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Das verlorene und wiedergefundene As No. 14, spectator pushes all Aces in the deck, one vanishes and reappears in his pocket, two methods
1895 105
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Loading Spectator's Pocket during previous trick
1896 82
Dr. Edward G. Ervin A Sucker Production red brick produced from spectator's clothing
1937 45
Loading the Spectator's Jacket Pocket spectator is sitting
1939 15
Eddie Joseph The Repeat Coin Trick marked coin penetrates into left fist, repeated a few times, then coin travels into spectator's pocket which is loaded during routine
1942 71
Eddie Joseph The Sleeve Bogey routine with sleeve as fake explanation for coin vanish, coin ends up in spectator's sleeve
1942 73
Eddie Joseph The Double Bite coin pressed on spectators forehead, he is told to make it fall but it's not there, it really is left there for second spectator, coin reappears under lapel of third spectator
1942 76
Eddie Joseph Hold On, Brother coin vanishes and appears in spectator's breast pocket
1942 94
Jack Blades Gag with a Lady's Purse loading stuff in a lady's purse
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1944)
Bert Easley My Key loading a bag with hotel key or money
Oct. 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 114)
Rabbit Production from Gentleman's Coat discussion and method
1948/27 220
A Chicken Produced from Gentleman's Coat
1948/27 223
Production of Bottle of Milk or Liquor from Gentleman's Hip Pocket
1948/27 224
Sausages from Boy's Coat using spring sausages
1948/27 229
Eddie Joseph Introduction
1950 7
Eddie Joseph Theoretically Speaking
1950 9
Eddie Joseph Articles for Production
1950 12
Eddie Joseph Defining the Technique
1950 16
Eddie Joseph Methods of Concealment
  • Personal Concealment
  • Prop Concealments
1950 20
Eddie Joseph Practicing the Technique intro to different methods to load spectator's pockets, see following items
1950 23
Eddie Joseph Loading Into Outer Coat Pocket
1950 24
Eddie Joseph Loading Under Coat
  • Method A
  • Method B
  • Method C
  • Method D
  • Method E
1950 25
Eddie Joseph Loading Into Outer Breast Pocket
  • Method A
  • Method B
  • Method C
  • Method D
  • Method E
1950 29
Eddie Joseph Loading into Inner Breast Pocket
1950 31
Eddie Joseph Loading Behind Coat Collar
  • Method A
  • Method B
  • Method C
  • Method D
1950 31
Eddie Joseph Loading into Sleeve
1950 33
Eddie Joseph Loading into Hip Pocket
  • Method A
  • Method B
  • Method C
1950 34
Eddie Joseph Loading Inside the Shirt Front
  • Method A
  • Method B
1950 35
Eddie Joseph Loading Under Trouser Cuff
1950 38
Eddie Joseph Body Loading in Operation
1950 39
Eddie Joseph Body Productions for Nite Clubs spoon, knife, forks, whiskey glass produced from spectator's clothing
1950 40
Eddie Joseph Body Productions for Stage or Platform bill to banana, producing women's underwear from spectator during routine
1950 43
Eddie Joseph Glass and Orange glass under newspaper cover, orange vanishes, glass vanishes, both found in spectator's clothing, stand-up without lapping
1950 48
Eddie Joseph The Cotton Mill long cotton thread pulled from spectator's clothing
1950 49
Eddie Joseph Tumbler of Wine from Collar production from spectator, using Abbott's "Dynamic Glass"
1950 50
Eddie Joseph Productions of Rubber Goods from spectator and in general
1950 50
Eddie Joseph Money, Money Everywhere coins and bills produced from spectator
1950 52
Eddie Joseph Umbrella from Coat Collar from spectator's coat
1950 53
Eddie Joseph Stick from Trouser Cuff from spectator's trouser, Walsh production cane
1950 53
Eddie Joseph Eggs from Pocket from spectator's pocket, rubber eggs
Also published here 1950 53
Eddie Joseph Playing Cards from Sleeve from spectator's sleeve
1950 54
Eddie Joseph Live Banana from Volunteer in Auditorium
1950 54
Eddie Joseph Production from Outside Collar
1950 55
Eddie Joseph The Vanishing Wand wand vanished and reproduced from spectator
1950 55
Eddie Joseph Two Good Reasons to start searching through spectator's clothing
1950 56
Eddie Joseph The Shower of Rice from spectator's clothing
1950 57
Eddie Joseph Livestock Productions from spectator's clothing
1950 57
Eddie Joseph Cinderella's Shoe shoe produced from spectator's clothing
1950 57
Eddie Joseph Cage and Canary Production from spectator's clothing
1950 57
Eddie Joseph A Full Bottle of Beer from Under Coat from spectator's clothing
1950 58
Eddie Joseph Stooges and Subterfuges producing things from a stooges body and clothing, six example effects
1950 59
Tony Slydini Flyaway Coin Routine to spectator's pocket four times
Variations 1951
Stars of Magic (Vol. 8 No. 3)
Spectator Jacket Side Pocket Coin Load
May 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 282)
Don Tanner Your Flowers? No. 23, spring flower bouquet produced from spectator's coat
1958 ca. 7
Eddie Joseph A Twin Sucker Episode marked coin rubbed into arm, reappears behind neck, explained, then bottle cap is found behind neck and coin in spectator's pocket
1969 115
Ross Bertram Helpful Hints
  • Where to Obtain Chicks
  • What to Feed Chicks
  • How to Care for Chicks
  • How to Palm a Chick
  • How to Load a Spectator
  • To Prevent the Chick from Kicking
  • Hypnotizing a Chick
  • How to Rehearse
1978 136
Mike Caveney Comedy Load Bag fake and real chicken are produced from spectator's coat
1981 73
, Bob Read Spot Remover No. 54, pencil through jacket, optional loading/stealing of spectator's pockets
1985 93
"Vester" Adams Flight of Fabric silk to pocket effect
1989 161
David Berglas Die Brieftasche erscheint aus eines anderen Zuschauers Tasche spectator's wallet appears inside another spectator's jacket
1992 24
Chuck Fayne The Underexplored Art of Loading loading cards planned or spontaneously
1994 19
Karl Fulves Little Nothings loading the spectator's wallet during apparent money exchange before performance, force of mate with counting and down-under deal procedure
Variations 1994
Rigmarole (Issue 6)
Eddie Joseph Eggs from Spectator's Pocket from spectator's pocket, rubber eggs
Also published here 2002 60
Max Malini Spectator Pocket Loads
  • Side Pocket Load
  • Breast Pocket Load
2022 122
Anson Chen The Full Moon spectator places imaginary golden coin in his pocket and silver coin in performer's hand, both become real, chocolate coin
Inspired by
  • Garrett Thomas' "Imagination Coins"
2023 164