 1976 3
Tony Slydini Basic Precepts
  • Slydini's Secret of Entertaining Audiences
  • The Basic Starting Position (for lapping tricks)
  • The Eyes
  • Notes on Natural Magic
  • Developing Grace
  • Coordination
  • Noise
  • Some General Observations
  • To Conclude
1976 11
Tony Slydini Sightless Vision card divined behind back, corner torn off
1976 17
Tony Slydini Mongolian Clock
1976 18
Tony Slydini Impromptu Miracle packet counted, numbers added and card from face remembered
1976 19
Tony Slydini Psychology - Too Good to Be True coin vanish with lapping, psychology, too-perfect theory
1976 20
Tony Slydini The Sweep Technique
1976 21
Tony Slydini Sleeving
1976 22
Tony Slydini The Sleeving Switch
1976 22
Tony Slydini A Direct Palm with Checkpoints
1976 23
Tony Slydini Slydini on the Mock Pass with Checkpoints
1976 24
Tony Slydini The Fake Take
Related toVariations 1976 26
Tony Slydini The Fake Drop
1976 27
Tony Slydini Applying the Moves short coin routine, vanish, reproduction and through the hand
1976 28
Tony Slydini Another Routine short coin routine, vanish, reproduction and through the hand
1976 28
Tony Slydini More on Coordination
1976 29
Tony Slydini Coordination - An Example retrieving a ring (or object) from behind cigarette case on table (not really lapping related)
1976 29
Tony Slydini Leave and Take on ditching items when picking up something else
1976 30
Tony Slydini Slydini's Concept of Misdirection
1976 33
Tony Slydini Invisible Sleights
1976 33
Tony Slydini Misdirection vanish of object using lap
1976 34
Tony Slydini The Retrieval retrieving object from lap
1976 35
Tony Slydini The Handling of the Misdirection Vanish
1976 36
Tony Slydini Miniature Misdirection vanish using lap
1976 36
Tony Slydini Timing
  • Checkpoints
  • Applying the Concept of Timing
1976 37
Tony Slydini Timing - A Simple Routine vanish using lap
1976 39
Tony Slydini Producing the Ball by Timing from lap
1976 40
Tony Slydini The Revolve vanish using lap
  • Details of The Revolve
  • Checkpoints
1976 41
Tony Slydini The Imp Pass
1976 43
Tony Slydini First Routine packet of matches vanishes and is reproduced via imp pass, any object possible
1976 45
Tony Slydini Second Routine - Vanish and Production of a Ring
1976 46
Tony Slydini Third Routine ball vanishes, appears, repeat
1976 46
Tony Slydini Fourth Routine - Vanish and Recovery of a Glass glass of three inches height
  • Notes on the Handling
1976 47
Tony Slydini The Han Ping Chien Move
  • The Right Hand Only
  • The Left Hand Only
see also p. 63 ff. for applications
1976 50
Tony Slydini A Simple Routine for learning Han Ping Chien
1976 51
Tony Slydini Slydini Technique for Palming a Cigarette
  • The Retrieval
  • Checkpoints
1976 52
Tony Slydini Copter Control card inserted in fan is brought to top via temporary Tenkai palm
1976 53
Tony Slydini The Purse Frame sponge balls appear from purse frame, spectator's hand phase, small balls finale
Related to 1976 54
Tony Slydini Destroyed and Restored Cigarette
Variations 1976 59
Tony Slydini Torn and Restored Lit Cigarette
1976 61
Tony Slydini Six Coins and English Penny using Han Ping Chien
1976 63
Tony Slydini Six Coins and a Ring using Han Ping Chien
1976 65
Tony Slydini Six Coins using Han Ping Chien
1976 67
Tony Slydini Four Coin Routine using Han Ping Chien
1976 68
Tony Slydini Sound Shake Illusion sound comes from other hand
1976 68
Tony Slydini Two Coin Routine one in each hand, one travels through table
1976 69
Tony Slydini One Coin Routine eleven phases, featuring lapping vanishes, retrievals, hand penetration
Related to 1976 70
Tony Slydini The Helicopter Card half distributed on table, selection placed in other half travels onto tabled mess, five phases
Also published here 1976 75
Tony Slydini Fan Steal in two phases
Related to 1976 75
Tony Slydini Direct Fan Steal pushed in and stolen out
1976 76
Tony Slydini Paper Balls Over the Head
Related to 1976 79
Tony Slydini Poetry in Magic: The Close-Up Cigarette Production
1976 85
Tony Slydini Drop Steal top cards lapped while inserting card near top
1976 91
Tony Slydini Flat Tabled Palm cards added from tabled deck to tabled packet
1976 92
Tony Slydini Card Mates card selected from spread matches prediction card
Related to 1976 93
Tony Slydini Timing Lap while removing card from in-the-hands spread
1976 93
Tony Slydini Pick-Up Switch as tabled card is picked up
1976 94
Tony Slydini Card Mates - The Repeat card selected from spread matches prediction card
