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Carl Willmann Der unverwundbare Künstler nail placed upright on table, hand smashed onto it, dummy rubber nail
Oct. 1903
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 10)
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Der unverletzbare Zauberer nail through finger
1927 67
Frank Lane, U. F. Grant The Lindbergh Kidnap Ladder board with holes and nails, different spectators claim having seen a different number of holes and the nails in different positions
1935 10
Fakir werden ist nicht schwer fakir tricks, needle through cheek and throat, nail in nose "Human Blockhead"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Ali Bongo The Houdini Pin pin vanishes from corked tube and appears in small box
Related to 1966 52
Ernesto "Ernest" Pracchia Sólido a través de Sólido self made block penetration / Bomba Atomica, Nail through tube
1967 75
Jack Chanin Gee Whiz - It's Spiked cigarette from hand to hand, then changes into railroad spike
1973 41
B.C. Milnov The Mind Benders nail / spike bending
Magick (Issue 127)
Stephen Minch Mental Metals nail bending
1975 13
Uriah Fuller 2. Bending nails, spikes, rings and what-have-you
1975 23
Tony "Doc" Shiels Bend, Baby, Bend! on Uri Geller and methods to bend, spoons, nails and keys
1976 10
Al Mann The Spikes of Asmodeus historical comments on bending nails, nail bending act with several nails and spectator participation
Related to 1977 8
John F. Mendoza The Coin Routine (No. 1) copper and silver coin transpose, both change to copper, then silver, then into four dollars, coins across with those, two more dollars appear and a copper coin, coins through table, drill production from purse
1978 54
Al Bertini Al Bertini's Geistesblitze: Psychokinese bending of two nails in the hand
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 43 No. 6)
Ross Bertram Eerie Feller metal bending with nail
1983 202
The Nail Act: Driving a Nail into Wooden Plank with Your Bare Hand No. 64
1983 17
Driving a Nail through the Wall No. 65
1983 17
Bending a Large Thick Nail with Your Bare Hands! No. 66
1983 17
Bending a Nail with Your Teeth! No. 67
1983 17
Extracting Nails from a Wooden Board with the Fingertips! No. 68
1983 17
The Anvil Test No. 71, performer lies on bed of nails with anvil on chest, assistant beats on anvil with a hammer
1983 18
Breaking a Large Stone on the Chest of the Strongman with a Sledge Hammer as He Lays on a Bed of Nails No. 72
1983 19
Ali Bongo Houdini Coin coin in tube penetrates two nails
1983 8
Michael Carrion Michael Carrions Nervous Nails visual joke about chewing nails, pun
1985 16
Rick Johnsson Nailed twisted nail puzzle, two bent nails linked, one-handed linking, apparently linked and unlinked when shaken in jar
Also published here
  • "Nailed" (Rick Johnsson, MUM, Feb. 1981)
The Chronicles (Issue 35)
Simon Lovell Tongued Magician puts nail through his tongue, then restores tongue
Related to 1989 103
Karl Fulves Fixed Bets eleven bar bets involving numbers, nail
Swindle Sheet (Issue 5)
Steve Dusheck Nail Jail card with hole penetrates a nail
1992 84
Steve Dusheck Spike Bending
1993 57
Karl Fulves Twisted Logic effect with twisted nail puzzle, tossed from hand to hand, then one of the two nails travels to other hand
Rigmarole (Issue 10)
Dennis Marks Marx-I-Flex
July 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Tony Slydini Metal To Metal nail passes through steel nut with a hole that is too small, dealer's item
Related to 1996
Underworld (Issue 3)
Martin Gardner The Rising Marble
  • Martin Gardner's Corner
dry rice with marble is shaken and marble rises, also with mix of small and large nails
Sep. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Masklyn ye Mage Coffin Nail nail held by performer smokes
Related to
  • Bizarre!
Also published here
  • The Grimoire of the Mages
Oct. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 10)
Andrew Mayne Nail in Head Human Blockhead
2000 19
Jay Sankey Spinach thick nail bent
2004 124
Erik Jan Hanussen Can You Brea Chains?
  • Bending an Iron-Bar
  • Tearing a Deck of Cards
  • Pounding Nails into a Wooden Board
  • Breaking a Chain Linnk
Also published here
  • UHU, Jan. 1926
July 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 7)
Mike Caveney The Nailed Card quarter to forehead with nailed coin, then presentation for invisible deck using fifty-two decks, card nailed to forehead
2013 61
Tino Plaz Mentales Plastik comedy nail bending routine with a straw
2018 4