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Producing Clink with Wand when tapping on clothing, two methods (gimmicked wand and ungaffed)
1876 170
Sleeve Button Vanish coin hidden between buttons from sleeve
1935 29
3 - Thumb Fingertip Horizontal Hold
1941/27 67
4 - Thumb Fingertip Vertical Hold
1941/27 67
5 - Production Clip
1941/27 67
6 - Pinch Clip
1941/27 68
7 - Flat Finger Position
1941/27 68
8 - Fist Horizontal and Fist Vertical Holds
1941/27 68
Eddie Joseph A Smart Move stack of coin on palm, spectator takes all coins, one is left behind automatically
1942 41
Eddie Joseph The Double Revelation finesse for opening hand to show two coins
1942 46
Eddie Joseph Under Cover getting one ahead from loading a coin from a match box
1942 52
Eddie Joseph Double Coin Pick Up coin picked up from palm, second coin secretly aligned with it, double lift with coins
1942 89
Spectator Jacket Side Pocket Coin Load
May 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 282)
Cardini Smooth Coins making soft coins
Related to May 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 306)
Max Malini The Coin Game coin snatching technique, hand is wrapped with handkerchief except first finger, spectator cannot take the coin
Related toVariations 1962 35
John Benzais Something Extra - The Benzais Grip
1967 20
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Coin Steal from Bag
Winter 1969
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 3rd Folio)
Joel Moskowitz Centrifugal four-coin sandwich, center two coins are stolen out, see also p. 348
Related to
  • "Copper-Silver Sandwich" (Jack Dean, Linking Ring, June 1954)
June 1970 344
Tenkai Ishida Catch the Coin coin snatching technique, hand is wrapped with handkerchief except first finger, spectator cannot take the coin
Related to 1974 80
Fred Robinson Edge Spinners bar bets and flourishes with coins
  • Finger Flicker, coin spinning
  • Thumb It, coin spinning with two hands
  • Tri-Van, sleeving technique while coin spins
  • Bottoms Up, coin spins on reversed tumbler
  • Nicked, how to hear on which side a coin lands on
  • Off Balance, coin lands always on the same side
  • Smash and Grab, spun coin vanishes by hitting a match box on it
  • For Two Pins, coin spins held by two pins
  • Skittled, coin is knocked over with an other coin
May 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Scotty York Ditching a Coin in Shirt while throwing coin in the other hand, coin is ditched
1975 43
Tony Slydini Sound Shake Illusion sound comes from other hand
1976 68
Johnny "J.J." Johnston, Bob Ostin Coin Load under trapdoor, based on Bob Ostin move, where a coin is loaded under a card in "Fingertip Fantasies"
Inspired byAlso published here Nov. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 11)
Geoffrey Latta The Fake Take out False take from a purse
1981 136
Ron MacMillan Coins for Manipulation general remarks
1981 15
Ron MacMillan Coins for Juggling
1981 15
Steve Beam, Woody Landers, Harvey Rosenthal The Basic Unload Move using cardboard-cellophane coin holders for coin collectors, see The Trapdoor No. 7, p. 104 for credit information
1982 15
Steve Beam Two Coin Unload using cardboard-cellophane coin holders for coin collectors
1982 16
Steve Beam Table Slide subtlety using cardboard-cellophane coin holders for coin collectors
1982 19
Ross Bertram Coin Handling Picking Up A Coin (Showing both sides, Showing one side only)
1983 252
Vic Trabucco Using the Hand as a Servante
1984 110
Turning Over a Copper/Silver Coin In The Fist
1985 105
Joaquín Navajas La Caverna coin switch on table
Related toAlso published here 1985 17
Joaquín Navajas Refuerzo F. D. convincers for coin vanishes, pretending the coin is in the hand
Numero Uno: "Por Saltitos"
Numero Dos: Por empuje del Pulgar
Also published here 1985 49
Richard Sanders Signature Duplication apparently wiping signature away, here with coins
1986 68
Gary Kurtz Jumbo Coin Waist Steal
May 1987
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Larry West Spill Out Addition palmed coin added to coins that are spilled out of glass
1990 74
Jay Sankey Tap Click Sound fingers against two visible coins to create illusion of third coin
Variations 1990 22
Jay Sankey, Ken Krenzel The Two-Way Toss
Inspired byAlso published here 1990 65
Jay Sankey Coin Clink producing clink with one hand to simulate coin in other hand
1990 72
Johnny "J.J." Johnston, Bob Ostin Coin Load under trapdoor
Also published here 1990 39
Spectator Jacket Side Pocket Coin Load
1999 166
Spectator Jacket Breast Pocket Load
1999 167
Jim "Seamus" Kelly Anti-Talking Techniques preventing coins from making sound in pocket
2000 10
Mike Gallo Burning Put Down tabling a coin with shim coin together as one
2002 3
Cardini Coins making soft coins
Also published here 2002 9
Keith "Kip" Pascal Beginner's Grab Basic, easy technique of snatching coin from spectator's hands
2005 19
Keith "Kip" Pascal Cheap Shot Snatch technique to deal with hecklers
2005 31
Rochester Switch Switch a coin from a spectator's hand with another, speed demonstration
Related to 2005 37
Keith "Kip" Pascal Kip's Take Variation on Rochester Switch, finesses added (no counting, larger distance)
2005 55
P. Dean Fox, Jim Richardson The Upside-Down Impossible Grab Snatch a coin with performer's hand facing up
Variations 2005 73
Keith "Kip" Pascal The Upside-Down Impossible Switch Method to do Upside Down Grab as a switch
Inspired by 2005 84
Eric Jones Coin on Shoulder Holdout coin shell temporarily deposited on spectator's shoulder
Oct. 2007
Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Cardini Coin Softener making soft coins
Related toAlso published here 2010 170
Lewis Jones The Force counting force for 5 objects
2010 149
Karl Fulves Paper Holdout coin in paper unfolded, two coins loaded into hand at the same time
Prolix (Issue 9)
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin (エアーコイン) Discussion and technique on how to create the illusion of a coin with your hands
2017 6
Coin false display three coins are apparently individually shown front and back, surfaces remain hidden
2018 224
Joaquín Navajas La caverna coin switch on table
Also published here 2019 23
Joaquín Navajas Refuerzo FD convincers for coin vanishes, pretending the coin is in the hand
Número uno: "Por saltitos"
Numero dos: "Por empuje del pulgar"
Also published here 2019 53
Michael Rubinstein Pocket Management Pocket Manager dividers made from playing cards
  • Using Cloth
  • Using a Playing Card
2020 82
Michael Rubinstein The Peek to check on orientation of palmed coin
2020 271
Max Malini The Coin Game coin snatching technique, hand is wrapped with handkerchief except first finger, spectator cannot take the coin
Related to 2022 382
Aljaz Son Tap Click Sound fingers against coin to create illusion of two coins
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Oct. 2012
2022 1151