Related to 1976 94
Tony Slydini Pick-Up Switch II as tabled card is picked up, open grip
1976 94
Tony Slydini Paper Balls in the Box
Variations 1976 96
Tony Slydini Gypsy Thread Trick two methods
1976 100
Tony Slydini Production of a Glass of Liquid empty glass is suddenly filled, handkerchief cover, table edge glass switch
Related toVariations 1976 103
Tony Slydini The Slydini Switch table edge
Related to 1976 105
Tony Slydini Slydini On Colorvision two phases, die vanishes from box
Related to 1976
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #4)
Karl Fulves Fadeaway coin on table covered with playing card, coin vanishes
  • Fade-Away I
  • Fade Away III
  • Fade Away IV
  • Fade Away V
Variations 1976
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #5)
Tony Slydini Fade Away II coin on table covered with playing card, coin vanishes
Inspired by 1976
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #5)
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Slydini Book by Tony Slydini (written by Lewis Ganson)
comparing Ganson's "The Magic of Slydini" with "The Best of Slydini...and more"
Related to 1976
Interlocutor (Issue 8)
Karl Fulves Sealed Empty sealed can turns out to be empty
Related to 1976
Interlocutor (Issue 12)
Tony Slydini Slydini Untying Knot
1976 43
Tony Slydini The Slydini Version of Wild Card
1977 105
Tony Slydini Any-Card Cull
Related to 1977 32
Tony Slydini The Gambler's Knot performer demonstrates knot in slow-motion, spectator cannot duplicate it
Also published here 1977 117
Tony Slydini Slydini Kills Time! borrowed watch transforms into keys as it is smashed on table
Mar. 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Tony Slydini The Mystery of the Gold Pins see page 192 for credit corrections (Jerry Andrus & Vosburgh Lyons) and page 180 for additional ideas
Oct. 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Ross Bertram My Favorite Drink empty tumbler fills with beverage, table edge glass switch
Related to 1978 115
Tony Slydini The Slydini Palm for a ring (key ring size), while openly holding second ring, Downs palm style
1978 1087
Tony Slydini Hank Gag handkerchief pulled out of non-existant breast pocket
Variations 1978
The Chronicles (Issue 12)
John F. Mendoza, Tony Slydini One-Handed Imp Pass retrieving a coin into hand
1978 56
José de la Torre, Tony Slydini 5th Variation: Slydini Variation Five of Diamonds becomes blank, then th Ace of Diamonds, suggested by Slydini
1978 76
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Injog Cull
Inspired by 1979 81
Tony Slydini Sweet Salt salt poured in spectator's hand and tasted, then vanishes from magicians hand, reappears but is now sugar, paper tube gimmick, salt simply lapped
1979 5
Tony Slydini Sugar Express sugar packet poured in hand, empty packet placed on hand, it travels back into packet
1979 8
Tony Slydini Encore Sponge Balls four balls vanish and reappear one at a time, follow up to "Purse Frame"
Related to 1979 10
Tony Slydini Pop-Up Move with Sponges
1979 10
Tony Slydini Sponge Steal stolen from other hand and then lapped
1979 11
Tony Slydini Reincarnation torn in three pieces
1979 12
Tony Slydini Slydini's Cut Rope with repeat phase
1979 15
Tony Slydini Equal-Unequal Ropes starts with single piece
1979 18
Tony Slydini Slydini's Rope Knots knot appears at end of rope multiple times
Variations 1979 22
Tony Slydini Slydini's Wild Card
1979 25
Tony Slydini The Slydini Aces aces pushed in center, stolen out
1979 27
Tony Slydini Slydini's Table Shift packet transferred from bottom to top during cut
1979 28
Tony Slydini Instantaneous Cop
1979 28
Tony Slydini Top Addition card in left hand under table edge are added to top
1979 29
Tony Slydini The Slydini Invisible Pass side steal type, also for single card from bottom to top
1979 29
Tony Slydini The Slydini Switch II
Related to 1979 31
Tony Slydini The Torn and Restored Newspaper
Also published here 1979 33
Tony Slydini Encore Coins six coins, three in each hand
1979 43
Tony Slydini Wrong Way Coins three coins in each hand, coins penetrate upwards
Related to 1979 44
Tony Slydini Imp Pass
1979 45
Tony Slydini Gemini Coins three in each hand, travel across at once, no Han Ping Chien
1979 46
Tony Slydini Coin Stack Steal from hand to hand
1979 47
Tony Slydini A Coin Gag coin given to spectator, vanishes before he reaches for it and is reproduced
1979 48
Tony Slydini Sliding Silver repeat vanish and appearance of a coin
1979 48
