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Jack Merlin Seconds Merlin's Master Manipulations 7
Unknown The Strike Second Deal Expert Card Technique 17
Unknown Second Dealing - Method 2 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 2 190
Unknown Second Dealing - Method 3 Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 2 191
Arthur H. Buckley Buckley┬┤s Method for Dealing Seconds Card Control 47
Unknown A Strike (Method of Dealing Seconds) Stud Deal Card Control 118
Unknown Necktie Second Deal as simple switch At the Table Tricks 12
Bill Simon The Second Deal The Component Parts of the Second Deal
1. Position of the Deck in the Left Hand
2. The Movement of the Left Thumb
3. The Grip with the Right Fingers
4. The Strike
5. The Motion of the Hands

1. The Normal Deal
2. The Immovable Thumb
3. The Immovable Card

Performing the Deal
Concluding Thoughts
Effective Card Magic 71
Unknown The Second Deal strike method Handbook Of Card Sleights 26
Dai Vernon Tips for Experts - Second Dealing The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 193
Edward Marlo The Take Second Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 16
Edward Marlo The Stud Second Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 22
Edward Marlo Two Strike Methods Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 31
Unknown The Movie Second unorthodoxRelated to Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 54
Edward Marlo The S.F. Second Deals two methods Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 80
Edward Marlo S.F. Natural Second Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 82
Edward Marlo The No Touch Theory three methodsVariations Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 124
Edward Marlo No Touch Stud Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 128
Charlie Miller Dealing Seconds tip The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 44
Unknown Easy Downjog Second Deal The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 65
Eddie Fay Second Dealing Expert Card Mysteries 25
Frank Garcia All-Angle Second Deal from a card cheat from Miami... Super Subtle Card Miracles 91
Frank Garcia Stud Poker Method third finger take, All-Angle type Super Subtle Card Miracles 94
Frank Garcia Frozen Thumb Principle Super Subtle Card Miracles 96
Karl Fulves Strike/Strike Deal double deal beneath top card Epilogue (Issue 24) 229
Francis Carlyle The Second Deal classic strike second deal The Magic of Francis Carlyle 163
Harvey Rosenthal Pop-Up Second Deal taken at bottom right corner Packet Switches (Part Three) 187
Edward Marlo E.Z. Second Deal large strike surface Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 216
Martin A. Nash The Second Deal see p. 447 for additional crediting Any Second Now 188
Martin A. Nash Stud Second Deal Any Second Now 235
Simon Lovell Second Deal easy continuous strike deal Pabular (Vol. 4, No. 7) 547
Frederick Braue The Second Deal Fred Braue on False Deals 2
Frederick Braue Parallel Thumb Second Deal from letters to Gus Southall, with practice tips Fred Braue on False Deals 10
Dr. James William Elliott Dr. Elliott's Second Deal Related to
  • "Dr. Elliott's Method of Dealing Seconds" (Tricks and Illusions, 1903, Will Goldston, p. 73)
Fred Braue on False Deals 41
Unknown Second Dealing stud deal Fred Braue on False Deals 41
Frederick Braue FB Slow-Motion Second Deal buckling the top card Fred Braue on False Deals 40
Martin A. Nash The Slavic Second perpendicular deck in dealing position Sleight Unseen 318
Howard Albright Simple Second Deal downjogged top card Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 356
Unknown Necktie Second two sentences explenation Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 12) 964
Slydini The Slydini Second Deal card is pushed off to left The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 65
Ken Krenzel Krenzel's Natural Grip Method variation on The Slydini Second Deal The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 68
Edward Marlo Punch Strike Deal three different positions Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 2
Edward Marlo 3 Positions for 2nd Deal punch deal context Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 24
Edward Marlo Modified Mechanic's Grip for punch deal Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 26
Jon Steinfeld LF Triple S Little Finger Stud Strike Second Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9, No. 11) 1276
Dai Vernon, John Rakinakis, Dr. James William Elliott On the Second Deal tips The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 98
Edward Marlo The No Touch Theory strike second deal The Magic of Steve Draun 26
Edward Marlo, Steve Draun Easy Unit Control Finessed Unit ControlAlso published here The Magic of Steve Draun 29
Unknown Second Deal brief The Minotaur (Vol. 2, No. 3) 4
Unknown Necktie Second brief Focus 128
Jack Carpenter Notes on the Strike Second Deal Modus Operandi 134
Jack Carpenter Flop Seconds dealing cards in other hand one by one before turning them over at once Modus Operandi 157
Gene Maze The Underhand Stud Second Deal brief Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 22
Walter Scott Second Deal 21st Century Card Magic 126
Unknown The Strike Second Deal Card College - Volume 4 938
Wesley James The Option Second Deal including "The Countervailing Motion Principle" Enchantments 254
Wesley James Second Dealing - A Developmental Perspective - Appearance Factors: Grip, Take
- Technique Factors:
- Covert:
- Method (Push-Off, Two Card Push-Off, One-Card Push-Off, No Push-Off or Dead Thumb, Strike, Take, Side Strike)
- Overt: Action, Cover

All with references
Enchantments 228
Jason England The Strike Second Deal - The Sail
- Delayed Timing
- The Emerging Angle
- Back Design
- The Left Fingers as a Gauge
- The Brief
- Dealing Speed
- Sound
- Dead-hand Deals
- Dead-thumb Deals
- Necktieing
Second Thoughts 2
Jason England The Big Question strike or push-of second deal Second Thoughts 14
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller on the Second Deal Also published here
  • MUM, Nov. 2002
Secrets of an Escamoteur 29
Fred Robinson Second Deal from full grip The Magic of Fred Robinson 105
Roberto Giobbi Unorthodox Second Deal Related to
  • "Second Deal" (Douglas Francis, The Sphinx, Vol. 47 No. 1, March 1948, p. 6)
  • The Movie Second (Unknown, 1959)
Secret Agenda (Issue Jan 27) 33
Unknown Necktie Second Deal The Magic of Steven Hamilton 127
Tony Cabral On The Second Deal - The Brief
- The Timing
- The Rhythm
- The Carpenter Angle Clash Theory
- Move the Deck Hand
Notes From A Mechanic 5
Ricky Smith Learning Second Dealing practice tipsAlso published here Nothing as it Seems 21
Dai Vernon Strike on 2nd Street thoughts on the speed of false dealing from a lecture transcript Hidden Agenda (Issue Jan 29) 33
Ricky Smith Learning Second Dealing practice tipsAlso published here Threeve 14