Tony Slydini Remote Lapping coin lapped with coin forward on table and not near edge
1979 49
Tony Slydini The Coin Clip three coins in each hand
1979 51
Tony Slydini The Repeat Version three coins in each hand, coin clip
1979 54
Tony Slydini The Granny Knot
1979 57
Tony Slydini The Square Knot
1979 58
Tony Slydini Notes On The Square Knot
1979 59
Tony Slydini Slydini's Two Silk Routine
1979 59
Tony Slydini Houdini Silks two linked silks unlink, two phases
1979 64
Tony Slydini Splitting The Knot as finale to "Two Silk Routine"
1979 67
Tony Slydini Slydini's Sympathetic Silks
1979 70
Tony Slydini The Ring On The String behind standing book, ends kept in view, string torn and twisted together again
1979 76
Tony Slydini The Torn and Restored Napkin Corner with repeat phase
1979 78
Tony Slydini Slydini's Linking Rings
  • Requirements
  • Preparation
  • First Situation
  • The Other Situation
  • The Opening Phase
  • The First Link
  • The Second Link
  • An Unlinking
  • The Exchange
  • The Third Link
  • The Final Unlink
  • The Right Way
  • The Routine Continues
  • Unlinking the Rings
  • The Second to eleventh Figure
  • The Finale
1979 83
Tony Slydini The Steal Of The Key from behind chair
1979 84
Tony Slydini The Slydini Ring Count
1979 86
Tony Slydini The Close-Up Phase "It is probably safe to say that Slydini was the first magician to conceive of the idea of doing the linking rings as a close-up trick."
1979 89
Tony Slydini Key Ring Technique linking
1979 90
Tony Slydini Slydini's Link Technique
1979 90
Tony Slydini The Extended Key
1979 90
Tony Slydini The In-Motion Link
1979 91
Tony Slydini The In-Motion Unlink
1979 91
Tony Slydini The Ring Switch
1979 92
Tony Slydini The Spectator Sequence
1979 93
Tony Slydini Solid Through Solid
1979 94
Tony Slydini Instant Link with set of three linked rings
1979 95
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Notes Slydini on Okito box magic, Cups & Balls and card tricks
The Chronicles (Issue 18)
Tony Slydini Self-Cutting Deck tabled deck covered with handkerchief, when removed it has cut into two halves at selection
The Chronicles (Issue 21)
Tony Slydini New Rope Methods
  • The Gypsy Ring (finger ring tied onto knot with three knots vanishes and reappears)
  • Part One
  • The Gypsy Ring Method
  • The Elusive Knot
  • Exploiting the Switch
  • A Reference Note
Slydin Rope Switch, seated
Variations 1979
The Chronicles (Issue Close-up Folio No. 12)
Tony Slydini One-Hand Knot
The Chronicles (Issue Close-up Folio No. 12)
Karl Fulves Borrowed Ring/Examined Rope (extra sheet)
Inspired by 1979 1
Karl Fulves Contest Rope (extra sheet)
two ropes tied together on both ends, contest with spectator who unties quicker, performer's knot vanishes, making one rope
Inspired by 1979 2
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish
1980 83
Danny Korem, Tony Slydini The UDT Takes Flight "Paperballs over Head" with pendulum holdout
1980 22
Danny Korem, Tony Slydini Slydini's Ball Vanish Meets the UDT pendulum holdout, see "Ball Vanish in the Hands" (Encores)
1980 26
Danny Korem, Tony Slydini The UDT Paper Cone and Ball Routine pendulum holdout, see "Capricious Cornucopia" (Encores)
1980 28
Tony Slydini Slide-Out transfer of card to top as fan is closed
May 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 5)
Tony Slydini The Slydini Touch finesse for splitting an apparent double backer into two cards
1981 57
Tony Slydini Table Tilt Vanish
1981 172
Tony Slydini Palm Tilt Production
1981 174
Tony Slydini Palm Tilt Production - The Standup Handling
1981 176
Tony Slydini Automatic Sleeving
Related to 1981 177
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish
1981 181
Tony Slydini Time Flies No. 73, spectator's keys, coins and watch put in handkerchief, which is then slammed on the table, watch vanishes and appears on performer's wrist, MacCarthy fold
1981 89
Tony Slydini Slydini's Thumb-Tipping Technique pointing thumb towards audience
Also published here
  • Slydini Encores
1981 2
Bill Wisch Paper Balls, Box & Wand stand-up method using elbow servante
Inspired byRelated to 1981 8
Tony Slydini The Slydini Second Deal card is pushed off to left
1982 65
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish very brief
1982 59
Tony Slydini Cover for the Pass
Nov. 1982 24
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish brief
Related to 1982 59
Bob Chesbro Roll Your Own loose tobacco put on playing card with crumpled cigarette paper, poured in hand, transforms into cigarette, finger tip
Inspired by 1982 3
John Brown Slydinknot slip knot
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Nov. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 31)
Tony Slydini, Edward Marlo Slydini Switch in Wallet table edge
1984 285
Tony Slydini Imp Pass brief
Aug. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 8)
Tony Slydini Slydini und der Spielerknoten performer demonstrates knot in slow-motion, spectator cannot duplicate it
Also published here Jan. 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 10 No. 3 & 4)
Tony Slydini The Invisible Tailor button from spectator's coat is torn off and restored
1985 65
Tony Slydini, Jack Chanin Rip-It Redux
Autumn 1985
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 31, 32 & 33)
Tony Slydini, Gerald Deutsch Timing Principle Lap
1985 555
Danny Korem, Tony Slydini Revolving Imp table edge switch, combination of Slydini's Imp Pass & Revolve Vanish
1985 27
Ben Harris P.U.P. - Pick Up Palm
Inspired byAlso published here 1985 13
Tony Slydini Slydini Switch II using card cases
1986 30
Dai Vernon The Rising Sun clean phase, one-handed Tenkai Switch
Related toVariations 1987 164
Jonathan Townsend, Tony Slydini Revolving Han Ping Chien combining HPC with the Revolve Vanish
Jan. 1987
Apocalypse (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Mystery of the Gold Pins by Tony Slydini Mar. 1987
Epoptica (Issue 8)
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Dissolvo two silks tied together untie in glass
Also published here 1987 39
Juan Tamariz, Tony Slydini Extended Imp Pass
Related to 1988 70
Tony Slydini Slydini On The Okito Box four coins in box penetrate table
The Chronicles (Issue 31)
Tony Slydini No Pockets No. 6, sight gag, silk pulled from breast pocket even though no pocket is there
1988 17
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Dissolvo No. 34, two silks tied together untie in glass
Also published here 1988 99
Tony Slydini Slydini Vanish
1989 15
Gordon Jeppesen Round in Round with paper cylinder
Inspired by Dec. 1989
The Minotaur (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Tunnel Move No. 19, one coin penetrates table, extra coin
1989 27
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish one of four coins lapped
1990 22
Bill Whittington Sucker Card Switch open spread switch, but cards are not switched when checked
Variations 1990
Swindle Sheet (Issue 1)
Tony Slydini Slydini's Method different presentation, obvious switch followed by hole card switch demonstration
Inspired by 1990
Swindle Sheet (Issue 1)
Tony Slydini Thee-Card Transformations two regular cards and one double facer
  • Standard
  • Sly Version (Slydini)
  • Alternative Handling
1992 38
Arturo de Ascanio (reviewer) En Torno a un Libro Asombroso - "The Magic of Slydini" by Tony Slydini (written by Lewis Ganson)
more comments than a review on "The Magic of Slydini"
1992 132
Tony Slydini Water Leak paper on pencil used to catch drops of water from apparent leak in ceiling
Rigmarole (Issue 5)
Edward Marlo Marlo Vision four phases
  • Marlo's Undercover Aright
  • Optical Revolve
Related to Sep. 1993 3
Tony Slydini Slydini's Presentation of 9999 Miracle
Inspired by 1994 14
Dan Tong Stealth Whirley-Bird Card one half is spread randomly into a mess on the table, the other half is fanned, the spectator select a card, put back in fan, it travels to tables cards
Inspired by 1994 155
Tony Slydini Slydini Action Coordination brief
1995 ca. 5
Tony Slydini Metal To Metal nail passes through steel nut with a hole that is too small, dealer's item
Related to 1996
Underworld (Issue 3)
Karl Fulves Informant further comments and credit information on the referenced items, ESPN gag, Steve Fearson's Easy Float
Related to 1996 57
Tony Slydini Slydini's Dream Deck new deck order, spectator thinks a card, performer exchanges the Ace of Spades with a card and places it on table, card named, cards dealt through face up one by one, Ace of Spades is where named card should be and named card is on table, double facer deck with all alike on one side
Related to 1996 62
Tony Slydini Imp-Pass
1997 21
Tony Slydini Linking Rubber Band Mystery crazy man's handcuffs
  • Phase 1 - The Invisible Release
  • Phase 2 - They're Never Inside
  • Phase 3 - Crisscross Transformation
  • Phase 4 - The Instant Escape
  • Phase 5 - Applause - Applause
  • Slydini's Additional Pointers
1998 6
Tony Slydini Tortilla - The Magnifico Flea one rubber band lies on strands of another that is pulled tight, it moves upwards by itself
1998 16
Michael Esposito, Tony Slydini Manhattan Transfer coin pushed in sleeve appears under hand on table
Underworld (Issue 9)
Karl Fulves Informant further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 1998 226
Milton Kort Cuckoo's Coin Coin vanishes repeatedly and appears in spectator's various pockets four times
Inspired byAlso published here 1999 165
Baltazar Fuentes Fuentes Under the Table Transfer (FUTTT) Move Imp Pass variation
Related to 1999 51
Tony Slydini Imp Pass
Dec. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 12)
Tony Kardyro, Joe Berg, Tony Slydini Repeat Remote-Viewing card selected behind performer's back, performer names it, repeated twice
  • Phase Two (card palmed out)
  • Phase Three (corner torn off)
Jan. 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 5)
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) The Annotated Magic of Slydini by Tony Slydini (written by Lewis Ganson, Gene Matsuura) July 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 7)
Tony Slydini Put-And-Take Theory on ditching things
2001 20
John Carney Legends: Tony Slydini
2002 138
Tony Slydini Slydini's Secret tan-colored sponge ball removed from bottomless cardboard box and vanished, repeated a few times, then box is lifted and there are only sponge balls in other colors
2002 225
Tony Slydini Slydini's lost ambitious card top portion lapped
2002 22
David Regal, Pete Biro Speaking Volumes
Related to Dec. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 12)
Tony Bartolotta Post-It Pocket talking about breast pocket ditch vanish of a coin with handkerchief with magicians, performer has no pocket and sticks a post-it note on his breast to demonstrate it, coin still vanishes
Inspired by 2002
Discoverie (Issue 7)
Tony Slydini Slydini's Relocation two napkin pieces put into two glasses transpose, one is signed
Discoverie (Issue 8)
Tony Slydini Fake Take
2003 9
Tony Slydini Fake Take
2006 17
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish
Prolix (Issue 1)
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) As I Recall... by Tony Slydini, Various Apr. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 4)
Marc Gettmann Ciga-Maniac with pull
Inspired by 2006 20
Tony Slydini Thrown For A Loop bare-handed vanish of billiard ball, thread loop on ball
Prolix (Issue 5)
Tony Slydini Paper Money torn paper pieces change into bill, thumb tip steal subtlety
Prolix (Issue 6)
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 2010
Prolix (Issue 7)
Tony Slydini, Jörg Alexander Weber Imp Pass Handling
2011 45
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish
Oct. 2012 15
Tony Slydini Imp-Pass
2013 27
Tony Slydini Imp-Pass With cards
2013 112
Tony Slydini Slydini Untying Knot
2014 53
Peter Lentini A New Ending for Slydini's "Paper Balls to Box"
Inspired by Oct. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 10)
Tony Slydini Revolve Vanish
2015 58
Alexander de Cova Scottish Coin Routine multi-phase coin routine, see following items, hand-to-hand coins across routine starting with eight and ending with one coin, intro
Inspired byRelated to 2015 80
Tony Slydini The Revolving Pass one-handed switch as double is turned over with one hand, unload on deck
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  • The Sphinx, Vol. 50 No. 5, Sep. 1951
Mar. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 3)
Tony Slydini Imp Pass
2017 218
Tony Slydini Do As I Do Coins three coins picked up and set back down with ten-to-one count, spectator cannot duplicate it
Related to Jan. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 1)
Alexander de Cova, Tony Slydini Crossing The Gaze
2018 85
Alexander de Cova, Juan Tamariz Die Tamariz-Technik for bringing glass to table edge to drop coin in
Related to 2018 170
Tony Slydini, Juan Tamariz Strong and Weak Beats
  • Strong Beats
  • Weak Beats
2021 104
Roberto Giobbi Slydini's "One Coin Routine" analysis
Related to 2021 105
Jon Racherbaumer, Tony Slydini The Closer You Watch, The Less You See
  • Exhumations
three coins picked up and set back down with ten-to-one count, spectator cannot duplicate it
Related to June 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 6)
Tom Stone Paperballs in the Bag one by one four napkins are rolled in a hand into balls and disappear, then they appear in a paper bag that was presented empty, routine incorporating TicTacs
Inspired by 2022 3